POINT 1, BAN HOCK ROAD [ ... ]- 26.09.2005, Monday
First time here, met up with ex-collegemates. It ended up only 3 of us (Leeling, Lee and I) coz it's last minute plan and everyone is busy... so what do u expect? It's like that... it's very hard to catch up with friends nowadays.

Damn... bad design, the smoking and non-smoking area aren't properly partitioned, it makes no difference at all. All the smell and smoke came into the non-smoking section, or in other word, no partition at all. Ewwwwwwww...make my nose itch!!! It's very dark too, hardly read the menu properly but it's not as dark as Day Dream.
Dark and the flickering candle didn't help much. Strained out eyes on reading the menu and spoilt the soothing mood and loud music, we had to shout to talk..
The interior, non-smoking section.
The interior, non-smoking section.

Strawberry blended. Too sweet. It's their specialty. Ice blended Cappuccino... couldn't recall.
Onion Ring, Very crispy.
Sweet and Sour... Rice. Couldn't recall the name too.

Sorry... it seemed like I couldn't recall many things lately, too busy.

SUN DELIGHT [ ... ]- 25.09.2005, Sunday
Wow.. more photos... really tired editting so many and also busy... so don't expect I talk too much about the food to save time. Had lunch with my family at Sun Delight, relatively new eateries in Kuching at Padungan, opposite Padungan's EON Bank. Quite humid there.. ewww... and the mist fans was having problem and it became more like rain than mist. If not mistaken the owner isthe same owner as Sun Music Cafe opposite Ang Chen Ho's Shell station.

It seemed like this month I have lots of photos and I think anyone with dialup will complain. Even with Streamyx too since streamyx lately isn't up to our expectation.
Sirloin steak. Tasteless.
Vermicelli... couldn't recall.
Black bean... couldn't recall too.
Hot and spicy fired rice.
Mee goreng asli.

Lime juice, Sprite ribena.
The menu.
The interior.

The faulty mist fans. The canopy ;-p

ICT EXPO 05 [ ... ]- 24.09.2005, Saturday
Busy busy.. so busy, so many pics haven't upload and lausy connection. Here's the expo pic it from 23-25 Sept at Civic Center:
The stage for lucky draws, openinf cereminy, performance etc.
The outdoor booths.
The indoor booths.

RED TEA ROAD, 3RD MILE [ ... ]- 23.09.2005, Friday
Let's go straight to the point, these were what we had ordered:
Big Ken Ice Cream. Apple (green) and Vanilla (white/cream)
Ai-Yu Bing. Well... this is what it's called. It had jelly and the juice is quite sour but bring a little sweetness in it. It used to be served in cup but now became like this, I was shocked. I prefer it to be in cup.

The interior. Had been modified several times and now it's getting narrow.
Shoot from inside to outside.

I'll be uploading pictures of Kuching's taken from the highest floor of Civic Center and pictures of my friend's hamsters in my online album. :-) stay tuned for it.

I MISS ... :-( [ ... ]- 23.09.2005, Friday
I know some of you is getting fed up with me for posting things about him and that I should let go and go on and forget about him. Crying over spilt milk is no use at all. Still... I guess by talking (should be blogging) about it will make me cure faster rather than keeping it in myself. This is what a blog is supposed to be, right? This is the only place I can express myself, I don't think anyone is that patient anymore to help me get tru' this. I'm so stubborn!

I'm very sad today coz it's supposed to be his 36th b'day. No such day anymore. It will never be any of this day anymore for years and years to come. He's gone approximately 3 months after his 35th b'day. So unfair!!! Well... it's not me to judge the fairness of it. It's all fated, it's all in God's hand. Who are we to question God's decision? Sigh...

I miss... his voice. Especially the one that sounded exhausted after weeks/days of packed rooster. Flying around the world non-stop with only less than 24 hours of rest in between flights. It sounded so sexy... I missed it. It turned me real on! *BLUSH* Also the one right after he woke up.

I miss... his stories, experiences and advises. He told me lots and lots of stories about himself and his work. Happy, sad, angry... just about anything. Lots of advises from him to make sure that I don't hurt myself when I'm doing anything.

I miss... his sense of homour, phone calls, msn, e-mails, kindness, sensitivity, openess, generousity, passions, our "intimate" sessions *BLUSH EVEN MORE*.

I miss... his imagination and creativity. He always had the wackiest ideas on just about anything. No wonder he liked to give ppl surprises.

I miss... his wealth. Ok... Ok... it's not only about love, it's about money too! It couldn't work without money. If no money how can we stay in touch with expensive phone calls and Internet access from around the world? How can we afford to maintain this relationship? We're living in different countries too and we have fly to meet wach other. This relationship didn't come cheap!

I know lots of ppl couldn't accept this, frankly I fell for his wealth and he knew this from day 1 coz I had warned him and he didn't mind it because he said he has the confident that besides accepting him for his money, I'm sincere and not those girls that only want his money. YES, I'm sincere and I do admit that I fell for his wealth before accepting him as my bf. He had always wanted to give me a supp-card of SGD5000 credit limit and buy me lots of things but I declined because I don't want any material stuff. I only wanted him, in person, his love! After I accepted him, money is secondary and love is the primary part.

It took me months of considerations before accepting him. I'm not blindly in love with his wealth OK? I did consider about his personalities too. If he's wealthy and had bad personalities, I wouldn't accept him at all. Like it or not, it's my business. I'm money-face? YES... everyone loves money, who doesn't? Though money is not everything, but no money you are nothing! Hmmm... I think many guys will freak out, what a money-face! :-P

:-( no matter what I say also no use. He's gone... forever. ,=_=, I don't know how long will it takes me to get over this. Maybe the only way is that someone better than him or as good as him come into my life. Sigh... I MISS EVERTHING ABOUT HIM!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!!!

FYI, after typing this whole thing, I felt so cold and I shivered uncontrolably. It's hot air around me but my body is cold and kept shivering. Hmmm... spooky... I completed typing this on 23rd Sept 12:30am.

100TH POST! [ ... ]- 21.09.2005, Tuesday
This is the 100th post for my blog this year. Let's celebrate it with a pizza and chicken wings from Pizza Hut!!!
Another Chezzy Lava 3 pizza and it looked different compare to the one I had weeks ago. It seemed like one type of cheese is missing in the previous ones. This is with Hawaiian Chicken topping.
Pizza hut chicken wing, another variant. It seemed like curry. Didn't manage to eat it ;p

Ok... these are actually my lunch with my client this afternoon. We had a meeting at her conference room and at the same time we had our lunch while having the meeting. I'm busy with writing down whatever we were discussing and my hands were not free to eat these chicken wings... sigh... though at the end, left 2 pieces that were supposed to be for me and Jimmy but we still didn't manage to eat. *drool*

CCK [ ... ]- 19.09.2005, Monday
No more Roy Rogers, it's now CCK (Chi Chiong Kai) Food Center. This is where u can find all those Petaling Street food in Kuching. Bought this two things there:
"Wo Lai Yay" pork... I couldn't recall what this is called in English. In Hokkien it's "bak po" or "bak kua" or in Mandarin is "rou gan".
This is the sausage, it's also made of pork. I don't know what exactly it's called in English. These two items are usually a must for Chinese New Year. It's hot item for that time.
Finally... here's the shop.

HAPPY MID-AUTUMN FESTIVAL [ ... ]- 18.09.2005, Sunday
It's the time of the year again... here... mooncakes for you, I don't like mooncakes, nice to look yucky to eat AHAHAH...
Mooncake from KL, directly sent from KL from one of my dad's business associates.
The inside of the mooncake above. Ewwww... lots of animal fat, what kind of animal? Hmmm... it's PIG!

M'sians are very lucky though we're living in an Muslim country, we still get to keep our identity and our culture and even have freedom with the ingredients of our food.
Another one from KL, Omochi.
Another one.. don't know what's inside haven't open yet.
This is bought locally. I don't know what's in there, I guess, it's salted egg tolk, lotus paste and the balck one could be red bean paste.
Lanterns... need to say more?
The night scences of Kuching on the eve of mid-autmn festival. Traffic jam at the golden triangle. Ppl were visiting the Inter-Cultural Moonkcake Festival at Carpenter Street and also to Matta fair. That's why it's so jam.

Jam from down hill to up the hill. To the left is where Matta fair is held.

On the other hand, Streamyx sucksss lately. Lousy connection, on and off and slow too. It had been 3 days already, since Friday. I was joking that Matta fair took all the bandwidth away ;p coz too many connections simultaneously to book hotels and flight tickets at the same location. Heheheh... well... it's just a joke, the real reason our provider is providing lousy service. Do we need to say more, we all knows! AHAHAH...

MATTA TRAVEL FAIR 2005 [ ... ]- 16.09.2005, Friday
When there and the main aim is to find great offers for travel packages, hotels and air tickets but nothing in return. The offers are so so so... don't know how to say, mostly only valid for used before 31st Oct. Even if there are those that extend till Dec also no use. It's not what I want. I wanted to find tickets, hotels or travel packages to KL for Mid November for a trip with my family for 4 days 3 nights. Too bad none. Zero. So maybe the trip will be cancelled or we'll change plan to S'pore. Or None. I was thinking of booking ticket/travel package to Australia for next year but no offer for next year. So no fruit to harvest there. Too bad. Very disappointing. I expected too much from it.

Here are the scenes of the fair:
The entrace. With ppl distributing the brochures. Entrance fee RM2 for adult and RM1 for children. If not mistaken the one in April this year, the entrance fee was pay once for 2 days entries. This year it's 3 days due to the encouraging responses in the previous MATTA fair. It's at Permata Parking, 5th floor. From 16-18 September, 10am to 9pm.
The booth.
Malaysia Tourism Board's booths. With different tourism board of Malaysia took part in it namely Perlis, Sabah etc. but sadly... they were all very quiet, no visitors. It seemed like everyone is looking for overseas travel packages but not domestic travel packages.
Singapore tourism board. They have very nice booth. Very colourful and contemporary design.
MAS booth. They only sells tickets for overseas trip. :(
An area for anyone to sit for a rest.
Every travel agents had so many different offers. You'll be spoilt by choices but nothing that I need.
SEDC booth.
Another view of Malaysia Tourism Board.
The cars. What are they doing here? Well... it's travel fair, so car travels too. The also sell bags in the hall. With 50% discounts. Purse, wallet, luggage... even France And Taipei also set up a booth there. For those honeymooners or couples that will get married soon that go to the fair to find out more on their honeymoon destination.

Outside of the hall... there are stalls selling factory reject perfume. Why reject? The reasons given were, loose caps, broken caps, changes of colour etc. Geee... If I'm not mistaken, if a perfume changes colour, that means it's spoilt!

So 2 more days before the fair ends. Tomorrow and Sunday will be sardine packed! Today less ppl as everyone was still working ;p if not it's going to be hard to move and couldn't consult them properly.

WHY ARE U SO VAIN?... [ ... ]- 15.09.2005, Thursday
UPDATED-16.09.05, Friday

...You thought this blog is about u? No, it's not!!! It's ME ME ME!!!

After having a conversation with Ann today, it seemed like I didn't make myself clear enough in my 1st September posting!!! Scroll down down down there... here... I copy paste this part, "Below will be from my experiences and also from friends' experiences." I think many ppl missed this out or not obvious enough that make ppl think that I'm talking about one person, it's not one person it's stories from many ppl and the wow... really lots of suckers in our midst. I had bolded it down there.

I got repsonses that some of the suckers (I have the feeling that it's only one person and the same person that barks about me being stupid and I deserved it and wanted me to count how many times I'm being a sucker myself hmm...) are angry with me! Because I'm talking about them. Why should I care? I didn't use any name. Who will know? For those that got angry with that post, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to you!!! Why? Coz you know your mistake and please.. please...please change to be a better person. I hope you will change. I'm an angel you know?? Cute cute one summore... I will forgive u one.

If you are those suckers and didn't know I'm talking about you and not angry with my post or still barking around saying this and that (check the comments, you will know what I mean, this only shows that sucker is suckier than ever) and has no intention to change, YOU GO DIE LAR U!!! NO HOPE ANYMORE! YOU DON'T EVEN DESERVE TO LIVE! GRRR....

Hmmm... I think these suckers are new to blogsphere. I'm so damn kind of not using any names in posting post like this. I'm sure they haven't seen the "world" enough where there are those bloggers that barked the person's name out without mercy. Or even using pseudonym that is obvious enough to know who that exact person is. Well... if still those suckers can't accept what I had posted, I also don't know what else to say. I guess we'll just let them "kill" themselves. So kind of telling them that their attitudes are not acceptable but then got barked back. So.. what to do? Let them destroy themselves. Then cannot blame us that we didn't warn them. I'm using "US" because I'm not the only one agreed with it. Believe or not it's up to you.

OK... that's all... don't be so vain.... this blog is not about u! I stress again... IT'S ME!!! ME ME ME! Got it? Don't get it? Then you are really vain. LOL ~^0^~ The blog is mine and of course it's all about me, every post that I had posted were my views and thoughts so what is it going to do with you? I don't see why any post here is about you. It's all my point of views not yours. YES! NOT YOURS! So... if you can't accept it, then leave. I don't need any reader like this. Or well... you are just having fun wanted to spice thing up and make urself more ugly to other readers of my blog, then it's your freedom and I don't care a damn thing about it besides you're not using your real identity... what a coward and always using sucker, sucker, sucker as your name and indeed you are... WAHAHAHAHA...

Case close! Not happy? Nvm... go on with ur barking. I'm not that free to entertain this kind of feedback. Some ppl just don't understand wat a blog is all about. I'm sure sucker(s) is/are happy because I have nothing more to say like what he/she posted in the commenting system. Anyway again... it's their freedom. I've done nothing wrong. Only God will know what to do with them. Bless them!

Geee.. I'm really having fun with this! HOHOHOO...

WORST DESIGNED PARKING LOT IN BUILDING [ ... ]- 14.09.2005, Wednesday
One of them we all know very well... Merdeka Palace... so narrow so hard to maneuver the surface is slippery too. Really suckssssssss...

Here's another bad design, Tun Jugah Building undergorund parking lot. You go in there you can see scratches all over the wall. It's from car bumpers. Here's an interesting one:
See the tyre mark on the wall. The car can jump or fly... how true is that? It's not only one, look at the left, partial ones almost every wall has it, full round tyre mark. Conclusion, all 4-wheel drives' drivers attempted to reverse park and their tyre rammed into the wall and this sent jolts to the drivers that they had hit the wall! If you didn't notice it, next time try to look carefully at all the walls. Interesting. It's quite impossible for a 4-wheel drive to park head first, they will have problem coming out from the parking later or the behind just sticked out too much. The only way and the best way, REVERSE PARK! I'm the expert ahahha...

Summore... Hock Lee Building's underground parking lot. Very dark, smelly, hot and the parking space is small too. The box only fit a Kancils. Normal cars or bigger cars will exceed the box! It's narrow too. When two cars park side by side, one side of the door will not be able to open. Not to mention big cars!! Even that day I drove a Kembara, it's much much smaller than a Pajero, I had to let my sister alight first before I parked it properly. If not she couldn't open the door or I couldn't.

Who to blame? The architects? The engineers? Where were they graduated from? The designs really sucksssssssssss to bits and I'm not the only one who complains. They don't even qualified to be one! The square heads and the scrolls are just for show. No use at all. What a shame! It's a disgraced to the univeristy. Sigh...

BUNTAL [ ... ]- 10.09.2005, Saturday
It's public holiday, only applicable to Sarawak. So went to Damai Beach with my family. Then we went for dinner at Buntal. This is the place where Kuchingites will have their seafood in the evening. Seeing these pics you'll know what I mean, having your dinner facing the sea, the sand, the sky and the seabreeze:
The rainbow.
The exterior of the restaurant.
The sky.
View of another seafood restaurant.
You can get fresh seafood here at the stalls:
Some fresh seafood.
We had our seafood here:
We always have it here.
The interior.
Squid fried with sambal. Very tough. We thought it's going ot be wet but it's dried. Not worth the money spent.
"O Chien". Bowl at right is the sauce. Very salty and with lots of pepper.
Clams cooked with "what", I forgot.
Butter prawn. I like butter prawn here. Many places' butter prawns are wet hmmm... it's dried here and the paste is nice. Yum ... yum...
White rice.
Mixed vegetables.

AUCTION BIDDING CRAZE [ ... ]- 09.09.2005, Friday
Heard of ebay? This is where when ppl's junks are other ppl's treasure. LOL.... lately I'm going on shopping spreee in Lelong. No... I don't buy second-hand goods. I bought 1st hand goods coz it's cheap and I need them. Hehheh... so far I had bought 6 items from there here you go...
SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL #6202 Heart - Vitrail Light - 10mm - Choker Pendant and SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL #6202 Heart - Aquamarine AB - 10mm - Choker Pendant, RM6 each.
SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL Motif / Charm - Heart - Crystal- K1, SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL Motif / Charm - Apple - Lt Sapphire and SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL Motif / Charm - Twinkle Star - Lt Sapphire
RM8, RM12, RM10.50
All five neckalces/chokers in two days!!! Got it today. Including shipping fee, RM51.50!!! LOL... why am I buying that much? Some are for friends' presents and some for myself and my sis.

Here's another item, bidded it in July, sillicone bra, I couldn't remember how much was it. It's RM21 and I forgot how much was the shipping fee, it's less than RM30. This is consider a deal, really cheap, market price is about RM70 and above!!!

Why am I posting this? I don't know LOL... nothing to do... actually lots of thing to do, just taking a breather ^_^

FONT [ ... ]- 08.09.2005, Thursday
A lot of ppl complained about my font size. Last time it was so small and used it for about 7 months then after that I changed it to bigger ones like now. I think still got ppl complain about it. This is the biggest I can make for the time being too big is hideous. The rest of the posts in previous months, I will maintain that small font. I have no time to change them one by one coz due to my lousy coding convention I have to change it one by one. I don't mind if I loss my readers. I'm not a famous blogger and I don't crave for traffic. If you like my blog you stay on since u've already been tortured by me with those small font. Thank you to you. If you can't stand the small font then you can leave. Next year I will be using a bigger font and with whole new design. This year... just stick to it. CHEERSSS!!!

2ND DELPHIC GAMES 2005 [ ... ]- 07.09.2005, Wednesday
Ok... I didn't what this is all about, all these while I thought it's sports event just like Olympics or Commonwealth games It's actually an art and culture event. Here's the brief intro of it:
"A peaceful dedicated competition of the arts - the Delphic Games for about a thousand years in ancient Greece exemplified cultural and spiritual leadership, and shared an equally high standing in society as the sportive Olympic Games."

So due to curiousity went there to see what it's all about. It's at Old Court House. Competition? Don't seemed like any? More like exhibition of arts and crafts from various countries. How come I saw mostly from Johannesburg? Or is it each day has different country showing off their art and culture? It ended today but I went there yesterday. No time to update. Since it ended today so I post it today, so whoever wants to catch it sorry.... too late... it started on 1st-7th September. At night there were various performance from various countries for 7 nights in a row I guess... Here are some of the photos at Old Court House:

The entrance and some of the participant booths, they were using a small room each. Sorry but I'm bad in geography and I couldn't identify which country they're from. I didn't walk in there as I didn't know what to talk to them and no visitors in there except those participants. I'm shy so I just glanced as I walked passed. =_="

Drawing of potrait. Interested?
From Johannesburg.
Hand woven clothings from Johannesburg? Not sure about the origin of the country. ~_~"

Hmmm... I think these are from Sarawak LOL... doesn't looked like from other countries.
I thought it's all about Johannesburg in here but it ended up to be a picture/art gallery of various artist from various countires.
The interior of it. I think the chair and the luggage in the middle of the hall was the most unusual artwork. It's all made from scrap metals. At first I thought it's some sort of artifacts discovered in the dessert that was left by lost traveller LOL...

I went there and I'm totally lost in what to see and what it's all about. Only a few ppl visiting it maybe it's weekday that's why. Only a few tourists there couldn't find any local except us and the ppl working there ;-p So i just walked in and walked out don't know what am I supposed to do and didn't know what to ask as I'm not "cultured"!!! LOL...

That's all for the Delphic post, couldn't describe much ehehehe... it's an alien to me.

COFFEEMASTER, SOMERSET [ ... ]- 06.09.2005, Tuesday
Always go there but always had no camera with me, had tried a few of their drinks but no photos. This time I ordered the drink I ordered the fist time I went there, Ice Blended Chocolate. It tasted different now, better but still not as good as bing! The presentation is different too. I think they changed the recipe after me complaining in my blog LOL...

Before - No cocoa powder sprinkled... After - now they have it, here u go...
ehehheh... lots of whip cream.

Left: Ice Cream Coffee if not mistaken. Right: Free Crads Zone at the entrance but no free cards to take :(
View from the window.

HAPY B'DAY! [ ... ]- 04.09.2005, Sunday
Ok... it's my 23rd b'day. I'm not in the mood of celebrating it and have to wear a mask to celebrate it, I'm very sad deep down inside. This month is supposed to be a happier month because it's my b'day and also it's his. Last year he had promised me that he would never forget this day and will make it a special day every year. Sadly... this year and it's supposed to be the 1st year that we would officially celebrate them together but it never came. Last year we celebrate neither mine nor his b'day because we were busy with our own commitments, he was busy settling things with his previous and new company and I'm with my new job. I'm sad that he will not be able to celebrate his 36th birthday and I'm sure his family and friends are sure to be very sad too. Every year it's nothing special for me but this year, it's different. I know some ppl will say "serve me right" after reading my 1st September's post and I don't mind about what u suckers think, happy?

Ok... enough of that, I should be thankful that I have my family to celebrate it with me. Only a few friends send their wishes to me via sms. No presents from friends this year. I don't mind coz I'm used to it already because every year I'm with my family. It's more than enough to ask for. Should also be thankful that I've live for 23 years healthily. I had never had any big celebration for it, never received lots of presents, the most was like only 2 for one of those years and I'm not even bother because I'm happy as long that I am still able to live one more day. Celebrating it or not, it's no big deal but not being able to be with him for this day really upset me. What else can I do when there's no where to bring him back? Sigh... only time can heal. To friends that sent me presents last time, it's not that I don't appreaciate them or bother about your presents, I do appreaciate them, thanks a lot, I like them all. Even if you don't give me any or wish me any I'm fine with it. You are still my friends because I'm able to see, talk and touch you is really more than enough to ask for.

Here's my cake. Bought it at BDC, Taiwan Cake House, Chocolate Blueberry Fresh Cream Cake.
These are what I had with my family at Happy Valley Home BBQ. No idea where to have dinner, so eneded up there since they haven't been there.
Fried Lamb Rack.
Fried Rice.

Ribena 7-Up, Happy Valley Special, Fish and Chips.
Butter Fish.
Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Pepper sauce.
The environment. The food... well... not to my liking. It's kinda tasteless. That's my opinion not sure about others.

That's all for my b'day post.

SHABU SHABU AGAIN [ ... ]- 03.09.2005, Saturday
Wasn't very satisfied with what we had so we went again, this time we ordered seafood set instead of meat set.
The menu.
Menu again.
Menu's first page.
This time we ordered vegetable soup. It's FOC.
Also seafood set. Last month ordered meat set. Prawns, abalone, fish meat, scallop (not sure how to spell ;-p), sea cucumber, cuttlefish, crab and blah blah blah... I don't know what were the rest.
Shabu your meat in the soup until it's cooked.
Closer look of the dessert, red bean soup.
After meal. Very messy. Ewww...
FULL!!! One hour later at home felt like vomitting. My advise, order the meat set is better because it's not as messy and as hard to handle as seafood set.

CHEESY LAVA 3 [ ... ]- 02.09.2005, Friday
Went to Pizza Hut on 31st August for dinner, tried the new pizza, Cheesy Lava 3

What do u call this? Fries?
Overall... the pizza.. I don't like it. Some how the cheeses (parmesan, mozarella, cheddar) doesn't blend in with the pizza well. The topping for the pizza is Super Supreme.

I'M NO LONGER AN ANGEL! [ ... ]- 01.09.2005, Thursday
WARNING: This entry will have lots of improper languages (these include bad words, bad grammar, benglish etc.) used. Also violents. If you happened to be that person that I had described, or you are like this... well... then... nothing much I can do, who ask u to make me PISSED!!!! I know that some of my readers can actually recognized me when I'm on the street so if in case u happened to be those ppl that I had described, u can hate me forever but please don't go to the street and attack me! It's freedom of speech here and I'm not using any name in here. You know who you are. If u think it's you then be a better person next time. I know everyone isn't perfect, me too but really... everyone has their pet peeves and these happened to shoot right on my bulleye! I can't keep it in myself anymore, else I'll explore! I would rather vent it here rather than attack those ppl by firing then with my M16 or placing bombs like those stupid Al-Qaeda!
Let me be a devil for a day! Grrr... SUPER PISSED, SUPER BAY TAHAN!!! Below will be from my experiences and also from friends' experiences. See.. I'm not the only one that got so piss with these ppl. Why write only about my own when the more the merrier? This post actually took almost a week to complete.

Once upon a time...

Everyone decided to drink a bit that night as in ordering one bottle of beer and drinked it slowly and catching up among each other, none intended to order more.
REKCUS: waiter... one more... (a moment later) one more... (a moment later) one more...
The rest were still drinking the same glass of beer from the 1st bottle. That REKCUS finished the one and only bottle that they are supposed to drink and order that night. Everyone was drinking bit by bit, REKCUS gulped down everything in one go, kept ordering and not sharing the rest. Then when it's time to settled the bill, REKCUS left the table and go elsewhere or talked to other ppl at other tables and so on. So those at the table have to pay for what REKCUS had consumed. After the bill was settled, REKCUS came back as if nothing had happened.

My comment: Damn you! Pay for your own drinkssss! You know how angried your friends were? You just drinked as if it's free! Of course it's free! You didn't even pay for it! Then when it comes to the bill, you escaped. Irresponsible jerk! It's shame having a friend like you. You are not worth being consider a friend. Shame on you! You should be tied up and shoot point blank! No mercy! If REKCUS is a male, he'll be a shame towards mankind. If it's a female? What will she be, I really don't know. What's your say?

REKCUS: I chia tonight!
Everyone was happy and went to drink. When it comes to the bill...
REKCUS: Eh... I didn't bring enough money/I didn't bring any money. You guys pay first. Will pay u all back later.
Friends: That night money, you said will pay us.
REKCUS: Eh... not you guys chia meh?

My comment: M*I K* L*U!!! What else can I say?I'm really out of word. Would you want to have a friend like this?
What do you think? Does REKCUS deserve to be treated kindly? Absolutely not!

Friend: Fetch u at 10pm.
Whole carpool waited and waited... the other group was waiting at the destination.
REKCUS: I'm not ready yet, wait. Late also nvm, we're all friends.
Friend: Ok (everyone waited patiently)
Minute by minute passed, 1 hour later...
REKCUS: Let's go!

My comment: FOR PETE SAKE! 2 groups of people ware waiting for you! Told you earlier, it's not last minute! Wasting ppl time only. I bet next time no one will want to carpool with you anymore. One time is fine but you've been doing it everytime. What do you mean by that? You didn't even apologized once and still face thick thick let ppl wait for you, it' s not a few minutes but for one hour! Gosssh... and what do you mean by because they are your friend and they don't mind?

Friend: Meet me at 3pm.
3pm... got a call from REKCUS...
REKCUS: U want me to meet u now?
Friend: (What the f***!) YES!
1/2 hour later REKCUS arrived.

My comment: U undertand what is 3pm or not? Not 3:30pm! Wasting ppl time. For you time might be nothing, for others it's very important. Ask you to reach at specific time and u only start to move ur stinky butt at that time!

Colleague: We have appointment with so and so at 12.30pm to discuss our proposal.
Client: Can we start our discussion now?
Colleague: Can you wait for a while? My colleague isn't here yet.
Client: OK.
Quickly called REKCUS...
Colleague: Where are u?
REKCUS: O... me on the way.
More than 1/2 hour later REKCUS arrived, not a single apology to the client.

My comment: Go die lar you! One such important meeting with client and you make such an impression to your potential clien? Impressive huh? Kuching is so freaking small and you know how much damaged it caused to your company? Of course you never know coz everytime your kind colleague is the one cleaning up the fucking mess for you. Shame on u!

REKCUS and friends were supposed to meet up at 10pm. REKCUS reached there at almost 12pm. Everyone was prepared to leave.
REKCUS: Eh... want to leave already? I not yet drink ler.
Friends: It's time to go back. we're here since 10pm.
REKCUS left with them and tried to pursue them to have second at other pub. Anyway no one agreed coz everyone knew REKCUS will not pay for what REKCUS had ordered.

My comment: Stupiak! You see how late u were?!?!?! You think everyone like you that free!??!?! Besides, why go second round? At the end you'll not be paying for your drink. Any one that stupiak? It's not one time but many times already.


REKCUS: Will go find you in a moment.
Friends: OK. (Cancelled going to bank, pay bills, buy groceries etc.)
Waited for 1 1/2 hours... finally REKCUS arrived.

My comment: A moment? How long is a moment. Wasting ppl time! You think u are Agong!!!?!
Your balls so big? You got nothing to do, ppl got tonnes of thing to do. Only think about yourself. Selfish! You know how much time was wasted by just waiting for you? Your time is rubbish, that's why you can afford to waste it like that. Ok... some of you might said maybe REKCUS got something suddenly came out and couldn't made it, oh hell... *rolling eyes*, it's not only one time ok? It's everytime! If really something came out, then just give the friend a call about it rather than having the friend waited and waited. Wow... REKCUS balls are so damn big maybe couldn't fit into the car and need to squeeze it into the vaccum pack.

REKCUS asked friend went to drink. REKCUS didn't bring enough money.
REKCUS: Help me pay. I'll pay you back later.
One month later..
REKCUS: (came to pay money, RM150 supposed to be paying RM155) Here's the money I owed you. Give discount lar, make it round figure. RM5 nia.

My comment: "RM5 nia"???!??!?! You know how to say "nia" and didn't want to pay up! "RM5 nia mar... like that also cannot afford meh?"
Mind you my reader, it's not the 1st time. It's like that EVERYTIME. Imagine, RM5 one time or any amount. See how much it can accumulate to? It's a huge figure and basically REKCUS could save for one session of clubbing for free! Daylight robbery! Well.. some of you might said, better than REKCUS didn't pay back... that's true, better than paying nothing but think of it for long run, if u are REKCUS's friend, will you be happy with it? I'm sure u'll get so fed up and I wonder why REKCUS's friend never learnt the lessons? Good thing, now finally REKCUS' friends learnt the lessons already.

Everyone was busy with getting the team project done. No one heard anything from REKCUS. So a team member called REKCUS and asked what REKCUS up to...
REKCUS: Oooo.. me busy upgrading something.
It turned out that the thing REKCUS is upgrading something that has nothing to do with their team project. REKCUS never bother to ask or follow up on the project. Always giving excuses that REKCUS is doing upgrading or find add-ons or whatever that only benefits REKCUS but of no use to the team project.
Even parts that REKCUS is supposed to take charge in are left undone. It will only be done when one of the team members called or sms-ed. REKCUS had never taken any initaitve and all REKCUS did is busy with REKCUS' own things.
Had been telling REKCUS to concentrate and at least do something about the project but it always felt on deaf ears. Always giving excuse such as "No this cannot la... no that cannot do la". When REKCUS is given the "this and that", more excuses came out. Yet other team members had done quite a a number of parts of the project without "this and that".
Sometimes the requirements were expensive and REKCUS will then lamented, "Aiyoo... so expensive, so money ler..." yet REKCUS never take any initiative to fund the project.
Then more excuses coming, "This thing next time can earn money one."
Sometimes even for doing REKCUS own upgrading, still face thick thick ask team members to pay for it first. If team members didn't want to pay, REKCUS will said, "I trust the wrong person", and always use the previous achievement to showed that without REKCUS, it would not be achieved.
Team members ~_~", don't know what to say, said till nothing to say... Have to do everything themselves and worst have to share praises and fund with some S**T that never bother to help in the project also "helped" to fund REKCUS' personal upgrading.

My comment: I think you are busy upgrading asshole/boobs/little stick/balls. Maybe because it's not good enough for those boys and girls out there. As a team member you should be contributing to raise fund on the project or at least take an initiative to do something that is already in front of u that is waiting for you to do.
Even little kids that started schooling know that after doing their business must clean their own asshole or some ask mommy to do it! You are worst than them, after doing business you don't know u have to do that and rely on ppl to remind you to clean it. No wonder it/they need(s) upgrading.
When fund not enough, only know how to complain. You thought your team member will come out with the fund when they themselves are suffering to make sure the project still hang on.
Worst even you personal upgrading need them to fund first.
You know what? If I'm your team member, I should be the one that telling you, "I trust the wrong person! You are no difference from those stupid, useless, taking advantage, self-centred, unreliable, immature, f**king irritating, irresponsible BUSTARD!"
You tot that previous achievement was so big? Please lar... it's history... so wat if you had experience with only god knows how many "Peer-to-peer"? That's histroy... but have nothing to be proud of now, so? You are of no use now. Should get ready to dump you into the rubbish dump.

PHEW... what a long entry!!! Feeling better now. Again, who am I talking about? You know who you are or you might not know it's you, so no offence... no name is being used.
One last note, let's imagine that one person posses these 9 lousy attitudes. Can you stand him/her? Will you be his/her friend? It's really scary if you ever come across this kind of creature. Don't think he/she even deserve to be in our community. So sad... ^o^ hehehe...