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Jewellery For Your Outfit

July 22nd, 2014 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s been a long long time not writing something educational hahaha… Just having this mood of sharing some fashion tips and you will know why I’m sharing this at the end of the post ;p. Those who know me know that I don’t wear jewellery except necklace. This, also once in a blue moon just to spice up the outfit I’m wearing.

First and foremost, evaluate the jewelleries value whether it is appropriate to be worn to that occasion. For example, are you attending a fancy dinner event or a pool party with your friends? Bold colourful jewelleries are most suitable to be worn to a casual event where flashy bright colours will reveal a more fun side of you. For a formal occasion, opt for classic jewelleries such as a gold or silver necklace or earrings to fit your fabulous outfit.

The next tip to keep in mind is to make sure that the jewellery matches with the colour of your outfit. Colour mismatching not only does it look completely out of place but also makes you appear less fashionable. You should always be aware to have jewelleries which is easy to pair with and complement the outfits you have in your closet. This is because not all types of colours are suitable to be matched with other colours. You can select jewelleries which are black, brown, silver and gold as it is more flexible to be worn with any colour.

I’m sure most of you heard of Zalora. I’ve been stalking the site for quite awhile as it offers many new pieces of jewelleries with affordable price. Free shipping some more! Why not? I love free shipping!

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Minoru Japanese Restaurant

July 15th, 2014 · 2 surrendered

This is one busy week, gonna work 7 days this week! Hopefully I’ll be better this weekend as I’ve been having cough since last week -.-” I seriously need my voice back for this weekend.

Anyway, here’s a food post from me. It’s been awhile. I seldom blog about food now because I seldom eat out and also I don’t bother giving those eateries that are not worth it a mention here. No more free publicity anymore hahaha…

Was lucky to be able to dine at Minoru Japanese Restaurant (Lot 493 Seksyen 10, Rubber Road, 93400 Kuching) last month. I’ve been hearing a lot of it since years back but had never been there because my dining companions never had intention to go there. So I don’t remember this place anymore until last month.

Too bad I didn’t have my camera with me, hence my phone was the only camera I have to document the food here.

Left: We’re craving for sashimi, so we had salmon (RM25). Goodness! Heavenly! It just melted in the mouth! Haven’t eat something like this for ages! Two thumbs up!

Right: Yaki Udon (RM18), fried udon with seafood. A bit too salty for me. Oh by the way, the photo you see here is not the actual portion, I forgot to take photo of the actual portion, this is what’s on my plate as we were sharing.

Left: Gyoza, don’t remember how much. It wasn’t bad. Also, one piece missing as my dining companion ate one before I took the photo hehehe…

Right: Smooth and silky chawanmushi, no idea of the price too. Slurp! I like!

In fact we ordered unagi sushi to end the meal but I realized I forgot to take the photo hahaha… It was really yummy too. Not your usual cold unagi sushi, it was warm.

Overall, the bill came up to a total of RM100+ for two persons ;p Very expensive… Great place for good Japanese food but cannot go there always. Sure will burn big hole in the pocket. One more thing, the toilet is extremely clean!

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Drunk Monkey Old Street Bar

July 8th, 2014 · 4 surrendered

I’ve been hearing about Drunk Monkey Old Street Bar (68, Carpenter Street) for quite awhile but never go there reason being I don’t drink (Well… not 100%, a little, only once in a blue moon) and I don’t go to night spots in Kuching unless with friends but I won’t bother going most of the time as I hate how it smells in this kind of place.

Later I found out that it’s a smoke-free bar. Interesting… Still… Didn’t make me want to go as this kind of place can be “messy” at times. Then some time 2 months back, I went there with my colleagues after work, it was a last minute decision, headed there after having our dinner opposite the bar. The sound proofing is surprisingly awesome! Heard no music from outside even though the door wasn’t close.

Pardon my photos. I no longer bring my camera along with me anymore. Just rely on my trusty almost-4-year-old phone.

The music there is great, not your usual bar music, it’s very tasteful, those oldies that never get old. Those born before the 90′s will appreciate them. The crowd is not the usual Ah Beng or Ah Lian. Keep this up! The decor is very unique too.

This photo is from their FB page. I only have the two photos above from my phone.

Aside from drinking, you can order food too. It’s not from their own kitchen, they will order from the opposite shop or around the corner and sent all the way to the bar for you. Not a bad idea, win-win situation.

I went there again for the second time at 12.30am last month with another friend, it was packed! However, it’s not rowdy. Crowd was well-behaved. Some people even could just leave their stuff on the bar and went off to other section of the bar. This is how safe people felt about it. Of course… It’s best not to do so, you’ll never know when disaster strikes.

This is my kind of place to hang out for a drink or two with friends. Finally! Kuching has a decent bar. It’s always packed! What’s more it’s a non-smoking one, you can still smoke outside. However, one problem, even though this is a non-smoking bar, the smoke from outside still goes indoor because it’s not enclosed. You have to choose the right place to sit, definitely not near the entrance/exit. Seats are quite limited inside, so at the end you still have to sit outside and inhale the second-hand smoke :(

Other than that, it’s just awesome! Hope the crowd won’t spoil such a nice place.

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Langkawi (11 – 14 May 2014) – Part 2

July 5th, 2014 · 4 surrendered

Continue on from Part 1 after a long break about this trip… Goodness… I really can’t find the time and energy to do updates like I used to :(

We headed to Dataran Lang aka Eagle Square after lunch to see the famous statue of the eagle in Langkawi.

Seriously… At the entrance, there’s this annoying Milo jingle which stuck in your head. It took us quite awhile to figure out and we just laughing it away but it’s no longer funny when it repeat non-stop and making you nuts!

Jetty Point not far away where you can enjoy duty free shopping. The prices are the same as at the airport.

The statue area was packed with people trying to take photo with the eagle -.-” It was extremely hot too. Managed to take some photos and then we left to the beach.

Pantai Cenang, lovely sunset but hmm… The beach wasn’t as nice as I expected. Put too high expectations.

Time for dinner. Our dinner was rather late, if not mistaken it was 10pm+. Before that we went shopping around Cenang area. One thing for sure, no bargain allowed, no matter how you sweet talk them, the price will remain.

Left: We ended up Telaga Seafood Restaurant.

Right: Crab stir fried with chili sauce, very spicy! RM8/100gm.

Left: Telaga “3S’ Style fish dish. Not sure what fish is this and the price too, we just ordered ;p 3S stands for sweet, spicy, and sour.

Right: One of the fried rice ordered by our travel mate which I don’t remember what. They have a variety of fried rice which ranged between RM6.50-RM20.

Left: Kailan Oyster Sauce (RM7)
Right: Tom Yam Seafood Soup (RM18)

Overall, the food was just so-so. It did blow our budget for the day too.

That’s it for part 2, hopefully part 3 will come real soon. Wonder how long it will take me to complete writing about this trip?

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Ramadhan is Around…

June 28th, 2014 · 4 surrendered

Hello!!! Have been really busy with work, especially this. Dressing up like this for a company function. Never in my life wearing a jubah. Fits me just right just that the length is really quite painful, easily step on it.

Was required to walk around a lot ushering the guests, luckily didn’t trip =.=” Few times actually, almost, luckily… So I had to pull it up whenever I walked. Also, had to ensure that I didn’t step on my own dress while sitting as it would be an issue when I stood up because I would just fall face down! It’s not gonna be a good scene with all the important people around. Shudder just to think of it.

The sleeves was supposed to be long but I rolled them up due to unforeseen circumstances.

Hopefully next week will be freer after the next project ended. Very exhausting doing all these even though it’s kind of fun in a way. Can I have a break?

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