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FUNNY - 3RD DAY OF CNY [ ... ] - 31.1.2006 Tuesday

Around 11am we met at Lee's house. Waited for Ann coz she woke up late. Khoon Howe didn't fecth Lee Ling so asked Ann to fetch her since they stayed nearby. Ann, Jee and Lee Ling reached there around 11 something. Both Ann and Jee alighted from the car and greeted everyone in the house but where's Lee Ling? Everyone was asking. She's still in the car!!! We thought that she's afraid of Lee's dog and dare to to come out. So Ann went out and wanted to tell her that the dog was chained. Who knows... the actual fact was that Lee Ling was trapped in the car because of the child safety feature that prevented the back door to open from the inside! Summore Ann had locked her car too! Lee Ling tried to tell Ann but she alighted too fast that Lee Ling had no time to tell her. It was so funny and we even got creative on the ways that Lee Ling would respond when got trapped in the car. Everyone laughed so hard that it took us quite a while to get back to our composure. We were even reminded about it almost during the whole visiting game.

When we're at Nick's house, another duh thing happenned. We thought that Nick's parents were watching TV. It's all about the Aquaria at KLCC. We watched it too.
Then suddenly Lee Ling said to me, "Isn't that Nick's mother?"
I looked at it carefully and agreed to it too and I told Ann. Then we got so excited, we told Nick about it. Nick was so relaxed, clarified our doubts and made no fuss about it. We were like "Hey! Your mom is in this documentary! But how come it's not big deal to u?". Then he told us it's their home video! *FAINT* His dad took the video and it really looked like something in the documentary LOL...

We to 9 houses today and end the whole thing at 6pm.

2ND DAY OF CNY [ ... ] - 30.1.2006 Monday

Went visiting with Jimmy today. Went to his net friends' and our friend's houses. Here's our group picture and heheh... Alysha and I ;-p we two always like to cam-whore! We even went to her house twice ehhehe... too free. I don't really know their real name. Only met them less than 3 times. We're all net friends haaha... to be exact Jimmy's net friends. My main aim is to visit and meet Alysha ;-p

Here's a collection of "bak gua"(singular, add "s" to be plural) or "bak po" from one of the houses, I usually use the later. Hungry? Salivate?

Started the visiting game from 11am in the morning till 6.20pm. So tired but kinda fun. The rest of the photos are in Alysha's and Jimmy's friends' cameras.

Tomorrow another round with my friends from college.

1ST DAY OF CNY [ ... ] - 29.1.2006 Sunday

GONG XI FA CHAI!! Few hours before the stroke of midnight fireworks lighted up the sky. I took video of them. I didn't have a tripod stand so couldn't take a good photos of it. The whole thing lasted for almost an hour (this is calculated from midnight onwards).

Woke up late today. Years back, I woke up before 8am but this year 9.30am. I slept at around 1am. Couldn't sleep well, the vampire kept sucking my blood becuase I opened the window to take pictures ofthe fireworks!

Hmmm... it's strange.. very strange... really strange... as far as I can recall, it's always a rainy morning every year of the 1st day of CNY. This year... the weather is so fine. Not a single drop of rain and it's very very hot in the afternoon. Didn't do much today. Went out for a car ride with my family then bought fried chickens and pizzas back home for lunch. Then off I went to Lee's house and Jimmy's house. After that I went home.

Never ending of Firecrackers and fireworks. Heard that the police will catch those people on the spot but I didn't see any police cars petrolling around last night and today. Kuching people are really rich ahhaha... blasting all these things non-stop and boxes and boxes of them, I heard that it can cost up to at least few hundred to thousand of Ringgit for one box. Imagine how much were spent by the government/organisation whenever there's a legal fireworks display? These people playing these are just commoners and blast them off just in their backyard or in front of their house almost everyday illegally. This is not rich is what? They are practically burning their money hahaha... Who cares anyway? I liketo see fireworks in a distant but not up close and personal ;-p

THONG THONG QIANG [ ... ] - 28.1.2006 Saturday

It's Lunar New Year's eve!! In about 15 minutes it will be the 1st day of the new year! Here's some photos that I had taken earlier today. People started to blast fireworks when it started to turn dark. It's much more instense now. The box of chocolate that we opened today ;p to reward ourselves for the hardwork of spring cleaning ahhaha... The roasted duck and chicken, there will always be these every year, the duck was bought by my aunt and the chicken was roasted by my another aunt. The wine, each family (among my family and relatives) will have a bottle of wine every year but for my family, it's not for drinking as we don't drink, so we keep it as our collection.

That's all for now. Going to watch fireworks now. FYI, It's illegal to let off firecrackers and fireworks. Who cares? heehehe...

KL TRIP - DAY 5 (21.1.2006) [ ... ] - 27.1.2006 Friday
!*!(*&!*^!&%... let me rant before I talk about my last day of my trip. Bought the new camera. Damn it!!! The battery got problem! Fully charged and on it for a few shoots and low battery signal came out! WTF! Then charged again, couldn't on, it asked me to change battery pack and shutted down on its own. Then after a while went back to on it again, it operated like usual. Used half way, it shutted down on its own again or warned me to change the battery pack! If I'm lucky it would operate like normal. Gah... damn angry!

Why am I always the lucky one to get a defunct toy? This is not the first time! Last time my Toshiba laptop had problem with static, they couldn't solve the problem and gave me a full refund. Then bought NEC, the LCD screen got problem. They repaired for me. Now the camera!!! So many units and I always got the one with problem! Grrr.. angry... angry...

For the time being have to make use with the camera first. I'm not sure whether I can just bring the camera and the warranty card to Canon office here. I had e-mailed Canon and hopefully they will reply me after CNY holiday. I hope this can be done else I have to go back to KL!! Are you nuts? Luckily I filled the warranty card that day. If not, I'm really in big trouble. Summore Ann even told me that she had never filled this kind of thing for her toys. She's just being lucky. However, might be going to KL in April or May again with my sis. So if I can't bring it to Canon here, I will have to go back to Plaza Low Yat by then. :-(

OK.. let's get back to business. This is the last post of KL trip and I promise no more KL posts anymore hahaha... I know got people complain already. More here...

KL TRIP - DAY 4 (20.1.2006) [ ... ] - 25.1.2006 Wednesday

Roamed around and ended up having breakfast in a coffeeshop near Plaza Low Yat. I had chicken porridge, pretty tasteless but not so bad after days of food that were quite heavy in flavours.

Then we went to 1 Utama. Picture on the right is the interior.

More here...

KL TRIP - DAY 3 (19.1.2006) [ ... ] - 24.1.2006 Tuesday
Started the morning with Uncle Lim's again, ordered the same stuff but a change of drink, soybean drink+cincau. The soybean drink tasted very homey.

After breakfast, we went to shop around Time Square and managed to buy some clothes. Then we checked out around 11.30am. Then shopped again.

More here...

KL TRIP - DAY 2 (18.1.2006) [ ... ] - 24.1.2006 Tuesday

Starting the morning with Uncle Lim's, Berjaya Time Square.

Their Omega Soft Boil Eggs (RM1.80 for 2 eggs) reminds me of my childhood. Haven't had these eggs for a long long time after my mum read an article in the newspapers that it's not good for health because of the bacteria that's still in the egg. Hard boil egg is safer. *shrug*

Their kaya and butter toast, very rich and sweet (RM1.80 for 2 slices, if not mistaken but LOL... they gave us 4 slices, we didn't know at all, we thought it's normal).

Their barley and coffee were very thick too.

The prices were pretty reasonable and most importantly it tasted so gooood...

Now then I realised I forgot to take the picture of the eggs that's already cracked and in the bowl.
More here...

KL TRIP - DAY 1 (17.1.2006) [ ... ] - 23.1.2006 Monday
Let's start with day 1. Reached the airport at around 8.30am. The flight was supposed to be 9.20am but was delayed to 9.35am.

This was taken in the B737 of Air Aisa. The wears and tears of the interior were pretty obvious escpecially on the leather seats. Oh... you can recline in their B737 but not their new A320. The galley was pretty narrow just enough for the trolley to pass tru'.

The menu of Air Asia. Due to the affordable air ticket, you have to buy their in-flight meals in case you want to eat or drink. They don't offer in-flight meals like those in MAS or SIA.

More here...

BACK & SICK [ ... ] - 22.1.2006 Sunday
I'm back people!!! But... :( sick I think.. kept sneezing non-stop... damn! Back with a couple of pimples too!!! My comment about KL, very polluted, air and sound pollutions. A place to shop but not a place to live. No offence, it's just not my type. Kuching is still the best but going to KL once in a while for shopping or entertainment will be good enough. There are heaps of photos but I'm not going to put them all here, the Kenyalang CNY Shopping entry is enough to make this page pretty hard to load. Summore this month end will be CNY, there will be more photos coming!

I will photoblog in my online album. Pretty busy lately... will take me quite some times to get all of them done. Here's the summary, full story will be out from time to time:
Day 1 (17th January 2006):
We flew there with Air Asia. I bought the RM9.99 air ticket. Return ticket was RM99.98 (inclusive of airport tax, RM80). Very cheap ticket huh? hehehe... Kuching International Airport. The new departure hall.

On the way to KL! Onboard of Air Asia B737... Dissapointed, I was expecting the new Airbus A320. However, the handsome co-pilot with strong australian accent in there was more than enough. *NUTS* I forgot his name ;-p ehhehe...

First stop, Time Square. We lived there too. Nice apartment! Window shopped only. Then, Low Yat Plaza, bought my new camera there, Canon IXUS I Zoom, RM1337 (inclusive of 3% credit card charges), original price was RM1299. Came with free 256MB SD card but no pouch.

Dinner at The Ship, at Bintang Walk. Very nice place and the steak looked good. I had Chicken Chop.
Day 2 (18th January 2006):
Breakfast at Uncle Lim's, Berjaya Time Square. Very delicious.

MidValley. Spent whole day there. Nothing much to buy too... window shopping. Had lunch at Oh Sushi. Dinner at San Francisco Coffee.

Day 3 (19th January 2006):
Breakfast at Uncle Lim's again.

KLCC. Nothing much to buy there... all branded stuffs... *faint* see those price tags. Lunched at the food court, Sushi King.

Then at night, went to Sungei Wang. Dinner there too. I forgot the restaurant name. It's a chinese restaurant.

Oh yes... changed apartment to KL Plaza. OMG!! We had to share a bathroom , 4 of us! Both Ann and I are bathroom queens, it's not really a happy thing for us hahaah... couldn't enjoy our sweet sweet time in there.

Day 4 (20th January 2006, evening):
Petaling Street. Nothing much... just walked around (no more Petaling Street, I don't like it. Reasons? No reason. I just don't like it. Case close.) and had dinner at one of the eateries there. The food sucks!

Day 4 (20th January 2006, day):
1 Utama. Window shopped too... Lunched at Tai(1) Tai (2).

Day 5 (21st January 2006):
Going back to Kuching! Before that we went to Sungei Wang and KLCC.

Finally we got to experience the new A320! It's a wee bit more spacious than B737 but no cutie LOL.

More photos and posts coming. Stay tuned!

KL HERE I COME! [ ... ] - 16.1.2006 Monday
Finally!!! It's "Sweet Surrender World Tour". FYI, I'm not the one saying this, Luc (my avid reader from Perth ;-p) invented this term. Will be on KL trip with Ann.

I'll be away starting from 17th January to 21st January. I'm just tagging along and have no real purpose of going there, it's just for a matter of escaping from Kuching to see something different. Will have lots of photos to share after I'm back. Oh... Thanks Ken for letting me use your camera hehehe... have to pack my luggage now :-p Take care!

Next stop, S'pore or Perth but don't know when *roll eyes*

Got tagged by Ann, here's a quick one. Have to write an entry of between 100-200 words, with these words have to be included once, and only once:
1. I
2. me
3. blowjob
4. grapes
5. random
6. power
7. loneliness
8. water
9. robot
10. blue
Here I go...

She was sitting there. Alone in the bedroom. The feeling of loneliness is always there. Very down and feeling blue . Random thoughts playing in her head.

Out of a sudden, he appeared. Right in front of her in his boxer shorts. She could feel the power that emitted from his aura. The smell of aftershave and the smell of shower crème still lingered on his body. He stepped forward slowly scooped her up and put her on the bed gently. He plucked one of the grapes at the side of the bed and fed her with his mouth. Then they started to kiss passionately.

From the lips, she went down, down, down and down…

“Ah… I love it!”
“Do you want me to remove my pants?”
Blowjob ?”

He removed his boxers. *SPLASH* Water all over her face. She opened her eyes. Her butler, a robot , woke her up!


LOL... 154 words. I'm not tagging anyone ;-p hmm... maybe on other thought, I will tag one person, Alysha!!! Ehehehe... becuase those that I know don't blog or didn't read my blog.

KENYALANG CNY SHOPPING [ ... ] - 15.1.2006 Sunday
Went for some CNY shopping at Kenyalang. Food shopping! Very hard to find parking but not much people. Too many pictures, will just show you the pictures (bandwidth sucker ahahaha...), if you want to know what are they, just leave your comments/questions in the commenting box.
Before shopping we had lunch at one of the coffeeshop, I don't remember the name, we had these:

Top: Soya bean drink.
Left-top: Fried noodle with clams. It's sweet but some ppl cooked it salty. Usually it's the sweet type. My bro ordered this. I ordered Fried noodle+kueh tiaw and it's sweet too.
Left-bottom: Fried kueh tiaw. This is salty.

Fishes are considered as CNY stuff too... because it's a symbolic of prosperity.

The last two pictures are something extra...

CRAZY FROG keychains, mobilephone straps!!! What a scene... so many frogs showing off their little members down there. I wonder who's going to buy these? Not me... it's ugly, it's so small LOL...

Some people brought their pets along to shop, cute huh?

** I had moved some of the photos to here . The page is loading too slow... **

GOWNS HUNTING [ ... ] - 14.1.2006 Saturday
Went to Alvin's to hunt for Ann's wedding and evening gowns and also my bridesmaid gown. AHAHAH... all of the dresses were so big and long (at least for me) ;-p coz I'm a petite girl. However manage to find one that can fit me. All of them were with trains except one. Also just right for my height. It would be very funny that the bride doesn't have train for her gown and the bridesmaid has a very long train AAHHAH...

So I guess if for my wedding, most probably I have to fork out more money becuase I need to custom made my dresses! It's not easy to find from the shelf. Hey... so whoever want to marry me must be able to afford it LOL... but hey... who make the rule that wedding need wedding gowns?

After that, while we're waiting for them to tell us the price of blocking down the gowns, Ann took out her camera and we started cam-whoring ;p Camera are not supposed to be allowed in there. The main reason is that they don't want you to take any picture of the photos and dresses in the studio. Alvin knew we took photos there so it's not something done behind him. He knew we like to cam-whore ahahah... we did obey the rules. We didn't take any of them except our own photos. Narcissists... pathetic huh? Nuh... don't think so... and oh... we spotted a cutie over there too heheeh... here's our photos:

See the photos on the right? The album is much bigger than I am and it's so heavy!! I think it's heavier than I am.

<--- The cutie *wicked laugh*. I think he knew we took his photos ;-p I'm so not ashamed ehhehe... he kept looking at my direction, when I turned to look at him he quickly look away LOL... WAHAHAAH... I can't stop laughing...*_^ *CRAZY* or he's looking at Ann or my sis? Ahahaha... so funny...

Here's a newly created online album that's created for collections of photos of my friends and I.

One more thing, my camera, according to Alvin it's becuase of my camera was dropped before... argg... yes... yes... that's what I suspected too coz I dropped it few times!! Lesson to learn, don't drop your camera, handle it gently. He also said that usually the repair will cost at least RM400. So... this means I need to get a new camera though repair is possible but heck NO! Not worth it. Will see what's the price in KL for IXUS I Zoom. Will get my own camera soon.

THE PRINTED MEDIAS & I [ ... ] - 13.1.2006 Friday
Ok... ok... this is not a post to show off. It's just something for my personal record before I forgotten everything. I'm inspired to write this post becuase of an upcoming newspapers appearance. Thanks to Alysha for recommending this blog to Sin Chew Daily's reporter, Michael. I or rahter my stuffs(don't know what's the right word to use) had appeared on printed medias several times but all were just for a few seconds of fame and never had any lasting impression LOL... who cares anyway... even me myself forgotten about them. Only until now that this thing reminded me about them, that's why I'm posting this entry.

Let's start from the begining:
1994-1997: My writings and artworks were always published in a Chinese Christian children magazine from Scripture Union, "Pu Tao Yuan Di" or in English it's called "The Vineyard". They had these drawing contests and essay contests every 3 months and I always got my works published in there and that's mean I had won quite a lot of stuffs from them until I'm too old for it already ;p the maximum age of joining the contests were 15 years old. Geee... I should have keep all of them... hmmm... I hope they are still around in my house then I can salvage them and keep them as my record. Will go look for them later.

2002: Sarawak Tribune's youth section, I can't recall is it "Quake" or "Youth Quake"? I didn't keep this and I don't think there's any chance to get it back anymore. Anyway I was randomly picked from my class. That time I was having my VB class and Nick and I were picked. We were asked about motivation seminars such as "Ever attended any seminar?", "If given the chance, will you go?", and "What's your name?". Guess what? I only answered 3 words. There were "no", "yes", "Irene" LOL... that's all and had my photo taken. However when it's out, I had never said all those stuffs in there hahaha... that's what you called the job of a journalist ;p

1.1.2005: Postmag of Borneo Post. Andrea, the feature writer of Postmag posted a topic in Catscity and asked us to contribute our thoughts of 2004 and what we hope in 2005. I took part in it and got my post published but I didn't use my real name, I used Bella Belle(if I'm not mistaken LOL... can't recall at all). Again... I didn't keep it too.

May 2005: Reader's Digest, You Said It, page 5. It's about losing my bf in the disaster that hit Phuket, Thailand and some parts of the world on Boxing Day 2004. Sorry but I can't seemed to bring myself to use that word.
(you can read it in January 2005 post)
I thought I could cover my identity in case it got published. I requested them to use my other name, Belle L., instead of my real name because I didn't want any of my family to know about it. It ended up that they put my full surname in. My sister read it and knew that it was me. So I had to admit it, good thing only she knows, no one else. Phew... For this... I definitely will keep it.

2006: Coming soon in Sin Chew Daily but don't know when... I had submitted the answers to him and will submit a new photo for it. This time, I will make sure I keep it.

Ok... that's all for now :) I will take the picture of Reader's Digest May 2005 issue and also the content of it and post it here for my record and in case you might be interested to read it. This is the only one I have. Will do it after KL trip.

KAWAIII NE! [ ... ] - 12.1.2006 Thursday

Cute huh? Want your own? Here> Doll Maker

OREGANO [ ... ] - 10.1.2006 Tuesday

Had our monthly gathering at Oregano, Travilion. It was supposed to be at Memories, Padungan but it's closed on Tuesday. I don't think it's because of public holiday but it's their off day. This is the second time that we had to change place.

Took quite a number of group photos but in "my" camera, only this (above). Standing from left, Audrey, Lee Ling, Lee, Ann, Jee. Seated, Khoon Haw and I.

Picture on the left from top to bottom:
-Jumbo Dog(RM15.80), Fish & Chip(RM15.80), Garlic Bread(RM5.80).
-The night scence of Oregano, Travilion.
-Ice Lemon Tea(RM3.80), Ice Cappuccino(RM15.20) - not yet blend, Lemonade(RM3.80), Caramel/Vanilla Milk Shake(RM7.60) - both had the same colours so no point to post two of them, Ice Cappuccino(RM15.20) - blended.

The food there are pretty expensive. The cheapest is RM3.80 for some drinks. I had their onion ring before man... it's not recommended. I heard that their steaks and pastas are good but no chance to try them yet, have to save a bit of money now that's why I didn't order any food and had dinner at home first ;-P

More photos coming soon and will put them into my online album. Oh ya... add in two more photos in here

THE EDGE SALON (PART 2) [ ... ] - 10.1.2006 Tuesday
Back to the appointment. Guess what!?!?? Almost 4 hours! This is for highlight, wash, treatment and iron/blow dry.

The result... pretty satisfied. He told me that he didn't use bright colour as not to give me a shock! LOL... So there goes... the whole thing it took almost 8 hours... wow.. what a record!!!

All these cost RM155. Really a lot of works. Well spent but time taken a little.. or way too long.

My appointment was 2.30pm, when I reached there, there were so many ppl! Almost full... so waited for about 15 minutes for my turn. Everything ended at around 6pm.

Not going to be a returning customer. Will go back to my usual place for my hair cut, wash and treatment. As for more dramatic or major changes, will find other salon next time.
Will there be next time? Hmmm... I guess this my first time and the last time I make such a change to my hair LOL... not that I don't like it, I like it but still I would prefer my very black hair ahahah... will going to miss that for a while.

THE EDGE SALON (PART 1) [ ... ] - 9.1.2006 Monday
Finally went to the hair appointment this afternoon at 2.15pm. It's at Travilion. Its owner is the owner of De Lawrence at Hock Lee. This is where he trains his trainees.

The service... slow... I'm writing this is on behalf of Jimmy as he accompanied me there and at the same time got his haircut. Just to get his hair cut, it took about almost 2 hours! Or to be exact, 1 hour 45 minutes! Freaking long time for just a haircut! For a guy summore, it's nothing fancy *shake head* it's blacklisted in his list now LOL... and he waited for me for another freaking 2 hours! That's mean he's there for 4 hours+! Yet, my hair wasn't done even after 4 hours!

I felt so bad because I was the one suggested that he could get his hair cut at the same time since his hair was long. Instead, make him waited for so long. After his haircut, he got out of there as soon as he could after paying RM25, he almost lose his temper, the service was so slow. However, he kept his cool. So he wait for me in the car for the next 2 hours+!
Around 5.30pm, I asked him to go home. No need to wait for me. I would ask my dad to fetch me. Poor guy... shouldn't suggest it to him that day. So so so sorry... didn't expect things will turn out like this.

Let's talk about mine. First they washed my hair, trimmed it, blowed it dry thoroughly(see the top photo), then applied dye. Oh ya... I dyed the whole head ;-p I just showed the hairstylist(the owner) Loreal's Care-Lite ad that featured Amber Chia in Cleo. I don't really know what colour he used. Then waited for 25 minutes. After that, (see photo, the one that my head was wrapped) being "roasted" ;-) under this machine for 15 minutes. Don't know what it's called. The washed off and I thought they would start the highlight part... but... NO!!! Second round again with different colour. The first colour were reddish, the second colour could be a darker colour. Then for another 1 hour+, no more machine, just wait for it to set manually. I asked the owner, he said that this way the colour would be more natural. True or not? I don't know... *shrug*

So... I was rooted there for 4 hours plus! I couldn't stand it anymore and asked them whether they will be opened tomorrow since it's public holiday. They said yes and I asked the owner whether I can continue highlight tomorrow as I needed to go attend a dinner later (lie of course!). Good thing he said YES. Finally two rounds of colourings done and went home at about 6.30pm. The colour isn't obvious but my sis said it's obvious kinda brownish. (See the insert photo of me) that's my hair now, seemed pretty brownish reddish in yellowish lighting but in normal lighting isn't that obvious at least for me.

Talking about their service. For me... it's kinda slow and clumsy. What to do? All trainees... no wonder the whole package cost RM155 only, this include cut, treatment, highlight, one makeup course and two 8R photo shoot voucher (don't know which studio?). However, since I told the owner I didn't have much time left, he quickly took over and blowed dry and styled my hair. His skill was good. My hair wasn't tangled unlike my usual hair appointments, they always got my hair tangled! However for his trainee... lots of tangles. They really need to improve a lot in their service. Previous salons that I went to, they had at least two ppl to blow dry my hair and this would speed thing up. It seemed like they were so out of hand. Even though I'm in a rush, the guy that in charged of my hair make sure that everything was properly applied and didn't take short cuts. There were lots of tangles when he's applying the dye to my hair.

All in all... I would say don't go if you don't have so much time to spare and wanted a speedy service. Quality wise, can't comment yet have to wait till tomorrow. Price wise, this is promotion price so it's chaep. After the promotion don't think it's this cheap and if that's the case, better don't go, I'm sure you don't want to pay a fortune for this kind of service unless you want the owner to do it for you then u need to specify it and of course will cost more. Oh... the interior isn't very impressive. To be continue tomorrow...

EURO TRAVELLING THEME PARK [ ... ] - 7.1.2006 Saturday
This will end on the 21st January 2006. It started on 20th December 2005. I'm kinda late in posting this ahhaah... anyway, I didn't go and not intended to go. Entrance fees are RM3 for Adult and RM2 for children. They are using token system in there.

When I heard about it, I was kinda excited about the whole thing and I would love to try out every single ride if possible but when I found out that it's at MJC Batu Kawa, really no mood and don't feel like spending my money on it anymore because I don't like MJC, no offence. Don't ask me why, no reason for it. It's like you love or hate certain thing and you just can't find any reason for it.
It's just me. May it be a person or anything, once I came across it/them, if my instinct told me, "Yes, I like it!", then that it is. If it's otherwise even though the person or anything had never offended me or how good they are, I don't like it/them at the first look/impression then I will not like it/them.

Anyway, here are some photos to share with you. Jimmy went there last month and I abducted his photos to post it here to share with you. Really nice night shoots. Taken with IXUS I5.

However, I noticed that lately the weather isn't too kind. Every night raining cats and dogs. Too bad it's only opened at 6pm and this is the time when it always started to rain. If they open during daytime, I might consider going though I don't like that area but when come to think of it, it's going to be very hot. I don't like to go at night and it's very crowded and I hate crowds. Summore I don't like that area. If it's in other area I might go though it's crowded. Oh... it's pretty far from my place too.

I know.. I know what you are thinking now. I'm so hard to please, I'm so fickle minded etc. LOL, like it or not? That's me. I don't mind what you are thinking.

Anyway, at the same spot, starting 27th January to 26th February, there will be another major event, The Royal London Circus is coming to town! As for this... hmmm... I don't know I want to go or not. Will see how it goes, depends on my mood again. Of course if someone kind enough to sponsor, I will not hesitate to go no matter how bad my mood is ahahaah... I don't think the ticket will be any cheaper ;-p

2005? [ ... ] - 6.1.2006 Friday

I was tagged by Ann. I know, it's late and broken my promise... sorry... I'm so busy with my work. Tried to squeeze some times in but still didn't manage to complete it. Finally it's done, don't be disappointed coz nothing interesting in there, I'm just a boring girl:

Glad to see 2005 go ( yes or no )?: Yes.

Age turned in 2005?: 23

Did you change your hair in 2005? How?: Fringe. The hairstylist suggested it. I just let her do her stuffs.

The best part of 2005?: Meeting many strange/interesting/successful/useless... ppl.

The worst part of 2005?: Got to know that he's gone forever on 14th January 2005.

Did you make any new friends in 2005? Who?: Yes. Ex-collegues, old schoolmates/classmates that used to be just hi-bye ones, online friends, friend's friend, hmm... I guess that's about it.

Any new crushes in 2005? Who?: Yes... not revealing it.

Do they know?: Yes.

Who will you never forget?: Of course him. Who else?

Who did you wish you did not meet?: Too many. No point to state it here. Not worth my time.

Did you have a boy/girlfriend in 2005?: Yes because I didn't know he had passed on until the 14th day of 2005.

Did you fall in love in 2005?: Rebound count?

Did you catch someone in a lie in 2005?: Yes.

Did you call them out?: Play along and slowly let them reveal it without them realizing it and caught them red handed. It was fun!

Did you get caught in a lie? What was it?: Yes and no. Which one?

Funniest moment of 2005?: My aunt has a dog. When I went to her house, I sat at the bench outside and suddenly the dog sat in front of me, stared at me. I looked at it, then suddenly I saw something stood up, red red summore. I didn't know what was that, all these while I thought it's a female dog. After a moment of staring at its member then I realized that's its penis!!! I quickly walked into the house. What a moment...

Most embarrassing moment of 2005?: I was having my period and stained Jimmy's car seat because I had forgotten to change my pad. Overflowed!!!*BLUSH*

The funniest thing you saw on TV in 2005?: Never bothered.

The funniest thing you heard on the radio?: Never bothered.

Did you take any vacations in 2005? Where?: No. It was supposed to be Perth, KL and S'pore but all went down the drain because of financial constraint.

Any new hobbies of 2005?: No.

Did you get a new job in 2005?: No.

Did you lose a job in 2005?: I didn't lose it, I quitted.

Did you host a party in 2005?: No.

Did you get in any car accidents in 2005?: No.

Did you get a ticket in 2005?: No.

Were you ever arrested in 2005? Wanna say for what?: No.

Where did most of your money go?: Food.

What song will always remind you of 2005?: Never bothered.

What do you wish you’d done more of?: Earn more money.

What do you wish you’d done less of?: Loss my temper, being moody, being a crybaby and hurt ppl feelings.

Thing you were really good at in 2005?: Cry.

Thing you wish you were better at in 2005?: Be more aggresive.

In 2005, did you lie to miss a day of work / school?: No.

Did you move in 2005?: Where to move?

Did you wish on a shooting star in 2005?: Never seen one before.

Has your wish come true?: No. All gone.

Did you have a sleep over in 2005?: No.

Did you make-out in public in 2005?: No. I prefer comfortable place and privacy.

What’s the ringer on your cellphone?: Windchime.

Did you drink too much in 2005?: Does a sip of Tiger count? I can't even recall that was a sipped or just wetted my tongue with it.

Your favorite commercial of 2005?: Never bothered.

Did you go to any concerts? Which ones?: Not my cup of tea, it's just a waste of money and time and energy.

Something you couldn’t leave home without in 2005?: Myself. If I don't bring myself out, how am I going to leave home?

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2005: Life is short, appreciate what you have and live life the fullest.

Who I'd Like to Tag: None. Don't think there's anyone will do this.

DURIANS [ ... ] - 3.1.2006 Tuesday
Ok... It's not supposed to be durians season but since the past few years the season changed quite a lot. It used to be December but then for the past few years, it came out on the time that wasn't supposed to come out. You no longer can find local durians in December. Strange enough, finally it's out in January. I remember last time in December it would be durians, rambutans and mangosteen season, you would see them everywhere. I guess it could be the change of the weather that causes it. These photos were taken last year somewhere in July when my relative from Lundu sent down boxes of durians to us. Many people don't like it because it has a very strong smell or should I use the word "pungent"? However most Asians like it. I was told by my S'porean friend that durians are not allow on the road/street, it's illegal... Geee... then how they transport it? After eating it, the aftertaste would be really unbearable LOL... it can last for 24 hours in you, don't know how to describe it you have to taste it for yourself. Even Fear Factor used this in their stunts, man... it would be a piece of cake for us ahaha... I don't think M'sia Fear Factor will have this.
There are several flavours, some with a tinge of bitterness, some are totally sweet, some tasted like kerosene, some are simply tasteless. I like the one that comes with bitter taste. How to choose? I don't know... no idea. My dad is usually the one doing the choosing. Ppl said a good durian is the one that the squirrels dug and eaten, not all of it eaten, some little parts because they are believe to be good durian choosers.

As for taste wise, it has to depends on your luck. When it's wet season, the durians flesh will be watery coz rain water sipped into it. There are several colours for the flesh: pale yellow, yellow, creamy white, orange and red.

How to open it? Not easy... you must have the skills and I don't. It takes lots of practices. You have to find the right place else don't think you can open it at all. Chopped with big knife? You might risk it "jumps" to you and hurt yourself.
Enjoy the durians ahahha... don't have it before kissing your darling(for some it can be a turn on ;p) or have an important appointment to go. Drink plenty of water too and don't eat too much, high in cholesterol and it's "hot". Oh... for those that are one diet, better skip it or cut down on it, it's very fattening, that's what ppl told me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 [ ... ] - 1.1.2006 Sunday
Happy 2006 everybody! Wish you all the best.

Ok... Let's talk about this new design. I'm using PHP and CSS to manage the layout. I'm still using the manual way of updating my blog though there are many tools to blog with like Wordpress, Blogger... etc. not interested in them anyway... Also it will still be one month one page thing HAHAH... so it will take ages for you to load if there are tonnes of photos. I didn't intend to use this kind of colours at first. I was thinking of purple. See the lip up there? EHehehe... that's mine. I'm obessed with my lip LOL... No photoshopped to the lip at all, only clean the surrounding so that it's white and not my skin colour. Tried out with many of my lips, this is the best heehhe... it came from this photo:
My initial thought was to a place few photos of different angles of my face on the header but it's a bad idea, I don't like it... looked ridiculous. So ended up with my lip. This is good enough. Don't puke ok? ;-P

I was thinking of implementing a search engine here so that you can search for previous posts easily but Google Site Search doesn't do a very good job in this, it didn't archive most of my newer posts and some of those that were too old too are not archived. So I tried Technorati searchlet, thought that it would be so easy by just copy-pasting it but gossshhh... it just couldn't work in here and I don't understand why even after getting help from the expert. So forget it! For the time being, make do with Google first. I'll implement my own search engine. I'll do it when I'm free. It will invlove database and spiders. I don't code this myself, LOL... I will get in from my portfolios and change some codings to accomodate my site.
I have new online shop set up and some new products added into some old shops, these shops are for global buyers. I'm a part-time Ebayer too. Check out some of my stuffs, you might be interested but I only ship within M'sia.

If you noticed something in the naviagtions, I don't put links of other blogs/sites under FRIENDS. This is because I'm not doing any publicity for anyone that don't know me or I don't know personally. No point to do so unless they link to me too. I think I had left out quite a lot of links of my friends, sorry about that. Please tell me if I missed out yours.

I'm maintaining the white background as it's easier on the eyes. I went to sites with dark blue background... it's torturing, there'll be lots of vertical lines in my sight just like the photos from my sick camera and it strains my eyes. Red background causes some discolouration to my sight for a moment, some shades of red strained my eyes too. Black colour is too strong. White is still the safest bet. I tried some cream colours but ewww...

The tagline, since I've been posting a lot about food and some about my life, life is just like food and vice versa. You have sweet, sour, bitter, tasteless etc. food; our life resolved around these too, sweet memories, sour and bitterness of life, when u're bored, it's tasteless. :-) So you see... the tastes are used to describe our life. It's great combination!

I have one more problem haven't solved. The font! Which font and size is the best? So will be tweaking this part along the way. Too small ppl complain, too big it's hideous and make my page longer if there are lots of post for the month!

Last year I launched this site for him but he never had the chance to see it. This year, it's for you! My readers! Thank you for your support. So that's all for now. I don't have a camera yet, so my entries will not have any photo unless it happened that I'm going out with friends that have cameras. I will buy my own camera, my dad said he's going to buy a cheaper one... grrr... if buy a cheaper one better don't buy, I don't like camera below RM1K. So will need to wait for a while. Hopefully can get it after CNY. Cross my fingers.

Oh.. one more thing, I have to come out with the stupid disclaimer too. What to do? Some people are just too sensitive.

I had moved all the previous files into a new directory and there are 1190 files and a total size of 35MB wow... files from year 2001 to 2005. There are up to 1129 image files and it took me almost half day to move them to their new location! Click here for December 2005 entries Anyway... that's all for now happy new year again! Cheers!
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