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Zalora Pop-up Store at CityOne

September 21st, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

Yesterday, at CityOne, attended a function organized by Zalora. I’ve not been to CityOne for ages until now. Just found out Zalora Pop-Up store is now in Kuching. However, it won’t be there for long, only from 16th to 30th September.

Left: The Marketing Director of Zalora Malaysia, Luca Barberis, with the PR manager Anna.
Right: Photo time!!!

After the press session at Fullhouse, we went to the pop-up store where the stage is. Stacy Anam started the fashion show by singing a song.

Enjoy the photos featuring latest collection of Zalora label.

Third from left, Carron Kho, local celebrity model, wearing one of the latest collection.

Do drop by CityOne for Zalora pop-up store to check out the items so that you can buy online from Zalora with a peace of mind as you have seen the quality yourself.

Also, don’t forget about the marketplace, great for those budding designers to sell their collections online using Zalora platform. They will in charge of all the marketing and posting of the products. You just need to register and 20% from the sale will be paid to Zalora.

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Japanese Food Overloaded

September 17th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

If you notice, I’ve been eating Japanese food quite a fair bit this year. The first I had ever since I came back was Minoru. Last time it was only Ten-ichi (monthly for food tasting) and random Sushi King.

Lately, it seems like Japanese cuisine is getting its foot into Kuching. Many establishments are mushrooming in Kuching. Even the franchise of Ajisen Ramen is now in Bouleavard but I haven’t get the chance to try the place yet, what’s more never tried it in Adelaide too even though I just lived a street away from Ajisen Ramen outlet.

This is the collection of Japanese eateries I’ve been to in the past 3 months.

Sanga Japanese Food (Lot 164, Jalan Chan Chin Ann, 93100, Kuching, Sarawak, 93100). It’s not new, it’s been a long time already but this is my first time coming here.

Left: Love Salmon Maki (RM15), not bad for the price. I hope the salmon was thicker but then of course this will mean more expensive. Nevertheless, it’s nice.

Right: Unagi Pizza (RM28), very tasty too. Not a bad place to have Japanese food. Price wise is reasonable too. These food can feed 3 average eaters but there were only two of us. We underestimated the maki hehehe…

Next, Rising Ramen took Kuching by storm. After listening so much about it, I went to try also. It’s located at Precint 88, Jalan Song, 93350, Kuching. Not far from Watsons. Went there twice.

The menu is very limited, it’s not a bad thing, means they specialized in what they’re doing. Their signature dish is their ramen (RM10) of course. Ordered their gyoza and Rising Roll. I don’t remember the prices for both.

I’m not expert in ramen, the broth is rather salty for me but the ramen was cooked just right. While the gyoza and Rising Roll is just normal for me. On the other note, the owner is handsome!! :P The place is always packed! Had to queue.

Lastly, Sando Ramen at ST3. Another ramen place in Kuching.

We ordered Original Miso Tonkotsu (RM17.90). Again, not really an expert in ramen and not quite a fan actually because the broth is generally too salty for my liking. However, the noodle was also nicely cooked.

There you go… The Japanese food trend which is invading Kuching these days. There’s more but I haven’t get the chance or the mood to try everyone of them out.

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Langkawi (11 – 14 May 2014) – Part 6

September 13th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

After Makam Mahsuri, we headed to Burn Rice at Padang Matsirat.

You will first go through lots of shops selling tidbits and souvenirs. Then you will reach the field where it was burnt. No admission fee at all.

I’m expecting black field but oppsss… It’s green! *LOL* That’s because it was burnt long time ago way back in 1800′s, of course it’s green now. Was expecting nothing can be grown there and it’s just a field of black soil. I’m so silly! Learn more here…

The day was extremely hot! Our next destination was the Seven Wells Waterfall.

Goodness! It was so hot! When we found out we had to go up the staircase to reach it, we’re a bit reluctant but still went up at the end. No stamina really… We asked everyone who came down how far more to go but they all told us we’re almost there before we even reached the sign saying we had 367 steps to go! Man… Felt like old lady. Finally when we’re up, we’re greeted with this! Felt cheated *LOL* The waterfall WAs further up but we couldn’t do it anymore, way too hot. So we just stopped here to rest. The guys went to play with the water. It’s just too hot to play even though the water was quite cold. I even had my bikini on already but no mood to play anymore with such hot sun.

Why seven wells? There are seven natural pools formed at different levels by water stream that flows down the second highest mountain of Langkawi, Mount Mat Cincang.

Going down is another misery -.-”

After that, we went to a beach. It was a scenic drive to Tanjung Rhu.

Too hot again! Quickly took some shoots and we hid under the shade. Too much sun, it’s blinding too!

It was quite late already and we had our late lunch at Restoran Seafood Anis which is located next to Tanjung Rhu Resort.

I don’t remember what we ordered, too long ago. No idea of the price too. The food was just so-so for me hence I don’t bother remembering.

It was a tiring day! We headed back to town to continue to shop and to freshen up before heading out to for late dinner on our final night here.

Of all the food places we went in Langkawi, this is my favourite place, Saloma Nasi Lemak Panas & Daun Pisang located at Eagle Square.

Basically you get to choose the curry or rendang dish to go with your nasi lemak and all served on banana leaf. We had cuttle fish and beef rendang. We also ordered a plate of roasted chicken. Meat was tender. It was satisfying and delicious! The price was reasonable too. If only we discovered this place earlier. The best meal we had. Also our last dinner in Langkawi.

Before we headed to the airport in the morning, we went for breakfast at the stalls opposite HIG Hotel Langkawi.

Ordered small plate of fried chicken. Don’t remember the taste ;p

Left: Arab bread with squid curry, lovely! Very nice!
Right: Murtabak with squid curry too. Really like the curry a lot.

No idea how much was the whole dish but it’s quite cheap, cheaper than Kuching for sure.

After breakfast, to the airport we went. Goodbye Langkawi!

Finally I’m done posting this trip. Took me 4 months for a 4 days 3 nights trip. *GULP* What will happen with my 6 days 5 nights trip in November? How long will it take for me to finish it?

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The Grand Unveiling

September 7th, 2014 · 4 surrendered

The Veil Wedding Gallery, finally reopens after going through a facelift.

It’s an honoured to be invited to attend the grand unveiling yesterday.

All the imported dresses. I touched and felt them… Very good quality! You know one when you hold them. This is the kind of quality you should be wearing for your big day. Too bad those on displayed were very big in size. No size for me, even if it’s altered, it’s still too long and too big for a petite frame. Not 1-2 inches alteration for sure, it’s more than that and it can be problem. Can only go for custom made. Problem with petite girls. Oh well…

Men aren’t left out. Also, pretty dresses must go with pretty accessories. Shoes, necklace, earrings… All these shoes are from White Label, founded in 2008 by Malaysian designer, Hazel Lui.

Of course! Photos with the famous people… How to resist? I felt like an elf! They’re all so tall -.-”

Left: Benjamin Toong, the catwalk guru.

Right: The lovely and talented, Sarah Lian.

Left: Swing Chan, very cute fashion stylist. She’s the only one as petite as I am hehehe…

Right: Winne Then, the gorgeous owner of the Veil.

Left: Guess who was there too! Toh Puan Sri Ragad! Wanted to take a photo with her but no guts to ask hehehe… Managed to shake her hand though. She was the one extended her hand. This is my third time seeing her in person and the first time coming so close to her and shook her hand. Friends did selfie with her in other events. It’s not easy to get this opportunity.

Right: Amber Chia! Need to say more? She’s very humble. Learnt how to pose in photograph from her. Hopefully I still remember the tips she gave, the smile and the pose. Should have written them down. Very useful tips.

Today is open to public with invites. Yesterday was only for the media and VVIPs.

Here’s the highlight of the day, fashion show! It’s been a long time not shooting fashion show. Skill is very much rusty. Lots of editing was done on all the photos. Enjoy the photos.

Love the back. It seems like the trend these days is showing the back design. Not much of skin showing at the back, it’s semi-transparent and with intricate designs. Great for those who have problematic skin at the back just like me.

You know where to go now for your big day?

The Veil Wedding Gallery is located at 8, Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui, 93300 Kuching. Opened from Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10am-6pm; Sundays from 10.30am to 2.30pm. Call 082-256828 for more details.

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A Birthday Post

September 4th, 2014 · 4 surrendered

Ahem... Need to say more? *gulp* on TwitpicAnother year older… Parents bought me a mango fresh cream cake last night instead on the actual day. Spending this day with them too. This afternoon we went to sign some stuffs. Imagine two rims of A4 papers. That’s how much we signed, took 1 hour!

Today, was expecting someone to celebrate or at least wish me a simple “happy birthday” but it didn’t happen until I had to tell that someone it’s my birthday today then I got the wish. This is how silly I was hahaha… The person didn’t know, didn’t check, didn’t care for sure. I had to tell to get it! Pathetic! It’s funny in a way though. Oh well… Hoping for one but I didn’t get it instead I get more than what I asked for. Not bad at all.

Thanks to those at work! Love the scarf! Definitely will go t... on TwitpicAt work, colleagues celebrated it with me and gave me a scarf. The scarf is so soft and the colour is very nice. I wouldn’t buy this colour if I am to buy it myself because I thought it won’t complement my skin tone. However, it actually did! Muslim colleagues will never go wrong when it comes to buying scarf. They know best! First time getting a scarf as a gift too. This is definitely going to Perth with me ;)

Tonight, the weather is very cooling. It reminded me of Adelaide. The weather felt the same like 2 years ago, this day. It was my first and last time celebrating the 30th with someone who used to be significant to me. Was also my last birthday in Adelaide. I miss Adelaide, part of me feels like going back but part of me just doesn’t want to. Nevertheless, at least I’m going to OZ for a short trip this November.

All right! Enough of that. Should end the post. Time to sleep! Birthday wish for the year? I forgot to make a wish last night before blowing the candles! *LOL* Come what may… Will go with the flow.

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