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ELY & CINDY DINNER RECEPTION [ ] - 30.11.2006 Thursday

Let's talk about the food for the night...


CELEBRATIONS & CUSTOMS [ ] - 29.11.2006 Wednesday

Was quite busy last few weeks, that's why no update from one-at-all project. I had written two topics but didn't post it here. So here's the two of them:
In my country the days we celebrate are... Malaysia
Local Customs of My Country: Malaysia

ELY & CINDY CUSTOM WEDDING(PART-3) [ ] - 28.11.2006 Tuesday


OK... It's dinner time! We reached there at about 5.40pm to set up the video camera but realised that an extremely long cable was needed for the video camera and projector to be able to connect to each other. Ely friend's called up somebody to send the cable over but that somebody was occupied with other works so we waited, waited and waited until 6.30pm, I guess... The dinner supposed to start by then but as I said previously, Chinese banquet will never start on time. Phew...


ELY & CINDY CUSTOM WEDDING(PART-2) [ ] - 27.11.2006 Monday


After the groom's house, they went to the temple to pay respect to the groom's ancestors before going to the bride's house for tea ceremony.


ELY & CINDY CUSTOM WEDDING(PART-1) [ ] - 25.11.2006 Saturday


Today is the day! I was hardworking enough to wake up at 4am and went to Ely's house at about 5.15am with Jimmy. I joined the groom's party -_-" I'm the only girl! *GULP* Had breakfast there and then took some photos while waiting for them to fetch the bride at 6am. It's so tiring compare to Ann's. Being the bridesmaid wasn't that tiring as being the "working party". Summore, theirs were much complicated than Ann's.

I will blog about this wedding by parts, so bear with me, you'll be fed with this wedding related posts for one week(I guess...). A lot! Besides, my battery died after the tea ceremony for the elders at the groom's house. The rest of the photos are in the groom's camera. Luckily he got another battery as it went low before the tea ceremony at the bride's house. This means that I can only blog about the starting part only. Will get the photos soon :)


ELY & CINDY WEDDING INVITATION [ ] - 23.11.2006 Thursday


30.9.2006, I attended their registration. Now the long awaited "BOMB" is here :P As we need to prepare "ang pao"(red packet that contain money) for the couple when attending their wedding dinner at Thian Court on 25th November 2006. That morning they will have their custom wedding ceremony.


ZHI WEI [ ] - 22.11.2006 Wednesday

Since Tang Ren Dessert House doesn't serve dinner, you can order your dinner at Zhi Wei, it's just next to it. Just let the waiter/waitress at Tang Ren Dessert House, then they will bring the menu over to you.

Left: The chopsticks and spoons in the drinking jar. The water was so so so hot!
Middle: Ice Lemon Tea, it's served in drinking jar.
Right: Belacan accompanying all the dishes you order.


TANG REN DESSERT HOUSE [ ] - 21.11.2006 Tuesday

Had gathering with my friends at Tang Ren Dessert House at Ban Hock Road. It's located at the same row as Mita Cake House. At first our plan was to go to Junction Cafe but it's closed on Tuesday. The dessert house serves a variety of "tang sui"/"tong sui". If you would like to have dinner, you can get your order from next door, Zhi Wei. Here, they only serve desserts.


PLAGIARISM [ ] - 20.11.2006 Monday

GRRRR!! It's not mine got plagiarised but our friend here, Jimmy, got this problem as he's so damn popular among the Chinese educated and those Chinese from overseas. I'm sharing the same server as him and he utilised almost 90% of the bandwidth. -_-" Our bandwidth used up quite fast. Recently, he found out that there are people copying his contents and hotlinking his photos, even copied his layout design. Not only that, shoutbox too! Insane or not?




Went to my alma mater's 60th anniversary celebration just now. The celebration was at Jubilee Hall. OH MY!!! I couldn't recognised most of my former teachers -_-" only could recognise a few but I didn't talk to them. They were too busy and I'm busy minding my own business too, that's taking pictures :P I didn't see many ex-classmates or ex-schoolmates there. Hmmm... Ah well... Maybe it's because I sat at somewhere faraway from most people as I was sitting with the students becuase there were extra seats. I was there to fill the seat. Dad was one of the organizing committees therefore my mom, my bro and I were there just to fill the odd seats :P It was packed! Around 700+ ppl attended.

L-R: Special magazine just for the occasion; The VIP seats and the stage.

DENGUE, AEDES [ ] - 18.11.2006 Saturday

It's this time of the year again. My area is dupped as the black area since last year after so many were down with dengue fever including my 2 uncles and my friend's family members.

Fogging had been done almost every 2, 3 days lately. Either early in the morning or in the evening. I guess there are people that are down with it or just a precaution as it's already a black area. If precaution isn't taken, then I think our new mayor will be in big trouble. *LOL*

TM NUTS?!?! [ ] - 17.11.2006 Friday

YO!!! Lack of update lately, pretty busy with work also nothing to update.

Sigh... any of you having problem with your Streamyx? Damn it! I've been having this problem for almost a week. Use... use... use... then out of sudden, no line. I have to restart my modem to get the line back up. Then, use... use... use... no line again. On and off, on and off, repeating the whole thing almost every one hour. GRRRRRRRRR!!! Fine! Previously due to maintenance and upgrading works. After that, it was smooth and now? GRRRR!!! It's getting on my nerve. Imagine you are typing tonnes of messages in your IM and all didn't get tru' and the person on the other side was waiting for your responses but he/she received nothing summore MSN didn't give error message too. Very annoying dont' you think so? Not only they are nutsss!!! It's making me NUTSSS too! How nuts is nuts? Lucky I'm not like that. Read and hear this...

That's all f or now. I hope there will be something to update next week :-) Take care for now!

Update: CRAP! Now my phone speaker is really dead. I can only use vibrate mode. Not sure when the battery will die?

LONELY? [ ] - 14.11.2006 Tuesday

Are you as lonely as --->?

Do you still remember this, Ann? Heheheh...

Ok... Nothing much to update actually. Just to let you guys know that the new topic of One-At-All Project is up. This time, it's about The Most Important Fact in My Country's History. I had wrote mine. Go to read if you want.

SARAWAKIAN.NET [ ] - 11.11.2006 Saturday

sarawakian.net was in the International Times, our local Chinese daily on the 7th November 2006.

The site is not fully completed yet. There are still lots of things to add. It started less than a month ago. This is another project I'm working on. Do give us your support to make it big. We need more contents. If you can contribute, do let me know.

Currently it's in English. Soon we'll have it in English and Chinese.

Click to read...

MERDEKA PALACE BRIDAL FAIR 2006 [ ] - 10.11.2006 Friday

:( Was late!!! I was supposed to go there to take fashion show photos. The launching was at 5pm, that's why I went there later because usually it would be the ministers or whoever give speech, then the fashion show will start but... But... NO!!! The fashion show was early!!! By the time I reached there, it's the final part already and managed to get these only...
Sigh... Oh by the way, most of the models are the same as those in WOW. Also presented by My Wedding Collection. Most gowns are the same too. There will be another bridal fashion show tomorrow at 7.30pm. It's held at the lobby of Merdeka Palace Hotel and Suite. This fair will end on 12th Nov.

RANDOM... RANDOM.. RANDOM... [ ] - 8.11.2006 Wednesday

Long time no update... Nothing much happened.

1. Work, work, work... However, it doesn't really pay off :( Especially when there are dity businessmen around. Heck! All businessmen are dirty. That includes me as well. You want to play dirty? Be my guest! Let's get dirty!

2. The new topic of one-at-all project this time is about one thing that Malaysia doesn't have. I've done the post last week. Very short one with only 1 sentence :P Feel free to read.

3. Sigh... It's so hard to organised a gathering. It's not a big one, just 6 ppl only. OI!!! I hate it, you know! When I ask you ppl to give me a date on when you are free, don't reply me with,"You set a date and I will confirm on that day!" WHAT THE ****! Right! You'll never know what comes up the last minute but at least commit a day and 2 hours or less to the meet up! It's not that we meet up everyday. It's like only once in a blue moon! Well... Maybe you are not interested to meet up, that's why you don't even care. If you really care, I'm sure you will give me a specific date or at least tell when when you are not free so that I can take those days out of considerations! I have enough OK!?!!? Ann, I think I'm "resigning" to be the "organiser". FED UP! FED UP! FED UP!

4. Grrr... Pay up lar you ppl!!

5. My phone is ill. The battery has problem then now the speaker has problem. It's time to change to a new phone but goshh! It's damn expensive! RM1200!! Well.... You might said ask me to get a cheaper one but NO! It's not worth it to spend money on things that you are not satisfied with! Summore, stick with it for a long time. It's so hard for me to finally decide on the phone I want. It took me almost 1 year to decide OK?!?!? Finally had decided but damn you ppl! Pay up lar! Sigh...

6. ARGGG!! Air Asia is having tickets for RM19.99(exclude airport tax) to KL or Johor Bahru(S'pore) for the travel period of January to March. I WANT TO GO TO S'PORE!! :( Can afford the tickets, can't afford to spend there.

7. Stop saying that we IT ppl must have have the latest gadgets! SUCKSSS!! Who can afford those?!??!? Grrr... Summore this statement came from those ppl that don't pay up! Grrr... Who doesn't want that? I wish I can own all the lastest tech gadgets but I can't afford that kind of luxury! Damn it! You thought everyone is as rich as you?!?! So.. what can I do? I can only make use of whatever I have since they serve the same purpose. Anything wrong with that?

LAM'S PLACE [ ] - 5.11.2006 Sunday

Mom was lazy to cook, so we went to Lam's Place for a "beefy" lunch :P Lam's Place is situated at Chung Lin Park. Just next to Abbie salon. I went there last year end. This is my second time. They specialised in stewed beef.

Left: The interior. During work days, it's always packed.
Right: Peppermint Tea(RM1.20)

ROOM 205(2) [ ] - 4.11.2006 Saturday

Went to lunch with Sue(my blog reader) that came back from US yesterday. We walked from Holiday Inn to Room 205 at Padungan. YES!! WALK!! *LOL* With me wearing my 2 1/2 inches heels and somebody spotted me!!!*FREAKY* This is my second time walking for such a distant. The first time was 10 years ago I think. We went to Padungan area to look for a place to dine since there are lots of places that are new to her and to me too.

We ordered 3 lunch sets that cost RM9.90 per set. The set includes rice/noodle/kueh tiaw+ drink(lemon tea or peach tea)+dessert(coconut pudding)+free flow of salted veggies soup.
I ordered pineapple fried rice, WOW!!! Big portion!!! I was so full! Lots of chicken floss, lots of cashew nuts too.

WOW - WORLD OF WOMEN(2) [ ] - 3.11.2006 Friday


Continue from previous post...
Let us proceed to the traditional gowns and evening gowns... They were too fast, therefore couldn't really get proper pictures of them.


WOW - WORLD OF WOMEN(1) [ ] - 3.11.2006 Friday


Today is the first day of WOW Expo aka World Of Women Expo @ Civic Center, it will last for 3 days from 3rd-5th Nov. This event is jointly organised by Cahaya Teknologi, Integrated FM in conjunction of State Level Women's Day Celebration 2006.


COUNTRY COURT [ ] - 2.11.2006 Thursday

Hmm... It seemed like I'm not the only one feeling tired and sleepy during the waking hours and when we hit the sack, the sleepiness is gone. This causes us to not having enough sleep. What's wrong? Sigh... Making me less productive and having bad mood.

Back to the main topic. After meeting a potential client, we went to lunch at Country Court. Sigh... It's so hard to decide where to eat when money is running low. Although coffeeshop is the best option but because it's really really hot these days, really can't stand the heatm summore not feeling very well. ARGGG!!! Hate it!

Country Court is situated next to Jojo Cafe, the same row as KFC and Pizza Hut at Rock Road. It's easy to go into the wrong door since both of them(Country Court ans Jojo Cafe) are just next to each other. Besides that, the design concepts are the same too.

LOST IN TRANSLATION [ ] - 1.11.2006 Wednesday

Two more months to go to 2007. If you have noticed, usually end of the year, I'm turning into a devil. I would complain, rant, scold, pick on people or whatever... It seemed like the devil is coming now...

Remember that during Raya there was a news saying that the government is going to prosecute whoever that tarnish our national language such as mixing it with other languages. It had caused quite a debate in the Internet, be it in the forums or blogs.

Click to read...(almost 500KB)
LOL... Kiss my ass for that! It won't work. You know how they can't even stick to their own rules and expect us to stick to it? What a shame!

I read The Borneo Post on Monday and stumbled upon this article. It's super hillarious!!! I think you should read it too. The author really did a good job in this article. With this... What do you think about that "law"? Is the cock talking or what? Ah well.. The article might not be 100% related but still it's about our national language and English. I can do better translation than those people yo~

GO! Read it and have a good laugh over it! By the way, it will only work on those that know Malay language else you won't get it at all. HAPPY READING or according to the article it would be GEMBIRA MEMBACA!!!
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