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First Outing After Almost 3 Weeks Staying Home but It’s only Day 10 of MCO

March 28th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Finally… Yesterday, I had to go out to get essentials as things were running low. My first time wearing a mask… Don’t like it!

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First outing after staying home for 3 weeks plus ๐Ÿ˜… today is #day10 of #movementcontrolorder and I need to get essentials because stock is running low. First time in my life wear a mask ๐Ÿ˜‘ it sucks big time, few times I felt like I'm out of air when I was in areas where the air conditioning wasn't cold enough… Imagine those frontliners who need to wear it the whole time at work without air-conditioning in PPE some more. I was only wearing it for less than 2 hours and couldn't wait to remove it ๐Ÿ˜ฃ Better #stayathome people… Let's work together so that life can go back to normal. Don't add on to the statistics and burden the frontliners. . #wecandoit #mco #day10 #groceryshopping #stayhome #wearmask #staysafe #dudukrumah #dudukrumahdiamdiam #beresponsible

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Here, I’m going to share some stories yesterday when I went to restock some food items at a supermarket in a shopping mall…

At the weighing counter, there’s one lady stood behind me with mask on, breathing heavily, stood so near to me, sooo near! Gave me a shock! -.-” Hello aunty… Social distancing la! Need to stand so near meh until I can even hear you breath! Not even an arm length. I had to move away so that I won’t be standing too close to her.

This lady… Came in gloves, with sponge mask, wore glasses, and wore a medical scrub with shorts and Fitflop. At first glance, I thought maybe she’s a medical professional but when I saw her gloves and mask… Nuh.. Obviously, she’s not! I rolled my eyes, didn’t care, continued with my shopping. When I want to check-out, what luck, met her again at the same counter. While she’s waiting for her turn, I rolled my eyes even more *LOL* holding her purse and credit card with her gloved hands, use her hands to push her glasses, swept her hair away from her face, and adjusted the front part her mask. Then when make payment, keyed in pin number, of course with gloves on. I rolled my eyes again. Guess my eyes exercised a lot in a span of 45 minutes yesterday ;p

I asked the staff of the supermarket is there any Dettol left, he told me, “Tak ada, dah habis, body wash banyak!” *LOL* OK… I responded, “Yalah… Nampak banyak body wash tapi antiseptic solutions pula tak nampak, that’s why ask you, I fikir I salah tengok.”, then we laughed.

A lot of remote shoppers haha… Be it male or female. Pretty amusing. Holding their phones showing the other end what to get ๐Ÿ˜€

Now that the MCO is extended… Wonder when will be my next outing to buy essentials again hmmm… I hope what I bought is enough to last us for at least 1 1/2 weeks. Going out during this time is such a hassle -.-” Gosh… Hope it will end soon. However… I have this feeling that it might be extended some more with many from overseas coming back. GAH! Whatever…

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Extension of Malaysia Restricted Movement Order 18 March-14 April 2020

March 25th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Just few days after I wrote about Malaysia Restricted Movement Order that was supposed to be from 18-31 March 2020, today, day 8, we’re told that it will be extended until 14 April 2020. Not surprising really… Expected it already. That’s because there are too many balik kampung crowd and also there are still some that were exposed to the biggest clusters which will make them the second and third generation of the infected. The next wave will come very soon where you will see increase of positive cases at the end of this month for sure. I’m no expert but that’s just how my logic works. Whether you agree or not, it doesn’t matter because I’m not the decision maker for the extension.

Besides, if the order ends this month end, people will think that it is already safe and they will be very likely behave like captive animals regain freedom. They will forget all about social distancing and all the measures to avoid the spread of the virus. With this, there will surely be another wave coming because it is not zero case, there are still people with symptoms or otherwise lurking around. Look at China, even though they have zero case, they were still locking down until recently. People are getting out now but they’re out with protection gears and still practice social distancing. I doubt Malaysians will do that.

Besides, admit it! Many Malaysians have common health problems such as hypertension, heart problem, diabetes, asthma, and so on. Those with all these sicknesses are considered the high risk category. You can just randomly throw a stone to anyone on the street, you will definitely hit one with one or more of it. That’s why it is not wise at all to have the order for only 2 weeks. Whatever it is, let’s just do our part so that we don’t burden our frontliners who work extra hard to keep us safe and don’t waste our effort for staying home for 8 days already. Be glad that we are home, not on the frontline or in the hospital waiting for uncertainties.

Anyway, many people are suffering from anxiety these days from staying at home for more than a week. It’s normal, it happens. One best way is to not look at the news or anything about this pandemic. Go out to the house compound or the balcony or the window to get some fresh air, do exercise, play some games, call up friends and family to catch up, do some gardening, meditate, cry it out, read a book, listen to music, leave your mind blank, and a lot more that you can do. All I can say is that we are blessed with the Internet, there’s a lot of ideas that you can find online to distract you. Always remember that you are doing good for your country, be proud of yourself, you are helping our frontliner so that they also can go home soon to be with their family.

I’m OK here. Not much of a problem for me to stay home. Add on with this new extension, this will mean I’ve been staying home for over one and a half month ๐Ÿ˜€

Lastly, don’t worry, we can do it, Malaysians! It’s not everyday we get to experience this, we’ll live to tell the tale to the future generation. Let’s move this obstacle away so that we can move forward for bigger things. The sooner we can get rid of it, the sooner we will be back on our feet.

Till then, take care, stay safe, stay home, and be responsible by not sharing any fake news.

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My Take on Malaysia Restricted Movement Order 18-31 March 2020

March 22nd, 2020 · 1 Surrendered

Today is the 5th day, I’m just doing this post in this blog to keep it as a record of my feeling on this Restricted Movement Order. Covid-19 is putting the whole world in a chaos. It wasn’t much of a problem for the rest of the world aside from China in the beginning and people were not taking it seriously until cases after cases surfacing from one country to another. We never thought that it will end up here on our shore, Malaysia, Sarawak, or even Kuching! To date, we have 3 deaths recorded here in Kuching!

Back then, people were making fun or ridiculing China and other countries about it and now… Karma, people! Karma! It’s your turn now. For example, Malaysians used to make fun of Singaporeans and Australians hoarding toilet rolls, instant noodles, and panic buying yet many are doing it themselves now; Malaysians used to scold those Chinese for mass balik kampung or escaped Wuhan before the lockdown yet now many are doing the same and there’s now a case of someone bringing the virus back home and putting those on the same bus at risk.

Yes, I understand that your rented place is not your home, your kampung is where your home is. Hence, you naively think that you must go home. It doesn’t mean that! It’s meant to ask you to stay where you are! Don’t bring the virus back unknowingly to your family at home in a small town or village. You will kill the whole community there if it happens. The medical facilities there are scarce and it will not be able to handle the surge of sick people in a short time frame. You will end up be the one wiping out the whole community or your bloodline and being labelled as the murderer for the rest of your life. Maybe, the phrase “stay home” should not be used at the first place, it should be “stay put“. Well… It’s just human nature to fight-or-flight especially when they are not well-informed and got all panic thanks to many fake news that circulate around. There are more fake news than real news.

We have to stay home and not going out unnecessarily, essential services are available to cater to the citizens’ needs but social distancing must be practiced. Many people are not happy with it. In the early days, people kept telling the government to do a lockdown and finally now we’re on on Restricted Movement Order(18-31 March 2020), not even a lockdown, the very same people are not happy with this decision. Human… Just stay home for 2 weeks won’t die, ok?!! You asked for it and you’re given with something less worst than lockdown, you’re not satisfied with it. Do you want it to be a total lockdown then you can appreciate this Restricted Movement Order? Our government is trying to stop new cases from coming in, to protect you from getting sick, so that the current and pending ones can be taken care of. Please don’t add to the statistics with your selfishness! Otherwise it will be longer, it won’t be just 2 weeks.

Our medical resources are getting stretched to the max, the frontliners are working hard to ensure you don’t need to be stuck in this situation any longer, yet you want to make their lives even more difficult and at the same time putting all those people around you at risk. Be thankful that you can stay home instead of being enlisted to be at the front-line or got stuck in the hospital because you’re sick and worrying about whether you will still be alive the next moment. Help the frontliners by staying at home rather than increasing their workload. They too have family to go back to but at the moment they can’t, they wish they could stay home but they can’t because they need to serve.

Everyone wants to be a hero. This is your time! Being a hero for staying at home, how easy can that be? You’re not ask to go to the front-line to fight the battle. Be grateful people! This battle is asking you to stay home for you can still enjoy your hobbies at home(gardening, browse Internet, binge watch series, read books, play with your kids, exercise, etc.). It is not asking you to fight this battle by staying at home listening to bombs and guns with fear of your home will be attacked/destroyed/invaded by enemies. You can still get necessities instead of suffer in hunger, don’t bloody empty the shelves and leave none for others, just get what you need for a week or two not a year! You are not supposed to be in the crowd too unless you want to be one of the statistics.

On my personal end, I’ve been staying at home since I quit my job 2 years ago. Before I went to Australia in 2011(came back to Kuching in 2013), I was also working from home prior to that since 2004. Not a big deal for me really, 2 weeks is nothing. I’ve not been out of the house for over 2 weeks already hahaha… Add on with this, it’s gonna be a month. How time flies! I love staying at home and I’m glad I’m not employed at this moment. I don’t have to worry about going to work other than myself and my family. Life is pretty much the same except can’t go out and be carefree anytime I want to. Once the whole pandemic is over(hope it won’t escalate or drag longer, only possible if everyone is doing their part), we’ll have our freedom again. Hang in there, mates!

On the 3rd and 4th day, I think I’m seeing the sign of people getting restless and cannot think straight anymore, the withdrawal symptoms are getting obvious. There was a surge of “my whatever said this/that” kind of posts showing all over my social medias’ timelines even from people who normally don’t do such things ๐Ÿค” There are also posts such as “expert said”, “doctor said”, “researcher said”, quoting all those professionals from very reputable organizations or even those with “I am doctor/professional from so and so” ๐Ÿ˜‚ Well, I think they might or did say but for something else, in other context. However, people might have misinterpreted it or photoshopped the actual text/research to fit the current situation. This kind of fake news is hard to stop, even our minister succumbed to it. Please… Don’t share anything other than from the authorities or official media(Oh wait… Minister did a boo boo… How now brown cow?), we don’t need all these mess now. Did you know that MCMC can take action on you if you post all those things even though it’s not you who made it up. Be responsible for not going out unnecessarily but also be responsible when you share something online.

Today, we’re getting more news on patients not being truthful on their status when being asked while they get themselves attended to. These selfish people are putting our frontliners at risk. Hospitals are lock down, medical and safety professionals are quarantined and waiting for result in agony. They can no longer work until they are certified clear from the disease. They can’t go home and they do not know whether they will be able to even see their family after this if the result is unfavourable. This is supposed to be the crucial period for them to handle this madness yet they can’t help, their colleagues have to cover for them and work extra long hours due to their absence. When their colleagues don’t have enough rest, their immune system will compromise and indirectly increase their chances of getting infected. Really hope that there is no more such cases anymore, it’s depressing. Your Maker never tell you to lie and kill, what is the point of being so religious yet not walking the talk? Are you afraid that you won’t be treated if they know your actual status? How silly can you be? You want to be treated, you must tell the truth! Those who are supposed to treat you cannot treat you anymore, do you think this is a smart thing to do? You are also depriving others off the precious treatments of other sickness not just the one you are having. Well… Like as if you can read this… You are most likely having meeting with your Maker now… I’m piss!

To me, mask should be only for those who are sick. With this, we did not buy any mask because we do not need it. It’s not a big deal really but it’s now being enforced that anyone who wants to go out to get essentials to wear mask, this is when problem arise. You tell me, how to wear face mask when there is no face mask? The wrong kind of face mask will not do any good but make things worst. There are many people saying just wear cloth mask or some other kind, this is not right! Might as well don’t wear any if you don’t have the right mask. Proper air circulation is important.

Even if there’s stock, the price is not what everyone can afford, RM2 per piece! Are you nuts?! Also, likely it will be hoarded once the stock is out and there will be nothing left for others. I wonder those who are giving free masks these days hmm… Looks like you have a lot, where did you get it? Did you hoard it in the early days which cause the shelves to go empty? Now, you come out and do your publicity stunt as a kind soul for giving out free mask? Before things got serious, some influencers and politicians hoard all the available stock for their publicity stunt too. Such a shame! You are one of those selfish people who didn’t leave it on the shelves for those who need it the most and contribute to the panic situation.

Anyway, if you want to go out to get essentials but you don’t have any, you’ll just have to get delivery, no choice, otherwise the enforcers will go after you. Whatever it is, practice good hygiene. The good old soap and water are cheaper and more effective than anything else.

The Malaysia political scene is a mess with the recent political circus where those power crazy people gathered together to pull a stunt during the period of time when the infected cases are brewing. Everyone was too busy with this circus and didn’t care about the disease. Once the new government was formed, no thanks to the huge event that happened in West Malaysia which cause the spike of cases that led to where we are now. What if… What if there was no such circus, I’m sure the leaders and authorities will pay more attention to the disease development and might stop the mass gathering from happening. As much as you dislike the current government, you feel that they are incapable, at time like this, we will need to be even more proactive, we have to do our part which is stay at home and don’t contribute to the statistics! Don’t ask what the country can do for you but what you can do for the country. Only if we can get through this period of time, then we can do bigger things in the future. If you can’t do little things like this, don’t even think about doing anything big!

Ok… Before I end this, I found out from Facebook that my ex-collegemate have a positive result and currently admitted in the hospital just one day after MRO was imposed. I have no idea where she got infected though. I hope she will be able to pull through… ๐Ÿ™

I think that is enough for today, it took me 5 hours to complete this post -.-” It has been a long time not posting something this long winding… Hope we all do our part so that life can get back to normal soon. Take care!!

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Sarawak Chinese Slang Season 2 is Up!

March 17th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s been awhile. Finally I got the second season of Sarawak Chinese Slang series up! Was procrastinating to do it until I realized I’m running out of things to vlog. There will be another 16 slang to share with you. Was thinking of doing it in a different way but I don’t have the resources for it, so for now it’s back to how it was done in Season 1.

Anyway, this is the introduction episode:

This is the first episode ๐Ÿ˜‰

New episode will be up every Wednesday, 3pm on my YouTube channel. Feel to free to subscribe, hope I can reach 200 subscribers this year ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have subscribed, thanks.

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Unbox & Try One Leaf Limited Edition Beauty Fresh Mask from China

March 9th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

If you’ve been a fan of Chinese reality show, One Leaf facial mask will definitely be no stranger to you. They’ve been big sponsors for those shows. I was given the mask by a friend from Beijing who came for visit last year. I finally opened it up and used it. It’s surprising good! The quality is even better than many other brands. The essence is generous, no dripping, not sticky, very thin, smooth, durable, and adhere to the face well.

I’ve used facial mask made in China before(also given by friend), they were not really nice, the quality was not up to my standard in terms of the texture and thickness of the mask and how it’s being packed inside.

Check out this video to see how it looks like and I’ve also included my take in the video.

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