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HAPPY 49th INDEPENDANCE [ ] - 31.8.2006 Thursday
Happy Merdeka Day!

I took some photos/videos from the live telecast few minutes before the clock striked 12 last night. Then a few minutes after 12 too.

I woke up at 10am this morning and the parade had finished :P so no photos from there.

Video of countdown added...

GREEN GREEN GRASS BY THE... [ ] - 30.8.2006 Wednesday

Left: See the two Banglas sitting on the green green grass, seemed like they are having a great time there, chattting, smoking, sitting comfortably on the green grass... breathing fresh clean air...

Right: This is where they sat!!! It's not a garden or whatever... it's a roundabout LOL... enjoying fresh air?? I think they are enjoying the exhaust fume.

Usually it's dogs "playground" but this is the first time I see human sitting there enjoying themselves. I don't know to call this funny or what? Just a rare sight from my bedroom window.

OH... It's Merdeka Day tomorrow, I was asked to be the host again for our webtv but I don't want to wake up so early for the parade :P ehehe... also didn't want to stay out for the countdown, I rather stay home and sleep. By the way, I'm hearing all the sirens and honks every few minutes because they would pass by this roundabout, all the VIPs are going to the city center for the countdown tonight from Petra Jaya. Road blocks everywhere too. Jam jam jam... Happy Jamming!!! :P two hours plus to go... counting... counting...

GOT MY PHOTOS!!! [ ] - 29.8.2006 Tuesday

Collected my photos from Alvin today. Will scan them when I got hold of a scanner and will do some arrangements for the photos.
View my photos>>>

ORANGE [ ] - 28.8.2006 Monday

Walked right in and the scent of orange filled your nostril. Orange smells like orange. :P

POINT ONE - BDC RH PLAZA [ ] - 26.8.2006 Saturday

Quick one again. Very busy these days.
Went to Point One BDC RH Plaza (It's supposed to be Green Heights RH PLaza but many refer it as BDC) for lunch after meeting a client.
The food there are pretty expensive. Taste wise, very common nothing special.
Left: Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice (RM5)
Right: Black Pepper Prawn Rice (RM5)

While dining, we heard very loud sound from the sky. We thought that there might be an emergency landing needed that's why it circled the sky to dump fuel before landing. We asked the people around and they're not sure too and it's their first time hearing that also. It's deafening but the sound of aircraft engines really make my adrenaline rushing and excited. Strange huh? Don't know why. I love that sound. It's actally military jets preparing for 31st August celebration. They were praticing their formation.

SLICE MY OWN HAIR! [ ] - 25.8.2006 Friday

Well... You can't see much here coz I only cut my front hair heheheh... I took a razor blade and sliced my front hair gradually through the strands. There... I have fringe now :P Ehehhe... It turn out ok, not a total disaster but not very obvious. Well... not much different really, I dare not to slice too short. I sliced at least 15cm or so but it's still long. Oh I did it after washing my hair, that's why it's straight in the first photo. The second was taken after it's dried.

Got inspired by one of the snippets in Cleo August 2006 issue :P Hehehe...
"Make razors work double time for you: Instead of using a pair of scissors to keep your fringe in check, try a disposable single-blade razor and make sure it's single blade unless you want to end up with split hair. Pull your dry fringe forward and hold hair taut at the ends between fingers and slice the blade gradually through the strands till you get your desired length."

By the way, no makeup!!! Only colourless lip balm LOL... but the second photo, I did photoshopped my eyebags and dark circles. The flash was too harsh and it emphasized too much on them.

I did cut my hair once before. It was years ago and ehehhe... It was OK because I have natural curls and I already have layered cut, even though I simply cut, it had not much effect. I didn't know what got into me that time. I actually cut my own hair by backcombed all my hair and started snipped, snipped, snipped... Of course following the length where it's short, it's short; where it's long, it's long.

Please don't try it at home :P I'm not responsible for any damage. It's best to leave your hair to the pro.

P/S: My camera is back. Don't want to talk about it anymore. Tired...

MEMORIES (2) [ ] - 24.8.2006 Thursday

Another quick one. Pretty busy these days.

Went for supper/snacks at Memories. Things there are pretty pricey.
L-R: Watermelon juice(RM5), strawberry milkshake(RM5.90) , french fries(RM4) and lastly we saw something funny. The sign stated "This is an non-smoking section", actually I noticed it the first time I went there, now finally it's corrected. They striked off the "n".

Ok... That's all. Busy... Busy...

Previous post: Memories Grand Cafe

GRADUATION MOOD [ ] - 23.8.2006 Wednesday
Haven't log in to Friendster for ages and wow... I notice that most of my friends are having graduation fever, they post tonnes of their graduation photos in there. It happened that all the convocation of M'sia's universties are in the month of August. This year and last year are the times where mostly those that left high schools in the year 2000 graduated from their degree programme.


KOREAN DA OM BBQ HOUSE [ ] - 21.8.2006 Monday
After watching Garfield 2 at Outdoor Movie Carnival, we decided to go to try out the new Korean restaurant at Jalan Song, Korean Da Om BBQ House.


YOU'VE GOT MAIL - OPEN AIR MOVIE CARNIVAL 2006 [ ] - 20.8.2006 Sunday
After "dinner" at food fair we went to Amphitheater.

I got these tickets for free :P

KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(11) - FINALE [ ] - 20.8.2006 Sunday
It's the last day today! Grabbed some simple dinner or I would rather refer it as snacks from food fair before going over to Amphitheater for the Open Air Movie Carnival.


JUNCTION CAFE (2) [ ] - 19.8.2006 Saturday
Just a quick one... :P

It's actually Kiwi Turn not Kiwi Twist :P I'm so lazy to edit the pic again.

EARLY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION [ ] - 19.8.2006 Saturday

We celebrated Jimmy's birthday at food fair. I'm not the one organizing it. I'm not the kind that will organize party or whatever. I'm just a lazy girl ahahah... It's organized by Nien and Wei. The theme for the birthday was Cosplay and we had two cakes for it. See the four people in front of me? You know who are they?
Happy birthday! Well... one day early. It doesn't matter. We have a video for it too... Not to forget... I'm the host again! :P Hahahaah... I'm still as stiff as ever.

KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(10) - LAST TWO DAYS [ ] - 19.8.2006 Saturday

The last two trip of food fair. We were there to celebrate Jimmy's birthday. Will blog about this later.

Left: Scallop sushi(2 for RM4) and octopus sushi(2 for RM4). This is from the stall called Home Made Sushi.
Right: Sambal Deep Sea Stingray(RM6). It tasted OK with the sambal however the sambal wasn't enough .


KFC - VARIETY BUCKET [ ] - 18.8.2006 Friday

Mom's lazy to cook so we went out for dinner. When we reached Crowne Plaza a.k.a Riverside, the one opposite Waterfront, don't mix this up with Crown Square at Pending. Between Sugarbun and KFC, we decided to go for KFC, it's much cheaper :P



Had a drink and snack at Somerset Gateway after paying a brief visit to the Open Air Movie Carnival. Will blog about this thinggy soon. Let's go back to our topic, Coffeemaster. I noticed that everytime I go there, you will definetely smell the strong coffee aroma all over the place but today hmm... none. Very clean air LOL...

Left: Sunrise Ice Blended (RM5.50 if not mistaken), it's sweet and sour. It's a concoction of orange juice and vanilla.

Middle: Ice American Coffee (RM3.50 if not mistaken).

Right: Cheese Sandwich (RM4 if not mistaken). I like this. Everytime I come here, I will order the sandwich if I'm ask to order some food. Pretty expensive don't you think? It's not big summore but it tasted great.

Ah well... I couldn't really recall the pricings. Everytime I'm here, it's ppl's treat so never bother about the pricings :P

KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(9) - SUPPER [ ] - 17.8.2006 Thursday

Went to Kuching Fest after dance class for supper.

Left: "Ji Ba"... Ok... don't think so much! It's not that foul word "cxbai". I heard that it's Hakka traditional food. RM2 per box. It tasted like "muaci". "Muaci" has peanut powder/red bean paste etc. as the fillings and the outer layer texture is sticky and chewy. This is the opposite, the peanut powder is coated outside. The dough is sticky and chewy. Hmm... Many said it's nice but nothing special to me.

Right: (L-R) "Yuan Su Ji Kuai"(direct tanslation to English for each word is "Salt Crispy Chicken Nuggets") LOL... I really don't know what it's called in English, fried squids and sweet potato sticks.

All used the same batter and deep fried. The fried squid is RM1.50 per sticks, chicken nuggets are RM2.50 per 100gram and sweet potato sticks are RM1.60 per 100gram. We bought 100gm chicken nuggets and 3 fried squids. All together is RM7. Hmmm... pretty expensive and portion is small.

WHO'S RIGHT? WHO'S WRONG? [ ] - 16.8.2006 Wednesday

BAM!!! I heard something. I thought someone might had knock into our parked car. This is because it happened before but lucky it was our Pajero, tough enough and high enough so nothing damaged. I opened the door and saw nothing. I went to the window and saw this(left pic)!

What do you think? Who was right? Who was wrong? You will sure say the one at back was wrong. Hehehe... It's not! It's the front one.
The Pajero was supposed to stop but didn't stop and rammed into the Proton. The whole bumper of the Proton broken(the big chunck next to the Pajero's back wheel) and the front part of the proton was damaged. The impact seemed pretty hard. Lucky no one was hurt.

Sorry for lousy picture ehehhe... I have no camera and had to used my sis' phone.

COMBO LAKSA [ ] - 15.8.2006 Tuesday

Had this last in 2004. Special huh? I did blogged about it in 2004 but it's so hard to find the post. I tried to go back to look for them and it took me ages and I had to go tru' every single post of mine which I'm kinda relunctant to do so... Coz I don't have the courage to read tru' them. I just don't know why? Even thought nothing "serious" in there but I have this hard feeling to go back and read them :'( could it be... Nuh.. I don't know...

Ok... back to this laksa...


KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(8) - OPENING CEREMONY [ ] - 13.8.2006 Sunday

<<<<<<<< VIDEO ADDED! >>>>>>>>

"Oh my... it's so romantic darling! *MUAH* It's so nice! Thank you very much!"
"*Down on his bended knee* Will you marry me my sweety pie?"
"Oh yes! My chuchu! I do!"
Then the couple sat there looking up the sky, kissing each other under night sky brightened by the fireworks!
Star light,
Star bright,
Let the fireworks,
Brighten up the night sky...
Isn't it great?


3RD POST OF THE DAY! [ ] - 13.8.2006 Sunday

HAHAHA... my third post of the day. Just a quick one.

WHAT? Robbery!!! People robbed the bank? It happened at Alliance Bank near Sarawak Plaza. What do you think? Nuh... don't worry, it's not ehehhe... Notice lately the wind is big and you can see the trees swing here and there? Even when I wear my skirt, my skirt almost flew up because of it. Lucky I'm fast enough :P However, this wind is not a good wind, it's bad! It brought the haze here and it's humid. Summore, your car or your house or anything will be coated with dust in just one day. Scary. Imagine you are breathing this day in day out? Sigh...

My dad went up to the guard and asked what happened to the glass door? The guard said the wind was too strong until the door broke! Wow... Why like that? Geee... Maybe the door is already weak, means already has wears and tears and finally it couldn't stand the strenght of the wind, it broke into pieces.

We went to lunch at Tun Jugah Food Court. Then at 2pm, a contest started at the atrium. It's DIY furniture assembly competition organised by local furniture manufacturer. One of the prize for the winner or all the participants will be the bench they assembled (I guess...). So that's all heheeh... I will post another soon I think.

ROTI TISU [ ] - 13.8.2006 Sunday

Let's talk a bit about food. This is roti tisu. Bought it at one of the stall in Kuching Festical Food Fair. I did briefly talked about it here. Finally know what it's called. Hmm... it's crispy, salty and sweet. The red thing is rose syrup. It's good to share with friends, eating it on your own isn't fun and some parts are kinda oily. The texture and taste is 90% like those French puff biscuit just that it's only one layer.

Once my mom accidentally overheated the frozen Roti Planta(roti canai with lot's of butter/margerine that sold in the freezer at the supermarket), it's almost the same like french puff biscuits too. If heated it longer, then... TADA!!! You have your French puff biscuit already!

It's RM3!!! I think it's expensive! Hmm.. Anyone know the market price for it? I heard that KL version's is without rose syrup. Oh... I have a video for this too but I'm not sure Nien will edit it or not?

PIKOM PC FAIR 2006 [ ] - 13.8.2006 Sunday
Remember the funny incident yesterday? It's in the video!!! LOL... This post comes with a video! YAY!! Video!!! I'm hosting it!!

PIKOM PC FAIR 2006 is held at Permata Car Park, 5th floor. It's from 11-13 August. There are 41 companies take part with the total of 56 stalls.


WHAT THE **** IS THIS!?!? [ ] - 12.8.2006 Saturday

What a day! Two things happened just now. One at Pikom PC Fair and another at Kuching Festival.

Lets talk about Pikom. Well... quite a funny story but at the same time very frustrating. We walked walked walked and came to this Canon booth by C**al. I saw Canon Ixus I Zoom there and it reminded me of my camera. I immediately went over and wanted to test it but no battery and memory card in there. Then the promoter placed them in and demostrated it to us. The first demo... GOSHHH... It's so damn funny. She shake the cam and take picture while shaking it.

Promoter: This model is a hot cake, we left 2 only units here now. Quickly grab it! You see ah... I shake it up and down, left and right, and take pic, you see, you see... [showed us the taken pic] it's still so clear and it's not blur!
Me(talking to myself):[smiling and nodding to her, actually I almost burst into laughter] Of course lar darling... the flash is on of course it's not blurred![rolled eyes]


INSTANT NOODLES [ ] - 10.8.2006 Thursday
Ah well.. not much stuff to update lately. All I can say is that the haze is really bad. It's windy these days but it brings all the haze here. Sigh...

Back to our topic. Hmm... I'll be talking about instant noodles.

Today is the 15th day of the seventh month of Lunar calender! It's Ghost Festival which it's believe that all the ghost will be released and roam on Earth. There's two seventh months in this year's Lunar Calender. Therefore they will be released twice. Next month is supposed to be the Mid Autumn Festival(Mooncake Festival) but there are two times of 7th month this year, so it will have to wait till the next next month to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival. That means, we have 13 months for the Lunar calender this year!!

In conjunction of the nearing of the Ghost Festival, Earth Dance performed a "ghost musical theater" for the opening dance of Kuching Festival Performance on Monday night.


JUNCTION CAFE [ ] - 7.8.2006 Monday
Went to Junction Cafe for a drink on Saturday night after the food fair. Too many people at the fair so we left early to find a place to have a drink. It's not planned, we didn't know where to go. Then I remembered that there's a new cafe opened near MAS office, we went there to try out. Previously the shop was Max Collection, they closed down already and replaced by this new cafe.


KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(6) - GARDEN SHOW [ ] - 6.8.2006 Sunday
OK... here's the Garden show photos.

The rest are pretty much the same as last year's. This one is quite special. At least something different. The water fountain that produces "ding ding dong dong" sound.

This is how it works(see the left picture):
The water flows down from the tube of the big rock to the wheel(green wheel), and it turns the wheel where it's hold by a horizontal rod(green rod) with "teeth". Then the "teeth" will hit the row of metal surface(brown) with the metal sticks(green) and creates the sound. The theory is like the spinning "barrel" thing in a classical music box and also the xylophone. Geee... I really don't know how to explain, suddenly my vocabulary is so limited LOL!


KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(5) - PARADE [ ] - 5.8.2006 Saturday

Before watching the parade, we had our dinner first. The dinner wasn't good. Lousy cha kueh-RM3 for so small portion!(left) and lousy burger(right). Worst, had to wait so long for the burger. Sigh...


KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(4) - FOOD AFTER DANCE [ ] - 4.8.2006 Friday
After class last night, we went to Kuching Festival food fair to hunt for some food to feed our hungry stomach. Pretty easy to find parking space since it's weekdays and quite late already, it's about 9.30pm. It's not very easy to find a seating place though... have to try your luck and count ourselves lucky that we found it not long after bought our food.

We're "conned"! Mexican Roti(Bread in Malay), each costs RM2.50 for Beef Mexican Roti. Only left 4 of them that time and they placed them two in a box. We asked how much does one cost, we were told it's RM2.50, so since only the last four left, we bought all and expecting to be RM5. Then we bought another snacks, fried mushroom. I don't know how to explain this kind of mushroom, it's quite big. In Mandarin is "bao yu gu" direct translation would be "abalone mushroom" :P a box of it costs only RM3 with 10 of them in there. It's deep fried and sprinkled with 5 spices powder. All together, it's RM13. RM13?!?!?! It should be RM8 only!!! Then we realised that, the Mexican Roti is RM2.50 each not RM2.50 per box. Wow... damn expensive man!! Felt cheated. Pretty full eating these but I don't like the Mexican Roti. Just not my taste.

Then, Pinky said she wanted to eat Takoyaki(right) and chicken chop(left). So she went to hunt for them and bought them back. I'm so full already but heheheh... I still eat them. I'm not sure how much were they. The chicken not so bad :) There are two types, spicy and non-spicy. The one here is spicy. The Takoyaki were small and it tasted different from what I had before in S'pore. It was bigger and more flavour back then. Ah well... cannot compare of course. I had never had any "real" Tokoyaki so I have not much comment on it. "Real" as in straight from Japan :P

So... that's all for the night. Our supper at the food fair. :)

KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(3) - EARTH DANCE PERFORMANCE [ ] - 3.8.2006 Thursday
Finally got the photos and time to edit :) Not much will be said. Just share the photos with you. Will take up quite a lot of bandwidth... It's Earth Dance performance for Kuching Festival on 31st July 2006. This Sunday, they will have another performance from 9pm-11pm.


5X TAG [ ] - 2.8.2006 Wednesday
Just a "5" tag last week. Now another one but it's different. The questions seemed short but it's actually pretty long. Ann tagged me yesterday, so here's mine:

1) Name 5 people who are currently on your current list of “most favourite blog mates”.(Mates... Hmmm... Will narrow it down to those that know me and I know them)
- Ann (My dear friend)
- Jimmy ("Ji Mui" ["sister" in Cantonese] LOL!!!)
- Alysha (Dance instructor)
- Ken (My sister's friend)
- Allen (Hmm... Kch very small, used to be my blog reader, then we found out that we have many common friends!!)


KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(2) - PHOTOS [ ] - 1.8.2006 Tuesday
I'm done with the photos :) Lots of them, pretty much a bandwidth sucker too.

We were there from 6.30pm-11.30pm. Main aim was to help Alysha to take video and photos of her dance school's performamce that night from 9pm-11pm however it dragged on till almost 11.30pm. I don't have their dance photos yet. Will upload the photos of the food fair and trade fair first.

The garden show. Haven't really explore it yet. There's one fountain that was quite interesting, it has the sound of wind chime.


KUCHING FESTIVAL 2006(1) - GUESS WHO? [ ] - 1.8.2006 Tuesday
*** Here's a smaller size video for easy loading if you are fed up of waiting for the big file to load. It's about 5MB ----> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEbIBuYzypw

I have tonnes of photos to edit. It will take quite a while. Went to Kuching Festival Food Fair with Jimmy, Chung Nien and Wei last night. Guess what we did? Sorry for dial up user... This video file is big, at least 12MB. It's a must watch!!! You'll regret if you don't! *EVIL GRIN*

By the way, it's in Mandarin but not much talking. Sorry to those who don't understand Mandarin. I'm not good in doing it in English. In was bad enough in Mandarin already, English would be worst. LOL... No preparations done, it's all directed and planned right on the spot. Meanwhil te, I'm going to edit all those photos taken last night.

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