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Upside Down House Kuching

June 18th, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Have you been to Upside Down House Kuching? It’s located at the same row as Tune Hotel, opposite Hilton.

If you are looking for something fun with your friends and family, you can spend about 45 minutes here. Everything is upside down, the staff there will guide you and help you take photos. Unleash your creativity and have fun posing.

The space is basically designed and decorated as a house with 2 bedrooms, study room, bathroom, study room, living room, dining area, kitchen, and laundry area.

Basically you have to turned your photos 180 degree to see the effect. There you go! You have the power of spiderman! Hahaha…

Entrance fee is RM15(promo – RM12) for adult while children and senior citizen is RM10 (promo price – RM8).

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Hotel Nuve, Bugis, Singapore

June 9th, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

I stayed a night in Singapore back in December 2016. I went on Agoda in search for good location and affordable accommodation and stumbled onto Hotel Nuve in the listing. Located in Bugis, MRT isn’t far from it. The street was quite happening at night if you like night life.

The painting on the wall outside the hotel depicting the life of people in Bugis long time ago.

I chose the cheapest room as I only need it for a night for transit. The room I stayed was small with no window but clean enough. The bathroom was surprisingly spacious, shower and toilet in one space but no sink and partition. The sink located one platform away from the bed. The pillow was too flat however the bed was comfortable enough.

They do not provide bottled water but there is water dispenser is available at the lobby area but it’s cold. You can loan a glass bottle from them but it’s on first come first served basis. Meanwhile, they also have room to cater for disabled guest.

Left: The TV was just right at the end of the bed mounted on the wall. There is no cabinet/cupboard to store your things though.

Right: One good thing about staying here, they provide you with a mobile phone that allows you to make free call, go online, even allow you to bring it out with you and use it as your navigator. No worry about needing to get a SIM card for your stay in Singapore. WiFi available in the room too.

I booked the room at promotional price of over RM200, almost RM300 with no breakfast included. It’s Singapore, with our weak currency, so… What can you say? Price wise, it’s high for Malaysia’s standard, you can get very luxurious room at a 4 or 5 star hotel with that price in Malaysia.

In the morning, I just walked around the area before heading to the airport. Took some photos of the views around the hotel. Didn’t go far.

Overall, the hotel was OK but for the room I’m staying, I can only stay for a night, longer than that, I don’t think I can. The staff was helpful and friendly.

Address: 9, Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199141

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Hui Lau Shan @ Vivacity Megamall

May 31st, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Hui Lau Shan, no stranger to many people. To be frank, it’s my first time trying the food there. All the while, I never have any intention to try it out when I was in West Malaysia or China.

Finally, the 20th outlet is now in Kuching inside Vivacity Megamall, also the one and only outlet in East Malaysia. I was fortunate to be able to join the launch which had given me the opportunity to try out their key products that made Hui Lau Shan, Hui Lau Shan :D Price is a bit on the higher side but quality is there.

Durian Pancake (RM12 for 2 pieces) filled with cream and real D24 durian flesh is the best of all! It’s a real deal! This is my favourite. The pancake is made fresh on the spot in Kuching since there is no central kitchen. In other word, you will get the freshest Durian Pancake only in Kuching. By the way, durian dishes are only available in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Mango is their key ingredient. You can find real mango in the Mango Pancake. They source their mangoes from the Phillipines and Thailand. The pancake is freshly made on the spot as well.

The mochi is basically similar to our onde-onde except the inside isn’t coconut but durian and mango.

Left: Signature Mango Cube and Mango Jelly. Didn’t get to taste this.

Right: Hui Lau Shan is indeed a must-go for mango lovers. Try all the key mango desserts in one order. The Mango Romance is the right one to go for. It’s made up of mango mochi, mango chewy ball & mango crystal jelly.

Left: Mango Pop Pop. Pop the white ball in your mouth to release the the syrupy content in it. The burst of sweet and sour syrup will fill your mouth.

Right: Sago Duet has pomelos in it. I prefer this as it has good balance of sweet and sour.

Left: Mango Chewy Ball. Didn’t try it though. Anyway, the balls are definitely tasteless, the ice cream and mago will give it the flavour. If you like to chew your dessert, this might be for you.

Lastly, to balance out the sweetness, something savoury like this curry fishball will be good. It is very common street food in Hong Kong that you can get here.

Not to forget, Hui Lau Shan’s central kitchen in Malaysia is halal while the one in Kuching is definitely in the process to be certified as one as well.

So? The Hong Kong “King of Dessert” is now in Kuching! Get ready to queue and brace the crowd.

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Nothing But Anger

May 22nd, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Haven’t update this blog for quite awhile, have no time or energy for it. All these stupid tasks are just plain stupid! Will be back after it’s done.

Just wasting the whole month of May doing nothing but to plan a trip for PPL which is not even my job. It’s not that I don’t want to be flexible but com’on! It’s your job, not mine. This job is not meant for this organization! What are you sitting there for? People are sitting there meant to do those jobs but they are not doing it, only know how to play tai chi.

Ok la… You want to play tai chi, play la! Seriously, for more than a year, I did nothing in my job scope. Everything I did has got nothing to do with what I’m being hired for when all these jobs are supposed to be the job of some respective departments that are setup for decades meant to do all these things, yet they only know how to play tai chi. Not only that, they are clueless! WOW! You are meant to do those job but you are clueless! No common sense also.

In my previous work, I couldn’t be late, I couldn’t go home on time, my workload was crazy! I had to go back to work during odd hours, I’m willing. It’s because it’s my job. At the same time, I still could find time and energy to do some fun things.

Now, my time is more flexible, 5-day week, can go home on time or sometimes earlier but I am so stressed and unhappy most of the time. Everyday just dragging myself to the place I dread the most. Everyday I got home, I just couldn’t care about doing anything but just facing the computer, usually blankly or playing games and watching series non-stop. I’m just too tired to move an inch. Weekends supposed to be fun but I just want to stay home and be on my own.

Never in my life wanted to leave so many times, never in my life taking so many sick leaves, never in my life feel irritated on every single thing, never in my life drafting so many “spicy” letters, never in my life cursing so much, it’s a toxic place to be I must say.

Oh well… Ppl said just hang in there. I’m not sure how long. I don’t really need it anyway. It’s not paying any better too. Only thing I know is that, there’s less than a year to go, yes… Hang in there maybe… Still… I really don’t know what will come first, the letter or the contract. We’ll see… All I know is that those toxic ppl had won the game.

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Nagoya Mansion Hotel & Residence, Batam, Indonesia

May 9th, 2017 · Nobody Surrendered

Our tour package in Batam inclusive of hotel stay. We opted for Nagoya Mansion Hotel & Residence because according to the map, it is very convenient to go to the shopping mall.

Batam Hotels – Nagoya Mansion Hotel & Residence is the newest iconic on the island of Batam, the first to offer residential, hotel and lifestyle facilities in one environment. Other facilities are available to support your business and leisure activities include Meeting Rooms, La Bamba Restaurant, La Brisa Juice Bar, La Brisa Foodpark, Parlente Bar, Swimming pool, La Destino Fitness Centre, Bakery & Pastry Shop.

After the tour, we check-in in the evening. The staffs were friendly and helpful. However, one problem, they were extremely slow in servicing you when you request something from your room. We waited forever for a toilet roll and we ended up took it directly from the housekeeping staff who we bumped into who happened to be pushing the trolley to clean up other rooms while we were on the way out.

The room was spacious and cozy enough.

Basic coffee/tea making facilities were stocked.
Bathroom were also spacious as well with all the basic toiletries available.

Our room is facing the city view. This is how one side of Batam looks like.

They have pool and gym but we didn’t bring anything for these activities. Then again, I don’t think I will dare to swim there in my swimsuit. People are already looking at you one kind with sleeveless and shorts, what’s more in swimsuits -.-”

The breakfast buffet was not too bad. Not too small, not too big.

Next, sharing with you the food that I had. Those food that were supposed to be sweet were really sweet. I couldn’t stand it.

Left: Black glutinous rice waffle which was something interesting to try. It was too sweet for it.
Right: Porridge with all sort of condiments.

Left: Olives!! I just emptied the whole bowl, oppss…
Right: Colourful vegetables at the salad counter.

Left: The very sweet glutinous rice, I couldn’t stomach it after one small spoon.
Right: First time eating and seeing real passion fruit.

Overall, the place is clean enough to stay. The receptionists were very good.

As for walking to the shopping mall, it sure wasn’t a pleasant walk. Road conditions were bad and felt unsafe with all the wolf whistling, staring, and name callings, you will get it as long that you’re a foreigner lady even if you are decently dressed. Luckily there were two of us but we walked really fast and kept observing our surrounding.

Address: Kampung Utama, Jl. Imam Bonjol No.1, Lubuk Baja Kota, Batam Kota, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia

This concludes my Batam trip. It sure is one very different experience. Be thankful with what we have.

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