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"CHANG" FESTIVAL [ ] - 31.5.2006 Wednesday

YAY!!! 100th post of 2006!!! And it's public holiday for Sabah. They are celebrating "Hari Kaamatan", harvest festival today. For Sarawak, it's the eve of "Hari Gawai", harvest festival too. Both refer to the same thing just using different words.

Summore it's the "Chang" Festival(Rice Dumpling Festival) for the Chinese. According to the lunar calender, it's the 5th day of the 5th month today. Can I say it's triple celebrations? EHeheheh... It's going to be a long weekend holiday for us :) however I still need to work ;p

Here are some rice dumplings for you. The left picture shows the contents of the dumpling. Different people/dialects prefer/have different fillings. It's up to you. Not all of them look like this. The one showing here is filled with minced pork and red bean paste, so it's sweet and salty at the same time :) The rice used is glutinous rice. Enjoy! It's June tomorrow. Half year gone, time really flies... Take care! Have a ahhahagreat holiday!

SERIAN TRIP [ ] - 28.5.2006 Sunday

Nothing much... just went back to visit my grandparents(mother's side). We went to Serian town before going to my grandparents' place. Some views of Serian Market and its small roundabout at the market with the second replica of durian. You will be greeted by a bigger one once u reach Serian before coming to this one.

This is asam payak, I don't know how it's called in English ;p I love this. It's extremely sour. Oooo... by just looking at it I'm already salivating. It's used to cook some food like Asam Fish Head or you can eat it on its own.

Usually I have this with soy sauce, anchovies, sugar and chili. Yummy... I love sour food. I heard that people that love to eat sour food will not get fat easily ;p hehehe...

XUAN YE DELICOUS FOOD [ ] - 27.5.2006 Saturday

After Sarbex, we went to Xuan Ye Delicious Food for lunch. It's was known as Life Kopitiam but now it had changed management already. Most of the decors are still there except the antiques." Delicious Food" eh... LOL... is the food that delicious? Misleading or not? :P You will know later.


SARBEX 2006 [ ] - 27.5.2006 Saturday

It's the time of the year again, SARBEX2006. It's organized by SHEDA(Sarawak Housing & Real Estate Developers' Association)

Nothing much to see hahahaha... cause I'm not interested, I just went there for the sake of updating this blog and also just look around for business opportunities.


PICKING MOOD [ ] - 24.5.2006 Wednesday

Hmmm... I'm in the mood of picking at people now... beware... I'm inspired by knnccb(Ummm... mind you that I'm not curisng him/her, this is the name used by him/her) comment posted in this post:

knnccb @ 9:08:23PM | 2006-05-23 |
if you are not happy with kch u can just go away, no one force you to stay in a 'dead city' like what u described. this is what the majority want.

So... Geee... some people just don't seem to understand what disclaimer is all about. I didn't say that it will die 100%, I just said that it might happen and probability is high based on MY analysis and observations. Is there anything wrong with this? Some friends had told me that I should not be posting post like that but I don't see there's any problem with it.

WHAT COLOR SHARPIE ARE YOU? [ ] - 23.5.2006 Tuesday
What Color Sharpie Are You?

Pink Sharpie
Element: Air
Sense: Smell
Gemstone: Tourmaline
Some Qualities: Friendly, Compassionate, Faithful
Fact: The word "rainbow" is used figuratively to describe tourmaline.

Take this quiz!

WINDOW SHOPPING [ ] - 21.5.2006 Sunday
No more political post anymore... I promise. Somebody said that I sounded pathetic coz my party lost big time. LOL... I am, so what? You expect me to be happy? It will be over sooner or later. We will all sit back and relax and let the new party take over everything, put all the pressure to them, they promise that they will service us(all the kuchingites) :), so we grant them their wish. Let them do their job.

So.. after the hectic weeks and finally everything is over. The verdict is out and life still goes on. Went for lunch at Tun Jugah. I ordered Black Pepper Fried Rice , RM5.50. Arggg.. the next stall's fried rice is only RM4.5o with satay summore. :( The rice is very salty. Not my type, I didn't finish it.

DIE! NO MORE DEVELOPMENT FOR YOU! [ ] - 20.5.2006 Saturday
Update and Edited: 21.5.2006

OK... The result is out BN lose big time for these areas:
N9(Padungan), N10(Pending)-my area , N11(Batu Lintang), and N12(Kota Sentosa), all sucks big time! Congrates to DAP for winning them and Keadilan for Padungan but from now on, Kuching will be a dead city soon. BN only manage to secured N13(Batu Kawah), so good for you Batu Kawah, you have better worth now.

Disclaimer: I'm not being a sour grapes. These are just my analysis and observations. If you don't like it, then it's your problem. I don't mean to create any chaos or what so ever. Again, it's only my analysis. You will see what happened... wait and see. I can't say that it will 100% happen but the probability is high. If I don't like what you say in the commenting system, I will just delete it.


JAVA JUICES [ ] - 18.5.2006 Thursday
I so the very hungry last night after our dance class. My leg is still painful but not as bad as the 1st time. It's because we had one week off last week. I'm not the only one though ;p summore this new dance involves a lot of jumping and floor actions and it's only uses two lessons to finish. No wonder many complained of sore legs. New dance again next week.

So... after class, we went to Java Juices for supper.


EJECT! EJECT! [ ] - 17.5.2006 Wednesday
Updated and edited: 19.5.2006

Will be posting about this thing for the last time I think... or the second last time :P The polling day will be on the 20th of May 2006.

OK... just some stuffs that I had came across these few days for working as voter search agent and also from my observations. Mind you that these are my opinions and you do not have to agree with it and I will be monitoring the commenting system closely too.


These photos are courtesies of HonFui, Ken and my sis. HonFui provides the locations' photos. Ken and my sis provides the food photos of Li Garden. Thanks.

For those of you that is hunting for Chinese restaurants for your wedding/birthday or whatever dinner/function. Here are some well-known ones in Kuching. I'm not commenting about their food. Just going to show you the photos.

I'm kinda fed up with all these restaurants' food already especially for those chinese wedding/functions dinner. I need something "fresh" plssssssssss... been to heaps of dinner functions like this. Especially the Chinese ones that the waiters or waitresses will serve plate after plate of food. Usually it's like 6-course, 8-course, 9-course or n-course dinner. Getting tired of it, imagine that you have to attend dinner functions at least once a month at these places for the past years. Not to mention, hotels too. Lucky not much to attend last year and this year. Hmm... less than 5 times a year now. Used to be like at least 12 times a year. Phew... Thank God!

Their food is just food when I'm there no matter how good it is, just put into my mouth, chewed and swallowed, that's it. No feeling LOL... So enjoy the the photos. I couldn't give you full contact of these restaurants because I don't have duh... ;p just feast your eyes.

Tsui Hua Lau, located along Ban Hock Road.

HOUSE OF COFFEE & TOAST(3) & MCDONALD'S[ ] - 13.5.2006 Saturday
Very very busy week. Met a client today and then went to lunch. We thought of trying the nasi lemak and bee hoon goreng at HOUSE OF COFFEE & TOAST and thought that we will be able to settle our lunch there but...

RM1.90 for each. Two small packets, the protions were so small. It reminded me of food in my primary school canteen. Sorry to say, even though the toasts are good but these two things are really not worth it. Taste wise it's nothing. Very expensive :( weren't full so decided to go for second round.

We ordered left-Ice Lime Plum Juice(RM2) and right-Ice Lemon Tea(RM1.50).

Related post:


We decided to go to McD. We ordered a set of McValue Meal(RM8++) that cames with large fries, two pieces of chickens and a large cup of Coke. I ordered an extra apple pie(RM2.80) too.

Will be very very busy these days. Work, work, work... Ahh... Life... It's almost mid month now!!! Time flies. Can you go slow? Sigh...

TAO [ ] - 12.5.2006 Friday
Today is public holiday, Wesak Day. Went to Tao or "道" @ Padungan. "Tao" means "road" or "way" in Chinese. There's other menaing too but I interprete it as these. Always passed by and always said want to go there but always didn't have the chance. Today is the day. Many bloggers had reviewed about this place except me.

The interior, the same designer as bing! Lots of buddha statues and images. According to many people, it's Zen overkill. I happened to be in the front section, there are much more interesting stuffs at the back section for smokers. Will cover the back section next time.


ELECTION, ERECTION, EJECULATION [ ] - 11.5.2006 Thursday
OK... It's about Sarawak State Election 2006 again. I came across ppl selling "Top Secret" with RM2 each and it's done by one of the competiting parties. Their supporters going around asking people to buy this "Top Secret" so that they can fish for votes. I don't think this act is about fishing votes but fishing cash!!! You are supposed to help people and not add to their burden by buying your "Top Secret"! I'm sure there're people will buy it. It's so damn childish but kinda amusing too, else I won't have anything to post here.

*SHAKE HEAD* What on earth are you thinking? It's really funny you know... another laughing matter. If it's so damn good secret, then just publish it and give it to everyone so that everyone will know and all will straight away support you. Then Hey!!! If it's published, it's no longer a secret! *ROLL EYES* LOL... this act is actually fishing for money and also to urge people to spread rumours.

You see... not everyone will buy the "Top Secret", so those that had bought it will verbally or show it to their friends and family or any random people and the rumours will start to circulate. Turn round and round it's no longer a secret anymore MORON! It will be rumours and spreading rumours is an irresponsible act!

[more photos and details]

ROOM @ MERDEKA PALACE [ ] - 10.5.2006 Wednesday
Previously posted about the breakfast, now it's the room. After this will be the surroundings. I was supposed to blog about this in March :p but lazy because too many pics to edit so decided to blog in parts. Summore, no camera now :(

This is the standard room in 3rd floor. I'm not sure about the pricing. Actually I got this free voucher for a 2-days-1-night-stay that comes with a complimentary breakfast for two last year and would expired in April this year. Not to waste it, so decided to use it and can show you guys around this hotel.


WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? [ ] - 9.5.2006 Tuesday
WARNING: Political post. I won't be replying to whatever comment you are posting and will be moderating it. If I don't like your comment, I'll just delete it.

As you(fellow S'wakian) know, today is nomination day for the coming state election. There's this very amusing thing happened today. One of the opposition partys' supporters actually showed their support by shouting,"XXX wins, oil price will decrease!" , on and on...

Who do you think you are? OPEC? Saudi Arabia? US? LOL... The most the government can do is try to maintain the price for the time being, well... everyone is expecting that it will increase sooner or later. You are not happy with the increment, me too. Everyone isn't happy with it! It's really a disaster. However, can you think carefully before coming out with this kind of slogan, it will only make your party looked like a fool. Moron! There's no way the crude oil price will decrease. Even if you had won, you thought those big "people" will listen to you? They can just snap a finger and you're gone for good. You have no control on this matter at all.

Ah well... maybe your slogan can only fool those living in the well. The whole world knows the crude oil price kept increasing. Though Malaysia produces oil too but it's just too small a fraction to compare with those countries such as Saudi Arabia. You thought you have the power to decrease it? Man... in your dream! It's impossible. For them, Malaysia is just nothing, those people are controlling everything. Unless a better and cheaper substitute is found then the price will decrease. I'm sure by that time, I don't think we will be using much oil anymore.
Read this:
Why Are Oil Prices So High? - source from BBC (Quite an old article)
Oil Costs Fuel Crop-Market Changes- source from The Wall Street Journal

However, I did some Googling around just now and found this: Oil Prices Fall As Supply Worries Lessen Is it good news or bad news? It's up to you to decide. All I know is you have no control to it at all. When they say "UP", it's up; when they say "DOWN", it's down. You have no power at all. They are the one that makes the rule and also the one that bends the rule, you don't have a single chance at all.

All I'm trying to say is that, please think twice before coming out with a slogan to support your party. Don't make a fool of your party. Be wise. Be sensible. Else you'll be just a laughing matter to other people. Love your party, love yourself.

MISSING! [ ] - 8.5.2006 Monday
If you've noticed, I've been MIA for a while and even with the last update, it's more towards photo bloging. I'm in very bad mood lately. Summore, I have not much to blog because my camera isn't back yet and all these while I'm sharing a camera with Jimmy and my blog now looks like a translation version of his blog. Grrr... dont like that! People thought that I'm a copycat or even took his photos for my blog entries which it's not true at all and some photos were taken by me and we went to the same place together. We share the same rights to the photos! Understand?! Why? This is because he's being featured in the local Chinese newspapers here and his traffic increases and so I have people coming in from his site to visit my site. Though not much increment really, only an increment of like 10 over visitors but this is enough for people that don't understand thought that I'm such a pervert! Anyway, it's up to them on what they are thinking. It's their freedom!

I had not been online for almost 48 hours. You know... it is like when you come to point where you don't know what to do online. All I do online now is work, update my blog, blog hopping and manage my Ebay. Other than that, I don't know what else I can do online :P Oh... played some online games but not much nice games to play. So, when I'm offline for the past 2 days, I played game to relax else I will get angry wihtout a reason. What I played? My all time fav, The Sims 2 Open For Business ! I had created a family of 2, renovated and refurbished the house. Now a baby girl is born, it makes 3 in the family!!! Eheheh... For now, I'll stop playing it and will get back to it when I'm free. It's back to work again!

Here's something to share, took this photo last Monday while on the way sending Lee home from Damai. The roundabout where the infamous Hornbill sculpture is situated is going to be history soon(or already). I should blog about this ealier but not in the mood. It will be taken away to make way for the new highway leading to the airport. This landmark will be gone once and for all. :( Here are the photos of the hornbill while the workers were busy clearing the plants around it. I'm not sure whether it's still there or not now?

So that's all for today. My camera is not back yet :( will be bloging from my photo archive for the time being. There are heaps of unrelease photos from me. So stay tuned.

MEMORIES GRAND CAFE [ ] - 4.5.2006 Thursday
I'm not in very good mood so will not talk much about this. More likely be a photoblog.
After dance, we went to Memories @ Padungan for snacks.


DAMAI BEACH ~ GOOD MORNING & GOODBYE(1ST MAY 2006) [ ] - 2.5.2006 Tuesday
WARNING: Bandwidth sucker and lengthy post!

So... it rained... no sunrise to see. Khoon How, LeeLing, Audrey, Lee and Hui Yee braced the drizzly rain at around 6.30am to walk at the beach and then went to breakfast.


DAMAI BEACH ~ DINNER(30TH APR 2006) [ ] - 1.5.2006 Monday
We were grouped into two groups to prepare for our dinner. Khoon How, LeeLing, Audrey. Lee and Hui Yee went to buy some food from nearby seafood restaurants but who knows... too many people were dining at both restaurants. One would took the cook more than 1 hour to prepare our fried rice so they decided to try their luck somewhere else. They needed to wait for 30 minutes for our fried rice at the second restaurant. So at the end, they bought plain rice back.

Ann, Jee, Jimmy and I stayed back to prepare for the steamboat session. Actually only Jee and Jimmy did all the preparations. *BLEK* Not to mention, we wrapped the smoke detector with the shower cap!!! We thought of using condom to wrap it hehehe... but then why waste? Or no one bring any I think... and resorted to use shower cap.

Please note that we were not supposed to cook in there! Gosssh... I hope I'm not teaching you guys something bad here and I hope the resort won't sue me. We are very considerate bunch, we cleaned up everything carefully after that.

DAMAI BEACH ~ ARRIVAL(30TH APR 2006) [ ] - 1.5.2006 Monday
WARNING: Bandwidth sucker and lengthy post!

9 of us met at King's Centre's Daily Food Cafe (can't remember the name). Jimmy ordered fast food. Ann and I ordered Sarawak Laksa. The rest ordered don't-know-what. LOL...

After lunch, off we went up to Damai Beach. It's one of Holiday Inn resorts. We're staying in a RM300/night room
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