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Dec 2016

December 1st, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Another long period of not posting anything. Seriously, I have too much to post yet no time to post. Sigh…

These period of time, I sure do learn a lot. One thing, people can do anything just to carry people “balls”. Pathetic, really pity them.

I know what people are talking behind me but I don’t care because it’s their mouths, their problems, not mine. With that, I found out how insecure these people are. I never had any intention or anything to be involved with them but somewhere somehow they felt threatened by me and trying to do all sort of things to make me fail. Well… If they want to, let them be, amusing to see them so busy trying to bring me down when the things they are supposed to be doing, they are not doing *LOL* I didn’t even do anything and they felt that I’m a threat to them, how funny can that be?

Such an honour to know that people can feel threaten by me when I didn’t even lift my finger or open my mouth.

Last month of 2016… Let’s see how long more to go for the drama to end but I doubt it will end. It will only until I leave. What to do? People are afraid of me hahaha!

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Sofitel Nanjing Galaxy Suning

November 20th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

After quite awhile, here’s another post from my China trip back in July. Wah! Hahaha… So long ago!! I stayed at Sofitel Nanjing Galaxy Suning, a 5-star hotel in Nanjing. The hotel is located in a 48-story tower, in the city’s central business district. It’s 1 km from Xuanwumen metro stop and 5 km from the Ming Dynasty Chaotian Palace.

I didn’t take photos of the lobby hehehe… Too shy to do so. There’s many artworks around it.

I stayed on the 43rd floor if I recall correctly. That is high! The room is extremely spacious.

It is not a new hotel, it’s been around for awhile, nevertheless, it was well-maintained. Staff were very helpful and friendly. While waiting for check-in, they will extend welcome drink to the guests.

The bathroom is spacious too! Sounds so sakai :P

The rooms and suites all 36 square meters or bigger. There is also free WIFI access throughout the hotel including public areas and guestrooms. Couldn’t talk on the food though as breakfast was not included in my room booking.

You can easily find food around the hotel. Very convenient location.

Here’s views from my room… The city of Nanjing. See the lake far far away.

If I do ever come back to Nanjing, I don’t mind staying here again. If I recall correctly, the room rate is below RM400 per night without breakfast through Agoda.

Address: 9 Shanxi Road Jiangsu Province 210009 Nanjing China

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Views of Shanghai

November 9th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Finally settle down for a bit after a crazy trip to Taipei.

Shanghai… Back in July I went. Haven’t finish posting about it. I didn’t go to many places as it’s a work trip.

Here to share some photos on the streets that I managed to take.

I have no idea where all these places are, just took photos from the taxi and some short walk to some shopping places.

The outside of Les Suites Orient, Bund Shanghai.

The Bund aka Waitan is a very prime area, a waterfront area in central Shanghai.

The tourist attractions, The Bund, just right opposite the hotel I stayed. Indeed a lot of people but majority were mainland Chinese.

I guess this is the end of Shanghai post. Nanjing should be next. Sure took me a long time to post. I still have Batang Ai post. Work is just taking up too much of my energy and time.

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Be Back in November

October 31st, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Damn! So much dramas, so much politics, so much balls carrying… Such bitch…

I’ll be away for a work trip soon. Been busy with all the arrangements. Just a quick update.

Was away at Batang Ai 2 weekends ago. Then back with this silly request which we all know it’s not a simple request. There’s some hidden agendas behind it. Who doesn’t know?!?! I’m lucky to have people helping me to pull through it albeit facing many challenges. It is going to be hell this week… Wish me luck!

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Second Nando’s Outlet at tHe Spring

October 20th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Not only Viva… The egg hatched at tHe Spring too! Now you don’t have to join the crowd at Viva, you can join the crowd at tHe Spring.

The interior feel is different from Viva. You get purple half circle sectional sofa in Nando’s at tHe Spring. When the day is getting darker, the light from the chandelier gives the place a feel of coziness.

Left: A must-have in Nando’s, the chicken! How can you miss this? It’s the only reason for you to come otherwise why come here?

Right: New items on the menu, the sweet potato chips are so yummy and addictive. Meanwhile, the spinach is quite refreshing albeit being rather tasteless and mushy, it is not too bad.

Left: Some of the Nando’s signature sauces.Which is your favourite?

Right: Caramel cheesecake… Goodness! It was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Funnily, at first I wanted to have just a taste of it but ended up I was scrapping it bit by bit with fork and into my mouth *LOL*. Great to go with Americano or tea.

So? You have two places to choose now to Nando’s in Kuching. Just hope the good quality will maintain.

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