M.I.A [ ... ]- 30.07.2005, Saturday
Wow... two weeks I think... no update from me. 1. I'm lazy, 2. Nothing special happened, 3. Busy too.

Anyway... Kuchign Festival Food and Trade Fair started today. So will be some updates next month about it. It'll be a 2-3 weeks event.

WAR OF THE WORLDS [ ... ]- 14.07.2005, Thursday
Finally got to watch it, less than 20 ppl in the cineplex.

Here you go... a story about men fighting for their lives with aliens. So... it's a typically storyline, evil attacked, men fought back, evil lost and men won. Nothing much to mention except the cinematography is really good :) this movie has lots of shouting from the little girl. Also lots of stubborness in almost all the characters of the movie.

So that's it. My review for it LOL... it's worth it if you intended to watch the fantastic cinematography but don't expect much from the story line.

BOMBASTIC CAFE [ ... ]- 14.07.2005, Thursday
Went to Bombastic cafe for supper. It's located just opposite the "BOMBA" (in malay) a.k.a fire station at Padungan.

Iced Honey Milk. Cute cup. It tasted very refreshing, love the taste of honey.

(Left) Carrot juice. (Right)The interior.
French fries.
Spaghetti with what? Can't recall.

SEE THESE GOWNS... [ ... ]- 10.07.2005, Sunday
I'm not going to advertise for this company LOL... just to show you some of the gowns that had been tried on. Some of you might recognized the environment... anyway... I'm not going to tell you where ;p

ONLINE-ALBUM [ ... ]- 09.07.2005, Saturday
Got my online album done, you do not need to register to view my photos anymore. I had provided the direct links to all the albums.

Went to hunt for bridal gowns, took quite a number of photos of the gowns. Will edit it and post it up soon. No... I'm not getting married. It's not me ;p

E-WEST[ ... ]- 06.07.2005, Wednesday
Launched on 1.5.2005, located opposite Everrise HQ at Petanak area. I think it's a fusion cafe, they served western and eastern food. Just this row of shops there are 3 eateries. Starting from the right is vietnamese restaurant, then E-West, then a vegetarian restaurant.
The signboard. You can see it be the road side. Next door is where u can eat vietnamese cuisine.
The exterior.

The interior.
Sirloin steak with mushroom sauce served with veggies anf also there's a cube of... I don't know what is that called. It has chesse, eggs and white onion.
See the white cube thing? that's the thing that I'm trying to describe. This dish is chicken chop served with veggies and black pepper sauce.
The cutlery.

Orange juice and 100 Plus.
Very colourful huh? It's tea with fruit flavours. It comes with alcohol(6.5% and 3.5%) and non-alcohol version, Price starting from RM7.90 onwards.
Last but not least, honey chicken wing. Goosh.... it took so long for it to be cooked, waited almost half hour for it.

After dinner rushed to Star Cineplex for movie, War Of The World... guess what, it started at 8:15pm and we reached there at 8pm and when it's our turn to buy tickets... all sold out!!! Really a lot of ppl, even those that will be shown later were almost full, only left those few front rows. Wow... is this movie that good? Will watch it next week...

KCBA ICT FAIR 2005 [ ... ]- 03.07.2005, Sunday
Another IT fair... no comments... here's some of the pics:

INITIAL D [ ... ]- 03.07.2005, Sunday
I'm not watching the movie,will never watch it too... this is the car show held on the 2-3 July at Permata Carpark 2nd floor. Here are some of the photos, the rest are available in my online album. I forgot to set my camera's setting so the photos looked quite bad.
The tickets.
This car got the first prize.
The interor of the winning car.
One of the car interiors.

INSPIRATION ALAN SALON [ ... ]- 02.07.2005, Saturday
First time step into this salon at Hock Lee. Thinking of giving it a try to see what extreme things they can do to my hair. It's only RM28 if you choose Hairstylist to do it for you. I was supposed to choose this but then I don't know why, I got the service of the Professional
Senior Hairstylist which is so expensive (I had never spent this much on cut & wash), was quite shocked when I pay the bill, RM42. I think they misunderstood me, as I told them any hairstylist will do. Pretty expensive but the environment is nice, brightly lit, spacious interior, friendly staff and really pro. Not to mention, you can order drinks from coffee to tea to mineral water with a fee of course. Need pedicure or manicure during you hair service? They do provide them also... cool... with a fee of course LOL... nothing is free...

Also... the best thing... I got a new hair style!!! None dare to cut too much of my hair as I have natural curls and a bit painful to style and everyone was telling me to rebound it!!! I DON'T WANT! This one really had no mercy on my hair LOL... snip snip snip... wow... it's shorter now with new partings and new style:) also the first person telling me that I should curl my hair instead of rebound it coz she said it's a pain in the ass after 3-4 months later since I've got natural curls and should enhance it and also most importantly it's easier to maintain even after 3-4 months. Well... paying that much... nothing much can be done, good thing the result is satisfying and i guess worth it and got some hair care tips to tend my frizzy hair! Got really nice massage from the handsome shampoo boy ;-p

Oh ya.. they couldn't believe that my hair is curled naturally, they thought I permed it before... LOL... the hairstylist asked me before the hair wash then after cutting my hair again, she still couldn't believe it. Hehehehe... So here's the result, by the way the Professional Senior Hairstylist was Janice Ting:
I'm blue... ta da ti da te dy... ehehhe... don't know why this kind of effect from my camera ;p Blue....

JULY [ ... ]- 01.07.2005, Friday
Ok... it's July now... last month entries weren't much, after the mid month of June there wasn't any update at all... why? Coz nothing interesting happened. that's why... boring month. Actually there's a few things but nothing much, one is that my friend asked me to be her bridesmaid and another one was we went to Alvin's studio to tried out the gowns. That's all... No photos for the fitting and it was quite a short fitting so no point to mention it in long post. Starting July, we'll be going to one bridal house per week to hunt for her wedding gowns and my bridesmaid gowns. So... might have quite an update in July on the gown until Dec... I guess... will see how it goes...