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ChinaHouse at the old CourtHouse

April 27th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

ChinaHouse at the old CourtHouse is one of the latest F&B outlets in Kuching. Located at the Old CourtHouse. Very easy to find. They have their first outlet in Penang.

Left: I don’t think I see this cat around anymore when I was there last week hmmm…

Right: There’s room for entertainment, shopping, art, and food.

For food, head over to Kopi C instead of Canteen *LOL* At first I thought Canteen was the eating hall but it’s for live music.

CAKES! My goodness so many of them and we had difficulty in deciding which one we wanted. Too many! All looked yummy!

This is another section of the dining area that can be considered as normal.

The other section is filled with all sort of rustic furniture for sale which also served as part of the decorations. It’s rather messy in there but messy in a good way. However, a bit too much and dark for me though. Not everyone will like it. It was quite dark for me to take any photo of the place.

Left: Bento Special (RM30) valid from 1pm-9pm only. It was the special of the day if not mistaken. Anyway, RM30 for such portion… A bit high I would say. There’s salted vegetable and tofu soup; cucumber & pineapple acar with shallots, red chili & ginger bud; steamed mushroom ragout dumpling, sweet garlic-cilantro dip; pan-fried chicken breast with Asian style BBQ sauce; and spiced coconut rice pilaf. Taste wise, it was not bad, very flavourful. However, paying RM30 for this… Really need to think twice. It’s not an affordable place. Very high end.

Right: Avocado, Cashew Nut, Feta Salad with Grapes, Cranberries, Rocket, Pomegranate Dressing & Parmesan Biscotti (RM28). Very refreshing and quite filling.

We were stuffed with these two dishes. There were only two of us. Then again… How can we skip the cakes!? Must have the cakes. It’s the first thing we saw and they were all so tempting!

Left: So we ordered Passionfruit Coconut Buttermilk Cake (RM11), their bestseller. Sweet and very sour were toned down by the buttermilk cream, it was an interesting combination. For their cakes, the pricing is pretty much like the other cafes out there.

Right: Discover the artist in you with crayons found on the table after you dine or while waiting for your food or while eating. Did a quick doodle here and we called it a night.

Overall, the place is not cheap, cannot afford to go often. The concept is interesting. Food was not bad. However, too many mosquitoes. I was the feast for the mosquitoes… So if you are like me, the mosquito magnet, be sure to have mosquito repellent with you. I don’t think I want to go back simply because of the mosquitoes. As for the food, well… Once is good enough for me unless I’m not the one paying. Really have mix feelings over this place.

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Kuching-Hong Kong Direct Flight by Hong Kong Airlines

April 19th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

Good news! No need to suffer from transiting flight to Hong Kong. Direct flight from Kuching to Hong Kong is back! This time brought to you by Hong Kong Airlines! I really hate transit, wasting time and energy. I would prefer direct flight anytime compare to transiting.

So, the first flight coming in from Hong Kong will be on 28th May. In time for the Gawai long weekend. You can stalk hongkongairlines.com starting tomorrow for promotional price. Mind you, it’s not a low-cost carrier. Better don’t miss it. Maybe Hong Kong for the coming June long weekend. Why not? Flying two times a week, just nice for a less than a week quick getaway.

You’re going to see taxis around Kuching bearing the new flight route sticker.

Not only that, the tambang at Waterfront as well.

Don’t forget about Rainforest World Music Festival this coming 5th-7th August. Are we going to see a lot of people from China to attend this year’s festival with this new direct flight?

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Quiznos Cafe (Q CAFE)

April 12th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Just a quick short one about this new eatery in Vivacity, Quiznos Cafe or also known as Q CAFE. Located outside the mall.

one of the largest restaurant/cafe brands in the world. With over 2000 STORES WORLDWIDE & A PRESENCE IN 30 COUNTRIES, Q CAFE continues to be one of the fastest growing restaurant chains!

Whether dining in or eating on-the-go, Q CAFE is designed for today’s busy customers who are looking for a tasty, fresher alternative to many of today’s traditional fast food restaurants. Q CAFE offers flavorful chef-inspired menu items, including toasted SANDWICHES, PIZZAS, SALADS and WRAPS!

Out of curiosity we came here. Very cozy place, they have books available for you to read too because it’s also related to The Library Coffee Bar. Haven’t get the chance to pay a visit to the coffee bar yet. It’s located inside the mall but I don’t remember which floor.

Ordered Zesty steak sandwich was packed with mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, onions, mushrooms, honey bourbon mustard, and zesty grille sauce. You can choose the bread type you like. There’s white, wheat, and rosemary parmesan. The one I had was rosemary parmesan, not a bad combination.

Lots of chopped onions, not zesty enough but still not bad. It’s just me, I don’t like onion. I don’t remember how much it cost though, definitely more than RM10 for 6 inches.

Will I come back? Hmm… I’m not much of a sandwich person so I don’t think so unless I have got no choice or it’s a treat.

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Hog & Wild

April 6th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Hog & Wild can be found in VivaCity’s Everrise or Cold Storage at Green Heights. If you like to have good and affordable pork dishes, you can try this place out. Portion is huge and price is very reasonable. I’ve been getting my fix for pork quite often here hehehe…

The House Salad is surprisingly huge! Looks like a bouquet. So cute! It’s filling, only RM9.90. You can just have this and you’ll be full! Sliced ham, tomatoes, cucumber, mix green salad leaves tossed with Vincotto Vinegar and olive oil.

Left: Gourmet BBQ Ribs (RM29.90) served with jacket potato and boiled vegetables. Looks small but it’s not! Better to share for average and small eaters.

Right: Artisan Gourmet Sausage Platter (RM48.90), consists of 4 types of Artisan Fresh Sausages served with roasted potato, sauerkraut, and pomodoro sauce. Really have to share this. 2 average eaters for this is still a bit too much. 3 pax sharing this dish with another salad dish would be just nice. Yummy sausages! Burp… Love the one with black pepper, don’t like the one with so much garlic.

Also bought pork crackles hehehe… Oh yum yum yum! So addictive. This brand is from South Australia but I’ve never tried it back then. Only have the chance now. Also, I only discovered pork crackles when I was in the UK ;p

A nice place to go for pork and wine pairing. Great food, great price. I’ve been going there at least once a month. So far only been to the one at VivaCity, no chance to visit the one at Cold Storage yet.

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Tease by Jase’s Tea Room

March 29th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

Tease by Jase’s Tea Room (AT110 Block A, Icom Square, Jalan Pending, 93450 Kuching) is one of the food outlets located at iCom Square. They used to locate at Premier 101. This new outlet’s interior design is totally different from the previous outlet. So much more spacious and bright.

They specialized in in loose leaf teas, coffee and light meals. You can find burgers, pizzas, pies, sandwiches, and cakes available all day. Opening hour between 11am-11pm.

Left: Salted Eggyolk Sauce with Fried Chicken Thigh Burger + Potato Wedges (RM16). Don’t underestimate this, looks small but packed with goodies! Not easy to finish on your own, best to share if you’re not a big eater. Very sinfully yummy.

Right: One of the cakes available, Teh C Peng Mousse Cake. It’s an acquired taste. The sweetness is pretty mild.

Overall, the environment is decent, great place to hang out and food tasted great. Drinks are priced reasonably. I’ve been coming here on and off with friends because the place is spacious enough and even if there’s a lot of people, it’s still comfortable.

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