EARTHQUAKE AGAIN?!?!!? [ ... ]- 30.03.2005, Wednesday
OK... here's really something not right now... again... I can't help myself, it's very sad that have to see these reports everywhere and everyday in the media. My eyes are always filled with tears whenever I came acrossed this kind of reports. When will this going to end? Since last year, everywhere suffering tremors. We in Borneo consider the lucky bunch. It hurts when seeing these reports, I had not recover from losing my love ones because of last year's incident, now summore are coming. Took away a lot of lives, making everyone so miserable.

Was planning to go to S'pore this June but my cousin told me that they're planning to go to Langkawi instead. I felt so relunctant to go, it's an island, very nice island but the incident had given me such a big impact and I don't think I can step there summore with these earthquakes kept occurring these days. I had not decide whether to go or not, it's almost April now, still have time to decide. Even if I go, I don't think I can really enjoy my holiday, it'll just reminded me of that.

Planning to go to S'pore, KL and also Australia this year. However, S'pore might not be in the plan anymore, maybe in Dec. Depends on my cousin, if she's not going to KL this Dec, then I'll go to S'pore with her. KL is for sure, will be having graduation ceremony there in Nov. Australia... chances are so slim... no one is going with me and no point I'm going there alone, expensive too. My main aim was to go there to meet up with my dear but now...=__=`
sigh... these incidents, the force of mother nature is making me in very blue mood these days. I'm still trying my best to get over what had happened and it's really not easy. The only way is to keep myself busy.

IS ME? OR MY SIS? [ ... ]- 28.03.2005, Monday
Finally, my graduation potrait is ready to be viewed. I looked exactly like my sister, my goodness, it's her not me!!! LOL... I looked chubby in there and way underage too ehehhe... OMG...however it turned out quite nice, looked natural. My bro couldn't recognize it's me, he thought that I'm showing someone else photo that looked like my sister No wonder some ppl thought that we're twins.

Left: This one looked really like my sis. Right: I'm getting stiff already LOL...

Left: I like this one, Looked more mature ehhehe... and more "solid", don't know how to say, looked different than others. Right: I'm getting stiff again LOL...
Cheers... There you go... thanks to Alvin

NEW ALBUM [ ... ]- 26.03.2005, Saturday
Bridal fair photos are all uploaded in my online album however to enable you to see it, u must have the passoword and username for Imagestation or you must have my invitation to that album.

The commenting system had been down for quite sometimes. Lost track when it had started. Have no time to check what's the problem yet.

What the h*** is that B form and P Form for income tax declaration? Even with the user manual, I don't understand it at all. I don't know what to fill in there. Basically I have nothing to declare. Only manage to fill in personal particulars. Sigh... the form had changed and the sample forms that I had was the old ones, no help at all. How?? So stupid...

ALVIN LEONG PHOTOGRAPHY [ ... ]- 24.03.2005, Thursday
Had my graduation potrait taken at Alvin Leong's studio. Quite funny, my hair caused lots of problem. Too messy, this and that LOL... at the end tying it up into a low ponytail. Took us about 2 hours including make up and photo shots. Don't know how I looked in there, the makeup is pretty heavy for me. Who cares? As long that it makes me looked good in the photo. Will be able to see the photo next week, Monday or Tuesday. During the shot I was quite stiff coz posed too long, Alvin asked me to relax and smile and quickly he snapped it, if not, I'm going to be a stone again... HAHHAAHA...

After a day out settling income tax and meeting client, at the end of the day, the make up started to melt. The eyeliner and mascara started to melt. My eyes looked blackish LOL... took me one hour to remove the makeup.

IT'S LONG ENOUGH... [ ... ]- 20.03.2005, Sunday
No updated for more than a week already. Nothing much... just busy with work and also redesign Webtech Solutions website. The new look

Sniff... sniff... one side of my nose still... don't know how to say, started Wednesday afternoon... it's not flu. I think some" good jobs" from those allergens but I can't find out what makes it so sensitive. Now it affected my throat, a bit sore, hopefully will get well soon...

Oh ya actually got a few shots of birthday cake and also crabs. No time to edit them yet. The photos of CNY visiting is all up in online album in MISC2005. Now in the process of uploading the bridal fair photos.

INFORMATICS ADCS2000 (APRIL 2001) GATHERING [ ... ]- 11.03.2005, Friday
Organized a gathering because Ing Jian requested to meet up, he's leaving to Miri tomorrow. We had it at Happy Valley (opposite Crown Square. Pending), 7:30pm but me and Lee was late for half an hour. Having quite a nice time catching up with all the ex-college mates. We were so noisy, the noisiest group, the place was filled with our noises, it was so loud that they had to pump up the volume of their music LOL... We left around 10pm. Forgot to take pictures of the food LOL... coz was late and too hungry to take time off to take the picture.
A snap for the album.
Guysss... too many of them two persons didn't manage to fit into the photo. Sorry guysss...
The guys are busy chatting, I wonder what were they chatting?

WIND CAVE [ ... ]- 07.03.2005, Monday
It's boring there in Samatan, raining on and off, nothing much can be done. So we went to Lundu to fill the tank and off we went to Bau Wind Cave. Never went there before, all of us 1st time there. It was quite late already and the gate leading to the cave was closed. Just took a few pictures of the surrounding.
Welcoming you to Wind Cave...
Wind Cave map.
Another loaction map.
Welcome to Wind Cave Natural Reserve. Signboard at Gate A that leads to the cave but it's closed for repairs. Only Gate B can be used now.
The river where you can play with the water and picnic with your friends and family.

PALM BEACH RESORT [ ... ]- 07.03.2005, Monday
Went to Palm Beach Resort, the second time, now with my friends. I was quite relunctant to go because I'm not very comfortable with the sea now especially when it had took away someone
few months ago that I had been loving so dearly. However, I must try to face it rather than hiding from it. That's just not the way...

On the way to Sematan, we came across an accident, a Pajero turned turtle into the drain, the driver loss control due to slippery road and I guess he's speeding too. We thought there might be ppl trapped in there coz it's pretty bad, all the windscreen shattered and badly dented, so we stopped to see how could we help because it's a very remote place and not much ppl staying around and not much car passed by. Two of my friends went to have a look and it's lucky that no one stucked in there, the driver and passenger manage to get out of the vehicle. No physical injuries to both of them, but the passenger seemed shaken by the incident coz the passenger side sufferred much more damage. Lucky that it's a big car and quite tough , imagine if it's a Kancil, it's going to be worst.

The driver approached us when we're going to leave, he asked us to send him to Bau coz his company is in Bau. So we turned back and drove him there. It took us quite sometimes to drive him back to Bau because it's quite far from the accident scene, we had passed by Bau town like about half hour ago. His colleague waited a the scene while he went back to his company to get assistant. There wasn't any signal in that area so he couln't call back to his company to help. Ours too. We're all using the same service. So our journey took much longer time than we had expected.

Here's the pics that I didn't manage to get when the first time I was. My friend's colleagues were staying overnight there so we had the chance to visit the chalet.
The upper deck.
Shot from the upper deck.
The staircase leading to the upper deck.
The interior of the room. Only a TV is provided. One of the chalets that can accomodate 4 persons. Others we had no access to them.
The restaurant exterior
Strong waves, king tides.The waves were so big and wind was so strong. It's not safe to play near the water. Pretty scary, could even see the wave from far far away... Staring at the waves, I felt very numb and thinking of what if it striked, I don't think I'll live to see tomorrow. I used to like the sea very much but now I have no feeling towards it neither hate nor anger, it's just sea, another mighty creation of God that can be heaven and hell. No matter you like it or not, it'll be there for the rest of your life.

1ST SARAWAK BRIDAL FAIR 2005 [ ... ]- 06.03.2005, Sunday
First ever one stop bridal fair in Kuching, joined two lucky draws, just filled in the forms for fun, it's free, why not? It's at Crowne Square, 3rd floor from 4.3.05-6.3.05. Many eventshad been lined up like fashion show, photography competition, thought of joining but didn't manange to get any perfect shot. It has booth for bridal shops, videographer, photographer, printing companies, hotels, restaurants, jewellery shops, ROM, also talks on Christian, Buddhist, Muslims, Hindu marriage. Sad to say... it's not big as I had expected.
Entrance, u'll be provided with a booklet and a form, filled in the form for lucky draw.
One of the decorated car for bridal car competition.
One of the decor for one of the booths.
Decor, the interior.
Sample arrangement for chinese wedding banquet.
The stage.
Some of the booths.
You can see more photos in my online album. But not now, still need to edit them, quite a lot.

TEN-ICHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT [ ... ]- 05.03.2005, Saturday
!st timer... ordered the set meal in offerred, Salmon Teriyakki Bento Set, RM19.90, promotion valid within March.

Then another order, Yakiniku Set, RM24.00
The cutlery. Each person is charged RM2.50 for free flow of Japanese Tea.
The interior lighting.
It's situated under Lok Thian, next to Bangkok Thai Restaurant, part of Lok Thian Group.
The address: No 315-319, Bangunan Bee San, Jln. Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel: 082-331310, 335042, Fax: 082-337736