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Han’s Dim Sum

April 13th, 2014 · 2 surrendered

Hans Dim Sum or Han’s Coffee Shop is where you can get dim sum without pork, no pork served. Located at Central Park, next to Jolibee Food Court. Rather hard to find the place if you are not familiar with the area. It’s located away the main road, the row of shops at the back road where Siang Siang Food Court at 3rd Mile is located. I don’t have the address for it but once you can find Jolibee Food Court (Ground Floor, Lot 2543, 3Rd Mile, Central Park Commercial Centre, 93250 Kuching), you’ll find it.

In fact, this is not the only place you can get dim sums without pork. They also sell their dim sums at Yum Cha BDC, Harbour Court, and soon to be opened place in Kenyalang next to Noodle Expert.

Left: Tea is common to go with dim sum. You can choose either Jasmine (RM3/pot) or Tie Kun Yin (RM3.80/pot).

Right: The various condiments to go with the dim sums.

Not your normal lotus wrapped rice. These are chicken rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Choice of steamed and roasted chicken are available. It’s known as Chicken Rice with Lotus Leaf Wrapped (RM4.50). Not bad for chicken rice, not your normal chicken rice instead you get the extra aroma of lotus leaf which makes it unique. Tender chicken and the rice wasn’t very salty, just right for me.

Han’s signature pau, “Sifu” Pau (RM5.50) It’s pretty big, don’t judge from the outside, it’s packed with goodness in there! You just need to eat this and you’ll be full! What’s in there? Rice, mushroom, chicken, salted egg yolk, and dry shrimp. You better share this else you won’t be able to eat the other dim sums. Pau with rice inside, that is sure something new to me. Taste? Love it!

Left: Chicken Ham Roll (RM3.50)

Right: Century Egg Siu Mai (RM2.50)

Left: Seaweed Roll (RM3.50)

Right: Braised Chicken Wing (RM3.50), very tender and juicy.

Left: Chicken Mushroom Siew Mai (RM3.50).

Right: “Xiu Loong Tong” Pau (RM5.50), be sure to eat this hot! Don’t wait! We waited as we tried this last and guess what?!? The soup were all gone hahaha… Bad move we made. Nevertheless, the taste was still good just missing the soup.

Left: Roasted chicken which happened to be the Chef “Pick” of the Day. Means it won’t be the same with what we got when you go there next time. This is part of the Yum Cha starter (RM16.88).

Right: The Yum Cha Starter (RM16.88), small and average eater will surely be full just ordering this. You can share with another friend of yours. It’s not too bad, not that expensive I must say. Basically these are what you get in this set:
1. Chicken Ham Roll
2. Century Egg Siu Mai
3. Seaweed Roll
4. Braised Chicken Wing
5. Chicken Mushroom Siew Mai
6. Chef “Pick” of the Day

If you order separately, it will be more than RM16.50 for 6 of them. Hence, it’s more worth it to order this set in which you can get 6 items with the price of 5 items.

Overall, the price is quite reasonable, taste of the food isn’t too bad. Only that the location is rather secluded. However, there’s always other locations for it which I had mentioned earlier in the post. At the end of the day, I still prefer my dim sums with some pork oppsss… ;p

Do bear in mind that their dim sums are only steamed when you order instead of leaving it there to steam.

For those non-pork eaters, you have another dim sum place for you now.

Opening hours: 6.30am-2.30pm

Do try it out. Don’t judge by the size, dim sums can be rather filling even though they looked small.

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P Cafe

April 5th, 2014 · 2 surrendered

P Cafe (Jalan Wan Alwi, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak) located just at the other shop lot of Choice World at Jalan Wan Alwi. Never bother to try out until last week. Couldn’t decide where to eat and ended up here after did a bit of grocery shopping.

Simple interior design and clean. I would put it as high tech version of kopitiam. They served all kinds of local cuisines ranging from kaya toast to Sarawak laksa.

Left: Impressive… Just do your ordering here. That’s why I said it’s high tech version of kopitiam aka coffeeshop.

Right: Lui cha (RM5), portion was rather small. Taste, it’s not what I like. Tasted better ones. However, the cha aka the bowl of green soup, wasn’t bitter at all which some people will find it easier to eat. I prefer it to be bitter. Basically, you have to mix the tea and the bowl of ingredients consist of rice and finely chopped vegetables and peanuts before you start eating.

I started to like lui cha since I go back from Adelaide. I never really tried it before until I went to lunch with my ex-colleagues at a coffee shop in Pending Height. However, this one from here is rather disappointing for me. I expect bigger portion and more flavourful.

Lei cha (Chinese: 擂茶; pinyin: léi chá; literally “pounded tea”) or ground tea is a traditional Hakka tea-based beverage or gruel. Lei cha is very traditional among Hakkas in Mainland China, especially Southern China. It is also popular in Taiwan, Malaysia, and any locales with a substantial Hakka diaspora population. The custom began in the Three Kingdoms period.

It is not the same as Chinese tea because there are always other ingredients. Pounded tea consists of a mix of tea leaves and herbs that are ground or pounded together with various roasted nuts, seeds, grains, and flavorings.

At least I finally got to eat it after 6 months! The last time I had was on my birthday and it was also my last day of work with my ex-colleague at Ang Cheng Ho. Also, great for detox since I’ve been eating rather “wholesomely” ever since working in my current workplace.

My parents ordered mee pok and kampua, both were RM3.50 if not mistaken. They didn’t say anything about it, guess it’s just so-so and got nothing to rave about. I didn’t try them too, I’m not a fan of both. Price wise, it’s reasonable I guess.

I really like the environment but I don’t think I will come back.

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March 29th, 2014 · 2 surrendered

Pokies (Ground Floor, PL 26, Lot 11388, Tabuan Heights Commercial Centre, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching)… No stranger to many people in Kuching. I’ve been hearing my friends talking about it since I was in Adelaide. After I came back, I finally visited the place few months later. First time with friends, the second time with my parents.

Left: You can find beers from many countries. I had tried about half of them in the menu but not in Kuching hahaha… It’s located behind One Jaya at Jalan Song. Very easy to spot.

Right: Carrot milk.

Left: Fish & chips, no idea of the price. Went there last year, long time ago ;p I’m surprised that it’s served with paper, you normally don’t get it this way in Kuching. How it tasted? It’s just your average fish & chips, don’t expect much from such dish. It’s pretty big though, can share with another person.

Right: Porkies Mixed Grill (RM29), quite huge in portion too. However, the taste was just all right. There’s spare ribs, lamb cutlets, and chicken. I heard they are famous for their spare ribs. It didn’t wow me though.

Nevertheless, it’s a not a bad place to hang out and food portion is reasonable with the price you’re paying.

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Kate Slim Gel Pencil

March 23rd, 2014 · 3 surrendered

Kate Slim Gel Pencil (RM44) is a twist-up gel pencil liner. Got this last year June and finally opened it to use.

The tip is very fine and easily glide on. The colour is intense enough. It’s easy to use, no tugging at all. Even with shaky hand, you won’t get it all messy, a fine line can be achieved without any problem. Drawing on the waterline or lash line is a breeze.

A great eyeliner if it doesn’t smudge. On my lash line, it didn’t smudge that bad; but it smudged easily on my waterline. The liner is waterproof but no claim of being smudge proof. I had two and gave one to my sister. It smudged on her too.

By the way, once you twisted it out, you cannot retract it anymore. So be sure to only twist what you need.

Will I go back to it? I don’t think so unless it is both water and smudge proof. However, I might still go back to Kate to try the others.

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CooperVision Biomedics 1 day Extra

March 18th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

I’ve been wearing contact lens for more than 10 years. Most of the time, I’m using monthly disposable lens. Only when I go traveling I would use daily disposable lens because it’s just too bulky to bring that big bottle of solution. Tried one brand before but it was quite drying.

This time, I was offered to try daily disposable lens from CooperVision.

My verdict…

I work in air-conditioned environment and looking at the computer quite a lot every day. This lens is so comfortable. Towards the end of the day, it is still comfortable enough. Normally my eyes would feel dry even just after few hours of wearing daily disposable lens. CooperVision Biomedics 1 day Extra claims that it allows comfortable wear of lens up to 11 hours and with 55% of water content. It does live up to its claim.

Normally, daily disposable lens is quite flimsy and quite hard to wear as I always got it upside down, it’s hard to differentiate. However, CooperVision is quite sturdy and can easily differentiate whether it’s upside down or not. Hence, it is very easy to insert and felt nothing. Don’t have to worry about tearing it too which I’ve been tearing some from other brand no matter how gentle I handled them.

I highly recommend it. If you are looking into changing the brand of your daily disposable lens or want to switch to daily disposable lens from monthly disposable lens, do try this out. Worry about wasting money if it’s not suitable? No worries! Go sign up for the FREE trial.

Do it fast! Trial period is limited till the end of April 2014. Don’t miss out!

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