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I think this will be my last update for this month. Went to Coffeemaster, Somerset Gateway to discuss about our trip to Damai. Will be going to Damai for a short holiday this Sunday and will be back on Monday. Tomorrow will be busy with work to compensate my 2 days off.

From L-R: Iced Caramel Latte, Iced Chocolate...hmm... kinda tasteless :(, don't know what and don't know what ;-p ehehhe...

From L-R: Hot Latte and Garden Salad-RM4.50(it was not supposed to be like this, after I mixed it then I realised that I haven't take the photo yet, very absent-minded).
I can't recall all the drink prices. Noticed that I ordered salad everywhere I go now especially for snacks? Don't ask me why because I don't know too ehhehe... one reason is that it's a much healthier option.

From L-R: Our list of stuff to prepare and delegate. Of course our 'best friend' joined us in our discussion too. It's in subconscious state after receiving Jee's blow and we took the opportunity to have some macros with it. Then after the photo session, Jee murdered it. HELP!!! A murder had taken place!! Police!! Police!!! *LOL*

THYME'S CONTINENTAL CUISINE [ ] - 27.4.2006 Thursday

After our dance class, we went to Thyme's Continental Cuisine for snacks.
We ordered Soya Bean-RM2.00 (Shock! I thought it's fresh or from box or can, it's actually from powder, very thick), Ribena-Sprite-RM2.00 and Ceaser Salad-RM6.

When we found a place to sit, guess what we saw?!?!? Lizard's dropping!!! On the table next to the fork. Ewww... I was told that my friend's friend found a something inside their food when they dined there... *FAINT* I think they better don't place their cutlery on the tables, very unhygienic. I came here once before but no problem with their food, the pizza was great! However, this time with the lizard's dropping... I checked my salad carefully before I put into my mouth LOL... coz it reminded me of the incident.

It's situated at Chong Ling Park, Jalan Tabuan, next to Luconia.

POINT ONE, TRAVILION [ ] - 24.4.2006 Monday
Some ice desserts from Point One, Travilion.
Left: New Zealand Kiwi Special (RM3.50 )
Right: White Lady (RM3.50)

Nothing much... very busy these days. So that's all for the time being... Chill...

JADE POT TEA HOUSE [ ] - 22.4.2006 Saturday

This is the one along Jalan Keretapi. It's the second branch. The first branch is situated at Jalan Song Thian Chiok(hope I got the spelling right ;p). Once you walked in, you'll hear,"Huan Ying Guang Ling", in unison greeted you, it means welcome in Mandarin.
(Left)Drunken Lady - it's sweet and sour, wonder why it's called Drunken lady?(RM3) and (Right)Jasmine Milky Tea - not that thick as the one at Red Tea Road(RM3).

They have very nice food presentation not only that the veggies in there were green enough. Of course, it tasted great too.
Stewed Beef and Carrot Rice and Wun Zhou Wantoon Soup with Noodle or Tanghoon(vermicelli in Hockkien), in the picture, it's with vermicelli. It's RM5 each.

AHA CAFE [ ] - 21.4.2006 Thursday
Looking for healthy western food and drinks? This is the place.
They don't add msg in their food, only fresh and natural or pesticide safe fruits and veggies are used, best supplement oil blend, Udo's 3.6.9. Oil Blend and Olive oil are used, R.O(Reverse Osmosis) water is used in the preparation of all beverages and lastly no additive/sweetener/artificial flavor used in their juices and smoothies.

Left: The menu, very thick menu and lots of choices.
Right: The interior. See the 3 eyeballs on top?

More interior... I think they are using the same interior designer as ORIENTAL PASSION because of the bamboos. [MORE...]

@*@^&*#^@&@#@%@ [ ] - 18.4.2006 Monday
DAMN... Let me rant again... Sigh... You think you are so superior? You want to make your own rules? You want to get thing works then please follow up with me! All I want you to do is sign the quotation! Damn it! It's as simple as that! You have no right to say that I'm wasting your time! You are the one that is wasting my time! I waited for your signed quotation to get thing started but you even dare to tell me you are not interested in admin part! Yes.. yes.. I know you had paid the down payment... so what? You paid means you had agreed with the terms and conditions, it's a lousy tactic to get away from the T&C ! A simple part like this you don't even want to co-operate with me, how do you expect me to provide you a good service? It's a part of mutual understanding. If you want to make your own rule, then don't hire us as your service provider... F***! We are supposed to work hand in hand together to get things work!

We had been quite flexible with you, we had even helped you to come out with your initial structure even though you had not paid us any money! We are not supposed to do this when payment is not collected! You even dare to said that you didn't even want to pay us from day 1! If you don't want to pay, then why look for us? You thought we are so easy to bully? Try go to find other compnay to do it for you since you had already got a few quotation from a few companies, you won't be getting such a service from them. They will have more admin things that need you to sign and tonnes of contracts that need you to sign too!

All I need you to do is understand how the process of developing a website is! This is because it's your website and to make sure everything goes well, you have to understand that every stages is very important. When we need you to involve? When we need your approval? What should be or not to be done? The consequences and etc. If you don't want to understand any of them, then how are you going to expect us to give you a proper service? Then if really some problems crop up in the middle of the process, you can blame us that we didn't tell you earlier? S*** It's obvious that you are trying to get away with the contract and take advantage of us!

When we finally show you the layout. You said you don't like it! Fine! We expected it already. You didn't give us much idea on doing it and just showed us a few websites as a guideline but then they are all of different styles and designs except the flash part. So how are u going to expect us to give you what you want? Thank God that you finally settle on one design and wanted to do something similar like that. Now... then we understand what kind of design you wanted.

You thought I don't want to get this whole thing over quickly? I wish I could! I have other clients to entertain too. You want it fast, I also want it fast, so let's work hand in hand to make it fast! Sigh... Thanks for signing the quotation... finally... After I raised my voice a bit. Thanks for arranging a time for brain storming session hopefully things will go well.

HOUSE OF COFFEE & TOAST(2) [ ] - 19.4.2006 Tuesday
Ok... Went there again after meeting a potential client. This time, ordered their set meal, SET C(RM4.80)-one hot drink(in picture: Hot Milo), one ham and cheese toast and two soft boil eggs. Add RM0.50 to change to cold drink.
Extra order, Ice Teh O Lychee(RM1.80).


Came across this... might as well test it out. I'm very moody these days and feeling stress out. Sigh... I don't know why? It's not even the time for PMS yet. Really sucks! Summore Stremyx sucks big time lately! It's like "now you see it, now you don't"-"now you have line, now you don't", on and off! I cant work like this!!! I have deadlines to meet! DAMN IT! Even TM helpline isn't functioning at all! All you get is computer talking to you! Grrrr... *ANGRY*

DisorderYour Score
Major Depression: Slight
Dysthymia: Moderate
Bipolar Disorder: Slight-Moderate
Cyclothymia: High-Moderate
Seasonal Affective Disorder: High-Moderate
Postpartum Depression: N/A
Take the Depression Test

SRI SHAN CURRY & SUCH [ ] - 15.4.2006 Saturday
Couldn't decide where to have lunch, so just drove along Ban Hock Road and decided to try out Indain cuisine. This is the 1st time I'm featuring Southern Indian cuisine in this blog. It's owned by a Chinese... surpirse... surprise!

The interior.

Left: Nasi Lemak(RM2.50), pretty affordable. Very full!
Right: A type of curry, don't know what is this. The portion is small and it costs RM5, pretty spicy...

For lunch time they have this fast food service. If you don't want to go for that, you then only have Nasi Lemak and Fried Maggie Mee available. The curries, you can order from the fast food section and each costs RM5.

I'm not very fond of Indian cuisine except their roti canai ;p but according to those that love Indian cuisine, this is the place to go!

BOMBASTIC [ ] - 13.4.2006 Thursday

So hungry after the dance class . It's raining summore... At first wanted to go to AHA but too bad.. couldn't find any parking. So ended up at Bombastic(I don't know the full name and the spelling). It's near the Padungan fire station. I don't really like this place because it's not air conditioned and most people that go there usually puffing away like chimneys. The smoke has no place to go and ended up circulate around, very torturing. DAMN! My whole body smells of cigarette smoke. Make my nose itchy too.

Garlic Bread with Cheese(RM3.50). It's good when it's eaten hot :-)
Iced Honey Milk(RM2.20). I always order this when I'm there. This time it's a bit too sweet for me.
Forever Love-Ice Blended Blueberry drink(RM3.50). Sweet & sour and lot sof ice ;-p
Chicken Wings-their specialty(RM4.80). We thought the wings were roasted or grilled, who knowsss... it's fried chicken, very oily. :-(

HOUSE OF COFFEE & TOAST [ ] - 10.4.2006 Monday
After meeting a client, we went to House of Coffee & Toast @ 3rd mile. It's next to Red Tea Road. Always wanted to try this place out but no chance... finally have the time to come over and try out the stuff.

The signboard and the interior.

The big poster on the wall and canopies are erected for those that prefer to sit outside.

Ice Latte (RM4.50) - I heard that it's pretty thick, Recommended.
Ice Teh C (forgot how much) - Not too sweet, just nice :)
The toast! It's spread with pandan kaya and 3 slices of butter in the bread. Very generous amount of kaya. It tasted so.......... good! Better than the one I had in KL . Price I don't know too... all I know, the total for these 3 things was RM8.10. It's self-service.

By the way.. I love.... the photos... especially the food part, very nice... thanks to the nice natural lighting! Love it! Love it! *MUAH*

AH YEO AIS KACANG [ ] - 9.4.2006 Sunday

Left-Right: Black Prince (RM1.50), White Lady(RM1.50),Longan(price unavailable), ABC(price unavailable).

Left-Right:Fried Wonton(RM1), Indon' Rojak(price unavailable).

Our picture of the night. Blur...

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ORIENTAL PASSION [ ] - 9.4.2006 Sunday
Went for lunch at Oriental Passion at Padungan. Next to SOHO or a few shops after Everrise. The interior is very intersting, they use bamboos, woods, bricks, mirrors and antiques.

They have buffet during lunch time but we didn't go for that. You must make sure u can finish your food if you opt for buffet because the wasted food will be weighed and you will be charged.

Left: Fried Rice With Crab Meat in Thai Style (RM6), it's a bit spicy and the portion is OK.
Right: Black Pepper Beef Rice (RM5), first spoonful was salty, then it's not salty anymore but tasteless... very strange. The portion is a bit small.

Left: Seafood and Crab Meat Rice (RM6), it's small in portion too.
Right: Deep-Fried Squid Ring (RM4.50)... GOSHHH... expensive! The portion is so small! The taste? Sigh... anyone has any recommendation for this dish? The-used-to-be-good Squid Ring at Old Shop is not as good as before anymore.
Last but not least, drinks. Barley Lime(RM2.50) and Peppermint Herbs(RM2.50).

They have other menus for dinner and also the drinks' prices are much cheaper starting from 6pm to Xpm(I can't remember), during their so called "Happy Hour". For example a RM6 drink only cost RM3 during Happy Hour. Not bad eh... they have milk shakes, ice blended, gourmet coffee or tea etc to choose from.

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX! [ ] - 8.4.2006 Saturday
WAHAHAH... Sex? Me? Talking about sex? Anyway... Yes I'm going to talk about sex. Told you... When I have no access to the camera I'll be taking about things that I usually don't talk about that will cause some restlessness here. LOL...

Be warned that it's quite a sensitive issue, it consists of religion elements but my main aim here is to create the awareness of R-E-S-P-E-C-T-ing the person you love. I don't care you agree of sex before marriage or vice versa or whatever... but at the end you still have to respect the person that you love. If there's no respect between the two of you, then the relationship is doomed! Get it?

I don't believe in sex before marriage. By the way... my definition of SEX is INTERCOURSE. MASTURBATION doesn't count ok? Nowadays, I heard many people said,"Must have sex, so that you know you two suit each other or not?", "No sex, no love" or whatever B***S*** they are. I still don't believe in it and I don't ask you to agree with me. It's your freedom but at the end, it's respect that counts.

Here's a scenario:
A guy, has a gf for 2 years. His gf is a Christian and do not believe in sex before marriage because it's part of her religion. He tried to have sex with her but she refused and only allowed him to kiss her and nothing more than that. He is confused, he doesn't know what to do.

I know some people will be thinking, "2 years? No sex? What kind of relationship is that? This guy is stupid!", "Don't waste your time, she doesn't love you!", "This girl must have some dark secrets." etc.

There's no big deal really... he should not be confused or thinking too much. She's a Christian. From a Christian point of view, we are supposed to refrain ourselves from violating the 10 commandments, one of them is "thou shalt not commit adultary" which is best to describe this sex before marriage issue. In the bible, it says that our body is the "Temple of the Holy Spirit". So, for a Christian, it's only reserve for husband and wife. Read carefully... HUSBAND & WIFE. If you are engaged, that doesn't count! He is still not your husband, she is still not your wife. It's known that engagement can be broken anytime even on the wedding day.

So, if your gf or your bf is a Christian or non-Christian that holds on to this believe of not having sex until you are married, then respect it. It's a part of being a couple. If you can't do this simple thing as in respecting their believes then there is no future for both of you. If you really care about your partner, then you should not pressure her/him into something he/she opposed to. Surely your feelings to him/her is not physical, if it's purely physical, then it is likely to fizzle out over time and you are in a relationship with the wrong reason.

We(believers in no sex before marriage) show our love to you this way. We respect ourselves and our future husband/wife. If we ended up marrying you, you will know that we have saved ourselves for you alone. Think about how special that makes you! Would you not prefer to know that your wife/husband has not been with any other man/woman? Think about it carefully.

For me, in this era, it's hard to find a virgin as in never had sex. I don't mind if my bf/husband had sex with their ex(es) before as long that they are certified "clean" and not strays when having relationship with me. No matter what, mine is reserves only for my husband. If you love me, respect me, it's as simple as that. Case close!

By the way, if your gf/wife's cherry is already popped, you should not accuse her of having sex with other guy(s) before if she is really a virgin as in never had sex. The cherry can pop without us girls knowing it. E.g. when during exercise or menstruating. There are many causes to that so don't judge a woman's virginity based on her cherry's condition. *_^

WESTWOOD [ ] - 6.4.2006 Thursday
See us in action! :P hehehe.... New dance today, a song by Rain, it's so fast! Paul(front, black t-shirt) is the one teaching coz it's a new dance that Alysha never learnt before.

Went to Westwood at Jalan Tabuan for snacks after the dance class. Lots of people there. It seemed like they have very good business. Heard that it's always packed with people.

Left: The interior.
Right: (L-R) Wheat grass, Ice Chooclate Cino, Ribena Sprite/7-up. I don't know the prices, the menu was taken away too quickly. Very colourful huh?

Westwood Club Sandwich (RM6.50) and wedges (RM3). I'm not really sure of the pricings. The overall expenditure for tonight is RM15.50.

Judging from the crowd, I think it should be a place that serves great steaks. Will go again next time for dinner/lunch but don't know when. Haven't had any nice steak for ages... I miss it... :( Financially tight lately.

UNBRA-SILICONE BRA [ ] - 5.4.2006 Wednesday

For your information, I'm clearing my silicone bra stock now. I have listings in Ebay however lately, more and more people selling this in Ebay, stiff competition. I'm going to give special price for my blog readers or anyone order from this website. If you order from this site , it's much expensive.

I'm going to sell you the same price I'm selling in Ebay except that you don't need to bid for it, all details can be find in my Ebay shop. Just e-mail me at aiilinglaw[at] gmail.com. This offer is for those in M'sia only, sorry... I don't send overseas.

I think I have more male readers than female readers :P so guys... you can help to ask around your female friends whether they are interested or not and can order from me while stock last. 1st come 1st served!

HAWAIIAN X-TRA [ ] - 4.4.2006 Tuesday

OK... I have no camera for the time being, it's in the "hospital" now. These were taken last week and had no time to post it untill today. Had pizza for dinner last Saturday. Sorry, I have no idea about the pricings. I only know how to eat, open up your mouth, bite it, chew it and swallow ;p
Here's the new pizza from Pizza Hut, Hawaiian X-tra(the right picture), with more pineapples toppings and new toppings, tomatoes cubes and parsley(I think...). Oh one more, the crust was sprinkled with parmesan cheese too.

Left: Pepperoni pizza.

Left: Side orders, tempura prawns, fried potatoes and calamari.
Right: If you order this set meal, you will get few chances to spin something to accumulate points and get freebies. Our freebies, parmesan sticks. It's just bread sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

So... be prepared everyone... I have no camera now and I tend to talk craps or post crappy things in here when I have no access to camera. ;-P Do bear with me LOL...

IRENELAW.COM[ ] - 3.4.2006 Monday

I know I'm late in getting my own domain name. Registered it just now and it's up and running now. Well... sweetsurrender.com is not available, so does .net, .info etc. I know .ws still available but I didn't have the urge to buy this :P so ended up with my name instead. What do you think? Which one is easier to remember? The current address or the new ones?

http://www.irenelaw.com = http://www.99.com.my/sweetsurrender

BRIDAL FAIR 2006 [ ] - 2.4.2006 Sunday

Heaps of photos to share! I went there twice, on te 31st of March and 1st April. Nuh... I'm not getting married LOL... I only went there to look look see see. I like to see these pretty wedding stuffs but not in a hurry to get married ;-p it's just for the sake of updating this blog, tried shooting a catwalk which turned out to be a failure(you'll know why later ehhehe...) and looking for business opportunities.

31st March (Day 1)

Left: Honda as the main sponsor for Bridal Car Decor Competition.
Right: The entrance of Crown Square.

1st April (Day 2)

Left: Make up demo, started at 2pm but reached there around 2.30pm. Missed out the first batch with wedding gowns and evening dresses.
Right: The wedding attire for races in Sarawak such as Orang Ulu, Iban, Melanau and ...(don't know what race is this, I don't think it's Malay, Malay's wedding attire isn't like this).

TIANG'S CAFE [ ] - 1.4.2006 Saturday

Saw its review in newspapers so decide to try it out. Tiang's Cafe is situated at Bormill Estate, couldn't recall the exact location, it' s a middle shop, next to Cosway. They not only sell laksa but also belacan beehon too! The laksa I ordered was RM4.00

It's strange that everytime you go to a place that sells laksa, you can smell the smell but here, I couldn't smell any laksa smell even sniffing from the bowl. Couldn't taste any laksa taste too at the beginnning, only spiciness. Then as I progressesed, it's getting stronger and stronger. :) But I don't like the sambal, not my type.

Check out Barret's Sarawak Laksa Paste online.
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