OLD SHOP AGAIN [ ... ]- 16.06.2005, Thursday
Before going to BTS2005, we had lunch at Lau Dian (Old Shop), the second time this week ehehhe... I decided to go again coz I just couldnt' help it but wanted to try some of the food I saw in the menu that night that I didn't have the chance to try. There are still more that I wanted try LOL... next time go again. Also the things there isn't that expensive, very affordable, generous portion.
Lee Chin ordered this that night. I only managed to eat 2 or 3 of them ;p I ordered again today... Fried Sotong (Squid). Crispy on the outside chewy in the inside. Eat it when it's piping hot but even if it turned cold, there isn't any "squid-ty" taste. Recommeded finger food.
American-style Girlled Chicken, is it really american style I don't know... u have can choose from a variety of sauce, black pepper (as in the picture), mushroom, creamy, BBQ etc. that's all I can recall.

Left: Iced Lemon Tea, I think it's from the tin and added in a slice of lemon.
Right: Black Pepper Beef Rice, if not mistaken.

BTS 2005 [ ... ]- 16.06.2005, Thursday
Went to BTS (Building Trade Show) 2005 at Permata Carpark. I was there for less than half hour only. Didn't really know what to see... just to look around to see is there any business opportunity. Ah well... we've contacted most ofthe exhibitors long time ago they were not intesresting becuase they had already listed in a website and they thought it's their own homepage and yet it's only a directory. What's the name of the site? Not going to tell you, few hints... it's related to one of the organisers and the company in charge of that organiser's website use various reasons to get those people list in there and convince them that they do not need any website anymore. Some of them even stupid enough to help promote the site in their advertisement and when ppl go in, it shows a whole lot of things but not their company and indirectly they help to promote other company rather than theirs. Ppl have to search for that particular company. LOL... Anyway... here's some of the photos:
The entrance...
Of not mistaken, this booth won the Best Booth Award.
View of the walkway with booths displaying building products at both sides.
Another shot of the walkway.
One of the lanscapes showcased.
Oh ya... I forgot to fill in the form in the newspapers for lucky draw. First prize is a sound system cost more than RM2000 (couldn't recall the exact price).

LEAVING? GETTING MARRIED? [ ... ]- 13.06.2005, Monday
Had simple gathering with college friends. One of them is getting married next year and another one is leaving to Aus in few days time to continue her master degree. Had it at Lau Dian (Old Shop). Here are some of the food we had ordered:
The interior.
Lamb Chop.
Chocolate... tasted more like Milo..
Black Pepper Steak. Just a side note, the steak here is OK compare to some other places in Kuching.

MR & MRS SMITH [ ... ]- 11.06.2005, Saturday
After reading briefly of the review of this movie, I decided to watch it to see what this couple is up to. The movie started with a counselling session of the couple, casted by Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They've been married for" 5 or 6 years" (according to the movie). They were like any other couples that are constantly busy with their career and with ups and downs of married couples but none knew the actual job they were doing. He's an engineer and she's a corporate woman. In fact, they are both professional killers which they later found out when they failed the same mission. They were asked to tracked down who's the culprit that spoilt the whole mission, and it turned out that it's their other half.

Starting from there the actions and the "getting to know each other & be honest" session began. It's like all those action movies with guns, explosives here and there, car chase on the highway blah blah blah... of course the good party won and strange that they didn't hurt a bit at all. Actually, their agents found out that they actually got married and it's not a good news. They wanted them to kill each other so that it's either one or both dead. At the end, they both work together to get tru' the whole thing. The ending of the story is a bit sudden... ended with the counselling session.

Things in the middle are quite interesting, actions coupled with humours. Very entertaining and seeing Angelina Jolie's carrying herself as a corporate woman, a wife and a killer with such a poise, it's so cool. As fro Brad Pitt... hmmm... no comment... LOL... There were quite a lot of illogical scences but it's fun watching it. It's rare to watch a movie that involved a married couple trying to save their marriage and at the same time themselves, a combination of of love, action and humour. Pretty interesting. Recommended to watch, I'll give it 3 stars out of 5. Some might be disappointed with it but seeing both of them trying to outdo each other was really fun.

BAK CHANG [ ... ]- 10.06.2005, Friday
It's the fifth day of the fifth month of lunar calender tomorrow, this means it's time for Bak Chang (Rice Dumpling). Never posted any picture of it, here you go...
Gluttonous rice with fillings (meat, red bean, mushroom,... etc... it's up to you to put whatever ingredients in) wrapped with pandan leaves.

KUCHING INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT [ ... ]- 05.06.2005, Sunday
Went to the airport to fetch my aunt and managed to take some photos of KIA under renovation. The airport is so messy... I tried to take picture of Silk Air's A319 landing but the glass window at the viewing gallery was so dirty that all I got in the pictures were fingerprints and blah blah blah,,,
The exterior of the airport. Below is the model of completed airport that will be able to accommodate
fully loaded B744 and A380.

SALTY!!! [ ... ]- 05.06.2005, Sunday
For goodness sake... just to warn those of you that the food of this place maybe not all but these two dishes were so salty!!! I will not reveal where these pictures were taken, find out for yourself... you are very smart :) you'll know where just spend a bit more times to find out... not going to give you any hintsss.. find out for yourself.
Fried bean sprout noodle. Usually I ordered, it's sweet but this is salty... the second time I got salty fried bean sprout noodle. I prefer it sweet. It's all right that it's salty but too salty... that's the problem. I had to down it with my iced barley and it's was so sweet, so with that, I got my noodle to become sweet eheheh... then the after taste was bitter.
This is tomato kueh tiau. Very salty too according to my friend. As if their salt and sugar are free LOL...

HOUSE OF WAX [ ... ]- 02.06.2005, Thursday
It was a last minute plan ot watch this movie. Nothing to do... so bored... called my friend and we couldn't figure out where to go and eneded up in the cinema. Couldn't decide which movie to watch, at the end settled down with House Of Wax. I forgot that Paris Hilton is in this movie until I saw her in it. I was wondering... what the h*** is this girl doing in this kind of movie? Geee.. what can she do in there? Really she didn't do much just as an eye candy LOL!!! She's the third to get killed by Vincent.

The comment of the show... It's grosss... this is the first time I seen such a gross and "painful" movie. Some point I felt want to LOL.. but not that bad, not recommended for those faint hearted.

It started with a toddler eating his cereal and his mother doing face mould from wax. Then came the father bringing another toddler, raging. They strapped him. Then the next scence.... present days... 6 teenagers (a pair of twin, brother and sister - they are the real heroes) planning to go to watch football match and decided to camp out at the forest. Because of a broken belting, Wade and Carly went to nearby town to find spare parts with the help of a strange man. The other 4 of them went to the football match first. In the small town they came across a wax museum, House Of Wax. Both Carly and Wade went in there and there were many wax figures. After that, they went to the workshop to wait for the owner to get the belting. When the owner return, he said that the 15 inches belting is not available at the workshop but at his house. He brought them there and Wade wanted to used the washroom, so Carly waited outside in the truck. Wade was so curious and went around to the investigate the house. In a room, the attack started. He was hurt and then was dragged into the underground and his wounds are stitch, then he was placed on a chair and tied up. Next hot wax was sprayed all over him. He's still so much alive!!!

Carly waited and waited and no one came out. She felt something amiss and wanted to escape. Bo came out and they struggled. Bo capture here and tied her up in the workshop. Even superglued her lips so that she couldn't shout. By that time, Nick and his friend (I forgot his name ;p), arrive at the town to fetch them but coudln't find them. Both went different way. Nick went to the workshop and met Bo. Carly managed to partially free herself and put her finger between the spacing of the drain cover. Bo saw it while talking to Nick, he pretended to kneel down to tie his shoelace in fact he's getting ready to cut off Carly's finger tip and blood just flowed. OMG... imagine this happened to you and you couldn't shout at all. Summore she forced her glued mouth opened. She manage to get her mouth open, she quickly shout for his bro, Nick. Nick knew something isn't right, twin instinct maybe... after some fighting, Carly was rescued.

Next, the sequel resolved around the cinema, Bo's house and lastly the House Of Wax. The other friend that followed Nick went to the House and was killed there. He found Wade, waxed and sat at the piano. Wade eyes moves but not his body... man... it's really yucky... that friend tried to save him and since his whole body was waxed, his friend tried to remove the wax on his face and the whole piece of flesh just came off... he was in such pain but couldn't express it but with tears... the left side of Wade's face just teared off... grosssssssss... That friend was the second to get killed, brutally, his head and body was seperated by sharp knife and was fixed back by wax. All those wax figures in the church, cinema, everywhere... were real people that was waxed alive.

Then the guy with Paris got killed at their camp in a brutal way. Next Paris... she died brutally too in her underwears. LOL...

The struggles in the House, that invloved Bo, Vincent, Nick and Carly causes fire and the whole house started to melt as it's made of wax, everything WAX! Of course... the good guys won ;p they escapre from the house from the signboard "HOUSE OF WAX", they came out from "A" hahaha...

Next scene, the authorities arrived. Strange... they both looked so clean, they should be covered with wax, not even their hair or clothes had wax. The authorities found out that there were another brother. They were triplets. Two died. Another one was the one sent Carly and Wade to the town. he waved goodbye to both Nick and Carly when the ambulance paased by him. That's the end of it.

P/S: We were trapped in the lift after the movie, lucky someone opened the lift's door at the fifth floor. The lift acted crazy since the ninth floor then door opened at seventh floor and closed again and stucked at fifth floor. The weight sensor acted too slow, that's why.

CHEEZY WEDGES [ ... ]- 01.06.2005, Wednesday
We stopped at KFC for snacks. Here's Cheezy Wedges, potato wedges served with cheese and mayonnaise.

DAMAI LAGOON [ ... ]- 01.06.2005, Wednesday
We sneaked into Damai Lagoon and went to the beach and went to Damai Rainforest Resort ;p... since there were so many people at Damai Lagoon, the guards couldn't control it, so many people waiting to check-in and they have to queue at the check-in counter due to Gawai holiday today and tomorrow. So we went in and we didn't pay for the beach entrance that was supposed to be paid at the
Damai Rainforest Resort's entrance... very bad huh? eheheheh... Both resorts share the same beach. So it's accessible in both ways. During normal days, the guard at Damai Lagoon will check people that gone in and out of the resort and the beach but not Damai Rainforest Resort. To gain entry into the beach during normal days, you have to pay entrance fee at Damai Rainforest Resort.

Here the photos of Damai Lagoon.
The lobby. Look straight out, u can see the sky and sea but not the land. It gives u the feeling of you're floating. It's beautiful to view the South China Sea like this but I'm sad when looking at it. I was thinking of sharing it with him since he liked the sea so much, Hope he's happy in the Indian Ocean. Miss u...
The exterior deco nearby the lobby.
The parrot just outside the restaurant. It's a crowd puller. Very cute...
The look out tower.
The way leading to the man-made lagoon.
The exterior again...
The fountain... this is the coolest part of the building. After exposing to the hot air out there, walk pass this area and you can feel the air surrounding it is very cooling.
View from outside the resort.
Part of the building.
Almost overall view of the building.
Hey.. I'm taking picture here, why you walk into it LOL... the entrance of Damai Lagoon. A fountain of three statues welcoming you.
So... there you go... after playing at the beach... off we went back to Kuching.