NESTLE CORNFLAKES ORANGE COOKIES [ ... ]- 21.04.2005, Thursday
Public holiday today, so have some free time to do some baking. It tasted exactly the way it is but the shape turned out not right LOL... becuase it's using self rising flour and i'm too greedy -_-", I shouldn't have put too much in each paper cup, should reduce the amount into half ehehhee... and when i baked it there're no room in between each of them, it expand and they were all squeeze together, turned out become funny shapes hahaha... it didn't expect it could become so big!!! Second round baking, it turned out round but again too much, so it looked like mini muffins. So cute!
Result of first round...
Result of second round...
Overall... not 100% failure, failed in shape issue ;-p looked so odd LOL...

Here's the recipe:
100gm butter
110gm fine sugar

1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon orange juice
2 tablesppons of finely crush cornflakes

120gm self rising flour

Beat A until light and creamy. Stir in B and beat for 1 minute. Fold in flour (C). Mix well.
Take a little bit of the dough, not too big coz it will expand to a bigger size. 1 teaspoon is a bit too much ahhah... coat the dough with cornflakes. Bake for 15 minutes using 170 degree Celsius.

Thanks to Lee Ling for the recipe.

MAS AIR STEWARDESS UNIFORM ISSUE [ ... ]- 18.04.2005, Monday
This is so crazy... read it in the newspapers this morning, even this thing can be a country's issue. There's nothing wrong with the uniform. It's been like this for decades, yes it's sexy but sexy in a professional way and not sexy as in a cheap way.

It not only shows the beauty of M'sia cultures and also it's also for practicability purpose. The high slit, allows them to move easily, the tight kebaya is efficient when they need to serve you food and drinks and even when just walking down the galley. Also wearing too much clothes will restrict the movement too. Imagine if it's loosely fitted, imagine that their uniform will be in your food or drinks. Even the narrow galley, it's already narrow that you don't want them to walked pass while u're sound asleep and brush over you. Imagine that they need to reach out to passenger in the middle of the rows in big aircraft, you don't want their uniform to swept all over you right? Imagine it's not slit high enough, they might even fall down ahahah... just think of a mermaid hahaha... they'll have difficulties to walk.

There's nothing wrong with it. SIA's uniform also like that, even for Brunei's. Changing to western uniform like Air Asia will defeats the purpose of the being a national carrier. Summore compare to some airlines' uniform in the world, it's less hassle to maintain compare to others with so many pieces. Also, the colours can cover up stains, if it got stained during duty, it's not that obvious. Imagine a white/plain shirt that get stained by the food or drinks, it'll turn ppl off when you're serving or entertain them.

Those ppl brought it up as an issue, must be got so aroused when they see one and that's why they make it an issue that's it's too revealing and so on. They're the ones with problem, no one ever complain of the uniform, and everyone is proud of it and even got compliments from overseas travellers, the uniform is very beautiful, even I would want to wear it. Why not? It's very nice coupled with the right poise and character it makes a woman looked more feminine yet sophisticated. Summore with the nice body donning it. This is how the Kebaya supposed to looked like! If it's not fitting, it's not a Kebaya anymore, it'll be a Baju Kurung!

They even said that it'll increase the cases of rape and so on, my goodenss.. look around, it seemed like those rape victim are students in uniform, children and even those with "tudung". How can they said such a uniform can cause rape? It's not that revealing enough unlike those barebacks, mini-skirts etc.

Well.. ok... there is thing like uniform seduction but then it's individual preference, if everyone got so arouse with uniforms, then we do not need to wear uniform anymore, then abolish all those uniforms, including school uniforms.

Stupiak!!! Not to forget, also abolish all make ups, perfumes, jewelleries and so on. Everyone got turned on with different things. some thinks that perfume is sexy, some think that the lips of the woman is sexy, there isn't a fixed defination for it, it's sexy in the eyes of the beholder. I like to see the pilots in their uniform, how revealing is it? It's not revealing at all! (sorry can't help it eheheh... since my late boy boy was a pilot, heehhe... he looked so sexy in that haha...) and it really give me a nice chemistry effect, a Ferrari, BMW, yacth or even a jumbo jet... they looked sexy to me, then does this means that it's an offence?

Those ppl that brought this up better discuss of something more useful rather than an air stewardess uniform. What do you all think about the MAS air stewardess uniform? I think it's good :) no need to change at all. It's our national carrier identity and trademark too aside form being awarded the best cabin crew. If it's changed, the uniqueness will be gone and they need to rebuild their identity again. I just can't see any other costume that looked this good as a Kebaya.

BANGKOK THAI SEA FOOD RESTAURANT [ ... ]- 15.04.2005, Friday
Were invited to lunch by Mr. Teo with my colleagues (Jimmy & Vincent) at Bangkok Thai Sea Food Restaurant (wholly owned by Lok Thian, next to Ten-Ichi and below Lok Thian Restaurant). Don't ask me how much it cost coz I'm not the one paying LOL... one thing for sure, the portion is much bigger than M****TR** and much more affordable than there. Also taste better!
The interior.
Watermelon, orange, carrot juice.
It's not Thai cuisine without Tom Yam.
My fav Thai cuisine, pineapple rice.
Deep fried Tilapia with a type of Thai toppings... I don't know what are those, I saw red onion, chili, garlic and other Thai herbs.
The only chinese cuisine, "Siao Bai Chai" fried with garlic.
Table decor.
Prawn crackers, specially made for them.
Vietnamese cuisines are available there too. However it's not officially launch yet.
Vietnamese Spring Roll. Contained salad leaf, carrots, prawn, "bihun", cucumber and a type of leaf (herb) that is a must for vietnamese cusine.
This basket of "leaves" is for you to eat together with Vietnamese Sour & Spicy Chicken (below). The meat is placed into the salad leaf togehter with other "leaves" and not to forget the special sauce (left). Actually, it's up to you on how you want to eat it, there's no such rule as you must eat this with that etc.

The decor at the display window of the restaurant. Finally.... I realised that I've forgot to order dessert!!! Hehehehe...

Thanks a million Mr. Teo for the meal... Here's the contact:
Bangkok Thai Sea Food Restaurant
No. 318-319, Ground Floor, Bangunan Bee San, Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.
Tel no.: 082-335042, 331310

SAHARA [ ... ]- 14.04.2005, Thursday
Went to Star Cineplex to watch Sahara. An action packed movie and very "fake" however quite interesting. The story is about a WHO doctor looking for the source of outbreak of a disease and a group of treasure hunters looking for a 150 years old war ship in the Sahara desert. Because of tracking the source of the disease, they encountered lots of attacks from the "bad ppl".

They were always so lucky, telephone in the middle of the desert, toolbox in the middle of the desert etc. find out for yourself. They also make as if that the desert is so small... so "fake"! I'm not going to say anything in detailed coz me myself also don't know how to describe, too many details to remember.

It's a "watchable" movie. Not bad. Oh ya... they blew up the sexy yacht at the Niger River by doing the Panama style! Argg.... what a waste...

THIAN COURT [ ... ]- 13.04.2005, Wednesday
Went to Thian Court for lunch. Ordered Bake Chicken Rice, my goodness... the smell of tuna was so strong, it wonder where it came from. When i started to eat, there're chicken meat in there and oh no... there's tuna in there! I hate tuna in tomato puree. Same thing like the Seafood spaghetti that I ordered last time. Spoilt the whole thing. The rice is soft and nice :)

Not sure what is this rice (right picture) ordered by Jimmy.

KFC CURRY CRUNCH [ ... ]- 12.04.2005, Tuesday
New product of KFC - Curry Crunch. The green thing there is curry leaf. The taste? Hmmm... nothing special, the smell came from the leaf but not in the chicken. Not up to my expectation.
Here's how it looked like.
The box.

GREAT KITCHEN [ ... ]- 11.04.2005, Monday
Went to Great Kitchen for lunch with my friends.
Butter Milk Chicken Rice. Very oily but smelt nice.
Dry Chili Chicken Rice. Lots of dried chili but not spicy at all.
Honey Lemon Juice.
The exterior and address,
Collect 8 stamps and get one rice/noodle meal free.

bing!(3) [ ... ]- 05.04.2005, Tuesday
bing! again... have not been there for like... hmmm... months... the last time I'm there was somewhere end of last year with Lee. Tonight it's Jimmy. The place was packed, lucky that we went there early. Thinking of the Chocolate Ice Blended really makes me want to go for more. CHOCOLATE!!! The best chocolate drink I ever had.
Chocolate Ice Blended!!!
Sigh.. I forgot my camera this time, had not been bringing my camera along for quite sometimes, that's why no photos lately. I had CaramelIce Blended (looked almost like Chocolate Ice Blended except that replace all the chocolate with caramel... yummy...), wow... caramel is lazed on top of the whip cream and and also just between the drink and the cream. So thick and rich... very sweet but it tasted really good. Not to worry about the sweetness, you'll have free flow of plain water and this is what I like most about bing! I don't really like the taste of caramel before this but this is really tasty... I'm out of word, better go try it yourself.

I'm not fond of sweet stuff but anything that is sweet in bing! has the sweetness in the right place and the right way. Just my way of enjoying sweet stuff. However, can't afford to go there often, once in a blue moon to indulge yourself is fine. If you go there everyday, you'll be broke (at least cheaper than Coffee Bean) and prepare to put on weight. LOL...
The interior, it's always packed around 8:30pm onwards.
Haven't try these yet. Should consider going there for tea time.
The photos was taken last year. I'm recycling!!! More photos

APRIL'S FOOL [ ... ]- 01.04.2005, Friday
Nothing much today, it's just another day. Don't fell like tricking anyone. Very childish. No fun at all.

Saw a stack of brochures and prospectuses on the table. My sis took them from UK Education Fair last week if not mistaken. I didn't have time to run tru' them. Since I have some free time now, I looked tru' them one by one. Mostly she took undergraduate programme brochures and prospectuses. Only one that have both undergraduate and postgraduate programme in one prospectus, University of Sunderland (all these while I thought it's in Australia, I got mixed up).

I studied tru' the prospectuses and found a number of postgraduate programmes that interest me and they do not offer distant learning/e-learning for those, only on campus. I will go on campus when I have enough money to fulfill my dream to get a master degree. My dream is to study in UK or Aus.

Thinking of seeing what University of Portsmouth have to offer for postgraduate programme, however I only have their e-learning programme brochures which do not interest me that was taken from Informatics last time. Already done their honour degree in computing so wanted to see is there other field that I can venture into for master degree.

Here are some of the programme that I'm interested from Sunderland (no exams ehehe... I hate exams! Also no programming!!!):
MA Electronic Media And Design (12 months)
Master of Business Studies (MBS) but not MBA as it's too common already LOL
(12 months)
MSc Electronic Commerce (14 months)
MSc Project Management (14 months)
MA/PgD/PgC Education Teacing and Learning With ICT (N/A, roughly estimated would be 14-24 months)
Graduate Diploma Psychology (2 years), two years very long...

I'm interested on the following but sigh... they have exams and programming!:
MSc Multimedia Systems (with exams)
MScInternet Engineering (with programming)

They also offer "Made to Measure Scheme", which is toilered for personal development aspirations. Sounds so tempting. I wanted to go back to study but no money no talk. Heheheh... so need to earn lots of money to fulfill my dream. The money I have now isn't enough for even surviving there for 2 months, LOL...

How nice if only ppl could pay you to study just like ppl pay you for work? I do not mean those schorlarship. Just pay me to study and nothing else, you do not need to pay them back or work for them after that. Hahahah... there isn't any free lunch in this world. Just in my dreamsss... Wonder what UoP have for me? Will try to get hold of their prospectus soon. If only I can be a student my whole life. I hate work, I like to study.