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ASMR Unbox & Cook Halal Nissin Ramen Uma-Kara Spicy Rich Fiery Broth & Tokyo Shoyu Premium Bonito Blend

July 9th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Just found out I did not post my ASMR halal ramen unboxing video here. After I posted the first video, few days later, MCO kicked in. Here I have two that I bought from AEON earlier this year. If you would like to try it out, I would recommend these two. Uma-Kara Spicy Rich Fiery Broth and Tokyo Shoyu Premium Bonito Blend. The former is great for those who love heat and spice while the latter isn’t spicy. My tip is that do not follow the amount of water suggested for the broth, it will be tasteless. Just use half of the suggested amount or less. Do adjust it to your preference.

We are still in RMCO, today is day 114 of MCO, still have a long way to go. Hope all of you are well and stay vigilant.

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Kek Tiok, Lau Kui, Season 2 Finale – Sarawak Chinese Slang

July 2nd, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

How time flies! It’s July already! The little project of mine, Sarawak Chinese Slang Season 2 has come to an end. Here’s the last three episodes to share with you.

I’m not sure when is the 3rd season coming. We’ll see…

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Kay Kang, Kay Poh – Sarawak Chinese Slang

June 24th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Ok… How time flies… Some students are now back to school. Here’s two more slang to learn for the week.

How have you been coping with RMCO? Well… I’m still pretty much staying at home, haven’t get out since RMCO started LOL!!! Well… Even on normal days, I’m at home too, so it’s nothing new. For those of you out there, continue to be vigilant and stay safe.

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Kek Sim, Kay Kiang – Sarawak Chinese Slang

June 17th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

Day 92 of movement control order… It’s also day 8 of RMCO. I’m supposed to be getting a package last week but sadly the courier was quite kay kiang *LOL* The package travel from its origin in West Malaysia to the wrong destination in East Malaysia, then back again to its origin awaiting for it to be sent out to the correct destination. My goodness… Since RMCO allows domestic travel, the package is also going on a cuti-cuti Malaysia tour.

Since flight frequency is very much less these days, I think it’s still once a week, so I will need to wait for another week for it to reach here. Hoping that this time it will be sent to the correct destination. You say kek sim or not? πŸ˜›

Really hope it will come soon or else I’m gonna be stuck at home until don’t-know-when…

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Malaysia RMCO 10th June – 31st August

June 10th, 2020 · Nobody Surrendered

So… Today is the first day of RMCO for Malaysia. What do you think? Are you happy? It will last till 31st August 2020. Hang in there!

Well… Gonna foresee people coming out like no tomorrow for the next few weeks. All SOPs already down the drain when CMCO started, what’s more when RMCO, it will be even worst. I’m seeing people starting to do filming, photo shooting, bicycle and motorbike convoy when CMCO started which weren’t allowed. It’s only allowed now, during RMCO, not CMCO. People didn’t care. They knew it is not allowed but they didn’t bother. If you are so desperate, do it quietly, don’t post it all over the social media and brag about it. It shows that you are no better than those old folks who didn’t follow the order in the beginning. You were complaining about them and now you are doing it yourself. *LOL* Go figure… Anyway, it’s RMCO now, I guess you will start doing things that RMCO not allow this time around. Human…

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#day85 of #movementcontrolorder , if you ever wonder about the story behind this photo which is also my Instagram profile photo… It's my first assignment of my previous employment, I was asked to manage a group of Chinese media from Guangzhou and Shenzhen way back in 2016. We had our dinner at the bistro(don't remember the name πŸ˜‚) at #damaicentral . It's a candid shot by one of the medias. Was busy coordinating with my ex-boss on the phone. Stress… It's not even my project and was asked to take over without much info… just "nge nge lu" as what we say in Hokkien. In other words, just forcefully push it forward πŸ˜‚ Lucky I got help from the travel agent that was tasked to coordinate this project. . Officially… #Sarawak is also in RMCO now… Today is the first of of #Malaysia RMCO. Please ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and drive responsibly after being caged up for months. It's not time to act like caged animals regain freedom. You are better than that! #staysafe #drivesafe #socialdistancing . #santubong #damaibeach #Kuching #sunset #travelblogger #traveltheworld #wanderlust #thosewerethedays #silhouette #sarawakbloggers #sarawakvloggers #moresarawak #sarawakmoretodiscover #vm2020 #malaysiatrulyasia #cuticutimalaysia #visitsarawak #sarawaktourism #domestictourism #η ‚ζ‹‰θΆŠη„‘η›‘ηš„ζŽ’η΄’ #ε€•ι˜³ζ— ι™ε₯½εͺζ˜―θΏ‘ι»„ζ˜

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Whatever… I hope you are not acting like caged animals regain freedom this RMCO. All the best!

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