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Penang 7-10 Jan 2015 (Part 2)

January 31st, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

WOW! It’s been more than 10 days since the last post. Now, last day of January. How time flies!? 1st month of 2015 is gone…

Day 2, we had no plan. We just looked at the map and simply pick some places.

First stop was Kek Lok Si. Came here before so nothing interest me except the bird. Isn’t it pretty?

We then went down to for Pasar Air Itam Laksa (Jalan Pasar Road, 11500 Air Itam). The place was packed! We ordered 3 type of drinks namely (left to right) sugarcane, what’s-this? LOL! I don’t remember!! , and nutmeg.

Left: Penang Assam Laksa, the main purpose we’re here. RM4 per bowl. The previous time I was here, I also had the laksa. It’s nice. I like it.

Right: Deep fried lo bak, popiah, and so on… Nothing special to say about this. Acceptable.

After lunch, we went back to Georgetown and since it was raining, we drove around and spotted some wire arts on the street which are one of the tourist attractions in Penang. Saw the famous drawings too but didn’t take any photo because was inside the car and not in time to get the camera ready also due to the rain water on the windscreen.

After we found a parking, we went to Penang 3D Trick Art Museum (10, Lebuh Penang
George Town, Malaysia). Just opened not long ago and there’s still more trick arts to come.

We had fun. Just sharing some photos with you. Go and experience it yourself next time you’re there. I forgot how much we paid for the entrance fee. If you’re Malaysian, you get cheaper entrance fee. Staff was friendly and helpful. They made sure you took photos at the right angle and posed the right way, and they also helped you to take photos to ensure that all of you are in the photos, no one is missing.

After having fun, we’re hungry so we went to Bee Hooi Kopitiam (415, Jalan Burma, 10350 Pulau Pinang), we just went without doing any research, drove around, saw it and in we went.

Left: Since there is no way to go to Balik Pulau for har mee because I’m not sure how to go there, no proper address too, so we just ordered one here. Still prefer the one at Balik Pulau.

Right: Hokkien Mee aka Dai Lok Mien (RM5 if not mistaken). It was OK. Can’t comment much as this is my first time eating this in Penang. Last time, I always had this in Adelaide.

Left: Hokkine Char (RM5 if not mistaken). Again… Can’t comment much, first time eating here too. Don’t quite like the taste based on personal preference. Just not my taste.

Right: Char kway teow again… Still not a fan of it, still small in portion, still expensive ;p

I have no idea how much all the food cost. I wasn’t paying attention and was distracted.

Since, the rain came again, we went to Gurney Plaza because it was raining. Supposed to go to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre.

We ended up at The Little Nyonya Cuisine. It was packed. We had tom yam fish soup. Spicy and sour enough, very flavourful. Great to go with white rice.

Left: Nasi Lemak Special (RM8.80), just so-so…

Right: Chicken Lo Bak (RM7), not much to rave about too.

Left: Deep fried squid, salty, hard, and crispy enough. However, not too bad. Even though it’s deep fried, not oily at all. I ordered it because I’m craving for salt and pepper squid.

Right: Bubur Cha-cha (RM4.30), I don’t remember the taste.

Overall, the food is fine, just average. Price wise is reasonable.

That’s the end of day 2. We will see when day 3 will be up hehehe…

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Penang 7-10 Jan 2015 (Part 1)

January 20th, 2015 · 4 surrendered

Let’s see will I manage to get this post done before CNY hehehe… Not many photos taken and not many places we went. It’s my second time in Penang.

The trip was rather unplanned even though ticket was booked months back. We touched down, hopped in the car and looked for our apartment. After that, just drove out without much plan.

While driving around, E&O Hotel (aka Eastern & Oriental Hotel) popped up in my mind. One of the luxurious hotel with historical values in Penang. So we ended up there. How funny! First time visiting this hotel. Instead of tourist spot, we headed to a hotel.

The view from the parking lot next to the hotel.

Views from outside the hotel.

Very nice hotel, old but well-maintained. Very grand! Love the ambiance. Not cheap to stay here. One day maybe… At the same time, I took the opportunity to get some ideas and inspirations for work.

After the hotel, we went to Gurney Paragon as it seems like it’s gonna rain. While we were there, there was one incident there that got the mall management and the tenants quite a bit of panic.

After window shopping, we went to Gurney Drive Hawker Centre aka Pusat Penjaja Anjung Gurney (172, Solok Gurney 1, Georgetown, Jelutong, Pulau Pinang) for dinner. Luckily we headed there earlier and when we were about to leave the rain came!

Right: Deep fried chicken skin and a type of prawn. Very crispy, not that oily too. No idea how much because I wasn’t the one who paid for this dish. Great to have it with beer heheh…

Char Koay Teow (RM6), we ordered 3 plates. I can never understand what’s so nice about this dish. I guess I’m not a fan of such dish no matter where it is. Truth to be told, eating this dish in so many places, the Penang Char Koay Teow has the smallest portion (so small that it is even smaller than my small hand -.-“) and the most highly priced of all. I guess it’s because of the prawns and sometimes the cockles in there. With such price, you can get triple the portion of char koay teow in Kuching with the same ingredients. However, no doubt the breath of wok aka wok hey is high enough, I guess that’s why. Still, can’t convince me to make this dish my favourite food. Hahaha… Also, I cannot justify the price and the portion.

This stall, 71 has a long queue. We just followed the crowd hahaha…

Sambal stingray and sambal cuttlefish with four-angled bean. Spicy! Not sure of the price too as I didn’t pay for this dish.

So full from all these food. Thought of hunting for more food even though we’re full, the rain came and sent us away to Queensbay Mall for groceries before we called it a night.

That’s all for day 1. Let’s see when I’m going to get day 2’s post ready ;p

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Fish Frenzy Cafe

January 15th, 2015 · 2 surrendered

15/1/15 today!

I slacked hehehe… One week ago today I was in Penang. Now I’m back!

Haven’t post about food for quite some time. Went to Fish Frenzy Cafe (SOHO 188, Ground Floor Lot 18713 Block 11 Jalan Wan Alwi 93350 Kuching) few weeks ago.

A new shop at SOHO 188 area. There are so many eateries there now! Fish Frenzy Cafe is at the same row as Choice World. The interior is very simple. Be warned that you will smell of food after you dined there. It’s air-conditioned but the entrance isn’t closed. Not bad to eat there on a hot day.

Left: Clear Soup Fresh Fish Slice (RM10). The fish was fresh enough and the soup wasn’t overpowering. My parents said that the soup was quite salty the first time they went but this time around it was ok. You can order rice(RM1.50), noddle(RM2.20), bee hoon(RM2.20), tang hoon(RM2.20), and kueh tiaw(RM2.20) to go with it. There’s also other soup base namely sour & spicy soup and evaporated milk. Next time I’ll try the evaporated milk range. Should be interesting.

Right: Pork Five Spice Meat Roll (RM8), it tasted all right too. Just felt that it’s a little small in portion.

Overall, it was acceptable for me. Don’t mind going back to try other soup base.

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January 6th, 2015 · Nobody Surrendered

Came across Redoxy few months back. A friend was using it and let me tried. It’s a direct sale product from Return Legacy. Her whole family is using it and they all are happy with the result. I’ve also seen the difference on my friend’s skin. I decided to get one to try it out since my daily moisturizer and serum is running out. It’s quite expensive for a small bottle (RM250). Then, my supplement was running out too, therefore I bought a box of supplement, Medigold (RM250). However, I just paid RM310 for the two products. Buying one is expensive, so I bought two for the sake of trying.

For now, I’ll talk about Redoxy.

Smells like pineapple and milk. Watery texture and easily absorb leaving no sticky feel but soft smooth skin.

I brought it with me to Perth. The air there is very dry and Redoxy worked wonder! Normally I’ll end up with oily skin in the morning because of the dry condition Down Under. With this, I woke up with no oily skin. I’m amazed!

There is no need for other things. At night, just 3-4 drops (depending on the size of your face) after washing the face after or without toner then applied it on the skin. You’re done! In the morning, just topped it off with sunscreen and you are ready to go!

It didn’t break me out or made me itch.

I also noticed that my skin is more radiant, makeup goes on easily and my pigmentation is much lighter now. Felt that my skin is firmer and pores seemed smaller too.

Aside from that, you can apply it anywhere on your skin. Scars can be lighten. Using on the eye area won’t be a problem as it absorb quickly and leave no oily residue behind. Means you can use it on the whole face, no need to invest in any eye cream/gel anymore. I figured that it can be useful for stretch mark too.

I should be showing you before and after photos but I couldn’t find any as I haven’t been camwhoring with a camera for a long time but with phone and the latter always cannot show much imperfection.

The ingredients are Milk Peptide, Hyaluronic acid, Allantoin, Salmon Peptide, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Collagen, Growth Factors, Vitamin C, Kojic Acid, Vitamin E, Hydroxylated Lecithin, Potassium Citrate, Potassium Carbonate, Magnesium Sulfate, and Silicon Oxide.

The down sides are small bottle, only 20ml (using it once a day in the morning, about 3-4 drops each time, lasted me almost 3 months); and it’s rather pricey. However, at least it’s so much cheaper than a lot of high end products sold at departmental store.

Quite a good product. I didn’t expect much from it but it surpassed my expectations. Quite happy with this and I don’t bother looking at other skincare products anymore.

Oh ya… It is safe for children too.

Who should take Redoxy?
• Age 25 and above (checked)
• Coffee drinker (Not applicable)
• Under pressure (checked)
• Always stay up late (checked)
• Alcoholic beverage drinker (Not been drinking for months)
• Frequent traveller (Not so)
• Smoking (Not applicable)
• Working on shift (Not applicable)
• Long hours in air-conditioned environment (checked)
• Constantly exposes to UV ray (Not so)

These are what it claims to be:
Anti-aging: Reduces wrinkles & fine lines, protect skin from the sun.
Anti-oxidation: Quench free radicals.
Hydrating: Locks in skin cells moisture for long hours, shrink skin pores
Boosting: Enhance production of collagen.
Repairing: Helps scars and marks to heal.
Rejuvenating: Make skin firmer, smoother and younger.
Brightening: Lighten pigmentation, improve skin’s tone and texture.
Firming: Improve skin elasticity.
Penetrating: Micro-clustered technology allows nutrients to penetrate deeply and nourish the cell.

Where to get it? You will have to find whoever selling this product since it’s direct sale product. The company name is Return Legacy (you can just Google it, easily found and can read lots of reviews from others too). Of course, I can help you get it since I’m also getting it from my friend.

By the way, gonna be away for a short trip. Will be updating on Instagram/Twitter. ;)

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Happy 2015

January 1st, 2015 · 2 surrendered

First post of 2015. First time I joined countdown in Kuching. 2 years ago joined the countdown in Christchurch. All the other years, either just spent it at home, in Incheon Airport’s toilet, or sleeping in hotel room in Singapore *LOL*

Some food from New Year’s Eve buffet at Aurora Court. Too bad, didn’t eat anything hahaha… Just took photos.

For countdown, I went to Victoria Arms. It’s my first time counting down there and also very likely the last time too. Why so? You’ll know next time ;p Went out from the house around 10.15pm, got caught in the jam and only reached there at 11.10pm. Normally it just took me 10 minutes from home! -.-” Took the wrong road that’s why.

Here’s the video I took last night of the countdown. Really amazed with how good the quality is from my new phone, Microsoft Lumia 535.

New year, new direction. So as usual… Reflection of 2014…

Got a new job in February, I had to change my lifestyle because of the new job. Learnt many new things and met many interesting people. Some might know what and where I work but still not many know about it. I’m not revealing it also hahaha… If you are observant enough you will know where I work. I don’t know when I’ll reveal it ;p Will just let u find out about it yourself.

Also, got another part-time job before I got the full-time job.

Made 2 impromptu trips also this year, one to Langkawi, one to Perth. Lucky to grab the direct flight to Langkawi as now the flight is ceased, no more direct flight from Kuching to Langkawi. Perth trip was quite a pleasant, I’m glad I made the trip to Down Under. Never expect I will go back there so soon.

Was silly enough to feel for someone. Luckily didn’t took a step further. Backed off in time, just not the right one. Phew… I’m blessed.

Attended a lot of weddings this year, not only friends’ but also family. It’s a year of marriage! Even tomorrow, there will be one to attend. So many invitations. I foresee more invitations coming my way *gulp* Is this a sign that soon it will be my turn? Hahaha… *dreaming*

I’m learning to express gratitude on anything that came my way, be it good or bad. Always look at things from two sides too. Law of attractions is indeed working it’s magical way. Even though I’ve not gotten all that I wanted but I’m feeling good on whatever it is happening now, I believe it’s the transition to the good things to come. I’m thankful for those who care and love me, money that is given to me throughout my life, and good health that is keeping me alive.

Next year resolution? None… I never set resolutions. I made resolutions once when I went to Adelaide and everything just didn’t turn out as planned. Better don’t make any. Just go with the flow.

To end this post, I wish you a very happy new year and hope the year brings you happiness.

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