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Rainforest World Music Festival 2016 (RWMF 2016)

August 21st, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Lag lag lag! I’m so lag! Rainforest World Music Festival 2016 happened on 5-7th August at Sarawak Cultural Village. Didn’t take many photos, have some videos, let’s see if I have time to edit for upload *LOL*

This is my second time attending this music festival except this time was as an official rather than as a festival goer. It’s a totally different experience all together. Three hot days! Three days packed with music! Day time was the workshops while night time was the time to PARTY!!!

Left: Attended the press conference as well at Damai Beach Resort.
Right: Various workshops were arranged throughout the cultural village. This is one of them at the longhouse.

Left: Even near the entrance, at the showcase area, there were performances lined up for the festival goers. They welcomed anyone who would like to participate in the performance to experience it for themselves.

Right: All sort of handicrafts can be found around the village.

Left: A section where you can paint your own batik.
Right: Another workshop at the Dewan Lagenda.

Left: This is one of the best workshop! It was on the last day of the festival. Make A Noise! The beat of the drums, performers from various countries jammed together without prior rehearsal. Amazing! Just that hmmm… Most festival goers were quite shy to stand up and dance. I have videos of it, let’s see when I’m going to upload it.

Right: See you next year! 14-16th July 2017! Let’s see I’ll still be around next year for this event :P

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No Manners

August 18th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

Before I start to say anything, wow… Just realized it’s been 10 days since the last post. I’m supposed to have a Rainforest World Music Festival post to post but just couldn’t find the time. There’s too many things happened and too many things that need to be settled.

Never in my life meeting such a person with no manners at all. Eavesdropping, self-inviting to events/meetings, threatening people, being busybody, showing no respect to people’s personal space, gaining access illegally, solicits perks for oneself, and so on an so forth. Too many until I can’t name it.

I don’t care what you are doing but once you get into my personal space, jeopardizing my personal data privacy, please be warned that I am not going to tolerate such thing! Once you do this, it means WAR to me!

Anyway, your days are numbered. All I can say is good luck. Whatever you are doing now is simply digging your own grave. Don’t blame others but yourself.

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Kuching Festival 2016

August 8th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

Kuching Festival 2016 is already around for more than a week, yet I only post about it now. Parents have been going there almost daily. I’ve been there two or three times *LOL* I lost track already.

Anyway, this year, lots of sausages and ice creams.

The crowd is massive too this year. At 5pm+, people are already there! Previous years, people will only be there after 6pm but not this year. So kiasu?

You don’t see Sugarbun, KFC, and so on this year except Chicago 7. How come? Anyway, lots of long queues this year compare to last year. Mostly for ice cream. Too many types of ice cream already, people are getting really creative.

So many that even my parents ended up buying from two stalls. However, not those new ones, these are the normal ones, playing safe.

Pathetic garden show this year… Why? Why? Why? Really it’s nothing much there unlike previous years which was always one of the attractions of the festival.

Anyway, have you been there? It will end on 21st August.

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No Guilt Cafe

July 27th, 2016 · 3 surrendered

It sure takes me ages to post this hahah… First time dining at No Guilt Cafe(Lot A108, Block A, ICOM Square, Jalan Datuk Abang Abdul Rahim, 93450 Kuching) was in February! Now is July and going into August!! *LOL* So far, I’ve dined here 3 times.

Now you have a place for healthy food. Not just vegetables, there’s chicken and salmon dishes too. The sauces are the default sauces given to you to add some spiciness to your food. Quite spicy to me.

Do not underestimate the portion. It’s huge! Better to share if you’re a small eater.
Left: Grilled chicken with mashed sweet potato, one of my favourite. The meat wasn’t dry at all, very tender and juicy. Vegetables were fresh too. Very filling.
Right: Aglio-olio with salmon.

Left: Salmon fried rice.
Right: Large salad was indeed huge! No kidding!

Price wise, it’s a bit on the higher end but you are getting fresh, light, delicious and healthy food. Doesn’t look filling but it does fill you up. If you share, it won’t be that expensive. Good thing is meant to be shared. ;)

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Will be right back…

July 18th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

Busy busy days ahead. Was in Shanghai and Nanjing last week for work. Now that I’m back, there is so much to catch up.

Don’t think will have time to update this blog this week. Nevertheless, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook will be updated from the time to time.

Will be back soon with more updates :)

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