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Unveiling The Veil

August 31st, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

During this long weekend, head over to tHe Spring to unveil something different. Starting from 30th to 1st September, you can get exclusive invite to unveil The Veil that will happen on 7th September.

The unique way in creating awareness to the public on what’s good and bad for a wedding gown. They are beautiful! You have to look closely to see that they are not made from fabric but from recycle materials. Imagine if it’s made with fabric, they will look stunning! However, sadly these are the kind of gown quality you get from many places for your big day. Such pity but you’ll definitely get good quality one at The Veil.

They categorized the unfit gowns as plastic, newspapers, and toilet roll. Very creative!

Plastic is because the gown is tight & uncomfortable, imagine wearing this on your big day… NO WAY!!! You’ll sweat and get all sticky because the gown cannot breath.

Newspapers is because it’s very dirty and unkempt. Usually this happens to old gowns and also gown which too many people had worn before. I’m very particular with this, ewww… Makes me cringe whenever I came across this kind of gown in many studios. Accompanied quite a number of friends to fitting before that’s why.

Tissue paper aka the toilet roll means the dress is easily torn and not durable. The fabric they used are very lousy, I came across a lot like this. I remember wearing a wedding gown when I was a maid of honour in my friend’s wedding. You know how crazy it is during the game sessions, my gosh! My dress was stepped on by the groomsmen and even myself while I tried to stop them from going up the staircase, not purposely stepped on it of course, the game just got a bit aggressive that’s all. Luckily it didn’t rip! The dress was of very good quality, you can feel it once you lay your hand on it, you don’t even need any extra supporting things to support the gown, it just sits nicely on your body and very comfortable to wear. Imagine what happened if the gown I wore was a bad one… *gulp*

Interesting huh? Check them out starting today till 7th September at tHe Spring.

Go now to get invite to the unveiling event where there will be workshops on how to select the gown suitable for you and how to pose for great photos, fashion show too! You will see the big names there too! Amber Chia is one of them.

Great one for couples who are planning their big day to attend. You’ll learn a lot! Also get special promotions during the grand unveiling at The Veil Wedding Gallery (Jalan Tan Sri Ong Kee Hui, 93300 Kuching) located just opposite SUPP HQ . rest assure that you will be taken care of by The Veil team for your big day, they are 5 this year!

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Langkawi (11 – 14 May 2014) – Part 5

August 30th, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

WOW! Still quite a number of Langkawi posts pending. Some of you might have known that I will be heading to Perth this November, told you online purchase is dangerous! HAHAH! I bought the ticket by impulse! *gulp* I shop more online than in physical shops -.-” Now I have to worry about the accommodation cost, it’s always the biggest cost when you travel unless I manage to find another travel mate then that will surely save a lot. *fingers crossed*

Goodness! I must get all these Langkawi posts up before I embark on the next trip else sure cannot finish the post before the next trip. Drag too long, such record! More than 3 months and not complete yet. This is just day 3! We managed to explore more tourist spots on this day.

First stop! Breakfast is a must to start the journey. What’s more you have 3 big dudes in this trip, they have to be fed real well or else they couldn’t protect us hahaha…

The whole breakfast only cost us less than RM3/person! The nasi lemak was really tasty! The roti canai too. Not bad at all. I don’t remember the name of the place hehehe… It’s not that far from the place we stay actually. Generally, food in Langkawi is cheap and quite nice, especially the Malay food. Didn’t get the chance to try any Chinese food though.

Our first destination was Makam Mahsuri but along the way we saw many shops selling gamat aka sea cucumber products, so we stopped at one of them and bought some stuff back to be given as gift. Langkawi is known for this produce and they are selling it real cheap. It’s known to be very effective in curing many things. I bought the ointment only for own use and gift for relatives.

Finally found Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri’s Tomb). There’s a story behind it on why it’s so significant to people in Langkawi. Long story cut short, you can check the details here. You can find many artifacts and legends of Mahsuri in the museum. No photography allowed in there though. Entrance is not free but cheaper for Malaysians. I don’t remember how much. RM5 I think…

The paddy field, my first time seeing such view.

Pretty ladies, the generation of Mahsuri but they now resides in Phuket, Thailand.

The tomb of Mahsuri. Some said she’s buried here, some said the body was never recovered after being thrown off the cliff.

Even the musical performers are very pretty. I guess prettiness is in their genes already else how you get Mahsuri, such beautiful lady. The well is said to be what made Mahsuri beautiful. She used the water daily from this well and it is believed that it has curative properties too.

These are some of the traditional houses that were built to showcase Langkawi architectures.

It was already near noon and the sun was really unforgiving. It’s hot in Langkawi! Next stop, we’re going to see the Seven Wells Waterfall.

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Events Horizon at SHEDA Expo at BCCK (22-24 August 2014)

August 22nd, 2014 · 4 surrendered

This weekend, if you have nothing to do or you are looking for properties be it for investment or otherwise, do drop by Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) for SHEDA Expo. Truth to be told, I’m hunting for a house now, any of you can recommend any? Gonna drop by this expo to find out as well.

This event is organized by SHEDA (Sarawak Housing & Real Estate Developers’ Association). I’ve never fail to attend this event in previous years except when I was away on holiday or when I was based in Adelaide. You know… Kuching… Nothing much. So when there’s an event, everyone will just flock to the same place. All these while, nothing special, just your normal event.

This year, Events Horizon has some interesting things in store for the visitors. Love selfies? Then, you should head over there as Event Horizon is going to set up selfie or photo corner at their booth decorated by Wedding by Events Horizon. They called it the survey panel. That’s what I heard. How it works? It’s like using the panel to take photo, pin, and tell them what’s your interest. Will definitely check it out when I’m there. What’s more, you might win something just checking it out. It’s gonna be a surprise. Will you be the lucky one?

See you there maybe.

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ZenQ Desserts @ Premier 101

August 17th, 2014 · 14 surrendered

Ever since I tried out Dessert Story in Adelaide, I’m sort of craving for it from time to time.

Finally, there’s something like this in Kuching, ZenQ Desserts @ Premier 101. When I was still in Adelaide, I saw people posting about this dessert place in Kuching. Now that I’m back for good, I do crave for it. Finally got the chance to try it out few weeks back, when the day was extremely hot and hazy.

PACKED! Lucky for us to be able to secure a table. We took turn to order.

Left: ZenQ My Signature (RM7.50), price wise is reasonable with the portion. You can choose the base, either green tea, soy milk, or grass jelly.

Right: I ordered Taro Grass Jelly with Green Tea Base (RM7.50). They only left green tea Q Yuan (literally translate Q Yuan as chewy ball) that time. Too many people, quite a number of ingredients ran out. The black thing is the pearl which you can find in bubble milk tea while the transparent noodle looking thing is crystal noodle. Of course not to forget the grass jelly in there. Was given with a small container of milk to add into the dessert. I added it in and it managed to give the base a much creamier and rich flavour.

The ice dessert wasn’t too sweet, just nice for me. It was good but felt like there’s something missing. No idea what… Maybe I’m comparing it to what I had in Adelaide and also the environment. Still, it’s good enough to fix my craving and I will definitely go back, only a bit far from my place hahaha… Just eating this is enough to settle my one meal. Full! Back then in Adelaide, I sometimes just ate this for dinner.

ZenQ is a franchise which you can find in many countries. Good that they have one in Kuching. I like Taiwanese ice dessert.

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Langkawi (11 – 14 May 2014) – Part 4

August 8th, 2014 · 7 surrendered

A quick one here… We went to Langkawi Underwater World (Pantai Cenang, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah) after lunch. Entrance fee was RM30, only for those with MyKad else it’s going to be RM40.

It’s not bright in there, flash photography is not allowed and animal moves! Hence, I failed to take any decent photos. I decided to use video instead.

Here you go… Enjoy!

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