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MAKE OVER [ ] - 29.12.2006 Friday

Don't puke... Don't puke... Suddenly I have the urge to change my style. From my usual simple, minimalist style to something CUTE!!! Cute handbags, cute shoes, cute babydoll dresses, laces and ribbons etc. *LOL* This is going to cost me a BOMB! Hahaha... Well... Just a thought, don't think will do it. *blek*

BOXING DAY(26.12.2006) [ ] - 27.12.2006 Wednesday

Second year already... One thing leads to another and I'm still in the a deep shit! :( If only it didn't happen 2 years ago and I won't be in this shit. Who to blame but to blame myself for getting into such shit! I'm so numb. I'm not feeling happy, I'm not feeling sad, I'm not feeling angry, I don't feel anything! I only know that I'm having very big problem. I want to move on but I'm stuck in this shit. Damn sticky shit!

Earthquake happened yesterday in Taiwan. It had caused a major breakdown to the Internet today. I couldn't acess all the sites hosted in the US . Couldn't go into Google, MSN, Yahoo, CNN etc. This includes my own blog. Fortunately sites hosted in M'sia, S'pore, Australia and China were fine but since most sites are hosted using US servers, you can't really go anywhere. I can't work!!! So many deadlines to meet SUCKSSSS!! I don't think I can even launch my new blog on time :(

Had gathering with friends yesterday. GOSHHH... All the places that I had decided were closed! I knew that many places will be closed on Tuesday. However, many more closed yesterday because they opened on Chirstmas day and decided to take a break on Boxing Day. At first, the plan was Bestberry. Then, Sharing Planet. After that, Orange. Next, Great Kitchen. At the end... Ended up at McD and the coffeeshop next door, Food Garden. What a record! I had BBQ chicken wings, RM2 each, ordered RM10.

CHRISTMAS MORNING [ ] - 25.12.2006 Monday

Went to church on Christmas morning. Wow... It was hard to find parking though I went there 15 minutes earlier compare to the usual time hahaha... On normal Sundays, I reached there (reached there in my car not in the hall yet) at about 8.40am+ but the service already started like 10 minutes ago. Hehehe... At the end, I ended up in the hall around 8.40am+ even though I went there 15 minutes ealier this morning :P The journey from my house to the church is less than 5 minutes *LOL* So judging from that, I'm only out of the house on usual Sundays at about 8.35am+, 5 minutes after the service started. Such a lazy girl hehehe...
(I know that it's a bit hard to digest the above hehehe... nvm about that as I'm not sure what I'm babbling about too :P)

This year, the morning service is almost the same as usual Sunday servies as the Christmas performance is at night unlike last year. I attended the morning one only. Actually I had captured some short videos of the singing and dancing but haven't upload it yet. I'm not sure whether I want to upload or not. A bit lazy hehehe... -_-" Haven't decide on next year's blog's design yet, usually I had decided way before Christmas.


MERRY CHRISTMAS [ ] - 24.12.2006 Sunday

I'm here to wish you a very Merry Christmas first as tomorrow I'll be formatting my computer and won't be able to update. Have fun!

Chin Kwong Methodist Church was having a mass caroling around Sg. Apong area with more than 300 people expected to join just now. Before that, it rained so heavily and thank goodness, the rain stopped just seconds before they started at 7.30pm. Praise the Lord :)

ZHI WEI (2) [ ] - 23.12.2006 Saturday

No matter how busy, we still have to eat. :P A quick one here hehehe... Went to lunch at Zhi Wei. I wrote about it before. Therefore, I'll just share photos of the food with you.

The interior.


HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE [ ] - 22.12.2006 Friday

Happy Winter Solstice! :)

I'm 24 this year and I should eat 24 rice dumplings Hahaha... :P

I'm still busy with work. OH NO... 2007 is coming and I haven't got any idea on how to design my new blog. :(

3 expressions in one post *LOL*

CHINESE NEW YEAR MOOD [ ] - 21.12.2006 Thursday

OMG! Christmas isn't here yet and Chinese New Year Mood is around the corner already! You can even hear Chinese New Year songs last month!!! -_-" Now we got this:

Cookie samples for Chinese New Year. Whenever I see this, the feel of Chinese New Year is getting much more intense and I have this urge to shop for new clothes already hahaha... OK... That's all for now. Back to work.

BLOGGERS' MEET @ BING!(2) [ ] - 18.12.2006 Monday

Quick update here... Got my camera back! YAY!!! Finally it's back!!! I haven't get any candid shoots from anyone. Only manage to have the group photo. *SIGH* That's what I hate the most when I don't have a camera. :( I have to rely on people to send them to me. By the way, might be MIA for a while after this post but will still reply to comments as I need to get some projects done before Christmas and 2007. Nothing much will be happening as things that were planned before got cancelled and also rescheduled.


SHOP-SMALL-TWO [ ] - 17.12.2006 Sunday

I'm not kidding you. The eatery name is really Shop-Small-Two, it stated like this on its signboard and for those who know Chinese, the English name is obviously direct translation from the Chinese name, "Dian Xiao Er". *FAINT* The Chinese name already didn't make much sense to me and now the English name -_-"


CHONG QING STEAMBAOT [ ] - 16.12.2006 Saturday

We were told about a new steamboat outlet that serves spicy steamboat or in Chinese it's called "ma la huo guo". This steamboat originated from one of the area/part/state(not sure how to refer it as) of China called Chong Qing. We decided to try it out. The location is sort of behind the block of Choice Daily or right behind of Later Rain Church. It's very hard to find the place, don't know how to explain too hahahaha... You just have to drive around and you'll see it. The signboard isn't that obvious but it's located next to the coffeeshop there. In between them, they set up a canopy since extension of roof is illegal. I heard that this is where they sold China handmade noodle previously.


BLOGGERS' MEET @ BING!(1) [ ] - 16.12.2006 Saturday

I'm being asked not to blog so fast about the meet but hahahah... I'm going to now. Since I don't have any photos except our drinks and food photos, I will just show you what we had. I don't know what they're called, just enjoy the photosss... I'm waiting for them to send candid shoots and also group photos to me.


BUNGALOW LIBRARY CAFE [ ] - 15.12.2006 Friday

I didn't know it's a cafe. I thought it's some sort of place where people can rent books/comics. Who knows it's a place where you can chill out with your friends and they provide lots of books and magazines for your reading pleasure but bear in mind that they are all in Chinese. It's hard to explain the exact location. Bungalow is not a bungalow :P. They utilise the first floor of the shop. I have no idea how to read the Chinese words hahaha... Too deep. If you know Jade Pot Tea or Lepo(the shop that sells musical instrucments) at Jalan Keretapi, then it's just nearby. Actually to be exact the block next to them.


AIR ASIA TV AD [ ] - 14.12.2006 Thursday

I'm sure you heard of Air Asia. Our very own low cost airline founded none other by Tony Fernandes. Recently they have 2 versions of TV adverts launched. I had watched both on TV and they are GREAT! I love them! When you see the ad, you can feel that it's an airline full of fun and pretty people. Not only that, nice jingle too. In real life... Need me to say more? I only like them for their low fare other than that, I have nothing much to comment as I only used them for my flight to and from KL early this year. Anyway, they did a really great job on the advertisements!

In case you haven't seen them, here are the links for you. What do you think?
Version 1
Version 2

TOMATO BEEF LINGUINE [ ] - 12.12.2006 Monday

OK! It seems like this cooking time these few days :P I had always wanted to try to cook pasta not that I had never tried them before, I did a few times but weren't satisfied with the result. For this, I just added in whatever I think can be added. I didn't follow any recipe just followed my instinct and used the easiest way as possible.

- Portion of linguine is up to you.
- Portion of choped garlic is up to you too.
- 1 tin of Prego Spaghetti Sauce(tomato, basil and garlic), it can serve up to 3-4 persons though the tin stated it's for 2-3, ah well... it's up to you again. [Updated: I know why now :p Thanks Pretenders, I added half tin of water because I didn't want to waste the sauce so I diluted those in the tin with water. You can add water if you want to becuase the original texture of the sauce is very thick!]
- Minced beef, if you like a lot of beef, then add more otherwise add less.
- 1 tbsp. of cooking oil or olive oil


LIGHT & FLUFFY BANANA CAKE [ ] - 11.12.2006 Sunday

This is my first time making banana cake. Usually mom did it herself. As we had some over-ripe bananas, we decided not to waste it by making cake from it. I got this recipe from mama-diary. I had skipped some ingredients.

6oz butter
6oz castor sugar
2 large eggs
3 1/2 tbsp yoghurt (I skipped this)
3 large banana, mashed
8oz self raising flour, sifted

If you are using plain flour, use 8 oz plain/cake flour with 1tsp baking powder and 1tsp bicarbonate soda


CANDLE CHEESECAKE [ ] - 9.12.2006 Saturday

What a record! We did two cakes in 2 hours!!! I'll cover cheesecake first. I modified this recipe.

16oz cream cheese
1/2 cup sugar
2 eggs
3 tbsp. of self rising flour
biscuit crumbs and melted butter for crust


POSSESSED [ ] - 8.12.2006 Friday

This is the first and the last movie of 2006 that I had watched. Yes! My first and my last for 2006, you didn't read it wrongly. I'm not into movie and not even watching pirated DVDs or VCDs at home.

Got these tickets from someone. Thank you. :) Obviously, I'm going to review this movie today. The tickets' photo was taken last week and other photos in this post were taken with my brother's camera phone, I switched phone with him just for this. Went to watched it this afternoon. Mind you that I'm the person that is not into movies, nor a cinema goer. Therefore, I'm just giving feedback as a viewer that doesn't understand anything about the movie world. It's very simple, I'm the person that will complain when it's bad, will compliment when it's good but will not say anything when it's just so-so.


DAYS WITHOUT CAMERA [ ] - 7.12.2006 Thursday

So... no camera now. Though I still have many photos unreleas, I'm so lazy to go tru' them to blog about them. Allow me for another randomness...

1. Still can't locate my sunglasses :(

2. Finally got my phone battery replaced. Will hunt for new phone next year.

3. I still can't find time to watch "Possessed"(a local horror flick wholly filmed in Kuching, I'm sure it's much better than Legend of the Red Curse but I won't be expecting much though...) even though I had been given a VIP ticket for it. I wonder what is that so special about the VIP ticket? it's just a normal ticket except that I can watch the movie for free and Bjarne's(the movie director) own signature instead of the stamp signature. I'm not that lucky and popular to be given a premier ticket. However, can watch it for free is better than nothing. Then again no camera, I'm so not in the mood of going because I want to take photos of the cineplex with all the promotion posters etc. of the movie. Must find time to go else the ticket will be wasted.

4. Busy with work and also get my next year's blog done. Stay tuned for the whole new Sweet Surrender but dont expect too much, I'm just switching from the dinasour way of blogging to CMS way of blogging :P. If everything goes well, I'll launch it on 1st January 2007.

5. Found some cute stuffs at Kenayalang but since I have no camera now, I'm not buying them until I got my camera and blog about them. They are so cute!!! Hehehe...

6. Will be experimenting with some recipes but haven't have the time and worst still no camera. Geee... I'm getting lazy to blog without camera.

CIRCUMSISION FOR GIRLS? [ ] - 5.12.2006 Tuesday

Before that... I have no camera now :( Sent to Canon already, hope t0 get it back before Christmas. However, I still have photos that are not release yet so there are still stuffs to blog and of course not to forget I'm sensitive during the year end, so I'll rant, rant, rant and rant.

I didn't know that we have circumcision for girls in Malaysia. Hmm... What is that a boy's name? A "she"? *SCRATCH HEAD*

BLOGGERS MEET @ SUE'S [ ] - 3.12.2006 Sunday

The long awaited meet is finally here today. Miracle8 was the first to arrived and I'm the second one. We both tried to look for the unit where Sue's living and caused a bit of "stir" among her neighbours coz I got the wrong house! Hehehe... I left Sue's home phone number at home too. Called her mobile phone but it's forwarded to voicemail. At the end asked the guard for help *LOL* He was kinda blur with who we wanted to meet. I'm kinda stupid too. I should just tell the guard that we were looking for someone that just got back from the US! Yet I kept telling him her house was first unit and she's staying upstair. Hehehe... I forgotten that it's should be consider the second unit as it's the second door not the first door. Haven't been there for quite a while as I used to go there for a swim coz my uncle has a unit there.

Left: Scenery from Sue's balcony.
Right: Miracle8 bought these! I took the leftover back and I ruined them! :P The icings were all over the box because I had forgotten that they could roll!


HONG KONG NOODLE HOUSE, SABERKAS [ ] - 2.12.2006 Saturday

After meeting a potential client, we went to lunch. Couldn't decide where and ended up at Saberkas' Hong Kong Noodle House.

Left: Crispy Pork Meat Rice (RM4)
Right: Shrimp Wonton Noodle (RM4.50)

30 DAYS TO GO... [ ] - 1.12.2006 Friday

WOW... One month to 2007! How fast can time flies? SUPER DUPER FAST! Hmmm... let's have a bit of reflections for the past 11 months. Just a few, I don't plan to walk the memory lane.

Enough that the phone battery is having problem, next, the speaker problem cropped up. Of course before the phone, the camera problem! You know now... My camera's navigation button seemed to be like having a wee bit of problem AGAIN! Some funny sound can be heard when pressed on it, sometimes you hear it, sometimes don't. GAH! I HATE YOU CANON! I don't know when I should send it over to Canon as my warranty will end next month!!! Summore now the person that I sometimes share camera with is having problem with his camera too. ARG!!! No camera!!! How to live?!?!? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone temporarily let me use your camera? While I get mine fix? OH GOSHHH!!! SUCKS BIG TIME!!!! *CRY*

Hmmm... lost my sunglasses too! Hopefully can find it soon, I dropped it at a friend's house but my friend seemed not to able to find it. I don't want to buy a new one yet! It means spending money again! I'm not having very good financial position this year! SCREW YOU PEOPLE! PAY UP! PAY! UP PAY UP!

Not going to get a new phone for the time being, I'll wait until next year since there will be newer models next year. Will wait and see. Currently the mobile phone shop's boss is trying to find battery for me to replace my current battery. I hope he'll get it soon, sigh...

With these bad things, there are of course good things. Many of my friends got hitched this year and I got to be part of the wedding party. What an experience :) I had never involved in any and this year is my first time. Hopefully there will be more next year :P So that I can have more to blog about and be a "kaypoji" again though I will not want my wedding to be like theirs, I'm still having wonderful time helping them out.

Besides that, I was surprised with free movie tickets from my reader! Thanks to you whoever you are :P Also got chocolate and t-shirt all the way from the US from Sue. Thank you too! Also met some bloggers and this makes Kuching so much more smaller. Scary eh? Everyone seems to be like practically knowing each other!

AH OK... That's all for now. I don't know what else to say. 2007 COMING SOON! I'm not ready for it. *SMACK MYSELF* Hopefully next year my pocket will be fuller and some personal problems will be solved by then, judging from the current situation, I doubt that... :( I'm being negative again~~

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