Went to the health carnival at Kuching Specialist Hospital, a new hospital situated at Tabuan Laru area. They provided talks on heatlh and also you can get many samples like supplements and toiletries. They also provide offers like special price health screening and even free blood sugar test and also urine test that provide you with result in minutes.
The building.

Greetings from Mr. Bunny. The photo on the right, he posed for me for the photo but I had no flash on so it blurred, it kept on nodding its head.
The main entrance.
Magic show to entertain the little guest. See those hampers? It's for lucky draw.
The A&E department.
One of the talk that I managed to attend on massage for babies.

They also had lucky draw but we didn't stay till the full result was announced. So even if we got it, the prize will be given to another lucky winner because if I'm not mistaken, you must be there on the spot to collect your prize. When you reached there, you get the lucky draw form from the reception counter (I guess... coz I'm not the one getting the form). Then there were 5 places (if I didn't recall wrongly... health talk, pharmacy, lab, ward, A&E) that you need to go to get it stamped, the main aim was to get you to familiarized and tour the hospital. There were three talks but we only manage to attend the last one on babies massage. Attend any one of them will do. When it's all stamped, you're entitled for the lucky draw.

Were there from around 11am-2:30pm. Some ppl were there since early in the morning to get the special rate for blood test, urine test and so on. Pretty interesting event :) and very educational.

CHAP GOH MEI [ ... ]- 23.02.2005, Wednesday
The last day of CNY. Time flies... Today I received a Thank You card from Kev's family in Perth. It's quite a surprise, I wasn't expecting anything from them. I'm very touched and really thanked them for replying me. Hope that I can meet them in person one day.

Went to dinner at Thian Court with my family.
Lamb chop.
Don't know which part of the cow is this ;p
Seafood spaghetti, Man... I hate it with tuna. Tried this the first time.
Fish... & rice.Forgot what was this.
Ice... don't what is this called also.

I DO,I DO [ ... ]- 19.02.2005, Saturday
Watched I Do, I Do at Star Cineplex, Singapore comedy love story. Directed by Jack Neo, this director is known for his movies that potrayed Singapore's politics in a comical way. At first I thought that it's Hong Kong movie ehehe.. didn't notice it at first, only when I say "Mediacorp..." then I realized it's Singapore's movie. I Like Singapore's movie/drama, very cool...

It's about the love story of two 30-something singles looking for their other half by going tru' lots of ups and downs and merry-go-round. It also brought out the issues of Singapore's declining birth rate. The main reasons are all couples now are too busy to have babies and also raising a child requires a lot of money, so the government decided to give incentive to those having babies. Besides that, more and more people are getting married late and many avoid marriage because it's hard to find a suitor that can fulfill the requirements such as good looks, properties, feelings...(all in one) no body is perfect but everyone is looking for the perfect someone.

Not only that, it potrays the cumbersome system of the police and hospital hotlines that sounded like this, "Press 1 for English, An Er Hua Yu(Press 2 for Mandarin), Press 1 for roberry/broken neck, Press 2 for snatching/broken leg... Press 4 for suicide, Press 1 for leap from building..." also the selfishness of of S'porean. Very realistic.

It uses a lot of animation too until Singapore got snow!!! The traffic lights, street lights and also the plants could dance too! Pretty amusing. Overall it's a nice movie that you can laugh and at the same time learn something from it. Recommended, not only for couples but also family and friends. However, when I went there, it's all couples! EHhehe... all dating.

PEPPERMINT FUSION CAFE [ ... ]- 19.02.2005, Saturday
Went to Peppermint Fusion Cafe to accompany Jimmy for dinner before went to the cineplex.
The logo.
The interior.
Ice Honey Milk. Very very sweet...quite refreshing though...
They offer catering services, barbecue dinner, birthday party, theme dinner, functions and luncheans. Contact Mr. Patrik Chew at 012-8832812, 012-8082812. The address is: Ground Floor, Lot 287, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

TWIST OF FATE [ ... ]- 18.02.2005, Friday
Here's a poem that I had composed long time ago to my then bf, I had promised to complete it and send to him, no inspiration, it left uncompleted for more than 4 months. He didn't have the chance to read the completed poem and there wasn't any. The poem were without ending and now it's time to put an end to it

Sitting in the office,
Having lunch alone,
Wishing u online,
But not a single sign,
Thought that u will call,
Not a single call,
Staring at my phone,
Nothing with the phone,
Wonder how u are,
Wonder where u are,
Missing you each day,
Loving you each day,
Distant makes heart fonder,
It also makes heart suffer,
We were getting stronger,
Things were getting closer,
With sudden twist of fate,
Hopes shattered every state,
It just happened too fast,
Everything became the past,
"Goodbye" wasn't the last,
"I love you" was the last,
It's your time to go,
I need to let you go,
To go on with my life,
Starting my new life,
It's not an easy task,
It hurts me very much,
You wanted me be strong,
I will be as strong,
Life must still go on,
Only time can heal,
Thanks for loving me,

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY [ ... ]- 14.02.2005, Monday
It's exactly one month already. On the 14th of last month I received the news that he's dead. Well... nothing much today, work... work.. work... just stayed home nothing to do also don't know what to do.

It seemed like this year valentine's was quite quiet. Last year could see ppl's car with presents, roses... , this year I saw none... strange... the stalls set up were not much too.

Anyway... Happy Valentine's Day to everyone no matter u're single or attached.

CNY DAY 5 [ ... ]- 13.02.2005, Sunday
Went visiting after church service with Lilian. The we went to our secondary school's friends' houses. Visited two, Chia Fung and Catherine.

In the afternoon went to Jimmy's and Vincent's house. Went home in the evening, After dinner with family, went to one of my cousin's house. That's the end of day 5!

Work tomorrow!!! Sigh... Tired, sleepy...

PIZZA JUNCTION [ ... ]- 12.02.2005, Saturday
Went to Pizza Junction for dinner with family. First time there... their pizzas weren't bad. Reasonable price too.
The logo!
The interior.
One side of the menu.
Chicken wings.
Cinnamon stick.

Pizzas, each with two type of toppings, half-half, I couldn't recall the name for them.
Forgotten the name... kaya and banana on pizza dough baked in oven.
Mushroom soup sprinkled with rosemary.
Hmmm... I didn't have the full address for it. It's situated in Satok and opposite Fine Living, same row as Kotaraya Klinik.

CNY DAY 4 [ ... ]- 12.02.2005, Saturday
Visited Lizhen, and Khoon Haw's house. Then went home. Started from 3:30pm to 6pm. Everyone was late! Supposed to meet at my house around 2pm, and I waited for all of them to come for 1 1/2 hour! Thought that Khoon Haw would be the last ones, at least he's late for about almost 1 hour but then it turned out that Lee's the one that was late for 1 1/2 hour! Almost "grew mushroom" waiting for him...

Here's a shoot taken at Lizhen's house, I'm not in there, the one with me in it is in Lee's camera. Will need to wait till he e-mails it to me.

CNY DAY 3 [ ... ]- 11.02.2005, Friday
Went visiting with Lee, Lee Ling, Shirley, Audrey and our lecturer and his gf. We didn't plan to go to other lecturers' houses, only a few friends' house but since Mr. Chai was with us (Shirley asked him to meet us at Lee's house). That's how we started to go to other lecturers' houses too. Manage to go to Mr. Alex Chan's house. After that we went to Mr. Chai's house. Plan to go to Mr. David Ho's house but then not enough time, will go tomorrow with Khoon Haw, Lee, Lizhen and Lee Ling.

Pretty tired... tired because of laughing too much. Too many naugthy jokes. Sigh... working tomorrow... so will start visiting in the afternoon. Here's one of the group photos taken at Lee's house.
Left-Right: Lee Ling, Me, Shirlely, Mr. Chai, Audrey, Mr. Chai's gf. Back: Lee.

Guan... for your info if you're reading this, see anyone familiar in there? Eheheh... one of the catscity members (not me!). No going to tell you the person nick's. You'll meet h** at Catscity gathering soon, provided no "pang pui ki" LOL!!!

CNY DAY 2 [ ... ]- 10.02.2005, Thursday
Gee...my goodness... I'm so blur.. I had meesed up all the dates in this February post, change them already, hopefully nothing left out.

Woke up early today as I had to go to boss' house for visit with Jimmy. After that, went to Jimmy's friend's house. Then off we went to our ex-colleague's house. Yesterday, too much 1C, today too much "22"!!! Luckily wasn't that hard to locate.

Then, went home and stayed at home since then. Late in the evening followed my dad to his friend's house. Tommorow will be another day...will be visiting with Informatics friends the whole day.

CNY DAY 1 [ ... ]- 09.02.2005, Wednesday
Geee... no one noticed that my date in this blog was wrong!!! It's supossed to be February not January but all the date for the posts were January, LOL... I only noticed it now! Changed it already.

Woke up around 8:30am... had not woke up that late for agessss... usally I'm at work already this time of the day. About 11:15am, went around Kuching city to see how ppl celebrating CNY. Ppl were pouring in SUPP CNY Open House. Didn't go though, don't like this kind of event, very packed. In front of SUPP Hall, ppl were giving out free newspapers, See Hua Daily News, the only newspapers in Sarawak that started 365-day-non-stop-publication this February.

Had McD and KFC and also Maggie mee for lunch, mom wasn't in time to cook and I'm going out with Jimmy around 2pm for visiting and movie. Only managed to visit one of our ex-colleagues. We looked for her house for half an hour, too many Lorong 1C ;-p we were there for more tha one hour before we left.

After that, off we went to buy ticket for movie. At first plan to see Constantine at Star Cineplex but then I changed my mind, no mood to see that kind of movie. So we went to Riverside Cineplex to see whether there were any other movies... same thing... at last we decided on a new year's movie, Himalaya Singh, comedy movie. We're late because we had spent too much time for dinner at Pizza Hut due to their oven's problem.

The movie... comments??? Very funny that's all. Just for a good laugh. Hong Kong movie. After movie, we went home. This ended the first day of CNY. Tomorrow... CNY day 2... *sleepy*

CNY EVE... WELCOMING THE YEAR OF ROOSTER [ ... ]- 08.02.2005, Tuesday
Worked half day and back home started clenaing up,sweep, mopped, wiped, polished...

At night reunion dinner, for us it's just dinner with family. No uncles aunties, cousins... we had our own dinner.

Around 7pm, fireworks and fire crackers started to light up the night sky and put life into the quiet night. About 9pm++, it stopped, only a few are heard. At around10pm, ppl started again... it's like a competition, you could see and hear them eveywhere. Everyone was as if competing to have the biggest, the most, the loudest fireworks/crackers. When time is approaching 12am, more and more ppl joining in. Now it's really like a tournament, everyone was so "kiasu" when one side released a big ones, the other side would release an even bigger ones, one side with lots of them in one go, the other would have much more than the other side, so on and so forth, non-stop for about 1 hour. Finally it came to an end, not much left and a little here and there. Off i went to sleep... tired...

COOKIES FOR CNY [ ... ]- 05.02.2005, Saturday
Made another type of cookie today, my own recipe. I don't know what name to give, it has oat, raisins and cornflakes. Making cookies is easy as long that you have the base, the rest of the ingredient or flavour, you can decide on your own, the amount of those extra ingredient will depends on case by case basis as long that it's not too dry or too wet, just follow your instinct. The heat is using 170 Degree Celsius, time is 20 minutes or until it turned golden brown.

SEOUL GARDEN [ ... ]- 05.02.2005, Saturday
Went to Seoul Garden, a Korean Restaurant in Kuching for lunch. This is the first time I have Korean cuisine. Here's the location.

Dosot Bi Bim Bap (Hot Stone Pot Mixed Vege with Rice), Came with several side dishes.
side dish, need to say more... KIMCHI!!! The first time I tasted Kimchi, thought that it's very spicy but not at all, maybe they had adjusted the spiciness to suit local taste???

side dish, potatoes with sesame and... don't know what's the black sauce, I think one of the ingredients is soy sauce. The potatoes are soft, not too salty too, just nice.
side dish, seaweed soup.
side dish, bean curd
side dish,\vege...
Dulbulgogi (Hot Stone Pot Beef BBQ with Rice)
plain rice. What else to say?
Left: Peppermint tea. Right: Kiwi
The interior that I manage to capture.
The price was quite reasonable, it can really fill your stomach... wow... so full... burp... excuseeeeeeeee... me. Here's the contact:
Contact person: Mr. Lee Seung Hyung, very helpful and friendly man. He explains about Korean cuisine to us but I couldn't get him much, quite hard to grab his English. I heard that he also provides Korean Language class.
Phone: 082-424870(restaurant), 412793(home), 013-8009447(mobile)
E-mail: leeseung92@hanmail.net

THE UNBORN [ ... ]- 02.02.2005, Wednesday
Horror movie... didn't know what to expect. The tagline said something about under the bed but nothing related to under the bed. At first I was expecting a Japanese/Korean movie, and it turned out to be a Thai movie.

It's about the revenge of a pregnant woman that was murdered 2 years ago and her baby was "stolen" from her. The Thai ppl has a custom that if a pregnant woman died, her baby must be removed before cremated, both should be cremated seperately, however, her baby wasn't, instead it was sold to a Taiwan businessman and placed it in his casino in Thailand becuase they believed that it would bring luck. The casino was closed down becuase it was haunted. She came to a woman for help whom free her from the "spell" that prevented her from revenge.

The ghost haunted her and she was so scare until one day she braved herself to interact with the ghost face to face. The ghost gave her the premonition and she decided to help the ghost to revenge with the help of a social worker.

They found out the truth and also tracked down all the murderers. It turned out the father of the baby is the ghost's teacher and it was an accident that he pushed her down the staircase but he was too afraid and decided to ask help from ppl to throw her into the swamp as if she commited suicide. She was not dead when they brought her to the swamp and those ppl drowned her before throwing her into the swamp and "sealed" the plank bridge with some sort of "spell". The "spell" was broken when the woman was struggling to save herself by taking part of the broken planks of the bridge to hit her attacker. She was pushed into the swamp too but was saved by a fisherman, that's how the ghost started to haunt her.

After the case settled, the teacher's mother whom is the doctor of that woman wanted to kill her by giving her injection with overdosed drug and dragged her up the hospital building to push her down but the ghost came back to help her. The doctor wanted to revenge because her son commited suicide because of guilts of the murder 2 years ago. At the end the doctor herself fell down the building because the ghost produced lots of water and caused the exposed cable on the floor to short circuit and electrocuted the doctor.

At first the movie was quite scary but towards the middle part of the movie, I'm started to fell sleepy... The air-con was so cold even with my sweater I actually shivered... poor Jimmy... he's much colder than I am because he's only wearing a short sleeves t-shirt.

The movie lasted about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Nothing much I can say about this movie. This is the first horror movie that I couldn't grab much on the storyline although it's very straight forward until Jimmy told me what had happened LOL! Maybe it's too easy to understand until it's too hard for me to understand ;-p Also my it's the first Thai horro movie I ever watched.

LIFE KOPITIAM [ ... ]- 02.02.2005, Wednesday
Went to movie with my friend, Jimmy. Since we had booked the ticket earlier on, so we must collect our ticket 45 min before the movie started. We reached Star Cineplex very early, since he hadn't eaten his dinner yet, so we went across the road to Life Kopitiam.

Very unqiue interior. Lots of antiques.
Remember this? Reminds you of the good old days. Sugar in there.
Mutton noodle... I guess...
The interior. Those old bottles up there are filled with colourful water, not sure it's real syrup or not?
The interior again... the old Coca-Cola bottles and advertisement poster. Look down there... "tam pui"!!!
Another one. Decor on the wall.