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Quick & Easy 2-ingredient 30-second Mocktail, Pineapple + Sprite = Spritenapple (ASMR)

April 20th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

I had canned pineapple almost expiring laying around in the pantry not sure what to do with it. A friend told me to get Sprite and make pineapple Sprite with it. So I did. I did not have ice cubes, the ice cube tray was empty else I’ll add in ice cubes. As for the mint, it’s from my little pot of mint.

This is the easiest thing to make, ok? If you still don’t get it, I don’t know what else I can say *LOL*

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ASMR Unbox & How to Cook Fei Chan Guo Self-heating Hot Pot, Old Duck Soup Flavour with No Duck Meat

April 13th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Always fun to record and prepare instant hot pot. Bought this because I thought that it is not spicy as I don’t see the word “mala” on it but it’s actually spicy for those who cannot tolerate spiciness. It’s sourish too. If you like spicy salted vegetable soup, you can try this.

I can’t seem to find this flavour on Shopee but here’s the link(https://invol.co/cl228g9​) to other flavours that you might be interested to try.

By the way, make sure you prepare this kind of hot pot on a table or surface that can handle high heat. Glass is a no-no.

Let me know your feedback if you have tried it 😉

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Xiao Li (S3/Pt15), Chi Liao Bi (S3/Pt16), Finale – Sarawak Chinese Slang

April 6th, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Last two slang of Sarawak Chinese Slang.

The season has ended few weeks ago. I’m not sure when the 4th season will come. Not really in the mood to do it yet.

Here’s the one last video to summarize everything.

Till then… Do check out my other videos on my channel and feel free to subscribe 😉 Haven’t have the mood to sit down and think of the giveaway for 300 subscribers yet. Hopefully soon *finger crossed* Really not in the mood for many things recently.

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Complete Biotics (Prebiotics & Probiotics): What You Need To Know

March 29th, 2021 · 8 surrendered

Ever experience the awful feeling of diarrhea, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), ulcerative colitis symptoms, sleep disturbance, unintentional weight changes, skin irritation, or constant fatigue? If your answer is “yes” to one or more of the symptoms listed, do read on.

In this day and age, leading a busy and fast paced lifestyle is common among Malaysians. This tends to prevent one from eating a balanced diet. Healthy and nutritious food plays a crucial role in one’s life as this is what makes one get up and going every day. However, due to modern lifestyle, many would opt to eat out or get takeaways which is why many are suffering from digestive or gut problems. This problem is commonly caused from bacteria in food, stress, infection, usage of certain medications, or chronic medical conditions such as colitis or Crohn’s disease. If it is not treated or improved, it can affect one’s life quality and potentially cause embarrassments.

We always hear about prebiotics and probiotics which can help in improving the gut problems that many people are facing. Ever wonder what they are and/or how they can fix the problems of the gut?

Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers which are compounds that can be found in food such as oats, rye, wheat, rice, or barley. It induces the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) that can be found in the large intestine by altering the composition of organisms in the gut microbiome. While Probiotics are beneficial live bacteria and yeasts that can be found in yogurt, kimchi, miso, and other fermented foods. It is good for one’s gut health and digestive system which contribute to better immune system. When one has sufficient probiotics, sufficient postbiotics will be produced, to fulfill one’s need to maintain better energy, metabolism, and nervous system because it contains lactic acid, acetate, short-chain fatty acids, and folate.

Having both prebiotics and probiotics in one’s daily diet seems to be the key for staying physically fit in the modern days. Fortunately, YourGutt has both goodness that can assist one to improve gut health. Since prebiotic can be found in rice bran and probiotic can be found in fermented food, having fermented rice bran powder as part of one’s diet is the key to enhance the well-being of one’s gut. Rice bran contains beta glucan and other dietary fibers. Many are not fond of the taste of rice bran on its own but the good news is that YourGutt fermented rice bran powder is available in mango and chocolate flavor. Furthermore, YourGutt is the first in Malaysia and Asia to have the complete-biotics – prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotics to satisfy the gut’s need.

It is not easy to get balanced nutrient in one’s meal if one is constantly eating out and always on-the-go. Hence, to ensure one is getting enough nutrition for the gut, a simple step such as adding Yourgutt complete biotics powder supplement in one’s daily diet can help. There should be noticeable improvement in one’s digestive system, energy level, and immune system when “good” or “helpful” bacteria is present in one’s digestive system.

Lastly, happy gut, happy day.

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Tiam (S3/Pt13), Bo Sng (S3/Pt14) – Sarawak Chinese Slang

March 21st, 2021 · Nobody Surrendered

Tiam! Another is gone… I felt like we just started March and now it’s ending…

What have you don’t do far? Not much for me but trying to make some videos for YouTube. I actually had plan to do some videos but ended up it didn’t turn out as it should *LOL* Bo sng already hahaha…

Anyway, wish all of you are well. Don’t forget that this series is now available on Tiktok 🙂 Starting from Season 1. I haven’t start planning for Season 4, a bit lazy, got too much things in mind but don’t know where to start. Will get there one day, still need a break from Season 3.

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