COMTECH 2005 [ ... ]- 22.05.2005, Sunday
It's the time of the year again, at Wisma Saberkas, COMTECH 2005. Same old thing every year. I'm getting so bored of it. So small nothing new to see. I'm not looking forward to it anymore... this is the first time I went to this kind of event that I didn't bother to go have a look at everyone of it. I would rather go to window shop for other things than those "high-tech" gadgets... BORING... anyway here's the photos.
The booths...
And again...
And again... nothing much. That's all for the report of COMTECH 2005. Oh ya.. not to mention, I think the air-con system got problem, so heated... I'm sweating all over... so sticky...

5 SCIENCE GATHERING [ ... ]- 21.05.2005, Saturday
Since local U's are having a thre- month holiday, so decided to hold a gathering to meet up with old classmates. It's supposed to be 5 Science 1 and 2 gathering but only one from 5 Science 2 turned up LOL... the rest were 5 science 1. It's held at Kai Chen's house, 6pm. We had BBQ session. Here are some photos. The rest will be found in my online album.
Everyone's enjoying themselves.
Starting the fire.
Some of the food.
Let's get started!!! It's so hot!!!
There were lots of food left and we had to play game to finish it. Whoever that lucky being pointed will need to eat whatever was given. Lucky me, I didn't eat a single thing for that game session. Was so full already. But I'm so lucky that I got to bring home Twisty and Double-Decker. It ended around 10:30pm and we help Kai Chen's to clean up before leaving. Very tiring, hot and humid but lots of fun.

AURORA COURT, MERDEKA PALACE [ ... ]- 14.05.2005, Saturday
Ok... another entry with lots of lots of pictures... this time I had dinner with my friends at Merdeka Palace's Aurora Court. It served a variety of food from western to eastern food namely Japanese, Italian, local dishes such as laksa, midin (a type of fern) fried belacan (shrimp paste), Chinese etc. All you can eat. Some of the dishes you can get it from the biffet table and some will require you to request them to cook for you and send to your table. Th eprice inclusive of these but not drinks. The fruit juice we had cost RM10, the buffet was around 48-49.90 (not quite sure about it, I'm not the one paying, I think you'll be charged 5% government tax too). Heard the they have the best butter prawn but then by the time we wanted to order it, there were only shells left... too bad...
The entrance.

Above, middle and below... the interior... Each table is decorated with a stalk of fresh orchids. All the side tables are for patrons who smoke. Those in the middle are for non-smokers.

Chicken chop and hotdogs. Piping hot from the kitchen, you need to order them.
Lamb chop and below it, it's beef steak. You have to order it too. It comes either BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce or mushroom sauce.
Seemed familiar? Yes... midin fried balacan. You have to order this too. So it's served hot straight from the kitchen.
Familiar dish too? Sarawak laksa LOL... again... you need to order it.
Salad bar.
View from another angle of salad bar.
I love this picture... desserts... and I think this is the best shot though it blurred coz my hand was shaky. Editted a bit with Photoshop. Those desserts really make me drooled... I did tried a few... and they are really sweet except the fruit tart. Didn't manage to try all of them.
Top is duck meat. Bottom is squid, a bit spicy don't know what was the ingredient. o order them.
Juices... watermelon, orange and honey dew.
Japanese cuisine, get it from the Japanese Section. A plate of shashimi, a dish of soy sauce and wasabi.
Another plate of Japanese cuisine... sushies...
I'm not sure what was this, beef and hmm... don't know what...

We spent about 2 hours there. Full... but good thing I didn't go tru' the same discomfort when I had steamboat though I ate more tonight compare to those steamboat sessions. Also... don't indulge too much in this kind of eating habit, it's very unhealthy... once in a blue moon is fine. It's not cheap too and you don't want to burn a big hole in your pocket.

Actually we're supposed to be going to Crowne Plaza for the Japanese BBQ Buffet but it's fully booked. So we switched to Merdeka Palace.

JOJO CAFE [ ... ]- 10.05.2005, Tuesday
Jojo Cafe located at third mile. The same row as KFC/Pizza Hut at third mile. It was so packed! Lucky us that we were able to find a table which was so big, can sit 10 LOL... that's the only table left. After a while,the diners of this table (picture below, table on the left) left and we shift to this table.
The interior.
Pineapple Fride Rice. The chilies in there were so spicy, it's "cili padi" - chili that is very very small in size... very big plate, reminds me of the fried rice I had in S'pore two years ago, the most expensive fried rice I had ever had, S$8.00!!! The portion was as much as this but back then I only manage to ate a few spoons and I felt so full because of fatigue after having an exhausting day, from Tanjung Pagar to East Coast, spent most of the time walking and the weather didn't help at all.
(L-R) Soya Bean, Lime Juice and Ice Lemon Tea.
I'm not sure about this dish, the main ingredient is taufu.
I'm not sure the name of this dish too. The main ingredient is fish, or is it chicken? Not quite sure.. forgot...

SUGARBUN [ ... ]- 08.05.2005, Sunday
Sugarbun at Crowne Plaza for dinner...
Fish Sandwich.
Beef Mee Hon.

LIFE CAFE [ ... ]- 06.05.2005, Friday
Lunch time... I'm sorry but I can't remember all the names... if you wanted to order, the pictures are all there in their menu.
The entrance.
Rice and longbeans in claypot, sprinkled with dried prawn (I guess...)
Claypot seafood vermicelli, fish plates, crab sticks, carrots and salad leaves, the soup is flavoured with dried prawn, The colour looked spicy but it's not spicy at all. It tasted "prawny" LOL...
One of the deco in there, "cha" in mandarin means tea.
Teas with different flavours. I couldn't recall the flavours.
It was supposed to be "ma lak mian" (spicy noodle), finished the noodle left the meats and spicy spices. Ordered another bowl of plain rice and eat the rice with the leftover of the noodle. Proudly introduce to you... "ma lak fan" (spicy rice)... ehhehe...

MANUFACTURING SARAWAK 2005 [ ... ]- 06.05.2005, Friday
The title speaks of it already... nothing much in there one round and done, less than 10 booths, mostly were companies from West M'sia.

SARBEX 05 [ ... ]- 01.05.2005, Sunday
Went to SARBEX two days ago, no time to edit the photos, so post it today. It's an annual event organized by SHDA. Also got lucky draw, the first prize is 1 return ticket to Perth for 1 person. I submitted a lot of for lucky draw but don't know how my luck will fare LOL...
The entrance.
One of the booths.
One of the booths. I like this decor, it quite stands out from others.
Another booth.
The one and only outdoorbooth.