MERDEKA!! [ ... ]- 31.08.2005, Tuesday
HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!!! It's 48th Anniversary for Malaysia. What else to say? Tomorrow is September which mean it's almost year end and my birthday is coming soon in just the next days. That's all for August!

KUCHING BLACKOUT [ ... ]- 25.08.2005, Thursday
Since 11am this morning, no electricity for about 1 hour. I sms-ed my friends asking them whether they have electricity or not and they too suffer the same thing. Worst still, some areas have no electricity and water at the same time until afternoon. So no electricity, that's mean traffic lights are malfunctioned too. Here are some photos of the traffic lights junction at my area, sorry for the lousy quality of the pics:
Motocyclist at the far end: Ooo... a truck!!!
Who cares u in the middle of the road, we want to get tru' too!
Kelisa: Let me tru'!!!
Ok.. here's something unrelated:
Green... very green... it happened to park at my place. One of the newest national car that was launched months ago.
Another unrelated picture:
Here... my friend here... say Hello... LOL... it's actually a dead lizard, don't know how and why it died like this. What a pity? At least it didn't die like his other friends that I had accidentally killed.

CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY [ ... ]- 20.08.2005, Saturday
WEEEEE!!! Finally!!! It's here! I've been waiting for it for ages! It's such a yummy movie... gooshhh... alll those chocolates!!! Yum.. yum... no chocolate to munch in the cineplex so popcorn as substitute. Imagine how I eat the popcorn while watching the movie... I imagined it as chocolate! Ate and ate and forgotten to left some for Jimmy hahaha... what happenned at last? Stomachache!!! Sigh... never in my life that popcorn could caused my stomach upset. I'm not the only one, even Jimmy ate a bit of it also complained of stomachache... the verdict... the popcorn was contaminated!

This movie, so far it's the best I had ever watch, maybe it's because I'm a "chocolic"(OK... i invented this word... there's no such word as CHOCOLIC!) so that's why. If u're not a "chocolis", then it's just a movie with very nice graphichs and musics. Very heartwarming story about a child, Charlie who won the Golden Ticket to the Wonka Chocolate Factory.

There are five lucky children from all over the world got selected and 4 was eliminated due to their attitude.
1. The fat greedy boy, eliminated because he's so greedy and drank from the chocolate river in the factory and lost his balance and fell into the river and sucked up by the machine that sucks the chocolate to various location in the factory for production.

2. The arrogant and compettive little girl that chewed gums was the second to be eliminated. She chewed the chewing gum that is not supposed to be chewed because it's still being researched and didn't hear Mr. Wonka advise to spit it out. She became bigger and bigger, rounder and rounder and also became purple. They had to rolled her away.

3. The missy, the girl with a rich daddy, spoit little girl kept on saying," Daddy!I want this, I want that!". She was thrown into the garbage dump by the squirrels that were supposed to be sorting nuts. Whatever fell into the squirrels' hand, they will inspect it to determine the whether they are good for chocolate. In other word QC. Anything bad will be thrown away. She wanted the squirrels and wanted to catch them at the end she became one of the spoilt nuts,

4. Bad boy with violent in mind. Teleported himself into the TV. Anything teleported to the TV will become much much smaller in size. He thought he knows everything about science and stormed into the teleport machine and was teleport to the TV and he became so tiny, tiny than the Oompa Loompas (workers in the factory, they were found by Mr. Wonka in Loompaland because they virtually worships chocolate and Mr. Wonka decided to bring them back to his factory to work for him as his previous workers stole his secret recipe and he decided to close the factory for good but the chocolates are still in production, no one knows who worked in there)

And the winner is CHARLIE!!! A boy from a poor family that found the last Ticket in the 11th hour.

The show is too yummy... I don't want to explain every single part of it. There are so many of it, I don't think I can explain every single scene here. It will spoilt the fun. Go watch it for yourself. Recommended and for a "chocolic" like me I'll give it 4 stars out of 5 stars! EHEHEH... go ahead watch it, it's worth the money you spent for the ticket.

Oh ya.... one thing to mention, the Oompa Loompas are actually acted by one person
only. Also I've been usign too much "and" in this post! ENJOY!

ICHIRO SHABU SHABU [ ... ]- 20.08.2005, Saturday
It's Jimmy's Birthday, so we went to this new restaurant at Jln. Song. How silly were we, we recalled the wrong place and went to the wrong place. We went to RH Commercial Centre instead of PH Commercial Centre. Oh well... I always mixed up between these two places ;p we went round and round RH and found nothing, so we decided to call up one of your friend that interviewed this restaurant before. It's in Jln Song!!! For goodness sake, my stomach was so upset because of food poisoning I guess, the popcorn I ate while watching Charlie And The Chocolate Factory just now. We quickly rushed to Jln Song and finally found the place. Our first time there, didn't know how to drive to the nearest parking place there, so park quite far away and walked all the way to that restaurant. Upon reaching there u'll be welcomed by this kind of staircase. Walk up the staircase, on your right, it's the entrance.

You'll be greeted by the staff there and here's the interior. I liked it a lot. But one thing is that, the smell of the tom yam's smell lingers inside.. I think there's some problem with the suction fan.

The views of the interior.

Once you're sitted down, they will introduce the menu to you and I dashed to the washroom immediately, really couldn't stand it anymore ;p. I know... I know.. we're talking food here and I'm talking about me doing my business haahha.. OK.. it's new and not much customer, so the toilet was very clean. LOL!!!

After ordering the set meal for two persons (meat+vegie), RM28, tom yam soup and herbal soup for the base, vermicelli, iced lemon tea, chrysanthemum tea and a bowl of rice.
The veggies. "Kangkong", bean sprouts, corn, cabbage, carrot... blah blah,,, couldn't recall and some of the stuff I don't know what's their name. Allt hose very common veggies, I only know how to eat ok? I don't know what they are called ;P Oh ya, bird egg too...
The meat. Beef, chicken and ham that were thinly sliced. It's not marinated.
LOL... it's just the bowl, very nice bowl. Cute!
Free flow of chinese tea.

The sausces. The black ones, seafood sauce. The middle ones, satay gravy. If you want the seafood sauce spicy, asked for the dried chilli powder.

Left, the base for your shabu shabu. Top herbal soup and below is tom yam soup. Right, the electrical stove. They will teach you how to use it and also give you tips on how to eat your shabu shabu such as the right heat that you should use to achieve better taste.

Here are some tips:
1. As a start, 240 degree celcius is used.
2. When it's boiled, lowered it to 160 degree celcius. If your food not yet arrived yet, adjust to 200 degree celcius.
3. Then when you started to eat, maintain it at 160 degree celcius.
4. If extra base is added, increase it to 240 degree celcius to let it boils and lower it back to 160 degree celcius.
If you forgotten to adjust it as it is, they will come to the rescue!!! LOL...
5. Don't dump all the meat in like u're having steamboat. Instead pick up the meat one slice at a time and just shabu shabu it inside the soup until you think it's cooked. As a start add in the veggies especially the cabbages to bring out the aroma and the sweetness of the cabbage before you start shabu ur meat.
After u finished everything, the dessert will be served. It's cold red bean soup.
Judging from the portion, it's only a bit but I was so full at the end. It's because of that popcorn!!! ARGH...!! Make my stomach upset, if not that, there'll be a second order, seafood here I come... but sigh...

Guess what!?!? We paid only RM37!!! It's supposed to be RM40-RM50, the counter girl gave us the wrong bill. We didn't realized it at all. We just paid. Only realised it when we're back in the car. Oh well... ehheeh... how? What's done is done... and we realised that the couple after us actually paid for our bill and they didn't noticed it too. I'm sure they'll noticed it when they study the bill carefully. What a luck ;p
The address: 1st Floor, Lot 11379, Tabuan Heights, PH Commercial Centre, Jalan Song, Kuching.
Tel. No.: 082-454709

RED TEA ROAD ICE SHOP (PADUNGAN) [ ... ]- 18.08.2005, Friday
This branch in third mile had been a place where my collegemates and I used to hang out. Haven't been there for ages.

Lee called me up to get the ADCS project CD from me and since we had not meet for hmmm... 1-2 months? Lost count so I suggested we go to have a drink and catch up with each other. So we went to Red Tea Road Ice shop at Padungan. Been to both branches for so many times and this is the first time I'm taking picture of this place and blog about it.
The interior.
left: Peppermint milk shake, so sweet, no peppermint taste at all. Right: Green apple milk shake.
Fried curry dumplings. The texture of the crust (it's called crust coz it's crispy) tasted so strange, I don't know how to explain. When it's served, I thought they did sprinkle cheese on the meat coz it looked like there's a hint of cheese color. I couldn't taste the curry much.

TESTING... TESTING... PHOTO EDITING... [ ... ]- 14.08.2005, Sunday
OK... I'm not that free actually, kinda busy these days but just don't feel like working so play around with Photoshop and learn some photo editting techniques that I didn't even know that it can be done in Photoshop though I had been playing with Photoshop for years ;p it's so amazing...
Before editing...
1) After editing. Lightened and evened my skin tone, applied blushers, eyeliners and green eye shadows, shaped the eyebrows, coloured the hair, removes scars, blemishes, moles, eye bags, dark circles, and lengthened eyelashes. I did nothing to my lipsss!! AHHAAH... coz it's too perfect to edit hahaha... I just couldn't find a way to change my eyes' shape.
2) LOL... falied to change my eyes, I found eyes create from scratch via Photoshop in the Net, copied and pasted it to my photo ;p At first I thought of create it myself from scratch but I'm too lazy. Looked so artificial:D It's weird too... It's not me anymore.
3) My nose is smaller now ahhahaah... at first I didn't intend to make my nose smaller, did it by accident ;p

Anyway... it looked really scary hahaha...

I WON!!! I WON!!! [ ... ]- 09.08.2005, Tuesday
Crazy me... just a RM50 hamper from Teck Kwong also make a big deal out of it. Oh well... I haven't win anything for quite sometimes already. :D It's was a contest I joined months ago and had totally forget about it untill two weeks ago I got a call about it asking me to collect my prize today. They were having the draw on the spot at Teck Kwong, Tabuan Jaya. I was asked to collect my prize at 10:30am, then I waited and waited with other winners like almost 45 minutes later, then it's our turn for the P&G lucky draw.

All together there were 4-5 contest lucky draws going on today continously. Before that it was other products' lucky draw. I'm one of the 43 contestants that were eligibled to join the P&G lucky draw. Each and one of us got a prize, it's a matter of luck of getting big or small prize. I'm lucky to get 1 of the 30 consolation hampers. Better than the other 10 that got a mini hamper each that contained two cans of Pringles. Phew... lucky lucky...wasting so much time there to get two cans of Pringels hahaha... First prize was a sofa set, I didn't even want to win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize... lucky me... those 3 prizes were of no use to me. I would rather take the hamper with the products that I can use. LOL... anyway... here's the hamper I got.
2 cans of Pringles, 2 bottles of Head & Shoulders shampoo, 1 Rejoice conditioner, 1 Rejoice shampoo, a mini hair brush and a scrub.

IT'S GETTING BORING... [ ... ]- 08.08.2005, Monday
Do you notice this, do you? My blog is getting more and more boring, I'll only post about certain events or reviews. It's not like last time anymore. I blog about myself, spoke up about things that interest or annoyed me. I think it's because of his passing that I'm no longer post much things about myself. I used to blog for him, This is the only way to let him know what's going on with me since I'm in Kuching and he could be anywhere in this world. I'll blog about anything under the sun but now I don't think I blog on anything personal anymore.

I'm trying to get back to my old style of blogging but somehow I can't find much time to do any long entry and also even if I have time I will not spend it on blogging. Anyway... I'm not going to close this blog. I'll continue with it. This blog for this year is supposed to be full of excitements such as travellings to places, my love life, my work, my friends and just about anything but we could never be able to predict the future, BAMMM!!! That's it... you'll never know whether will you be alive tomorrow. It turned out to be a very boring blog.

Anyway... that's all for the time being. I'll try to blog about something more interesting else sooner or later this blog will be doomed. I don't know how long I will maintain it, as long that I still can, I will update it and make it more interesting. Last but not least... here's my latest pic (as if u're interested LOL... but I know some people are, they're asking for it ;p) It's taken last Friday night at the food fair... sigh... eyebags!!! Getting worst due to lack of sleep and also cried too much. Since the day I got the unfortunate news, I always cried myself to sleep, even PMS is taking a toll on me. I used to have no problem with PMS, now it kinda wreck my emotion and I'm quite bad temper at times sigh... it's more than 8 months already... one year ago during these few months, it was very hapy months for us... one year later of these few months he's no longer here. Frankly I couldn't even recall when we met each other, when we started, when was our anniversary? All I remember is that we met due to him adding the wrong person, me, into his MSN list and I was a busybody kept e-mailing him, MSN-ed him and bombared him with lots of silly questions due to curiosity about aviation, S'pore and also his life. It's all started from there. Well... enough of that. Here's my pic :)
Looked pretty tired, sleep eyes ;p also I'm sweating.. it's hot and humid this month becuase of the haze that caused by forest fire around this region.

KUCHING FESTIVAL 2005(3) [ ... ]- 07.08.2005, Sunday
Lots of photos for the fest today, went there early evening and a bit of drizzles then it stopped. Here's the photos for today:
Satay and ketupat.
Corn, chicken wings... blah blah blah...
Satay again...
The entrance.
The MAP!
The food fair.
Balloons again... anyone?
Chicken wings... bought the one on the right most. Honey Chicken Wing.
Thai food.
Belachan Bihun.
"Sio Bee"
Vietnam food.
Ppl sitting down with family and friends to enjoy their dinner.
The lightings. Not as "grand" as last year's.
"Chu Chang Fen" (chinese)... I don't know how to explain hahaha...
The stage.
Another scene of ppl sitting down with family and friends to enjoy their dinner.
The Good Old Times Games Corner.. where those board games that u enjoyed when u're kids. Even got a 2 big dices for you to play the games, roll the dices and off you start playing. They also have a toy car for children to play.
Children colouring contest.
The Scene of Agro Show. Frankly... nothing to see there.

KUCHING FESTIVAL 2005(2) [ ... ]- 05.08.2005, Friday
Looked for parking for about half hour, finally found one. Here are some pictures of the fair, since it's night so the shoots aren't good.
The entrance.
The mascot.

Some exhibitors at the outdoor Trade Fair.
This year... compete in computer games or PS2 not so sure ehhe... all I know is you pay to compete against one another, it's football/soccer game.
Part of the outdoor trade fair. Look at the left, those guys standing there, they are actually waiting for inspired modesl to sign up to become a models.
One of the landscapes for the Garden Show, oh well..not really Garden Show, it's not like previous years with lots of landscapes, this year instead some stalls seling drinks set up there and landscaping only a few.. what a pity...
The Garden Show signboard.
Balloonsss.. anyone?
Part of the indoor trade fair. Lots of bridal houses/studios taking part this year namely France & Taipei, I-Bell, Hollywood and Agnes (outdoor).
The night scene of the food fair.
More photos coming soon...

OLD SHOP THE 4TH TIME! [ ... ]- 05.08.2005, Friday
Supposed to be going to Kuching Festival Food Fair for dinner, HEAVY RAIN!!! So ended up at this shop again...

Left: White Lady (Shaved ice with mango sauce and sago pearl topped with watermelon "ball"), it's HUGE!!! It took me 1 hour to finish the whole thing. Oh well... when it comes to something cold, it will take me long long time to finish it LOL... at the end it melted till I ended up with straw rather than the spoon provided. I notice that this shop offers these kind of desserts in HUGE portion...
Right: The shop's specialty, fried noodle.

Thought that the rain won't stop but it did!!! Off we go to food fair!

KUCHING FESTIVAL 2005(1) [ ... ]- 01.08.2005, Monday
Went there just now...
This year, less stalls, less ppl and the trade show in the building has less booth too.
Maybe petrol increase, the rent expensive, so no one wants to rent hahaah... this year is quite a failure from what I had observed.
Usually would be lots of ppl and so packed until couldn't walk properly even if it's weekdays.