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MBO The Spring Makeover

January 31st, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

For months, MBO was undergoing a series of renovation. It’s now ready for movie goers to experience a whole new experience.

Was invited to the launch of MBO The Spring Makeover yesterday. We get to experience the Premier Lounge and Hall. Also, the first and only Auro 3D sound system in Sarawak which is only available in Hall 5, so does the Premier seating. Mariam Yazmin El-Bacha, the operations Director, was there to brief us on the whole new experience of MBO.

The makeover…

There’s also a cafe at the lobby area known as Cafecito. I forgot to take photos of the area. While waiting for your movie to start, just hang out at the cafe with great drinks, cakes, and snacks. There will be a kids’ playground built too soon.

Do sign up the loyalty programme either online or on the spot to enjoy special offers, benefits, and privileges. It’s FOC!

Official Makeover Launch of MBO Cinemas – The Spring by Mariam Yazmin El-Bacha. Joanne Kam Poh Poh, the Queen of Comedy, was also there for the launch. This is my first time seeing her in person.

Here’s a short video of Joanne’s performance:

Gonna start my CNY baking project tomorrow. ;)

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Vivacity Megamall

January 24th, 2016 · 7 surrendered

After a month of opening then I featured Vivacity Megamall in this blog. I didn’t go there on the opening due to work commitment. I was supposed to go there to cover the opening of one of the outlets. Then, I managed to go there on Christmas’ eve, very lucky to not get stuck in the jam. I went and took some photos but didn’t blog about it until today.

To date, I’ve been there 4 times. Out of 4 times, 3 times in January. Always parked at the basement parking near to the entrance because I’m afraid of getting lost hahah… It’s big. No doubt. There’s also multi level carpark. I still prefer parking in the basement.

The mall is big. However, cannot rival those in KL. Of course! Duh… Quite easy to navigate though as it’s rectangular.

They have two food courts. This does not serve pork.

While this one served pork, known as Kuching Flavors. Both located at two separate ends.

The food court does not accept cash, you need to purchase the card to get your meal. To me, it’s too troublesome. Till now, I’ve not dine there simply because of the need of purchasing the card. So far, only went to Nando’s, Tony Romas’, Sushi Zanmai, and Tiamo.

Left: There’s also and event hall.

Right: You get nice views of Kuching from both food courts. This was taken on Christmas’ Eve.

This is also taken from the food court. Today.

Overall, the mall is easy to navigate, lots of shops, lots of food choices. They seriously need to get it ready as they opened it when it’s not all completed. Lots of people complaining about their parking charges too. It’s indeed higher than the rest. The crowd was not as many as expected. Other older malls still have more people than this, even today, on a Sunday. A new mall without the usual Kuching crowd, something is definitely not quite right. There’s still a lot of improvements needed I guess. I’m sure it will be more once the cinema is done.

That’s all about Vivacity Megamall. The latest and the largest shopping mall in Kuching as of January 2016.

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Neubodi @ Vivacity Megamall

January 17th, 2016 · Nobody Surrendered

Discover your new body with Neubodi. Now available at Vivacity Megamall, first floor, shop 45. It’s an honoured to be invited to try out their products.

My first time hearing and experiencing this brand yet they’ve been around since 2008. Proudly a homegrown brand. The personalized fitting service is awesome! There is no measuring tape. The consultants do not only just listen to your needs but they also look at your height, built, and posture. Aside from that, they will gently hold our rib cage to determine the size.

They have the smallest size to the biggest size(30 to 44) from cup A to I.

All these while, I buy bras for its design and colour, most of the time neutral colours and cute strappy ones. As for sizing, I always requested for the smallest size to try. If couldn’t fit, I’ll ask for bigger size. I definitely won’t go for any bra with wide side panel as I have this perception that such design is only for women with big breasts and older women. Also with the big full cup and big strap, it’s a no-no for me.

Having the opportunity to experience the difference at Neubodi, all those perceptions are changed. The wide side panel is meant to provide fuller support and hold the fatty tissue around the back, shoulder, and breast area in one place so that no ugly bulges popping up here and there. I’m sure we all experience this.

Just because you are small built with small breasts, it doesn’t mean that your bosom are free from aging and gravity pulling effects. You cannot escape from that!

When I was fitted, even before I did all the steps of wearing a bra correctly, I could see some cleavage appeared. That’s not the end of the story, the next part is interesting which many people don’t know about or just being lazy like me, I normally just do the first two steps ;p. It’s not a secret anyway, it’s a proper way to wear a bra.

After that… WAH LA! I have breasts! Apparently, all these while I thought I’m a 70A but in fact I’m a 70C! What a surprise! That’s because the fatty tissues around the area are spread all over the place due to incorrect bra usage for years. You can try it with any bra you have at home. After you did all the steps, you can see and feel the difference. However, if you are wearing the correct bra with ample support, you will experience even more differences like what I experienced at Neubodi.

This is what makes up Neubodi bra:

So what do I get after the fitting? I’m given with a set of Clara Demure Bra . Tried a few, this is the only one the provide me with the best support and fit.

Inspired by the season’s full bloom of dramatic beauty, the Clara Demure bra incorporates Neubodi’s clear-cut sophistication, whilst adding a playful touch of “dandy” style. A divine creation using three-dimensional cutting on the bra cups, Clara gives you an instant lift with a fuller and rounder breast shape. A significant feature lies within its reinforcement sling on the inner edge of the cups to centralise the breasts and reveal a desirable cleavage. The cups are further decorated and hand sewn with lace to ensure a smooth fit at the bust line.

Key Features:
Underwired balconnet contour bra
U-shaped back design
Inner crescent-shape sling reinforcement
High side panels with unique soft boning structure
3 hooks fastening in B-C cup and 4 hooks fastening in D-F cup
Removable memory fit sponge

Big strap that doesn’t cut into your skin to ensure maximum support and comfort; and at least 3 hooks. Bigger cups will have 4 to 5 hooks.

Not just a layer of cloth to cover the padding but with reinforcement sling on the inner edge of the cups to centralised the breasts for better cleavage and the boning structure to support and hold the fatty tissues in place to avoid spillage.

OK… Pricing… I know you’ve been wondering, it’s not cheap, more than RM250 for a bra but if you care for it properly, it can last you long. However, even the other brands in the market are priced at this pricing for their new collections and premier range. Worry not! Always check neubodi.com for latest offers. After discount, it would be around the pricing of the other brands you find in the market.

Then again, you have to go for the fitting first before you commit to buy online as you will know which one suits you best and learn the right techniques. Every bra has a name, for my case, Clara is the one for me. Next time, if I want to buy online, I will go for Clara and my size. I will not go wrong with it. Even in the shop, they have discount corners, major discounts, the pricing is acceptable. It’s not that expensive actually.

An album with other bloggers and the people behind Neubodi. It was an interesting and eye opening session.

“How you care for your bra, is how your bra care for you”. Thank you for the invite :)

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Swee Kang Jalan Haji Taha

January 15th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

You know how silly I was… Been years… People kept saying “go Swee Kang for ABC”, “Swee Kang for sotong kangkung” and etc., yet I have no idea where it’s located until recently :P The funny thing is that I’ve been eating their food for decades! Never know the shop’s or stall’s name hahaha… One fine day, went there for lunch with colleague and get the chance to snap photos of the food there after so many years!!!

Swee Kang is located at 176, Jalan Haji Taha, Kampung Bandarshah, 93400 Kuching. They are serving an array of local favourites. We ordered from almost all of the stalls. I don’t remember any of the pricing though.

Left: Ais Kacang, one of the must-have there. It’s too sweet for me. When my parents ordered this, they’ll request the sweetness to be reduced to half.

Right: Sotong kangkung is cuttlefish with water spinach mixed with prawn paste sprinkled with chopped nuts. If you prefer it spicy, then mix it with chili.

Left: Jelly fish umai, very generous potion. They’re not stingy with the portion, lots of vegetables too.

Right: Need to introduce more? I’m sure you know what’s this. Rojak, fruit and vegetable salad dish which is commonly found in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Left: Cha kueh, radish cake fried with egg and preserved turnip.

Right: Assorted deep fried food normally made up of taufu, fish balls, prawn fritters, and etc. to be eaten with chili sauce.

The place is always packed, business is really good. It’s my first time dining here, normally we bought them home.

Finally a post almost 10 days. Enjoy your weekend!

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January 6th, 2016 · 2 surrendered

Sukha, many had been there, me too. Been hearing a lot of good reviews about it, was lucky to have the chance to try. Went there way back in November 2015. Hehehe… Many posts in queue.

Located at Brighton Square (Ground Floor, Lot 11963, Block 16, Brighton Square, Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching). They serve a fusion of western and local food. When I went there, it was packed! Business was so good. Not sure about now though, should be still good. They seemed to be famous for their Churos and Waffle Chicken but too bad I’m not a fan of the former.

Left: Nasi Lemak, one of their signature. Priced at RM12, isn’t not your normal nasi lemak price for sure. Sambak was extremely spicy but in a good way. Chicken was tender and juicy.

Right: Chicken Waffle (RM18), savoury dish, interesting combination. Portion was huge, great for sharing. The waffle is buttermilk waffle if not mistaken and it’s drizzled with some maple syrup. Tasted great. There’s no bone in the meat so no worries to eat it like a sandwich.

Overall, the environment is nice, food was good but with higher price tag. Well… Dining in this kind of place, what do you expect? Will I go back again? Yes, of course to try other food. Food price range from RM10-18

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