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CANON IXUS I ZOOM [ ... ] - 24.2.2006 Friday
Please.... help! I know my blog readership is limited but to all my readers, I need your help :(
Here's my problem

Do you know anyone using this camera?
Do you have any insider news or knowledge about this camera?
Do you have this camera?
How's the performance? Any problem?
Do you know how they tested the camera?
I'm so so so so disappointed and quite angry too. I'm feeling cheated and I want to cry!!*SOB*

I got a call and sms from Canon telling me that they couldn't detect any problem that I had encountered. It worked as it is and told me to collect it and try it again to see the same problem occured or not.

Thing gone worst when my sis told me that she saw the camera was sold at RM999 at Hock Lee!!! WTF! Last month the market price was RM1499 and now it's only one month later it fluctuated to RM999! She asked the people there and they said that Canon asked them to lower the price but judging from their responses, they seemed to know something more. Can anyone tell me why are they reducing the price in such a short period of time?!?!? I remember my first IXUS i and even the IXUS i5 price didn't fluctuate so soon. Summore this one is only in the market for less than half year! @&@)*)&*%^... a camera that is suppose to be in RM1k-2k range is now downgraded.

After some thinking... I think it could be due to the failure of this model. I think many people encountered the same problem as I did. I don't know how they tested the camera. In the camera shops, we tested it without the storage card and it seemed fine. When I used it, there were battery and storage card in it and that's when the problem arised. I sent my camera to Canon and they said they only need the camera and battery. So they returned me my storage card. Now I'm wondering, did they test without storage card? The big possibility is that it only occurred when the storage card is present. Maybe that's why...

Sick... Sick... Sick! Grrrr... All these stupid incidents are giving me the phobia of buying electronic gadgets for my own usage. I'm always so "lucky"! Please anyone... do help me to find people that have connection with this camera, I need their opinions and their experiences. Thanks in advance.

BECAUSE OF THESE PEOPLE... [ ... ] - 23.2.2006 Thursday

Click for full details
Due to minority of ppl like these, it causes so much disturbances in this world and victimised their own community. You love your religion but you are doing it the wrong way and because of these extremists' behaviour of yours, it causes the innocents to suffer.

The innocents are labelled terrorists, killers, etc. How can you say that you are protecting your people or religion or whatever s***t? You are making their life miserable and ours too.
Isn't it supposed to be a religion for peace, love, forgiveness, tolerance and everything good? Sigh...

Anyway... you people must be wondering why am I talking about this? Actually one of our page in our server got hacked and the main page was defaced! Luckily it's a page that we setup for fun. Click the picture up there to see how it was defaced. Sigh... the minority causes the majority to live in misery. I don't think this minority will ever learn.

WONDERLAND STEAMBOAT [ ... ] - 22.2.2006 Wednesday
Went to Wonderland Steamboat again. Here are some photos that I didn't manage to take that that time.

Oh... It's better for you to do reservation before hand during special occassion especially when you're going with lots of people.

By the way, the drink showing here is Wheat Grass(RM1.50).

Here's the contact details:
Lot 86, Section 50 KTLD, No. 219, Ground Floor , Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.

Tel. No.: 082-411219 / 016-8936990

KIMCHI [ ... ] - 22.2.2006 Wednesday
Kimchi... one of my fav. Yummy... Koreans serve it at almost every meal.

At the beginning, you won't feel the spiciness but once you stop... WOW... you can feel your mouth is on fire but it's a great feeling. It's great for those that love spicy food.

Bought this at Seoul Garden. 500gm for RM10 and 1kg for RM18.
However judging from the taste and the look, it's not really the way I like. I would prefer it be fermented longer. Can't help it, I'm going to get another serving now ahaha...

DREAMLAND [ ... ] - 21.2.2006 Tuesday
Hmmm.. since I have no photo to post now, let me share my dreams with you. They are some unforgetable dreams that I had all these years. I will share the nice and good ones with you. The bad ones, I'll put them last because some of them might be quite graphic.

Sweet Dream (sadly... I only have one to share because I can't think of any):
1. I dreamt of jet skiing with my late bf at a very nice beach. At first we had a drink at Coffeebean, then we started to jet ski. I didn't know how to jet ski so he taught me. It was such a romantic dream. That very same night he got a dream too. He was having a drink with me and jet skiing with me too. The twist was that he thought of teaching me and who knows... I'm more pro than him! Cool!

Strange Dreams:
1. I dreamt that Jimmy has brain cancer. That's all. LOL... I can't remember the details. Poor guy... really strange huh?

2. This one happened just recently, during CNY. I dreamt that I was at a beach and came across a psychic, just like the one u see in TV, with big necklace, crystal ball, tarot cards etc. She said that she could tell my past and my future. I refused and wanted to go away because I'm a Christian and not suppose to be involved in this thing. Then she added that she could tell me how my late bf died. Due to the urge of wanting to know how it all happened, I walked to her and sat down. Just as she started to ask her crystal ball and the ball showing a scenery of a beach then *PLIK PLAK BANG* I woke up! My files that I put in vertical manner fell and my CDs that were next to them were pushed to the floor. They were not supposed to fall (-_-") *SHOCK* I quickly got up and put them back on the table. Then I went back to sleep and tried to continue with the dream but nothing. Did Satan try to make me stray? Then God woke me up by making my stuffs that were not supposed to fall fell? *SHRUG* Very very strange...

Bad/Gross Dreams (WARNING: Those who are faint-hearted please think twice):
1. I got this last night. Eww... gross! I dreamt that a guy vomitted while his family was having dinner. The sink was just next to the dining table. GROSSS he vomitted in full force that his body burst into pieces and eveything in and and out him splashed everywhere. Everyone tried to run but not in time and all were covered with blood and his organs, flesh etc. Summore he vomitted maggots that were covered with BLOOD!! The maggots multiplied. Then a little boy holding his eyeball... YES! EYEBALL of his left eyes that fell off because the acid from the guy's stomach splashed into his eyes. He showed his mom his eyeball and his mom just put the eyeball on the small table and drag him away... YUCK! I woke up immediately!

2. When I was little, I always got dreams of being chased and fighting with bad people. I guess it's due to too much TV such as Power Rangers, Ultraman etc. LOL... Everytime I had these dreams I will be the only one fighting off those bad people. Even once I got a dream that bubbles were my mode of transportation and my weapon. Sometimes when it came to the part where I kicked the bad people, I actually did kick in my sleep then woke up but fell asleep right after that and continue with the dream. I did shout too sometimes. Usually they took place in a maze, any kind of maze, dark ones, hi-tech ones, cute ones etc. However, the dream never had any ending. I thought that they would not come back to me when I'm much older because I had not had these for ages then it came back to me last year however only once. Consider these are bad because everytime I would wake up feeling exhausted and soak in sweat.

Done! How about yours? Wow... another long entry. Do bear with me... it's getting lengthy this month. No camera, that's why.

COOL DOWN [ ... ] - 18.2.2006 Saturday
Hehehe... it's very hot these days. Let's have something cool and icy. These are some ice desserts that people in Malaysia enjoyed.
This first picture is not an ice dessert. This is belacan beehoon that I don't think you can get it anywhere but Kuching. I like the one at Song Kheng Hai Hawker Center.

"Special Cheng". Consists of ice shaving, mix fruits and barley. It tasted sweet.
This is called "Special". Consists of ice shaving, rose syrup, evaporated milk, mix fruits, corns etc.
This is "Methahon"(not sure about the spelling ;-P)

It's sour and sweet at the same time. It consists of ice shaving, lime juice, pineapple, cincai, cendol and jackfruit.

This is Cocktail. It's all mix fruit and ice shaving.

Just bear in mind that all the content of the ice desserts varies from one stall/shop to another.

So that's all for the collection of ice desserts that I have. Cool down... drink more water. Else you'll get sick. The weather is crazy nowadays. Take care!

LET'S HIT THE DANCE FLOOR! [ ... ] - 16.2.2006 Thursday
OMG!!! MAS travel Fair!! The fare are damn cheap!!! To S'pore only RM129(exclude tax, one way) and to Perth only RM500++(exclude tax, one way)! I WANT! I WANT! I WANT! Sigh... too bad the travel period is only valid till 3oth June :( sigh... I don't have enough money for that. I can afford the flight tickets but can't afford to pay the expenditure there :( arggg.... Anyway... anyone would like to sponsor me or let me stay with u? LOL... Luc said that he'll let me sleep with his dog *FAINT* Now I really wish I am rich! Sigh... forget about it.
Wow... haven't been dacing for ages! or should I say exercise ;p I'm taking dance class starting today at Earth Dance, it's belonged to Alysha. It'll be every Thursday, 8pm-9pm. It comprises of those dances u see in MTV.

I'm so bad in co-ordinating my hands and legs ahahha... but it's easier than drumming ;p Haven't been exercising for ages. Wow... this is consider heavy-duty for me ;p After the dance, I'm having a bit of problem going down the staircase. My thighs were painful... that's the problem when you stopped exercise for ages. I had never had a real exercise for hmm... too long already. Even though I did swim once in a while, I mostly dipped in the water and swim a few laps, that's all. This time is really a full blast workout!

1st photo: Before we dance!

2nd: Alysha! Our dance instructor.
After the dance, Jimmy, Pinky and I went to Old Shop for a drink and snacks. However Pinky's friend came to fetch her so she left with her friend first.

I ordered Ice Chocolate(RM2), it tasted exactly like Milo!! Got cheated! It's worst than before.

Jimmy ordered Sunset(RM3.80).

I also ordered my all time fav, Fried Squid(RM5) but sadly... it's not as good as last time anymore. Too salty, the batter is not the same as last time. Summore Jimmy complained that there were many dead ants and some black particles in his "ice" . Ew... I'm not going back there anymore. It's no longer in my list, blacklisted!

I READ THEM [ ... ] - 15.2.2006 Wednesday
OK... remember I said that I'm not going to do free advertising for those that don't know who I am? Well... on second thought I'll add their links here even though they don't know who the hell am I. Not all but some I had interacted with them before privately. I read them almost everyday and I had to key in their URL one by one everyday. So might as well put it here and I can click on them easily because I have difficulty registering their URLs into my "computer".

Hmm... am I going to divert my traffic to them? Cheh... as if I have so much traffic everyday. In my dream! *ROLL EYES* I guess it would be nice to share it with you people. At least you'll have more thing to read next time in case you can't find what to read or too bored. Also I'm out of topic for the time being ;p so let's do something different that I had never do. I'm going to introduce them to you one by one. How nice am I? Ok.. let's start:
Captain Lim He's a Malaysian B777 pilot with a commercial airline in Asia. Anything about air travel, you can find them there. That's where I got my knowledge of aircraft and flying. My late bf was surprised and impressed with my knowledge that I gained overnight from there. It's good for those people that are scare of flying and aspiring pilots. Also to anyone that would like to know more about air travel. He used to update his site like once a month but he has a weblog now. Basically the weblog replaces his monthly update. I did interact with him once via e-mail :) Hopefully I'll be able to board his flight one day but chances are slim.
Christine Cheng She's Karen's sister. An Australian JET. She's a pretty girl. She doesn't looked her age ehhe... as if underage, just like me. She's a very fun girl. I'm not sure whether she will be extending her contract and stay in Japan for the 3rd consecutive year. I'm impressed with her courage... Oh! How I wish I have her courage! The blog is all about her adventures and misadventures in Japan.
Dr.Liew Aiyoyo... this doctor arrr.. how to say arrr... so funny one. Pretender(my reader) brought this URL to my attention. The most unforgettable entry from him is this and from this I kept going back to visit him to get my dose of laughing gas.
I Talk 2 Much I came accross this site last week. Man.. you dare? Do you dare? You have this courage or not? If you think you have the gut, go and get those bitches smack you and who knows you might get more traffic to your blog. I don't have the courage to get them to smack me. They review weblogs and it's not easy to get a good smack from them.
Jasmine She's Nick's Godsister. She's a mommy blogger :) she's expecting again! She blogs mostly about her daughter, Faythe. Very interesting mommy.
Kenny Sia Need me to say more? I came across his site from Sixthseal several times but I never bother to go back. Until I came across *forgot which entry* somewhere in June. Starting from then on, I found myself kept going back there.
Karen Cheng I got to know about her blog from Kenny's blog. She's a very pretty woman and I really envy her for being blessed with a body that got back to pre-pregnancy size/shape in a very short period of time after delivering her 1st son. I like her blog design, simple and clean and it's easy on the eyes. Oh I wish I could be like her. I'm so inspired by her especially on the part where her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Having a good husband and 2 cute sons, surrounded by great family and friends... oh... it's so sweet!
Kevin Han My sister showed this blog to me. It's just a blog to see some nice photos :) He's a freelance photographer based in KL.
Lilian Chan This... I only go in once in a while but it's really an interesting blog about this mother with I-can't-remember-how-many sons.
Minishorts I like this girl. I can relate to her on some of the stuffs she's going tru' . She has the courage to put them all out but not me... I'm too timid to do so.
Mum-mum Oh... yummy food food... she finally got her site back after almost a year of hiatus. Got to know about her from Postmag. I was inpsired by her blog and thats' how I started to blog about food.
Sixthseal Ah... this guy... no need to say too much also hahaha... I got to know him from an e-mail he sent me. He found my blog tru' search engine while looking for KCBIT pictures. We had exchanged several e-mails and this is how I got to know about his blog. I like his reviews on practically everything except drugs and alcohols part. Usually I skipped those parts. Well... now he has no more drugs entries anymore except those "legal" ones.
Tarlia Hmm... She covers almost anything in her blog. Just anything. Well... I don't know why I kept going back there ;p
Vincent My sister recommended me this too. Very interesting guy. He actually reviewed tampons when he's in UK. With this entry, I used to keep going back. However one part that I hate so much is the colour! It's torturing! Poor eyes... I hope he can change his background colour to something friendlier to the eyes. Due to this, I only go back there once in a blue moon when I'm out of blog to read.
XiaXue I didn't know her LOL even though she was so damn popular! I only got to know her from Kenny's blog. I didn't know her beauty is photoshoped LOL... Then after some visits, then I realised it's photoshoped! Cool... her entries are sometimes pretty lame but very entertaining. I don't mind her photoshoping her photos, I don't see anything wrong, who doesn't? I did too though it's not as much as her. It's her style, that's what makes her different. No big deal. I really salute her for her courage and confident in believing in herself. You go girl!
So there you go :P hopefully you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! [ ... ] - 14.2.2006 Tuesday
Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day. As for me, I got a rose today from Jimmy. We(me, Pinky and Alysha), each got a stalk of rose from him :) Thanks. It's very sweet of you and this is my frist fresh rose. I got a rose last time from a friend in secondary school, well don't think so much, it's a girl and she gave me a scented plastic white rose to thank me for helping her.

The photos here were all taken around Kuching on Valentine's night. Cars everywhere, people everywhere! Sorry about the lousy photos. It's all taken in moving car and everything else is moving at the same time. People selling flowers everywhere, too many of them. How to sell like this? I noticed that this year's flower arrangements, wrappings and gifts are so UGLY! No creativity! So... Alysha, don't cry, you're not alone hahah...

Frankly, I don't really like Valentine's day. It meant nothing to me. Ok... one thing because I don't have a person to spend with, this is what everyone told me when I said I don't like Valentine's day. Well... maybe a small part of it. For all these years, this day was just an ordinary day for me. If something unusual happened, usually it would be something bad. Sigh...

Fast forward to 1998, my grandmother passed away on this day.

Go backward to 2005, it happened that it's exactly one month after getting the bad news. I couldn't recall much on what I did last year. I think I had broken down in tears while taking my morning shower, driving to work, on the way home, in the shower and also in my sleep. Gah... just every chance that I got to be on my own, my eyes were filled with tears and running down my cheeks. I had never spent Valentine's with him, no chance at all. In 2004, we haven't started and I remembered that he was back in Perth and having reunion dinner with his family that time. Thought that we can celebrate our first Valentine's together in 2005 but not even a single chance. Not even welcoming the new year! Anyway... it's over.

This year, I had rejected all the invitations. I didn't accept any. This is just to be fair to all of them. Summore, I hurt them badly because I rejected their invitation and their love. I just treat them as my friends or as brothers that's all. I just couldn't accept any of their love. Damn... make me so stress! Very bad mood the whole day! If I accepted one of them, it wouldn't be fair to others. Might as well reject all of them. It's nothing to me. Too damn commercialized! I just want to be alone ok? Sigh... I will not spend this day with my admirers. It's only reserved for my bf/husband.

On other note, here's something I read in the newspapers today. Terengganu government told their people not to celebrate Valentine's day because it's against the teachings of Islam. Summore they don't even let the hotels or any place in the state to hold any celebration! WTF!!! There are other races and religions too! How can you stop them from celebrating? They want to celebrate, that's their business. Hello??? Even the federal government didn't bar others to celebrate. If it's against the Islamic teachings, then just tell the Muslim not to celebrate. Others don't follow your teachings, it's not right to bar people that have different believes to obey your fucking rules! Gee... I really pity you people in Terengganu.

Anyway... that's all for now. I'm so tired because of this Valentine's day stress.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? [ ... ] - 13.2.2006 Monday
*WARNING: Lengthy post*
Had a chat last week with a friend of mine. We were chatting about Valentine's Day. He asked me what am I looking for in a guy. Without much thinking, I told him that I'm looking for money. *LOL* Everyone knows I'm such a moneyface so it's not a surprise to get this kind of answer from me. Ok.. let's get to serious business, I do look at a guy's weatlh too(will talk about it more later). Hmmm... what are the criterias am I looking for in a guy?

(Not in order)
1. He must be single as in no gf/wife. He must be loyal. Love me and only me. Of course, his children too.

2. He must not be a smoker. If he is, then he must quit. I don't want to live with a smoker. It's torturing. I think their sperms do smell like cigarette too yuck, turn me real off.

3. Financial stability. We must be able to live comfortably with one income. If he needs me to work to help with the household expenditures, I'm so sorry but I will think twice about that. I believe that husband must the the breadwinner of the family. If a wife wants to work, it's working for her pleasure/interest and not to earn bread. Summore I really hate those fixed time work. It stresses me out. When I'm stress, I'm grumpy; when I'm grumpy, there's no peace. *LOL*
Personally, I would prefer to be a stay-at-home mom and at the same time indulge in freelancing or do some works of my choice at my own pace. I wanted to spend time with my children when they are still young instead of sending them to daycare/nanny/in-laws. I know some of you are shaking your heads and do not agree with me but then... it's my life, my choice, I didn't ask you to agree with me. Besides, if sending them to daycare or nanny, it would cost so much more. I heard that nowadyas you need to pay the nanny RM700/month. Wow!! RM700! It's almost 50% of your income if you are holding a RM1400+/month job. Imagine that you still have other stuffs to pay and it haven't cover the cost of diapers, milk etc. How to live like this?

4. Preferably we don't work in the same field. So that we can learn from each other and not talking or thinking about the same thing everyday.

5. Must be more capable/smarter than me.

6. Mentally, physically, emotionally stable.

7. Preferably they don't drink. If drink a little I don't mind. I hate guys that drink until they are drunk or can't control the amount of their alcohol consumption and their wives/gfs have to clean up their fucking mess. And they smells like shit!

8. I don't want guy that gamble his money away on lottries or casinos. Thinking of making it big money from there? Only marons will "donate" money to those people. Even if you do win big, you will need to pay back one day. There's always the cycle. Nothing is free in this world. Spending a bit in there, I still can accept but as everyone knows, human never get enough of anything. Very greedy creature. From a little bit, they will go for more and more and at the end lose big time. By that time, it's too late.

9. Must be responsible. This is common sense. Need to say more?

10. Must OWNS his own house(s) AND car(s). "OWNS" as in belongs to him(not sharing but he's the sole owner) and not "rent"; "AND" means both. Staying with the in-laws is a big NO-NO to me. I can tell you there will be no peace in the house if that's that case. Occasional stayovers of the in-laws, I don't mind but if it's 365 days, 24/7, I'm sorry, please get your OWN place first before asking me to move in with you.

Basically that's about it... I guess... For the time being , I can only think of these. Am I too hard to please? Yes, I guess so. Then again... that's me. I'm never an easy to please girl.

15TH DAY OF CNY - WONDERLAND STEAMBOAT [ ... ] - 12.2.2006 Sunday
Chap Goh Mei... the last day of CNY celebration. Fireworks even started early in the morning. LOL... I guess they were "clearing their stock". See how rich are Kuching ppl? Can even have fireworks in the morning. You couldn't see much just splashes of sparks that weren't too clear but you could hear them loud and clear. Today is also the Chinese Valentine's day.

My family had dinner at Wonderland Steamboat, Padungan, next to Lavender. We ordered two sets. Each set is enough for two people. I'm kinda turned off with the combination of the seafood, meat, noodles+vermicelli and veggies in one plate. Drinks price starting from 1.50. Barley is RM1.50 and Ribena Sprite is RM2.

The RM16.80(I think it should be RM16.80 else it's RM16.90 because I used my sis' cameraphone to take them and it turned out that it's too blur to be seen) set, they have oysters and more prawns, more seafood. For the RM13.90 set, only one prawn LOL... no oysters but with veggies and an egg.

They are known for their porridge base and it's the first in East M'sia. So We asked them to give us tom yam and porridge base.
Left is tom yam and right is porridge. Wait for it to boil and put in the food.

If you think that the set isn't enough for your consumption or you are craving for certain thing in there, you can order them separately.

The porridge base is white and tastelss. We stirred in the egg and it became yellowish. Then we put in whatever we wanted in the porridge. Basically we're doing pork porridge. Flavoured it with pepper, soy sause or whatever is there on the table. It's up to you.

The meatballs were really tasty and the tom yam base was OK. However the seafood... I'm sorry to say that it didn't taste fresh. The smell was pretty strong when put into the mouth. I had to dung them into the "belacan" to get rid of the smell.

For 5 of us, we paid RM32.60 if not mistaken.
I don't know whether I will be going back there again but it's quite affordable. Basically I'm pretty neutral about it.

FEW SECONDS OF FAME [ ... ] - 11.2.2006 Saturday
Brought my sister to trim her hair at Rejuvenate, Crown Square. So might as well get hair treatment there instead of waiting for her and do nothing, it cost me RM40. Well... no picture after the visit as my cameras are all "sick" :-( After we're done, the owner who is also the hair stylist had a short conversation with us at the counter.
Owner: Eh... I thought I saw you in the newspapers that day.
Me: Is it?
Owner: You or you (pointing to my sis)? [We looked alike, just like twins]
Me: It's me ahahah...
Owner: I thought is her.
Me: Last time was her.
Owner: It's about school one right?
Me: Yes... last time it was her and it's about her school. Now it's me, about the Internet.
Owner: No wonder... I saw it and couldn't recall who... so it's you hahah... you people always in the newspapers one hoh?
Me: Ehhehe...
After he gave us the change, we said goodbye and left.

Click the left picture for the said Sin Chew Daily's interview that was published on the 4th of February 2006 regarding making friends on the Internet. However, about the bloging interview, they are not going to publish it anymore. So... no more free publicity. The interview was actually belonging to the other guy and asked his colleague, Michael, to help but at the end, all our efforts went into the drain. Alysha was so pissed and as for me I'm kinda irritated. We had to spend our precious time to answer all those stupid questions but at the end, what do we get? Nothing. Giving reason that we had appeared in this topic so the blog topic will not be featuring us anymore. Argg... anyway... it's his article, he can do anything about it. It's fair too that we should give others the chance to appear in it but... but... but... HEY!!! I want that topic!

Click the right picture for Reader's Digest article. The files are in PDF format and it's pretty big so make sure u have software that can support this format and be patient :-P

The following isn't related to the above:
Tangling here and there. I feel as if I'm stepping on two boats simultanously. I can't make decision!!! *HEADACHE*STRESS* Anyway... I'm not revealing what it is. It's up to your imagination LOL...

Honeystar Cookies [ ... ] - 9.2.2006 Thursday

I modified this recipe. Instead of using cornflakes I use Honeystar and also replaced some of the ingredients. Honeystar is a type of breakfast cereal that shaped like star and coated with honey.

However, the 4 main ingredients must present:
Self rising flour, egg yolk, fine sugar(can reduce the amount if you don't like it too sweet), butter.

**Those in red: The amount is up to you.
100gm butter
110gm fine sugar

1 egg yolk
Your desired amount of anyone of **those in red or make a combination (e.g chocolate & dessciated coconut or curry & dessciated coconut). It's up to your creativity. Just make sure not too much until it make the dough too dry.
*Reminder: Use double-boiler to melt the cooking chocolate

120gm self rising flour

1. Beat A until light and creamy.

2,4. Stir in B and beat for 1 minute.

3. Fold in flour (C). Mix well.

5. Dough with oat & mix fruits.

6. Dough with dessicated coconut.

7. Dough with chocolate.

8. Take a little bit of the dough, not too big coz it will expand to a bigger size. 1 teaspoon is a bit too much ahhah... coat the dough with dessicated coconut(picture)/finely crushed cornflakes/finely crushed Honeystar.

9. Place in papercups (see picture a).

10. Bake for 15 minutes using 170 degree Celsius.

The final products:
b. Oat & mix fruits.
c. Dessicated coconut.
d. Chocolate coated with Honeystar.
e. Curry.

MINI SPRING ROLL (POPIAH) [ ... ] - 7.2.2006 Tuesday
I make this every year for CNY. This is a healthier version compare to those that are fried and you can store it longer. You need an oven/microwave for this.

Ingredients: See picture.
Meat floss can be pork or chicken.
Tips: Buy floss that is salty because sweet floss will produce moisture after you bake it and you will have soft mini spring rolls which is not really a good thing to serve to your guests. If you insist, then make sure u bake it everytime before serving just to make it crispy again. You can replace floss with sambal(dry) or whatever you like. As long that they are dry.

1. Cut the pastry into smaller squares. The size is your choice, the bigger it is, the bigger your spring roll will be and take longer time to bake. Take a sheet and place the meat floss on top of it. For me, I cut them into 3x3.
2. Roll them.

3. How to roll?
There are different ways of rolling. Here's one way. Fold the top corner where the floss is. Roll halfway down and fold in the two sides, then continue rolling until almost reach the end. Wet your finger with corn starch and apply it to the end of the pastry sheet. Lastly, roll towards the end.

4. Viola! Done. make sure u keep the pastry sheet moist. Exposing it to the air will make it dry and you will not be able to roll it anymore. Cover it with moist towel or muslin while your are doing it. If you don't want to bake it first, you can keep them in container and store in the fridge. Not freezer ok? However for the leftover pastry sheets, store them in the freezer.

5. To bake, use 140 degree Celcius for 25 minutes. I can't guarantee it will be crispy with this setting. It's just a guide. If this setting can't achieve the result, add more time to it until you are satisfied. Don't overbake! Just make sure it's crispy. After that, let it cool and store in air tight container.

8TH DAY OF CNY/KUIH MAKMUR [ ... ] - 5.2.2006 Sunday
It's a last minute decision to go to Lundu to pay a visit to my aunt. It took about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to reach there from Kuching. No more ferry ride. The bridge is done! Couldn't get a nice shoot of the bridge.

Before going to her house, we stopped at the market to look around and a group of big bikers were there too. Here's the picture of the bikes parked there and it rained heavily.

And here's our lunch> Pork, roasted duck, mixed veggies, fish lungs soup, and meat rolls. We left at about 2.30pm.

Oh... by the way, the warranty for my new camera is applicable for whole M'sia. I'll bring it to Canon tomorrow. I guess no more camera to use again... :(

Ok.. that's all. Now let's start with another recipe, Kuih Makmur.

1. Ingredients: Flour and butter in room temperature. No measurements available.

2. Fried the flour before anything. Heat the wok and pour the flour in and stir fried it. No oil or anything is added. It's just pure flour. How to know when it's ready? Well... when it looked dry to you ;p ahha... then it's done. Remember to shift it after u fried it.

3. Mix the flour and the butter together. You can mix it with hand or cake mixer. Hmmm... I think it tasted different using hand because last time I used my hands, the texture was different but I'm just too lazy and it will take a long time so I use cake mixer. That's how I noticed the difference of the texture. I don't know how to describe the difference you have to try it for yourself.

4. Since no measurements were given, a rule of thumb is:
If the dough is too wet/soft, add more flour. If its too dry, add more butter. You should be able to mould it without it crumbled/break.

5. Pinch a bit of the dough and make a small ball that has the diameter of RM0.10. I prefer this size because it's easier to eat, not everyone has a big mouth ok? If you want it bigger it's up to you. The bigger it is the longer it will take to *dry.
Put it on the baking tray and bake. Use 170 degree Celcius, 25 minutes. However, you just have to experiment with it. I can't guarantee it will be *dry with this duration. You might have to bake it longer. Just remember that don't put the heat too high. Somewhere in the middle will do.
When it's out from the oven, sift icing sugar/glucose/refined sugar/castor sugar on them. Some even use milk powder. Personally I prefer milk powder but since some people can't have milk so it's safer to use sugar.
Let it cool and store in air tight container.

*dry: The flour is cooked when you stir-fry it. The main aim to put it into the oven is to dry it. Some people prefer it a bit moist, some prefer it dry. So it's up to you. Just make sure it's not the same texture as the beginning.

Happy trying. ^_*

SEAWEED TWIST [ ... ] - 4.2.2006 Saturday

Here... Let's start. Seaweed Twist.

1. Ingredients: Seaweed, egg white, salt and pepper(depends on how salty or peppery u want), spring roll pastry.
Mix the egg white and the salt and pepper.

2. Spread the egg white on a sheet of spring roll pastry or the seaweed sheet(your own preference). Then paste the seaweed on it. Then spread the egg white again on another sheet of spring roll pastry or the other side of the seaweed and paste them together again.

3. Cut them with a pair of scissors. The size, the shape, up to you. You can twist it in whatever way you want.

4. Deep fried them until turned golden in colour or crispy. Soak up all the oil and cool them before store in air tight container.

Optional: Sprinkle with salt and pepper after before storage.

6TH DAY OF CNY [ ... ] - 3.2.2006 Friday

Catherine had an open house. This year she invited Lilian and I only the most were her father's friends. So I went to her house around 7pm and left around 9.15pm

Kinda bored at first. Lilian was late and Catherine was busy with the food. Had quite a catch up among each others. Catherine(standing) is my secondary school friend currently studying Biotech at Monash University M'sia and Lilian(middle) is my childhood friend now studying Cognitive Science at Unimas. Both of them are graduating soon so all the best to them.

Nothing much. For the next few weeks I'll be updating recipes of cookies that I had done before CNY ehheh... food... more food...

4TH DAY OF CNY/M'SIA CHINA FRIENDSHIP PARK [ ... ] - 1.2.2006 Wednesday

Today, many shops opened for half day or awhile. It's believed that today is the day to welcome the God of Wealth. So there were lots of lion dances around. I didn't have any photo of them as I just woke up and still in my pyjamas ;-p ahhaha. Lots of firecrackers too. Managed to snap a picture of the lion dance troop across the road from my bedroom. The members in the troops were monopolized by the Chinese last time but nowadays many other races in there but less Chinese. I guess the Chinese wanted to celebrate their CNY instead of performing lion dance.

Went to visiting with Jimmy to our ex-colleagues' houses. The picture is Yap and I.

After that went to Malaysia China Friendship Park at Jalan Song to take some photos. Click here for its details. Here's some photos to share. Since it's night, you can't really see much. Click here for more...

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