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The Junk

July 5th, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

The Junk (Wayang Street, 93000 Kuching, Malaysia) is no stranger to many people. Awesome place with yummy food. It’s been around for a long time. Very happening place. They serve fusion of Italian, Western and Asian cuisines. Can you believe that it’s my first time dining here? Fear not! It’s not an expensive place, the price is reasonable and portion is generous. Its unique interior is also one of the key to its success.

This is one of the sections available. Every section has different style and feel.

We ordered 2 dishes for 3 persons. In fact, it’s a bit too much for 3 of us, 2 average and 1 small eaters. Should just order one for three of us. Don’t be fooled by the photos, looked small but in actual fact it’s huge!

Left: Duck Mango Salad (RM38), oh my my! It’s great! Refreshing salad. Highly recommended. Sweet and sour dressing with chunks of mango, slices of duck meat, fresh vegetables, and chicken floss(if I recall correctly). This is so big that we were full just eating this.

Right: When the pizza came, we were like… Hmmm… Shouldn’t have order the pizza. We’re already full. Nevertheless, we still eat because we didn’t want to waste food, and it cost us RM28. This is margherita pizza. Simple basic thin crust pizza but tasted great.

Nice place to go. One of best places to hang out in Kuching. No wonder so many people like it here and the business is good! Always packed, better do your booking if you are to dine here.

Gonna be away for a week starting tomorrow and hopefully will have some interesting things to update by then. Cheers!

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Macam-Macam Ada Mega Buffet at Grand Margherita

June 28th, 2015 · 2 surrendered

Got the chance to go to the annual Original Macam-Macam Ada Mega Buffet of Grand Margherita (Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia) to try out their Ramadan buffet. My first time eating here.

Huge buffet! Mega indeed! We were there quite late and couldn’t take much photos as all the food were already “damaged” by the diners hahaha… Too many people to take proper photos too. First step into the poolside area, I was trying to grasp for air, HOT and STUFFY! Goodness… Sweats were practically trickling down from my forehead and neck. The hot weather wasn’t helping. I really pity those who work there, how to work in such heat?

They are collaborating with many sponsors and chefs from other places too.

International and local cuisines. There’s Penang stalls serving Penang laksa, char kueh tiaw, lo bak, and har mee. Also have sushi.

Very true to its claims, macam-macam ada! All sort of things available. The buffet is just too big! Means, you have to walk a lot to get your food. Imagine a hawker centre except you are not served but you have to carry your own food. I spilled some of my Penang Laksa gravy along the way… Oppsss…

Left: Not just outside at the pool where you can get food but also in the restaurant itself. A lot of choices in and out, hard to choose what to eat.

Right: From the Penang stalls. I had the Penang laksa and lo bak. It’s so hot, the laksa was slightly spicy, made me even hotter *LOL*. Lo bak was good.

Left: Satay and some grilled vegetables. The former was great, very tender; the latter was not bad too especially the capsicum… I love capsicum.

Right: Sought after sushi… Poor chef working non-stop, one-man show too.

Left: They have pizza but I didn’t eat any of them, I gave it to my other dining partner. I was a bit stuffed.

Right: More sushi *LOL* However, I didn’t like the sushi, I rather have it in a Japanese restaurant. The quality wasn’t quite there. I guess it was because the chef had to prepare so much to feed so many people. Kind of pity the chef with no help.

Left: The craze of gula apong ice cream, they follow the trend too. Good quality ice cream but not much of the gula apong taste. Couldn’t find crushed peanut or almond flakes, it would be awesome to have them! It was so hot that the ice cream melted so fast!

Right: The dessert… We took this whole plate to share but we couldn’t finish them, just a bit of each. Too sweet -.-” Couldn’t taste much but sweetness only.

Overall experience, it was above average due to the heat and the buffet was too big and spread out. Food was as expected.

The buffet is still on until 16th July. Adult is RM100nett while children is RM50nett. For the price you are paying with such selections, it’s reasonable. Just be sure that you don’t mind the heat. For more information, call 082-532111.

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Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites Ramadan Buffet

June 21st, 2015 · 4 surrendered

Finally something food related which is up to date :P

You know the fasting month has started, this means you will see many eateries introducing their Ramadan buffets. I thought I would be able to attend Pullman’s and Grand Margherita’s but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to skip. Too bad… Guess only Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suites (Jalan Tun Abang Hj Openg, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak,) this time around.

This time, they are having their Ramadan feast at the ballroom located on the third floor instead of the Italian restaurant, Ristorante Beccari. Less live action stalls due to the location but food still tasted great!

Over 100 choices of food. It looks like not much choices based on the presentation and arrangement when you’re in the ballroom but in fact they have a lot to choose from if you look at them carefully. I forgot my camera, that’s why the photos are dull, had to resort to my phone’s camera then heavy editing with Photoshop.

Left: My favourite of all! Spit-roasted whole lamb, tender and juicy. I love it with the black pepper sauce. This is the best I tried. I heard that the lambs from other places are very dry. This is the best.

Right: Fruit rojak and Indian rojak. Not a fan of the Indian rojak. Generally, I don’t like eating rojak in hotels. Still prefer those outside.

Some of the main dishes such as beef rendang, lamb kurma, curry and so on. Great to go with fragrant rice.

Right: Rojak kangkong, prepare by the chef upon request at one the live cooking stalls. Rather spicy but it’s nice.

Left: Another of my favourite, satay!! Chicken and beef.

Right: Lok lok, you can opt for it to be cooked in water or deep fried.

There’s more food but I didn’t have much photos because I forgot my camera. Most photos turned out beyond the point of being able to salvage.

Another favourite of mine is the pizza, they have 3 different pizza choices everyday. Oh YUM! It’s not oven baked but wood oven baked! Must not miss this.

Don’t forget the bubur pedas too. It’s one of the best. My first time having it. Surprisingly delicious!

Oh! One more! The roti john is great!

Had a feast and fun night with the bloggers.

The buffet runs from 18th June to 16th July, priced at RM78nett for adult and children & senior citizens get to enjoy 50% off. Call now to make your reservation at 082-258000 ext 8061. Advisable to make your reservation to secure your seats. Number of diners are increasing lately to avoid disappointment.

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Opppsss… 10 Days!

June 18th, 2015 · 2 surrendered

WOW! It’s been 10 days not posting anything here. Busy, busy, busy, should have something coming this Saturday since it’s gonna be my off day.

However, I do update my Instagram from time to time, if you’ve not check it out, do so, here’s the link http://instagram.com/lovebell_lawirene/

You can also check out my Twitter where whatever I posted on Instagram is automatically posted here also http://twitter.com/irenelaw

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Ok, that’s all for now. It’s been a crazy week. I’ll be back with normal posting soon… ;)

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Coffee Places Around Kuching (Part 2)

June 8th, 2015 · 2 surrendered

Three more coffee places around Kuching to share…

One Degree 33 Cafe
Sublot 18, Ground Floor, Song Plaza, Jalan Song / Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak, 93350 Kuching

Came here for lunch and we had breakfast items for lunch. They serve breakfast all day. I don’t see anything wrong. The Full Works (RM20 if I recall this correctly) great for sharing between 2-3 people. Tasted great! Was stuffed! Everything was cooked to perfection. As for the drink, can’t say anything about the coffee. I ordered iced chocolate which was rather diluted, not up to my expectations. Still, I don’t mind to come back for the food.


Rusty Bean & Batter
M42/M43, Level 1, ST3 Shopping Mall, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching

Craving for pancake and/or waffle, you can check this place out. The tea they used is from T2, reminded me of my time in Adelaide. Love to visit T2 at Rundle Street just to try out various tea they have and also to look at those tea sets they’re selling. I’m surprised to see this brand here.

It’s been quite awhile ago visiting this place, I don’t quite remember what we ordered, just wild guess…

Left: Jupiter Pancakes (RM14.90), sweet and salty with coconut cream and caramelized banana. Don’t remember what syrup was that. The coconut cream is sweet enough, don’t need the syrup but it will give you another twist of flavour in a good way of course.
Right: Bavarian Apple (RM13.90), Belgium waffle with caramelized apple and vanilla ice cream.


The Coffee Clinic
GF, Sublot 16, Song Plaza, Off Jalan Tun Jugah/Jalan Song, 93200 Kuching

When I visited this place, they just opened. Very cute place.

I’m not sure whether they improved or not. Basically, when I was there, there’s a lot of room for improvements. I heard they have improved a lot, many people like the place too. They even have a restaurant upstair now.

Aside from Coffee Clinic, they also own The Coffee Factory. Some how I lost all the photos of The Coffee Factory (JT Building, 7th Mile, Kuching-Serian Road, 93250 Kuching), another coffee place in Kuching. Worth a try too.

That’s all for now. There’s still quite a number that I’ve not tried. Too many, too hard to keep track.

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