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2 PIECE? [ ] - 28.10.2006 Saturday

OK! I'm not the English expert! I know my standard... I never really check what I've written and there are always typos and grammar mistakes, even if I had checked, there are still those that I missed.

See the picture? Correct or wrong? I think it should be "2-piece" or if not then "2 pieces" or "two pieces".

Anyway, speaking about words, I've done the new topic of One-At-All Project. This time it's about "Words you should know in my country".

BESTBERRY CAFE [ ] - 25.10.2006 Wednesday
So bored today and pretty tired facing the computer. Shoulder pain already because yesterday I had spent the whole day populating sarawakian.net. So went out to spend money -_-" At first wanted to just watch movie but I had not been into any movies lately so I'm kinda lost. At the end, went to Bestberry Cafe to sit and talk.

Bestberry Cafe is another new food establishment in Kuching. It's situated at the same row as Kaya & Toast and Mdm. Tang's at Petanak. For those of you that went to Kuching Fest before might have came across it. Red and black are used as their colour theme.


SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI [ ] - 24.10.2006 Tuesday
Today is a public holiday, tomorrow too but it makes no difference to me LOL... Used to go visiting years back but since last year no more. I've lost contact with my Muslim friends already.

Anyway... Here's a project I'm working on and hopefully it will be bigger and bigger soon. Do drop by and have a look. Join us if your want :) CLICK HERE! Currently, it only covers Kuching and I hope that it will be expended one day. More contents and features to be added, it takes time. Now then I realised that I've been to so many places to eat and getting all of them into the portal require lots of time and energy to do it. WOW!!! I've been spending my time today doing this yet only manage to get a few up only -_-", there're still more than 10 over places to be added!!!

PINOY GRILL CAFE [ ] - 23.10.2006 Monday
This is the latest food establishment in Padungan Kuching. Just one shop next to Padungan Police Station. Very easy to locate.


SERIAN TRIP [ ] - 22.10.2006 Sunday
Before that, the new topic for One-At-All Project is up already and I've done it. Click here to read...

Went to Serian and took some photos from Serian town and also from my grandparents house.

Left: On the road...
Right: Reached Serian Town. See the black dashed line? It's the mountain that couldn't be seen clearly. Not sure is haze or clouds. Most probably is haze because you can go to Indonesia border from Serian.

AM SO VAIN... [ ] - 21.10.2006 Saturday
Am I vain or you are the vain one? Hehehe... don't blame me! Blame them! :P

JUST SOME PHOTOS OF KUCHING... [ ] - 17.10.2006 Tuesday
Nothing much to update. So just post up some photos of Kuching that I took few months back. It's the area where the National Celebration of Malaysia's 49th Anniversary held way back in August, 31st.


CARPENTER STREET [ ] - 15.10.2006 Sunday
My aunt asked me to go to Carpenter Street with her since I did mention that I want to make my own jewelry because she knows a shop there that sells these stuffs.

Here are some views of Carpenter Street:


OH NO... HOW IMPORTANT IS MALAYSIA??? [ ] - 14.10.2006 Saturday
** Thank you very much to Jay. I had done the post. Click here to read.

OMG!!! My nightmare is here! This topic is really hard. Anyone mind to contribute some ideas? I'm really really stuck.

The new topic for One-At-All project for this week is "The importance of my country to the world". How important is Malaysia to the World? I really can't think much except Malaysians tend to spend money on imported products more than our local products because many of our local products are you-know-I-know-quality -_-". Besides that, we are pouring our money to overseas learning institutions by sending our children to study aboard such as to Aus, NZ, US, UK etc.

Any ideas? I have no-eye-deer...

ANOTHER RANDOMNESS... [ ] - 13.10.2006 Friday
It has been quite a week. Nothing much. Therefore nothing much to update.

1. See the photo on the right? It's our sun today. There is still haze but not that bad anymore. However, I'm still feeling a bit heavy headed. :(

2. Sigh... so many delayed payments. Money is running low now :( Quick quick pay us money please...
3. Money is running low, no more eating out(except when I don't need to pay for it). That is why you don't see much update on me eating out. My friend joked with me that since I'm blogging about food, I can put a notice saying that I'm open to food review invitation :P LOL... After eating them for FREE (YES, EAT FOR FREE *LOL*), I will review about them. Hmm... What do you think? It will never work at all!Who am I? Who will invite me? Better look at myself in the mirror first. *LOL*

4. I got hungry so easily these days. Even just one hour after having my meal, I'm craving for food again worst not just any food but Sarawak laksa, Tom Yam, Kimchi, beef steak, BBQ food, french fries, apple pie, KFC, steamboat, sushi, pizza, burger etc. Argggg.. :P Feed me, just feed me... Hungry Irene is not going to be a pleasent Irene. *LOL*

5. Hmmm... I noticed that some of my readers are going MIA now especially those that used to always leave comments in my posts :P You know who you are heheheh...

Ok... that's all... Oh I'm so hungry...

KING KONG BISCUITS [ ] - 11.10.2006 Tuesday

Familiar with it? Does it brings back your childhood memories? I remember that I had this like 16 years or so ago when I was still in primary school!!! Gosssh... I sounded like an old woman!

PURE FISHBALL CAFE [ ] - 9.10.2006 Monday

:( I've been sneezing non-stop. Hate it!

Strange Food post is done. Click here to read!

Went to PURE Fishball Cafe for dinner last night.

Left: Mix Fishball Soup (RM3.50)
Right: Butter Chicken Rice (RM4.50), best eaten when it's hot but the gravy was a bit too sweet.

HAPPY MID AUTUMN! [ ] - 6.10.2006 Friday

Happy mid autumn festival everyone!!! I don't see the moon... hmm... covered by the clouds? I heard fireworks everywhere but couldn't see them anywhere.

**WOW... just 2 contributors are enough already. I will be posting some of them not all. I'm going to filter them and only post strange/exotic food instead of our local delicacies since the topic is strange food. Thank you! Anyone that still want to share or add can post in the new topic when I got it done. Will let you know when it's done. Thanks again!

Ok... Go into the main point, I need your help. No matter where you're from, Malaysian or not, I don't mind as long that you've been to M'sia or stay in M'sia. What kind of strange food you encounter in Malaysia and you don't see in other countries. Exotic food or not, it doesn't matter as long that it looked strange or yucky or special or anything to you will do. We have a new topic in One-At-All Project now, we are talking about Strange Food and I'm suddenly out of idea .

Thought of posting about durian but it's everywhere in Asia. Thought about laksa, S'pore also got their own laksa and even M'sia has Sarawak Laksa and Penang Laksa. I'm thinking of Belacan Beehoon, from my limited knowledge, I think we can only get it in Kuching, Sarawak. Hmmm... What else? Help me... Give me your strange food and I will be posting more than one strange food in there. Of course I will mention about your contribution and if you have a blog, I will post your name with link to your blog.

Now another thing, I'm going to rant again! Or hmm... It's not rant I guess but rather an announcement. I had ranted about it before. YES! I'M DECLARING WAR!!!! Too much is too much! It's war time and I will make sure you pee in your pants! Don't ever try to step on my head! I will make sure you suffer even more and you will never have to chance to stand back up anymore!

MOONCAKES COLLECTIONS [ ] - 5.10.2006 Thursday
Wanted to post this since last month but always have other more important posts to post. According to the Lunar calender, it's going to be mid-autumn tomorrow. So when it's mid-autumn, there will be mid-autumn festival where people will eat mooncake, enjoy the full moon and play lanterns. Here's my collection of mooncakes.

This is from Sibu. Hmmm... I don't know what it's called in English. The cookies is made from pork fat!!! Not butter or margerine, it's PORK FAT!!! I shall call this PORK FAT COOKIES :P I don't like the taste and the smell (yuck!), I guess at the end, this will ended up in the rubbish bin.

Despite the haze, I still went but didn't go to the food fair section only at the Old Court House because Earth Dance was having dance performance. I went there to take some photos. The photos below are where the bonsai competition held. The photos should be nice but because of the haze sigh... I like the photo on the left.


HAZE ATTACK!!! [ ] - 4.10.2006 Wednesday
*SNEEZE**SNEEZE**SNEEZE* My nose is itchy!! Very very itchy!! :(
Damn...it really sucks big time!!! Thought that it's over and it comes again and this time even more serious. I have taken some photos to show you how serious it is. Due to the burning in our neighbour, it causes us in M'sia and S'pore blanket by the haze. The weather is HOT HOT HOT too!!!! No rain for more than a week already :(


ONE-AT-ALL PROJECT [ ] - 2.10.2006 Monday
I'm invited to join a project. I'm the representative of Malaysia!! WOW!! There are so many bloggers in Malaysia and I'm chosen to join it.

The project involves people from around the world. Each country is represented by one person. We will blog about a topic, then when new topic comes up, we will blog about the new topic again. Roughly there will be one topic per week for us to post.

Whatever I'm posting in there are more towards my perspectives rather than representing all Malaysians because it's impossible to do so as everyone has different views. If you want to add on to the post you are always welcome to join us by submitting your views about the topics in the commenting section. This way, it will help the content grows.

This project is called ONE-AT-ALL. Currently we had talked about "Death Penalty" and "Famous People". Hop over to pay us a visit. I've posted these:
Death Penalty - Malaysia
Famous People - Malaysia

FUSION CAFE (LI BAI) [ ] - 1.10.2006 Sunday
After the registrations, we went to Fusion Cafe (aka Li Bai) for some food and drinks. It's situated next to Tao.

I really don't understand why they use "Fusion Cafe", I mean... "fusion" is a noun, very common word that can refer to any cafe that serves fusion cuisne. It gives me the impression that it's a fusion cafe not "Fusion Cafe", get what I mean? Hmmm... I would refer it as Li Bai instead of Fusion Cafe or Libai Fusion Cafe sounds much better and not confusing. Imagine this...

WEDDING BELLS ARE IN THE AIR [ ] - 1.10.2006 Sunday
First of all, it's my 200th post of the year :)

Wow... so many weddings this year. Yesterday(30.9.2006) I went to not-so-familiar-friends marriage registration. Well... Actually I'm just being a busy body and went there to help them take photos though I know my photo taking skill sucks big time :P Since Jimmy was required to take video of the ceremony, there's no one to help take photos so I went LOL...

It's at the same place as Ann's, Teochew Association. However, the way they conducted it was different. The couples could choose the language they want. This time, it's in English and Teochew dialect.
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