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ALVIN PHOTOSHOOTS [ ] - 29.6.2006 Thursday

*BLEK* went for photoshoot today with my sister at Alvin's.

We arrived at about 10.30am and started makeup at 10.45am. Mine first then my sis but she dared not to take the photo of me being makeup because camera isn't suppose to be allowed in there hahaha... but again... I'm not stealing any of their works or their gowns... I'm taking my own photos so... I took the opportunity to take our photos when my sis was being makeup right in front of them, it's not something behind them.

Around 12pm, done with the makeup! We wanted to start our session with Alvin but he suggested us to change to colours that are similar to have better effect. At first I wanted to wear pinkish purple colour top(in the photo).
Actually I didn't intend to change so many clothes but my sis insisted to bring a whole bag of clothings!! She said she wants variety in the photos so I didn't stop her and instead laughed at her LOL...Llucky she did that pheww... Else we're going to clash in the photos ;p

After we changed to brownish-tone colour tops, we started the session. SNAP SNAP SNAP... Alvin asked us to change clothes. So off we changed to black and white. Actually I'm all white, my sis was black and white. Then I borrowed a black scarf from Carol(our makeup artist) to match my sis' attire. However, it's not used at the end. It looked out of place.

Pretty fun session but I'm bad in posing. My sis is better at it maybe I'm the shy one ahhaha... We ended our session at about 1.30pm. Supposed to end at 1.05pm then Alvin had this idea of letting us played with the towels... Now... Let ur imagination go wild ;p Details will be this Saturday or when I get to see the photos.

That's all for the time being ;p By the way, the second pic was taken at home when we reached home.

TRIM TRIM TRIM [ ] - 28.6.2006 Wednesday

Went to cut my hair today at Rejuvenate, Crown Square or to be exact, trim my hair hahaha... I told him to make it thinner coz my hair looked big!!! Then shortened it and the result... still quite long but it's thinner and it's curlier(temporary).

I was asked whether I want it straightened or curled. I usually opted for straightening but I think maybe try something different for a change, so I told him to curl it.

I thought that he'll be using the curling iron to curl it instead he used the hair dryer by attaching the big big head where the hair is placed inside the big big "mouth" and blew dry... So the photo is the result. However I regret it now ;p After a few hours, I looked like crazy woman with big big messy and frizzy hair!!! Nvm about that, I'm staying at home and not going anyway so no worries. If I need to go out then will sweep them back or tie it. :) It's just temporary, my curls aren't these defined so after the next hair wash it'll be gone.

By the way... hehehe... will be going to Alvin for my photoshoot tomorrow... so... more photos coming hehehe...

HOUSE OF COFFEE & TOAST(4) [ ] - 27.6.2006 Tuesday
Again... tea break, lots of tea breaks these days huh? ;p This time @ House of Coffee & Toast.

Here's set meal 2, it's RM4.10. It consists of two soft boil eggs, 2 slices peanut butter and honey toast and a cup of hot drink. If you want cold drink, then add 50 cents.

You know what? I noticed that the toast is getting thinner LOL...

By the way, they opened a new branch at Petanak with Wi-Fi!!! Going high-tech eh... You must be wondering which part of Petanak... Hmm... How to explain? It's at the new row of shops, you know Terminal One? It's around there, the same row maybe.
I noticed something!!! My camera doesn't have MACRO mode!!! No... it has but it's not there. Don't get me? The icon is there but the program isn't there!!! Geee... I'm so slow in realising it. No wonder I kept complaining to almost everyone saying that I'm still not sure how to use the MACRO mode properly.

Now... only NOW!!! Then I realised it after Jimmy told me that there's no effect with the MACRO mode at all. It's supposed to retract the lense or something in the camera when set to that mode and things nearer to you will be clearer and the further ones will be blurred but then it didn't and things are still the same as default.

Then I remembered that my 1st generation IXUS did have that effect and I took some nice photos with it especially the insects on the plants, it was as easy as ABC but I couldn't get any nice MACRO shoot with this! It's confirmed! The MACRO function isn't there!

Oh... one more... the POTRAIT mode doesn't works as it supposed to too... It's supposed to blurred the background(according to the manual) but it has no effect at all, it's the same as the default setting! I can't proof this since the 1st and 2nd generation don't have this mode but I'm sure it's not there too! If it's there, sure it will have something different like what I mentioned and in the manual.

Grrr... will send it back to Canon after Ann's wedding reception. Phew... lucky notice it earlier still have warranty.

AH YEO AIS KACANG & ME [ ] - 26.6.2006 Monday
Nothing much to do today, so after we did some works, we took a break and went to Alysha's mom's stall, Ah Yeo Ais Kacang.

I brought my camera there and she's so eager to play with it, took so many pictures of me. LOL... so... my photos... more to come this weekend. Stay tuned :P

I'm drinking Black Prince.

Here are our orders:
Black Prince (RM1.50), we called this "o ji pa la" because it's black and only Alysha knows what we referred to.

Pink Lady(RM1.20), the actual name is not pink lady hahaha... it's pink *something* Jimmy invented this name and again only Alysha understands. It consists of sago pearls and evaporated milk with ice shaving laced with rose/cherry syrup.

3 MARRIAGES & 1 NEW HOUSE [ ] - 23.6.2006 Friday
WARNING: Bandwidth sucker!!

This post is dedicated to these 4 events, these 7 people. :) Oh... by the way... there are heaps of photos this month!! Wait till next week... there will be more!! More to come... more to come... wait for the surprise!

< Ann & Jee on their marriage on the 06.06.06 >

< Lee's moving to his new house >

< Mei & George on their marriage on the 20.06.2006 >

< ALysha & Paul on their marriage on the 20.06.2006 >


10 TOP TRIVIA OF... [ ] - 21.6.2006 Wednesday

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Irene!

  1. Irene is actually a mammal, not a fish.
  2. A bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and irene.
  3. Irene is the world's tallest woman!
  4. The eye of an ostrich is bigger than irene.
  5. Irene can drink over 25 gallons of water at a time.
  6. Irene can pollinate up to six times more efficiently than the honeybee.
  7. The patron saint of irene is Saint Eugenie!
  8. Irene can't drink - she absorbs water from her surroundings by osmosis.
  9. Britain's Millennium Dome is more than double the size of irene!
  10. The average human spends about 30 days during their life in irene.
I am interested in - do tell me about

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Sweetsurrender!

  1. Sweetsurrender can give birth ten days after being born, and is born pregnant.
  2. Antarctica is the only continent without sweetsurrender.
  3. Medieval knights put the skin of sweetsurrender on their sword handles to improve the grip.
  4. Marie Antoinette never said 'let them eat cake' - this is a mistranslation of 'let them eat sweetsurrender'.
  5. Ostriches stick their heads in sweetsurrender not to hide but to look for water!
  6. If you blow out all the candles on sweetsurrender with one breath, your wish will come true.
  7. Pacman was originally called sweetsurrenderman!
  8. Sweetsurrender can usually be found in nests built in the webs of large spiders!
  9. The air around sweetsurrender is superheated to about five times the temperature of the sun.
  10. The difference between sweetsurrender and a village is that sweetsurrender does not have a church.
I am interested in - do tell me about
Oh my goodness... it's damn funny!!! Got this from Lilian

20062006 - 2 KNOTS TIED [ ] - 20.6.2006 Tuesday

WARNING: Tonnes and tonnes of photos!!!
Here we were after lunch! Foochow Association.


20062006 - MADAM TANG'S [ ] - 20.6.2006 Tuesday

After braving the crazy traffics, Jimmy and I went to Madam Tang's for lunch before we go to... You'll know later ;p It's a surprise! Madam Tang's is famous for its Laksa Sarawak. We decided to go there and try. It's at Petanak area. I don't know how to explain the location hmm... same row as E-West(I'm not sure it's still there or not ;p I didn't pay attention to it), oppostie Everrise Office(hmm.. is it still there? I'm not sure.)

Left: The interior.
Right: The utensils were presented to you in a metal cup with hot water.

Left: The laksa came in 3 sizes... I think the differences are the prawn sizes and hmm... any extra ingredients? Not sure. The taste... hmm... not my type. Portion was small.
Right: Drinks.

After lunch... off we went to Foochow Association.

20062006 - KUCHING BLACKOUT!!! [ ] - 20.6.2006 Tuesday

Aikssss.... Almost the whole Kuching experiencing power outage today!!! From the south to the north but there was electricity somewhere in the middle. The traffics were NUTSSSS coz the traffic lights couldn't work without electricity. It started around almost 12pm and it's restored like maybe within one hour? Not so sure. Here's a photo that I manage to take on the way to my sister's college. It's the traffic light near SRJK Chung Hua No. 4

SEE!!! No one wants give way! Until... TADA!!! A guy came out and directed the traffic, he's the hero!!! Else there won't be any movement at all at the traffic lights intersections but too bad I was stunned seeing him and forgotten to take pictures of him. Sadly... When we reached the traffic lights under the Satok flyover, the rain fell mercilessly and I wonder what happend to that guy? It's just a fraction of few seconds!!! I really salute him! He must be wet, I don't think he had not had anytime and place to take cover. Thanks to him else we'll be stucked and my sis was on her way to sit for her exam!

LEE'S HOUSE WARMING PARTY [ ] - 17.6.2006 Saturday

We were invited to Lee's house warming party. He had moved to his new house during Gawai holiday. There were about 80+ or more people coming. We should be there by 6pm because we're afraid that there would be no place to get proper parking spots but because of some unavoided circumstances, we only reached there at 6.30pm. We had also chipped in to buy a gift for him. Earlier on, there was a storm all over Kuching. Lucky it stopped after a while and that's when you see this! Rainbow!!! His house(left) is just right under it.


MY FIRST BLOGGERS MEET [ ] - 16.6.2006 Friday

We had a simple meet up with some Kuching's bloggers. It's supposed to be discussing something but became a bloggers meet. Only the four of us, me, Jimmy, Wilson and Frank. We had it at Point One, BDC. Never been there, it's my first time there.

The interiors. Pretty dark in there.

Our drinks... I can't remember how much. ;p Nothing much, we just talked talked talked, about 9.30pm, more and more poeple coming in and more and more noisy. It's because the World Cup had started. So we left. So that's all. Waiting for Wilson to send the gathering photos. Oh... Thanks for the drinks Wilson.

ON ALL FOUR [ ] - 13.6.2006 Tuesday

Got tagged by Ann. Haven't been doing meme for a long time ahahha... Here you go...

Four jobs I would stink at:
1. Sales - I hate it even though my ex-boss and some friends said that I'm good in it but NO WAY... I'm not venturing in it, I won't last long in it. It gets on my nerve.
2. Programmer - I don't have the patience in doing it anymore. Stress me out. Used to be good in it. Now whenever I see all those codings... I want to run as far as I can!
3. Cleaner - I'm going to sneeze sneeze sneeze.
4. Vet - Ewww... don't ask me to touch animals espcially those legless creatures.


GET CAUGHT IN THE ACT [ ] - 12.6.2006 Monday

My mom, my sis and my bro were staring out of the kitchen window. Out of curiousity, I asked them what's wrong and tried to join them but I had blur visions that time(no specs no contact lense ;p) so I couldn't see much. They said that somebody conducted an open burning and somebody reported to the authority and they came to investiage. I quickly asked my sis to take the camera and took some photos because I didn't know where the camera was after she used it.

It seemed like the person that did it said that it's his boss directions. The officers went to look for his boss to settle the stuff. When they came back, took some photos and asked the worker to put off the fire. There wasn't any water supply around so he took the water from the drain to put it off with a very small pail. The drain water was even BLACK in COLOUR!!!

I'm not sure about the penalty of having open burning however so many people do it and never get caught. I guess it's a matter of whether is there somebody who report about it or not? If no one call the authority up about it, I don't think they will come on their own or even if they happened to be there, they just close one eye, open one eye.

HONG KONG NOODLE HOUSE @ SABERKAS [ ] - 11.6.2006 Sunday

Second post for today.

The renovation is done! For goodness sake, it seemed like bamboos are surfacing everywhere in Kuching restaurants or cafe!!! Let's name a few of them... Tao, AHA, Oriental Passion and the newly opened Li Bai Fusion Cafe(a new eatery next to Tao).

HAPPY B'DAY, SIS! [ ] - 11.6.2006 Sunday

It's my sis' b'day today. My parents bought a cake last night. It's bought from Mita. I'm not sure the exact name of it, only know that it's tiramisu. Then, I will call it "Mint Tiramisu". It's not very sweet, it's just right. However, I'm not a coffee lover nor drinker, so I'm not really into tiramisu. Very creamy and only comes in two thin slices of sponge cake. I think this should be a "modified" tiramisu. The real tiramisu isn't like this. Am I right? *SHRUG* Hahahah... By the way, this is the first time we have square cake for b'day ;p

5Q FROM LILIAN [ ] - 10.6.2006 Saturday

Before that, let me say this: "YAY!!! Thank you enetation! Thanks for the fast action! Commeting system is back!!!"

Now... it's time to answer the 5 questions asked by Lilian(5xmom)

1) Say you are given a free plastic surgery op.  Which part of your body will you choose to enhance?

WOW... Lilian... must be inspired by my double eyelids post huh? Hmmm... If it's free and future maintainance is fully beared, I will opt for... hmmm... double eyelids ;p coz they are hidden most of the time and sometimes the right side will drop so much that make me looked like one eye big, one eye small. Other than that, I'm happy with what I have though breast a bit small but nevermind, small is cute mar... Hahahaha... Kinda short too... hopefully can be taller. At least I have other assets for compensate my height ;p

INCOME TAX [ ] - 9.6.2006 Friday

:( Commenting system down for days already. Sigh...

My father asked me to attend the briefing of E-filing and Self Assessment of income tax seminar cum lunch organised by Kuching Chinese General Chamber of Commerce & Industry. It's pretty last minute actually. There were extra tickets. Besides it's already paid ;p so went there to eat for free. It's held at "Yi Yuan" Teochew Restaurant. It's at MBKS Swimming Pool.

The ticket each cost RM18. It's a 6-course lunch and started at 12pm. However, you know M'sia standard... ;p it will never start on time. I reached there early so took the opportunity to snap and snap. Hehehe... no photos of food. My face isn't that thick especially sharing the table with strangers. I never dare to take any food photos when attending this kind of function even if it's the same table as my relatives and family. Very awkward ;p

The speakers were the officers of Inland Revenue Board. They were encouraging people to use the e-filing and self assessment system. Besides that, also answered questions to clear the doubts of the tax payers.

I WANT DOUBLE EYELIDS! [ ] - 7.6.2006 Wednesday

WARNING: Girly post ahead ;p but... guys are welcome too LOL...

Don't you hate it when your have double eyelids but then they don't show because it's in there? :( And you don't want to spend the money or guts to go under the knife? So I bought this eyelid tapes from Guardian for RM5.80. There are 20 pairs in a pack.

How to use?
1. Make sure your eyelids are clean. This means, no eye cream too. Just clean bare skin.
2. Use a tweezer or your nails(if you have long nails) to lift the tape up. This is because if you use your finger, it might not be that stickable and not that transparent anymore.
3. Place it in between the fold of your eyelid and press it firmly but gently, so that you don't introduce unwanted wrinkles around your eyes.
4. Apply eyeshadows to cover the tapes. It's better if you use cream eyeshadows.
See the result!!! TADA!!!!

More... ehehhe... I know there are people waiting for these pictures ;p
AHHAHA... see the result ;p I have double eyelids now!!! Duh... I already had them just that it's hidden. Now it's shown. It looked bigger and it's easier to apply mascara too.

The downside of it is that if you looked down or close/blink your eyes, the tape can be seen pretty clearly but some people didn't notice it, depends on how observant that person is. Avoid looking down or blink too much if you don't want people to know.

Not only that, frequent practice is required to achieve a better effect and avoid reapplying too often. Else it will not be that sticky anymore and the transparent-ness will gone. It's used-and-throw. No recycling.

Oh... for those that do not have double eyelids can also achieve the double eyelids effect with these tapes. Here's how according to Cleo March 2006 issue, apply on the lids about half a centimetre above lashline or where you desire you eyelids to fall. Then follow the steps above. So that's how you can easily and affordably get double eyelids.

Enjoy my photos :-P

I'M MARRIED! [ ] - 6.6.2006 Tuesday

WARNING: Bandwidth sucker...

It's said that today is the day of devils but it's also a day of many people tying their knots.

LOL... Me? Since when? Just pulling your legs. It's Ann! She's the one that exclaimed this ;p I'm just her witness. The whole process was FAST! We had not got into the mood and everything was done LOL... Jimmy and I reached Teochew Association at 2pm. Jimmy was the appointed photographer ;p but all the pic you see here were taken by me ehhehe... except the family pic, this is because all pictures taken by him were in Ann's camera and some obstructions of view from the angle of the photographer. Then waited for Eric, Jee's witness to come so that we can get the number. Finally he's here and the number got was 005... too fast!!! Ehehehe... slower a bit will be 006, and it will 6 all the way ;p

The rings and the couple.

FISHBALL KING [ ] - 5.6.2006 Monday

Met up with ex-colleague for lunch. We went to Sekama Food Court(if not mistaken, never bother about the coffeeshop name).

Nothing much there in the afternoon. Only the chicken rice stall and fishball is opened.
Left: Chicken rice(it's RM3.50), I don't know about the taste.
Right: Fishball King menu.

Left: Fishball Tang Hoon Soup(RM3), only 3 fishballs in there. The tang hoon(vermicelli) was overcooked. :( It came with a small dish of chili that tasted sweet and spicy.
Right: Ginger Beef Rice(RM3.80), don't know how this taste too ;p I'm not the one ordering this.


WARNING: Bandwidth sucker...

Sigh... nothing much to do again... want to work but could't work. Stuck!!! So decided to go to the beach to relax but... sigh... forget it! Thought of want to rant here but I think I better don't waste my time ranting about it. Don't want to spoilt the mood. See photos...
Damai Lagoon
Santubong Resort/Damai Golf & Country Club

RANDOMNESS [ ] - 2.6.2006 Friday

WARNING: Bandwidth sucker...

Very very very random today... I'm so bored... I don't know what to do, everything I did seem couldn't fulfill any of my emptiness :( What kind of emptiness? I really don't know.
SugarBun - lunch
Noodle & Bird
Kuching - Cat City
Belacan Beehoon- Song Kheng Hai
Bar Zing! - Travilion

GAWAI BBQ - ALYSHA'S HOUSE [ ] - 1.6.2006 Thursday

WARNING: Bandwidth sucker...

Alysha was having a BBQ session at her place. So went over before 6pm to help up but then the person in charge of the grill only turned up about 45 minutes later. So nothing much we could do, we just lazed around while waiting for him

Finally... the guys started to make fire with newspapers. The charcoals we used were made from coconut shells. This is the first time I came across coconut shell charcoals. When it's burnt, there some sort of weird smell produced. Not so sure how to describe it but ewwwwwww... hate that smell ;p

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