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Bako; Semadang River; Damai

May 24th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

So… I was busy last weekend. I had a date with mother nature around Kuching. Posts will come soon.

Friday, visited Semenggoh Nature Reserve, a place I went back then in school. It’s been so long! More than two decades ago! I sure sounded old hahaha… Had a date with our precious orangutan again after so many years. After that, went to Kampung Bengoh for my virgin Semadang River kayaking and received love bites from the nature.

Saturday, went to Bako National Park, my virgin trip there too! WOW! Living in Kuching for so many years yet it’s my first time there. It was hot! Went into the jungle and humidity was high, I’ve not been doing this kind of thing for decades as well! *BLEK* Lucky this time no love bites. After Bako, we headed to Damai. I didn’t do much there except trying to rest. I skipped all the jungle activities hehehe… Spent a night at Damai Beach Resort in the hilltop room for the first time as well.

Sunday, I skipped the jungle activity but went to Sarawak Cultural Village and did a hair spa at the resort. Didn’t get to do a massage as there’s not much time left, we’re behind schedule. Even for Sarawak Cultural Village, I went there decades ago and this is my second time but it was my first time having lunch there. Lastly, went to Escobar for dinner and first time seeing a breathtaking view of the moon and Mount Santubong at night.

There’s a lot of first-time and second-time-after-few-decades last weekend eh? I was expecting soreness from the arm, shoulder, and the legs but none except love bites *LOL* What a surprise!

Here’s some photos from Instagram before I post them here in detailed. Another busy weekend on the way!

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Goodbye Star Cineplex

May 14th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

3rd May 2016 marks the end of Star Cineplex operations. The door opened for Kuching’s movie goers in 1997. This place had been serving Kuchingites for almost 2 decades. Many of us grew up coming to this cineplex with friends and family.

1997, I was in secondary school. Came here few times with friends for movies and annual Chinese New Year movies with family. However, if you asked me what’s the first movie I watched here, I can’t remember.

Then, college years with college mates. Finished college, with workmates only for horror movies *LOL*.

I have no idea since when I stop coming here. I think maybe around 2006. Ever since then, I didn’t go to other cinemas in town as well. Maybe I did but it’s like once in a blue moon as I’m not a movie person.

Then, slowly big brands came to Kuching and stationed themselves in new shopping malls.

After so many years… Star Cineplex can no longer sustained its business. Competition was just too stiff. They decided to close it down for good. When the news came out, everyone was rather sad about it but what to do?

Before they closed it down for good, they had a sale to sell off things in the cineplex such as posters, souvenirs, merchandises, cinema chairs and more. I managed to go over there on their last day to have a look, nothing changed, still looked the same.

Took some photos and browsed through the area. They showcased their equipment as well. So… That’s how all these things look like.

After going around, we left the place for the last time.

Farewell Star Cineplex, one of the places in Kuching where most born in the 80’s and early 90’s spent their time with family and friends. All left now are memories.

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Shiseido Senka Mineral UV Gel SPF50 PA+++

May 5th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

I had ran out of Artistry Pure White UV Protect SPF 50+++ so I got a more budget-friendly sunscreen, Shiseido Senka Mineral UV Gel SPF50 PA+++. I can’t remember how much it cost already. Bought it when it was on offer. Seeing that it’s from Shiseido, I didn’t think that it will go wrong.

This sunscreen is made from 100% mineral water, colour free, fragrance free, and allergy tested. Also claimed to be non-sticky and gave baby-smooth skin effect. Allowed smoother foundation application as well. No need special cleanser too, normal facial cleanser will do the cleaning.

Shake well before application is a must. The sunscreen is white in colour with watery texture. No smell indeed.

My verdict… I won’t repurchase. Maybe mineral based product is not suitable for me.

Not a good makeup base. At the end of the day, my makeup melted because of the oil produced on my face and I had to keep blotting. When I was using other sunscreens, I’ve never seen my makeup on the blotter/tissue or even had the need to blot. My face felt sticky at the end of the day. Very uncomfortable.

Without makeup, using it on its own was also not doing any good. Sticky from the start, not smooth at all. At midday, my face became oily and sticky. Ever since using it, I’ve been suffering breakouts on and off.

Mind you that I stay indoor most of the time be it with or without makeup.

This sunscreen just doesn’t work for me. Too bad…

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ChinaHouse at the old CourtHouse

April 27th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

ChinaHouse at the old CourtHouse is one of the latest F&B outlets in Kuching. Located at the Old CourtHouse. Very easy to find. They have their first outlet in Penang.

Left: I don’t think I see this cat around anymore when I was there last week hmmm…

Right: There’s room for entertainment, shopping, art, and food.

For food, head over to Kopi C instead of Canteen *LOL* At first I thought Canteen was the eating hall but it’s for live music.

CAKES! My goodness so many of them and we had difficulty in deciding which one we wanted. Too many! All looked yummy!

This is another section of the dining area that can be considered as normal.

The other section is filled with all sort of rustic furniture for sale which also served as part of the decorations. It’s rather messy in there but messy in a good way. However, a bit too much and dark for me though. Not everyone will like it. It was quite dark for me to take any photo of the place.

Left: Bento Special (RM30) valid from 1pm-9pm only. It was the special of the day if not mistaken. Anyway, RM30 for such portion… A bit high I would say. There’s salted vegetable and tofu soup; cucumber & pineapple acar with shallots, red chili & ginger bud; steamed mushroom ragout dumpling, sweet garlic-cilantro dip; pan-fried chicken breast with Asian style BBQ sauce; and spiced coconut rice pilaf. Taste wise, it was not bad, very flavourful. However, paying RM30 for this… Really need to think twice. It’s not an affordable place. Very high end.

Right: Avocado, Cashew Nut, Feta Salad with Grapes, Cranberries, Rocket, Pomegranate Dressing & Parmesan Biscotti (RM28). Very refreshing and quite filling.

We were stuffed with these two dishes. There were only two of us. Then again… How can we skip the cakes!? Must have the cakes. It’s the first thing we saw and they were all so tempting!

Left: So we ordered Passionfruit Coconut Buttermilk Cake (RM11), their bestseller. Sweet and very sour were toned down by the buttermilk cream, it was an interesting combination. For their cakes, the pricing is pretty much like the other cafes out there.

Right: Discover the artist in you with crayons found on the table after you dine or while waiting for your food or while eating. Did a quick doodle here and we called it a night.

Overall, the place is not cheap, cannot afford to go often. The concept is interesting. Food was not bad. However, too many mosquitoes. I was the feast for the mosquitoes… So if you are like me, the mosquito magnet, be sure to have mosquito repellent with you. I don’t think I want to go back simply because of the mosquitoes. As for the food, well… Once is good enough for me unless I’m not the one paying. Really have mix feelings over this place.

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Kuching-Hong Kong Direct Flight by Hong Kong Airlines

April 19th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

Good news! No need to suffer from transiting flight to Hong Kong. Direct flight from Kuching to Hong Kong is back! This time brought to you by Hong Kong Airlines! I really hate transit, wasting time and energy. I would prefer direct flight anytime compare to transiting.

So, the first flight coming in from Hong Kong will be on 28th May. In time for the Gawai long weekend. You can stalk hongkongairlines.com starting tomorrow for promotional price. Mind you, it’s not a low-cost carrier. Better don’t miss it. Maybe Hong Kong for the coming June long weekend. Why not? Flying two times a week, just nice for a less than a week quick getaway.

You’re going to see taxis around Kuching bearing the new flight route sticker.

Not only that, the tambang at Waterfront as well.

Don’t forget about Rainforest World Music Festival this coming 5th-7th August. Are we going to see a lot of people from China to attend this year’s festival with this new direct flight?

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