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PURE FISHBALL [ ] - 31.3.2006 Friday

Went to Pure Fishball for lunch. I don't really know the name just guessing. In Chinese is "Chun Zheng Yu Wuan" It's right opposite Wonderland Steamboat.

Left: Black pepper lamb rice. Right: Bean curd fishball soup. I can't recall the prices and the actual name ;p I invented the name with whatever is logic hahaha...
Drinks, fresh barley and peppermint tea.

Hmmm... yea... that's all. I have vague memory of what they were and their prices. Not in time to pay any attention. The dishes names were so long and order was taken very quickly, don't really have much time to decide and study the menu properly.

ROOM 205 [ ] - 30.3.2006 Thursday


*SNAP* "Sorry... no photo taking is allowed"
"Huh? Ok... Ok" (-_-")
"Hmmm... strange... how come many bloggers could take and we couldn't? It's in almost all Kuching's blogger's blog. "*SHRUG* So far I haven't see any bad comment about them.
Why? However, we continued with our photo taking without flash and tried to do it sneakily but the camera beeps gave us out, no one came to warn us again but kept an eye on us. WHY? WHY? Can anyone give me an answer?

Right: Banana Bonkers (RM15.90), so... the... very... HUGE!!! It's not one person portion , two is still a bit too much because it's very sweet. Personally I don't like too sweet stuff so I only ate a bit. If you and your friends like something sweet, then it's something to go for. Hmm... suggestion, try to use dark chocolate, it could be better else everything is sweet, sweet, sweet.
Left: Pink Lady (RM7.90), it's pink in colour, because of the lighting it became orange colour ;p Very big cup, it's ice blended strawberry drink.
Right: Orange juice (RM5.50).

By the way, complimentary drinking water is given too.

It's situated a few shops before Wonderland Steamboat. Currently they are having Lunch Set promotion. Surprisingly their chicken wings are quite affordable, 8 for RM8++ but not sure it's good or not, it's big or small? Hehehe....

99 CENTS [ ] - 29.3.2006 Wednesday
Each of this is only 99 cents. It's not a new thing anyway... it's been like this since last year(can't quite remember). King's ice cream are sold at 99 cents everywhere. If I'm not mistaken, it started as a promotion like during weekends or short period of time at leading supermarkets here. Then, it became an everyday promotion.

LOL... actually I have nothing to update lately ;p so post this up for fun.

EARTH DANCE (2ND MONTH) [ ] - 26.3.2006 Sunday
I know this is late, the class was on Thursday. Can't help it but this photo is so cute!! Our twins!!! Took this after the class.

By the way, we will be learning another new song. Our third song, our third dance. Anyone that is interested can join us at Earth Dance, Jalan Mendu(downstair is a dobi shop), Every Thursday, 8pm-9pm. We are learning hip hop, new jazz and all those dances you see in MTV except classical dances. Monthly fee is RM30.

If you are interested or you have anything to ask, you can e-mail me aiilinglaw[at]gmail[.]com or just drop a message in the commenting system. The more the merrier. There were a lot of people in the first month. In the second month left only us(second photo).

This coming Thursday, there will be a new girl joining us. By the way the girl in dark blue(behind me) is our dance instructor. Don't worry, she wouldn't eat you ahaha... she's a very fun girl.

By the way.. saw the two oranges in the photos? LOL.... Jimmy purposely wore the same colour as me. Looked very funny ehehe...

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(bottom-top)Me, Ann, Pinky, Jimmy.

WHO AM I RELATED TO? [ ... ] - 25.3.2006 Friday
Came across this very interesting bit. So I tried it out, it was hilarious. [more]

YOUNG MAN CAFE [ ] - 23.3.2006 Thursday
Very funny name AHAHH... The Chinese name is even more strange and long, "nian qing de xin qing xi chan ting". It's situated at Jalan Tabuan, next to Mayfair and it used to be HomeX Delicious. They serve fusion cuisine. Currently they are having promotion for lunch and dinner if not mistaken. One set of 4 course lunch/dinner costs RM10 only. Very chep huh? I couldn't rememeber the details, it's in the newspapers. After dance class, couldn't decide where to go and ended up trying out the food there.

The interior. Ice Peppermint Tea(Rm1.50), Ice Milo(RM1.60), Ice Herbal Tea(RM1.50).

For snacks, they didn't have much to pick from. We ordered French Toast(RM2.50) and French Fries(RM3). The former was quite nice, the bread is buttered, then cheese and hams are sprinkled on top of it and it's given a nice toast. The fries is pretty salty but the texture are quite different from what we get from the supermarket. Really like this kind of texture, it's just like those from KFC or McD.

I'm typing this with blur vision ;p coz already removed my contact lense and I haven't collect my glasses from the shop yet.

CLUMSY [ ] - 21.3.2006 Tuesday
I realised that I'm so so so clumsy hahaha... I dropped almost anything except my laptop ;p I cannot afford to drop this and it's too big to be dropped ;p... if this is dropped... I'm going to be half-dead. My life depends on it!
Dropped my phone lots of time but it survived and never had any problem except battery problem which had nothing to do with the drops.
Dropped my old camera lots of time and finally it failed on me after a series of drops and just right after the one year mark. By the way... will send my new camera to Canon again... "change battery pack" should not display before low batt indication! I don't care! I wil not give up until this matter is rectified! So expect no photos from me and bloging with my unrelease photos from my photo archive.
Dropped my glasses but never had any problem until this morning... I dropped my not-even-a-year-old glasses because I was in a hurry to grab it and it slipped off my hand... (see picture *blush*)

I'm so clumsy ahhaha... lucky I have contact lense else I'm going to be so blur now... I dug out my old glasses coz my degree is still the same but it's so so so... dirty... yuck... not using it. Later will get pimples over my nose bridge and there's a bit of rust on the frame too.
Who to blame? Only me... need money again... GAH... NO MONEY :( For the time being, I have to rely on my contact lense which is not very good for the eyes if it's used for long period of time. I still prefer glasses when I'm doing lots of work on the computer and after more than 9 hours of wearing contact lense.

HONG KONG NOODLE HOUSE, PADUNGAN [ ] - 16.3.2006 Saturday
Now... a new branch is opened at Padungan. A big warning to you people:
Why? Ok... it's super x10 noisy and you have to scream to talk to each other and the noise is very very GAH... don't know how to say. If you happened to have a bad day, don't go there, it doesn't help but making it worst. It's always packed with people during meal times. Well... you have to expect some glitches here and there with the service. They missed out one of our drinks and we cancelled it at the end. Looking for parking place is a headache too unless you don't mind walking a distant and cross the road.

Food wise, it tasted different from Saberkas branch(FYI, it's closed for renovation).

The chilies, the first one, :( not the same as it used to be... why? I used to like it very very much but so disappointed with it today. The second chili, hmm... pretty spicy for me. Just putting them in my mouth with my food, the spiciness already filled my whole mouth. I hadn't sunk my teeth in them yet. You can see the kitchen from outside before you walk in. It's just next to the entrace. It's meant for you to see ahhaha... [more...]

SHISEIDO MAQUILLAGE [ ] - 16.3.2006 Saturday
Don't think guys are interested in this bit ehehhe...

Came across a free makeover in Cleo's March issue. So I detached the band(forgotten to take a picture of it) in there and my sister asked her friend to give her the band since her friend's uncle is a reader of Cleo too. Shiseido is promoting their new product range that replaces PN series that is Maquillage(I don't know how to pronounce).

So... just for the fun and free make up, why not? Ehhehe... and get to get some samples to try out. The 3 small bottles are the samples (cleanser, softener and moisturiser). We were given a set each. Too bad... forgotten to take a before photo of us ahhaha... what you are seeing here is 2 hours after the makeup session. No photo for the process as no camera is allowed there. By the way, it's at Parkson's Shiseido's counter but only applicable with the band. It's not full makeup, no mascara and eyebrow pencil involved. Only eye shadow, lipstick+gloss, foundation, blusher and some highlights.

I really like one of the products in this range, Design Face Color(the lowest one in the photo). It shapes, contours and bring radiance to your face. Cheek Color brings out the natrual glow, Highlight Color offers clarity, Shade Color contour the face and Nuance Color to create dimension and bring light to where you want it most. It's RM106 for that... hmm... *shudder*

Ah well... for my photo don't think there's much difference but my sis' is pretty obvious. I couldn't get the right lighting and position to capture the colours when we camwhored hahaha... but she's lucky that she's always caught the good "light" LOL... by the way.. no photoshopping was done to our faces ;-p

AH YEO AIS KACANG [ ] - 18.3.2006 Friday
Before going into the topic, here's something I noticed first thing in the morning. I looked out the window and WOW... first time, so many grasscutters cutting grass in this area. Usually it's only 2 of them. This time it's 7!!! After observing them work for a while, I think they are still under training. I didn't know being a grasscutter need to be trained. LOL... pretty interesting and funny to see so many of them in action. Even cut till you can see the soil because they kept cutting and cut too much ahhaha... one whole green field with some big brown patches here and there... very amusing.
Tonight is the 1st night Ah Yeo Ais Kacang opened at night. They usually opened during day time only. Starting today, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, they will operate from 6.30pm-11.30pm. It's situated near Jubilee Stadium and Hokkien Garden. Used to be operating near Chung Hua Primary School No. 3

Left to right: The stall, Black Prince-cincau and evaporated milk (RM1.50), Lok-Lok(RM0.60-RM1.50 each).

Left to right: Fruit salad(RM3), Prawn ball(RM1.50 per stick, each stick with 3 prawn balls), Rendang rice(RM3) .
Last but not least the chicken wings, 3 for RM5.

We were there for about 1 hour and half. Very full because we had dinner before going there.

I really like Black Prince. Very milky... I like the taste of evaporated milk.

So... those that like Ah Yeo ais kacang, you can get it at night too :)

SUNNY HILL ICE CREAM [ ] - 14.3.2006 Tuesday

After meeting a potential client, we went to Sunny Hill to eat ice cream. This is consider the best ice cream in Kuching. It's at 3rd mile, at Sunny Hill school. This is where Seventh Day Adventist church is situated too. It belongs to them. Today flavours are vanilla and strawberry. Sometimes it's vanilla and chocolate or vanilla and pandan. I had never tried vanilla and pandan. I wanted to order small cone (RM1.30) but it's out of stock. So I ordered Sundae (RM2.10) it's served with don't-know-what-syrup ;-p hehehe...
This one is called "penyek" LOL... I don't really know what it's called. I always heard ppl called it this way. Not so sure what are the ingredients used. Only know one of them is peanuts. It's pretty crunchy. Each costs RM0.40. I bought 5 so it's RM2.00 You can find this at Sunny Hill too.

My first post on Sunny Hill ice cream though went there lots of time hahah... chill!

NARUWAN SPECIAL[ ] - 12.3.2006 Sunday

Went out to dinner with my family. There are so many eateries around RH Commercial Center and we decided to try Naruwan Special. They specialised in Taiwanese cuisine.

Ice Horlick(RM2.50), Ice Bubble Green Tea(RM2.00), Fresh Chrysanthemum(RM1.20), Pearl Milk Tea(RM3.00).

Plain rice(RM0.80 per bowl), Naruwan Special Ingredient Pork(RM8.00)

Sea Cucumber (Hai Shen) Soup (RM10.00), Butter Prawn (RM16.00). All prices are for small portion. Taste wise is OK though nothing special. I still prefer the butter prawn at Buntal, the dry ones.

SARAWAK SPECIALS [ ] - 11.3.2006 Friday
FOOD! Finally food.... these are must try when you come over to Kuching.

Before that, let me tell you ppl something, due to the fact that fuel price increase, the Coffeeshop Association of Kuching decided to increase their drinks' price. Effective 10.3.2006, "big" drink(ice lemon tea, fresh barley, honey chrysanthemum tea[pic] etc.) will increase RM0.20 and "small" drink(hot coffee, hot tea etc.) will increase RM0.10

Here's Sarawak Laksa , it's heavenly!!! Yummy... don't be deceived by its look, it's delicious. This is from 3rd Mile, Tian Xia Cafe (the name changed already I forgot what it's called now but the word "Tian Xia" is still there, just add one more word, the management changed too but good thing the laksa is still the same). Small bowl cost RM3. It used to cost only RM2.50, starting last year, they increased RM0.50.

Here's Belacan Beehoon. This is from Satok, the one next to Sedaya College.
This is from Padungan, the one that is near to SRJK Chung Hua Primary School No.3 and Hokkien Garden. Pretty messy huh? LOL... again... don't be deceived by its look.

So these are my collection of Belacan Beehoon of Kuching. No chance to get hold of those at Song Kheng Hai Hawker Center and Museum Sarawak yet.

PISS PISS PISS! [ ] - 10.3.2006 Friday
I'm sorry but I'm very pissed now! Do you ever meet a person who talk so big but do nothing? What are you going to do with this person? Obviously sane ppl would just kick this person out of the circle. Who can stand this kind of ass hole? Only us... the kind one and the stupid one still let him stay around! Shit! Everyone is telling me there's no point of still keeping this kind of person in my circle. This person only caused you trouble and nothing good. Only give you high blood pressure. Bad for health and your mental health.

Once upon a time, there's this very "ambitious" fella actually announced that, "We should make 30K per month!". Damn you! I dare not even to say 1k per month and you actually said RM30k per month? Fine... you said so... then... did you do anything to achieve the RM30k per month? No you didn't, you did nothing, you only care about your own thing and only know how to complain and even dare to utter this shit ass phrase, "I trust the wrong person!" when we decided not to help you because it's none of our business and has nothing good to us. Always asked help from us but do you ever do anything to help in being a part of the team! When asked about it, then you tried to stray from the question and talk something else. If not, then EXCUSES, EXCUSES, EXCUSES.

Enough of that! One year later, this very "smart" fella exclaimed, "We can make RM100K per month!"... F*** your ASS! One month RM30 per month you also can't deliver, what the hell is RM30k per month and now dare to say RM100k per month?

Summore still dare to ask for money? Hello? You generate no sales, where's the money come from? Fall from the sky? You are not a 3 years old child. Even 3 years old knows that buying sweets also need money! Damn you! All these while, where's the money come from? You only contribute not even 1% of the income, the rest are all from us. Then you dare to even ask money from us! For one whole year, do you bring in any new clients? No you don't but you loss them! Ask you to do a simple task but it took ages and delivered nothing. I'm not asking you to climb Mt. Everest ok? What? Hardisk died? So what? It's just a simple thing you also couldn't deliver, how am I going to give you any big thing to do?

I'm so disappointed with you. I really don't know, anyone that knows you are likely to feel ashame associated with you. How can there be such a useless guy? Are you a man? I really don't know... I never see you deliver anything good, and always we are the one that wipe your stupid shit! We are dealing with about more than 5 clients and you are only dealing with 1 and this 1 and only 1 is enough to make you screw everything and have to depends on us to remind you, or wipe your shit for you?

Angry? So what? I deserve to be angry being associated with person like you. You never seemed to try to change for the better but stay put at the same old shitty behaviour of yours. I'm sorry if you feel insulted or whatever, I have enough and ENOUGH is ENOUGH! I'm trying very hard to keep my cool in front of you and hoping that you will change for good and realise your mistake eventually but you don't. Oh... by the way, many ppl knew about this problem that I'm having. I've been complaining and whining about this problem for ages already. So, you want to change or not? It's up to you, this thing is never a secret. The whole world knows! Your reputation? Since when do you have one? I don't think there's any at all! Sorry that I don't care about a dman shit about your feelings because you don't care about mine too. Why should I? Really really tired of all these!

RED TEA ROAD, PADUNGAN [ ] - 9.3.2006 Thursday
Before we eat, let's see something and hope that you will not lost your appetite.

On the way to dance class, we came across an accident at Sekama. A motorbike was involved in this accident. Not sure it's self accident or hit-and-run. The rider was lying there in the middle of the road and the bike was badly damaged. About 10 minutes later, ambulance came and brought the victim to the hospital. FYI, no bloody scene ehheh...
Today's dance... wow... really had a lot to catch up. Next week will be new song, new dance. After the dance, we went to Red Tea Road at Padungan for a drink and supper. Couldn't made up our mind so ended up there. We sat outside, it's more windy but quite dusty when there are lots of cars.

We ordered Crispy Fried Tao Hu (very dry, not nice, RM3.50) and Crispy Curry Yun Tun(Very oily, RM3.80, at least it's more worth it than the former)
For drinks, we ordered Jelly Milk Tea(left, RM3.00), it's sweet and sour with grape flavoured jellies and Jasmine Milk Tea(Right, RM2.70). The later is recommended, I like it very much, mostly I will order this when I'm there. Be it at Third Mile branch or Padungan branch . It has a very refreshing aroma.

Will have more food post coming heheh... since I'm having better appetite now ;p

MASTER? [ ] - 8.3.2006 Wednesday
I went to Fish Fish's blog and there's a scholarship, Monbukagakusho Scholarship 2007, that I can try to apply. I went tru' it roughly and thought to myself that,"Hmmm... why not? At least something that don't need so much requirements and the application is free." So I downloaded the form and read tru' them.

I have a Second Lower Class Honour computing degree, I know... it's such a lousy result, it's so not easy to get a scholarship with this kind of result. With financial constraint I can't go for my Master on my own expense. Sigh... money... If I have it, I won't be thinking so much about continuing my studies overseas. It's always a dream... a dream that I hope one day will come true and I believe it will, it's just a matter of time. We are never too old to go back to school.

From the form, it stated that "ideally a first class honour or second upper class honour degree holder", that means I do have tiny little chance. Why not? It needs a certified transcript and a completed form only. Then, I was worrying about how do I get my transcript certified? Informatics Kuching is closing down soon or already closed?

I went on and saw this "qualified applicants will be notified to sit for English AND Japanese language (BOTH are seleccting criteria) examination in KL tentatively on 7th May 2006", GAH... I have no clue on Japanese language at all! I thought it would never be a problem because before coming to this clause, it did state that the applicant must be willing to learn Japanese language and to receive university instruction in Japanese. I'm cool with that. Then, at the end of the form, it gave me a splash of cold water. I'm not qualified!

Not only that, it stated that I must have formal school education of 16 years but I have only 14 years and 3 months only! Minus the Remove class and any education before primary school. Summore, I wonder the final 1 year will be consider or not since it's E-Learning?

It's never easy to apply for scholarship if you have such a lousy result just like mine. Consider this scholarship needs less requirements but the Japanese language part is enough to shatter my dream. Sigh... any other scholarship that I can try? I really really hope that I can continue my Master and do it on campus, overseas of course. My dream is to do my Master overseas. I had gone tru' E-Learning for my degree and I want to experience studying on campus but because of financial constraint I can only hope for a scholarship to have my dream come true.

Again... I'm ranting about money. Sigh... money is really everything!

HOME REMEDIES [ ] - 7.3.2006 Tuesday
Let me gain back my momentum slowly. Here... Let me compile something here for you people, it's pretty helpful hehehe... Thanks to Andric for all his tips. LOL...

If you have fever...
Drink hot "He Ren Ke Cha" and cover up with blanket, have a good sleep and you will feel much better next day. How does "He Ren Ke Cha" looked like? I don't know but I heard a lot about it. Hmm... I think you can get it in supermarket or pharmacy easily.

If you have stuffy nose...
Buy a nose inhaler. Vick's Vaporub would be good enough. This is always with me when I have stuffy nose. Massage it to your back, your chest, your neck and the back of your neck. It will ease your breathing a lot but hate the stickiness.

If you have headache...
For me, it's just Panadol LOL or a sleep. For Andric, he suggested that you massage in between your 1st and 2nd finger, slowly in circlular motion. I'm assuming is the thumb and the pointing finger.

If you have cough...
1. Drink hot "samboi" water. Eh... what does this called in English? LOL...
2. Boil the ginger and mix with egg? Blur... the egg is the whole egg with the ginger or how? Or break the egg into the ginger water and drink it?
3. Who say you can't drink bicarbonated drink when you're sick? Here... boil the Coke until the gas is gone and drink it. I heard of this before but in my imagination it seemed yucky ahhaha... Some popele said if you have flu, you boil it with ginger and drink it. Never tried before so I don't know.

If you have soar throat...
1. Eat your lime with salt in the morning and evening. Hmm... eating the lime, no problem for me LOL... I used to eat the lime directly at my uncle's orchard of course after peeling the skin. It's SOUR but I love it heheheh... with salt... never try but should be a piece of cake ahhaha...

BREAKFAST @ MERDEKA PALACE [ ] - 5.3.2006 Sunday
I'm still not very well but at least better then the last few days. Still can't do much heavy duty stuffs :P spent all my time sleeping. Here are some photos to share. Won't be a long post, can't stare at the computer for too long. Can't really enjoy my food too.

I was given the opportunity to have breakfast at Merdeka Place last month. It's situated just next to Sarawak Museum. It's one of the five star hotel in Kuching. The breakfast was in Aurora Court.
Their breakfast consists of just everything from western to eartern food. I had the buffet breakfast. There are lots of choices and I don't think you can even eat every single one of them in one sitting. I like the pastries, they were not so sweet. Once you're seated, they will serve you coffee or tea. Milk and fruit juice are available at the buffet table. I don't know the price ;P because it's included in the voucher for 2 days 1 night free accomodation.

The lobby.

Aurora Court's interior and the table setting. More...

SICK CAT [ ] - 1.3.2006 Wednesday
Sorry for lacking of update for almost a week. Was quite busy. Yesterday afternoon, I started to sneezed non-stop. Then I had headahe and felt like the whole body was losing energy. At night, it got worst, I couldn't stop sneezing and felt hot and cold on and off. Gah... and the left side of my nose was blocked. Hard to breath. I went to sleep early but kept waking up in the middle of the night because the mucus kept flowed out and disturbed my sleep. I was thirsty the whole night too. Gosssh... I'm having fever!
This morning, I was feeling cold and hot. I was sweating non-stop, and my clothing was all wet. I went to take a nap and felt better. I took my shower and felt better. I slept till noon nad had lunch and went to sleep again. Basically I'm sleeping the whole afternoon. My body was aching because of all the sneezing. I can tolerate the hot and cold part but sneezing is really torturing. Imagine you sneezed for more than 24 hours almost non-stop. I felt that my whole body almost teared apart and as if my organs were dislocated. My face was numb too. A sneeze is enough to make me moaned in pain now... even a light cough.

Just a short update. I don't think I can go to dance class tomorrow arggg... will be missing one class and really have a lot to catch up later. :(
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