JUST SOME RANDOM PICTURES [ ... ]- 30.10.2005, Sunday
Don't know what to update, these pictures are taken for fun, nothing much to do so post it here ;-p
One of my fav chocolate.
Yes... our little friend from McD Happy Meal, Chicken Little, the movie is showing in cinema now. He does know how to pose huh?
My sis took this at Lavender, a florist in Padungan with her mobile phone.
Fake apples in my client's office.
The saturday morning traffic along Jalan Tun Jugah. I'm driving, waiting for the traffic light to turned green. It sure took a while so took my camera out and snapped.

ICHIRO SHABU SHABU (3) [ ... ]- 25.10.2005, Tuesday
Ok... went there.. this time for lunch :P I don't know why I like to go back there though some people said nothing special. Hmmm... maybe it's because of the environment. This time, no more free flow of tea, maybe at night they have it not in the afternoon. Or no more, they scrapped it. Since the girl did mention about they have tinned green tea. Hmmm... The dessert changed already. It' s not more red bean soup, it's now hmmm... how to say, slices of red dates and fungus?
We ordered this set again but the meat variety seemed more than the first time I went there. Chicken, ostrich, beef, lamb, ham, and deer. The other time I think it's only chicken, beef, lamb, ham. I clarified with the waitress and she said, all these while it consists of 6 type of meats, *wondering...* she said,"maybe it's because there are only 3 colours. That's why you thought it's only 3 type of meats," hmmm... Ok.. it make sense and when it's served, she introduced each and every type of meat that were on the plate to us. LOL... the below is the pic previously taken:
Any difference except the arrangement?
Here's the drinks (Pepsi Twist and Sprite) and the dessert:

Ok... that's all about it. Oh ya... my old problem happened again... I felt like vomitting after almost 2 hours later. Sigh... I think maybe I didn't cook them properly? There weren't any problem back then. Also.. it's opened during lunch from 1130-1400. Currently they have Lok-Lok Buffet Night and All-You-Can-Eat buffet. The later they reduced the price to RM18/adult and RM15/child. Not to forget, I was given two RM5 voucher for ladies used only :P haahha... it's valid everyday except friday. A lady will get RM5 discount on her food with the voucher.

Sigh... trip to KL/Genting plan gone again... second time already. Coz some friends said there're cheap tickets now from Air Asia and because we were waiting for one more person to confirm, the tickets were gone. It's booked by people already and worst, when she got back to us, her answer was she's not going. Goshhh... we'll see... there'll be other promotion coming soon, usually that's the case. Hopefully got cheap tickets again but year end, quite hard.

FACE ANALYZER [ ... ]- 20.10.2005, Thursday
Cool stuff.. here... click to see what's ur type. My conclusion, eheh... can be accurate and can be not, it depends on the photos. Different photos of the same person will derived different result :p Heheeheh... mine I used the third picture in the previous post. I even got result that I'm Korean/Japanese with different pic. Also got the result of 100% chinese with another pic. It's so fun! This is the best one I got, the rest not so impressive and not that accurate. This describe me more accurately and I'm not 100% chinese wohooo!!! Those that I bolded in blue are those that are quite true.

Here's mine:

Personality Profile :

You are a long-term planner, diligent worker and avoid risk as much as possible. You are of above average intelligence and have the ability to focus on tasks that seem unimportant at present, but can lead to greater things in the foreseeable future. You are not keen to interact with others or make social connections. You would rather gain material wealth before putting yourself in a position to be judged. You are not confrontational unless someone directly opposes your intellectual beliefs. You are highly concerned with your social status. You are keen to avoid risks that could jeopardize your long-term plans. You take a calculated approach to life, working hard to control all aspects of it in order to not leave anything important to chance.

You tend to be a perfectionist and quite self-conscious. You sometimes wish you were less reserved and more like some others you see who are more bold and outspoken in social situations. But as much as you try to be like them, you cannot, because you care too much about the future to ever be comfortable taking risks in social situations.

Your view of other types
Academic types can end up rich but it will take longer than with Boss types . You see Boss types as potential business clients and as great resources to expand your contacts. Therefore you treat them with respect. For the most part you do not respect Artist types , however there are some Alpha Artists that you give some credit to. You look down upon Blue collar types as you consider them ignorant. You see White collar types as unsuccessful versions of yourself, but because of work situations you may have to interact with them often. You have very little in common with Charmers , therefore you avoid them. You consider Gambler types to make foolish decisions, and for the most part you do not interact with them. At times you feel sorry for Drifters .

Other types' view of you
Boss types consider you to be a valuable resource of advice. They constantly interact with you to make better decisions and they often respect your opinion. For the most part Artist types do not interact with you for they rather take it easy. They however may like you because of your knowledge of subjects that they find interesting. Blue collar types find you boring and uptight, they have very little in common with you. White collar types may respect your accomplishments and ambition. Charmer types regard you as mostly withdrawn from life and too uppity to hang around with. Gambler types think that because you play so safe you miss out on great opportunities. Drifter types have no regard for you, because your repetitive routines seem boring to them.

Alpha academic: Solid long-term planner. Highly intelligent, ambitious and loyal to close ones.

Expected Occupations: Lawyer, Doctor, Investment Banker, Chief Accountant, Corporate Consultant, Head Engineer, Stock Broker, Business owner (professional skill/knowledge based business operation)

Beta academic: Not as intelligent or ambitious as Alpha Academics, but still focused on being materially successful.

Expected Occupations: Lawyer, Doctor, Investment Analyst, Accountant, Architect, Engineer, Professor, Researcher, Psychologist

Theta academic: Not as intelligent as Alpha and Beta academics, but still intelligent.

Expected Occupations: Pharmacist, Accountant, Teacher, Journalist, Computer Technician

A MOMENT OF NARCISSISM [ ... ]- 18.10.2005, Tuesday
Almost 1 week no update hehehe... then someone asked me to update something because he's sicked with the 3 images below.

Since nothing interesting so I've compiled some pics and uploaded into my online album. It's my self-potraits that aren't release because I'm too lazy to edit. It's all taken in August and September. Just a moment of narcissism. Don't puke ok? I'll only take my own pic when I'm in the mood to smile if not I will not be taking them. So basically it's only done when I'm in good mood.
Bigger sized and details
I know... I know... those lips are irresistable! Want to bite it off? Ehehe...

Oh... I've been looking for my sandles or rather heels for ages, I'm very fussy in buying footwear. Finally found one. No need to borrow my sis' anymore ;p
The first pic is supposed to be my heels but one of the strap almost snap and I dare not to wear it anymore coz if it snapped halfway when I'm walking I might fall down and I have to walk barefooted. It's bought during a promotion and I will never buy any footwear on promotion anymore, they wouldn't last. Old stock!

The second one is my sis' that I had to borrow everytime I need it. She only worn it like less than 10 times and I'm the one monopolising it ehehhe...

The third one is the one I bought for just wearing during normal days just like u wear ur flip-flops, it's a wedges, very low in height. Since it's pink and white it's quite hard to go with anything unlike black coloured footwear. It's not a promotional item and unknown brand and it lasts so so so much longer than the first one that is branded and RM10+ more expensive. Both was bought weeks before CNY this year. It still going on strong. {^_^}

The last and final pic, that's my new heels ehehhe... finally, hunting for it like for more than half year. Hopefully it'll last. It's some sort of unknown brand and it's also Rm10+ cheaper than the first ones.

Ok.. last but not least, my legs are not sexy, very skinny leg and HAIRY too!!! LOL.. I don't shave them. Geee... I noticed that most of my readers are male readers, will this turn u off? :D Notice that I'm a fan of strappy heels? Hope that the guys are not bored with this post. If you are... then blame it on that guy that ask me to update something HAHAAHAH...

STRESS? [ ... ]- 12.10.2005, Wednesday
See these pics:
It moved like the water surface in medium speed.
It looked like it's rotating in medium speed.
It's looked like 3 cylinders rotating in slow speed.

Ok... this indicates that I'm stressed out! Old ppl or children usually will not see them animate. These 3 pics are supposed to be static pics. If you see them animate, then u're having pressure or stress. If they animate very fast, then ur stress level or pressure is high. Must cool down. If it animated a bit, well.. it's normal, a bit of stress is a must in our life. So how do you score?

BELLA ITALIA [ ... ]- 12.10.2005, Wednesday
Dinner with Ann & Jee, Lee and I at RH Comercial Center at BDC. This is the first time I go to Italian Restaurant. Our main aim is to try to pizza there.
The menu. The word "Halal" is really big... my muslim friends out there, it's a place for you :)
The interior.
One of the corner.
The pizza, Pinocchio. The usualy cheeses, ham (or bacon? I always confused between these two), mushroom, tomato puree, I guess that's all... the crust is thin not the usualone u had in Pizza Hut. Quite tough when using knife to cut it when it's cold. Better eat with your fingers LOL... easier. Less energy used. The pizza tasted good :) when it's HOT, when it's cold... hmmm... only tasted salty. Oh ya... by the way, Pinocchio in Italian means "faggot" ehehh... just told by my friend. We thought it's the fairy tale's Pinicchio, so after we ate it, when we lie our nose will become long hahaha....
Here's the salad we ordered. It's Ceasare salad, Jee made the desicion.Tomatoes, salad leaves, bread cubes, parmesan cheese, mushroom, ham (or bacon?). Yea.. I think that's about it. Nice slad, very refreshing.

Ice blended chooclate, not thick enough but at least not the taste of milo. :P 100 Plus, need to say more?
Dessert! Tiramisu. Not bad, just nice. It's not sweet or should I say not too sweet? EHehehe... for those that prefer something sweet then this is not for you, u'll think that it's tasteless. But for me, the sweetness is just right.

The verdict, not bad. I'm so full. Recommended. I think the stuff here is cheaper than the one at Padungan. I had never tasted the authentic Italian food so not sure it's good or bad but at least it does suit my tastebud. Oh ya by the way... we 4 shared all these, one dish shared by four of us, sounded very cheapskate huh? I don't think so. It's a good way to taste the food. You can order a lot and everyone shared rather than you ordered your own stuff and might not be able to finish it. Eheheh... we didn't order things separate except the drinks. It seemed the portions are small but I'm really full! The bill, RM59.60.

Here's the address: Lot 9958, No. 111, Ground Floor, Block 16, RH Commercial Centre, 93250 Kuching.
Tel no.: 016-8977570

MESS [ ... ]- 09.10.2005, Sunday
I've been thinking and thinking whether to post this up or not as those that involved will be reading it too. I was thinking of starting another blog that will not be released to anyone. An anonymous blog with all the unknown information. There will be no names mentioned and it will all be general terms so it will be quite impossible to search from the serach engines. All the words used will be very common words no special names are used in there. I realised that I can't post a lot of things here because this blog is consider quite public and I don't want to loss or upset anyone. All those are my rants, my expressions that will applied to anyone even those that are very close to me. I have no guts to put it all up here. I need a place to release, just to release and I don't want to risk offending/hurt anyone. Once I had released it, it will end there or it will not but at least it's a private place for me to express all my feelings, that's why I don't want anyone to read it. Even if it's read, ppl will not know that it's me. I'm going to do it soon if my problems are still not able to be solved in short period of time. *sigh*

I don't know how to start... it's all my faults. At first it's just flirting around and next thing it's getting more and more complicated. When my late bf was still around, I just flirted for fun, it's just flirting nothing else, he knew it and he didn't mind coz he socialised a lot more than me. Then things getting quite out of hand when I got the news of his death. Then this guy that I flirted with all these while, he's also just flirting with me, happened to know what had happened to me. In fact he's the first one to know. He was worry about me and helped me whenever I need help even till now. He's there to help me get over this whole thing and of course I'm not really over it yet and now it's a mess. He told me he has feelings for me and that time I'm so hurt that I would just accept anyone summore he's been so kind to me since then. I don't think I'll be blogging here if not because of him. Not that I'll commit suicide, it's just that the whole life become meaningless anymore, blog for what?

One day, I guess it's just that he being naughty and asked me whether I like/love him or not? I told him "50%" and this gave him the guts to get closer to me and hoping that I would accept him. Then here comes a friend of mine who is a neurosurgeon minor in psychology that worked in London talked to me and after several conversations, she told me that I'm not in the right frame to involve in any relationship and I should not let any guy to come near me to confess their feelings to me as I'm too weak to think straight. She also asked me to tell him as not to make things drag too long as it will not be good for both of us summore we're in the same company. I took up my courage to tell him the whole truth that I didn't meant to make that statement to him. It's really a traumatic experience to both of us. However, I think he loved me too much that he forgave me and said he would give me time to get over the whole thing. We do everything as usual, work, hangout... as if nothing had happened. However, this "50%" statement haunts me from time to time. Sometimes when I upset him, he'll "attacked" me with it and I would cry. It's really hell! Still things went on as usual.

Until lately... maybe we've known each other for quite well already and we started to talked about things that is more serious and even spoke about our dissatisfactions to each other and also argued but then it's ok again. I did try to accept him but then I backed off after lots of thinking. This is because I realised that we have a lot of differences such as the view towards life, money, dreams and so on. He had done everything he could to satisfied me even those nonsense of mine. However, I couldn't accept his differences and I couldn't change like what he had changed for me. He had put in lots of energy mentally and physically for me. Still I couldn't compromise. I'm selfish... very selfish and I hurt him so badly, he did everything and hoping for my acceptance as a return but nothing till now, only hurts. I'm hurt too. You thought I'm happy hurting ppl? Sigh... I don't mean to do so, it's something in me that reserved the part of me to open up and compromise. I had tried, tried and tried and I just couldn't.

The main reasons for these would be:
1. I had made a stupid mistake on giving him a false hope and I can't forgive myself till now and I feel that I don't deserve him at all after he done everything for me and being so kind to me even after I told him the truth. Well... sometimes he did dig out to make me upset but I don't mind because it's his rights to do so since this hurt him a lot also, we are just human, we can forgive but hard to forget what ppl had done to you especially things that hurt you so deeply.

2. We shared a thing, if one left, the whole thing would just gone into the drain. If we started a relationship, summore I can't compromise with him in a lot of personal things, it will not work and everything will end. If I don't accept him, at least there's no heart matters involve in work but in this case it's quite hard unless we agree to put all these thing aside and concentrate on our work. My friend told me to end it a.s.a.p coz she said that she had the feelings that I will end up with him for the sake of maintaining this thing and not because I truely love him. She's right also. However... I can't do this, I can't end it, I can't do it! Things are picking up and we cannot end it like this. There must be a better way? But what? ARGGGGGHHHH... headache...

3. We have different view in most aspects of life. for e.g.
I don't want to get married early and have children too soon but he's the opposite.
I dislike those traditional chinese customs, it only drives me crazy and will not want to follow it but his life resolve around it. If I'm with him, I'll have to be living with all these things, I'll go mad, I tell u!
There are more, basically things that I want/agree he doesn't want/agree; things that he wants/agree, I don't want/agree.

4. Financial security. I believe in saving enough money to buy something or to do something instead of loan even just the smallest thing like camera etc., but he's not, he would rather spend first then after that then think about paying the debts/loans. He has never faced any problem with this kind way of money spending but to me, I feel very insecure with it. How can I be with someone that couldn't give me the sense of security? It just gave me the idea that all the money earned are to pay debts, nothing else.
I don't need my other half to be super rich but at least have extra to spare. I don't want to live a life where money is earned just to pay debts for the rest of my life and just enough to live. I know many of you don't agree with it but I'm sorry again... that this is my view and I didn't say that u should agree to it.

Oh well... there are so so much more. Very long story. And now he told me he wanted to "game over" this whole thing. Then he said he couldn't decide, one moment he wants me, one moments he doesn't. I'm sad and guilty because I'm the cause of his dilemmas. It's all started with that little statement. A little statement like this can ruin the whole big world. I don't know what to do now? The only thing now is just hope for the best. My advise to ppl out there, becareful with what u say else it'll haunt u for the rest of your life. *SIGH*

PIZZA HUT [ ... ]- 08.10.2005, Saturday
Before the movie, Jimmy and I went to Pizza Hut for lunch. Supposed to be using the voucher but left it in the car so pay with cash. Forgetful... the car parked too far, lazy to go back to take.
Seafood lasagna. Couldn't find much seafood in there. I only manage to find small chuncks of prawns and big chuncks of mushrooms. LOL...

Deli Chicken Wing, comments? Like that lo... Strawberry Rave, it's ice blended yoghurt. Quite nice, at first it's hard to suck it up the straw, very "thick", later after it melted a bit then it's easier to suck.

DIGI MOVIE MARATHON CARNIVAL 2005 (2) [ ... ]- 08.10.2005, Saturday
Second time, this time the passes are black in colour ;p not yellow so it couldn't be reused but Jimmy used his friend's invitation ot changed the passes coz his friend went to KL. We got 4 of them.
The movies today are The Island, War of the World and Charlies and the Chocolate Factory. We only watched the first one. I'm not feeling well due to that thing of the month, damn it... so I went home after that.
The popcorns. I didn't join the Q&A contest, no mood and also I didn't hear it too only joined the logo counting. This time it's 73 of them!

OREGANO, TRAVILION [ ... ]- 06.10.2005, Thursday
After the movie, went to Travilion to try out the food or drinks there. It's a new commercial center in Kuching with lots of fancy shops and eateries around. LimKokWing campus in Kuching is there too. Here's the views of Travilion at night:
The new hangout place in Kuching. See the plants that "climded" on the side? Not really practical next time coz it will crawl to the wire in between the two rows of buildings. Whenever u walked, the flowers or leaves will fall to your head. Imagine u're eating halfway and what fall into your drinks or food? By that time they'll need shades or umbrella to avoid those things from falling on the food and drinks. I guess everyone will need to bring an umbralla as not to get those thing on ur head. =.=" Even I'm sitting there, some of the leaves actually fell on me coz some had already reached the top.
The two rows of shops.
We decided to try Oregano as a start.
The interior.
The menu and the candle.

Chocolate Crush is actually chocolate ice cream with blended ice, hmmm..nothing special since the chocolate is actually ice cream not the chocolate I expected. Iced Latte Roma is latte but served with vanilla ice cream and ice cubes.

Iced Peach Tea. Oregano Onion Ring, gossshhh... so oily... very hard to eat, lots of powder. It seemed like we're eating oil and powder only. The onion ring were so thin. This is the first time I came accross such an onion ring. See the pic, so big, looked strange ;-p

By the way... nice hangout place but the food in this area, Travilion are pretty pricey though it's very fancy.

THE LEGEND OF THE RED CURSE [ ... ]- 06.10.2005, Thursday
Finally got to watch it. No free tickets but watched it free with the complimentary tickets we got last Saturday.
The poster outside the cineplex, it's cineplex 2.

The audience:
Damn... watch the movie! Don't talk talk talk. Even if it's not up your taste. You must respect others in there too. Keep your comments to yourself and don't ask ppl about the ending of it. No one knows! If you want to guess go ahead and guess and no need to tell anyone. I'm not interested to know ur ending, no one does! Also... what the f*** that u couldn't reach the cinema on time and came in late in a big group summore, then you should just watch the later ones. All I could see was ur bodies and heads! Damn it! Shut up your mouth and also your handphone, don't u know how to set it to vibrate or silent mode then letting it rang at the top of the volume. I know I did talk too but lower down ur voice! The whole movie u're talking and talking and talking. Yea yea... everyone knows it's Bau, it's Court House, it's Batang Ai blah blah blah... but if you want to talk, keep it down, no need talk so loud. You know how to whisper or not? You don't know? Then I guess I have to throw u the bloody Whisper to teach u to whisper!

Also we don't need your extra sound effects! The actors and actresses were panting in exhaustion and moan in pain and you don't need to add in your effect as if u're having an orgasm or something. It sucks! Also... the guys sitting in the front row of us, enough of you guys coming in late and blocked my view, the fatso not only block my view, then halfway towards the movie, he actually yelled to his friends at the other end of the row, "Eh!!! Ai d'ng boi?!?!?" (Eh... want to go back already?). Damn it! Shut up will you? And your handphone light is annoying, shone it into my eyes summore!

The movie:
It's our first locally produced movie. I didn't expect much from it. Just to see our locally produced movie being shown in the cineplexes everywhere is a very encouraging sign.

The movie... well... need lots of improvement. The movie is short too, 1 hour 15 minutes or less. The editting is too much till the whole storyline is blurred. The lighting is not good, it causes the scene to be dark and couldn't see the faces clearly. The dubbing of voices were not constant and it didn't blend well into the movie, as if it's a seperate entity. The screen quality is not good. The actors and actresses were quite stiff well... I don't blame them coz it's their first time, good efforts done. Some of the camera angles were not quite right.

The only good part was the little ghost LOL... he's really scary. He got two blacked eyes, we said it's punched by somebody because he's naughty LOL...

Here's the story from the official website:
The Little Red Ghost ...
According to legend, he was born in 1942. He lost his parents during the Japanese war. After that, he lived alone in a cave, hiding himself from the outside world. Wearing a mask and a red loin cloth, he would go out at night to steal food from the nearby village, thus, earning him the name the 'Little Red Ghost'.
One night, he was trapped and captured by the villagers. He was tortured and died the night after. His body was burned and his remains was placed in a 'tempayan' and buried in his cave. The villagers believed that this would stop his spirit from spreading bad omens. They were happy because the Little Red Ghost would not be stealing from them anymore.
Then one day ...
An archaeologist finds the mask of The Little Red Ghost.
And the legend continues ...

It started with a group of students doing their project and embarked on a journey to the longhouse to do research. There, they met the bad guys that wanted to hurt the girls. In the bid of escaping from them, they ran into the jungle. From then on started all the horrors. The masked man and the Little Red Ghost. Long story cut short, one girl (Lisa, casted by Renai) and one boy (JJ, casted by Dominic) died and also the 2 bad guys. At the end of the story, the masked man is actually the missing archaeologist and it's Sanny's (casted by Sanny) father. The other two survivors are Sanny's brother (Ah Wan, casted by Kelvin) and Sanny's friends (Nick, casted by Smyth).

It should be a better one but after they changed the script, the whole thing just didn't fall into the right place. That's what I think. If only the first version is maintained I think it will be better. Too many scences being cut off I guess and make the whole movie seemed hanging here and there and the whole story wasn't smooth. Oh well... keep it up. Hopefully you guys do a better work in the upcoming movie. I heard it's a love story that will be starred by Amber Chia. Not confirmed yet.

*Cross-posted in catscity*

NEW PHOTO ALBUMS [ ... ]- 04.10.2005, Tuesday
The photos I promised last month, haivng problem uploading it. Finally...
Kuching - View from Civic Center

DIGI MOVIE MARATHON CARNIVAL 2005 (1) [ ... ]- 01.10.2005, Saturday
Redeemed the passes at 11am. I redeemed 2 and Jimmy redeemed 2. So we had 4 ;p greedy huh? Not really, coz we both have the invitation nothing wrong. It said 1 person could redeem 2 passes. This is the second week of the carnival. Next week is the final week and the movie are much more nicer than today. We only watch the frist two today.

What a luck! We got 4 complimentaty tickets because the first movie screening was facing some technical errors and the management compensated us with complimentary tickets for any movies any time any day at the cineplex. We got 4 passes, of course we got 4 tickets ;-p YIPEEE!!! Lucky we had chosen Cineplex 2 that had problems. Those in Cineplex 3 encountered no problem so they didn't get any complementary tickets WAHAHAHAH... how lucky were we!??!?!

The Star War 3 screening was quite eventful, after about 1 hour into the movie (bad picture and bad sound system), they restarted everything and they compensate us with more popcorns. Then... the whole movie restarted and this time better sound but unstable picture, about 2 hours into the movie, gone again. That's how we got our complimentary tickets. I still can't help myself till now... laugh all the way!!! Besides I'm not that eager to watch Star War, I wanted to watch Madagascar. Nothing to loss and gained something better.

But I'm disgusted wtih some ppl that took advantage of the management. Each were supposed to claim the ticket on our way out by showing them the movie passes. One group of girls, sent one representative to collect it and the rest still sitting. After collected it, she went back to the seat coz the tickets wasn't given at the exit but in front of the screen. However the management said if we wanted to stay in there it's all right until the next movie. When everyone started to go out, they followed all of us out too and claimed the complimentary tickets again!!! They got 8 tickets with 4 passes!

Showed them your mobile phone with the notification sms displayed, they will checked it and handed you the passes then they would delete the notification sms.
The passes.
The popcorns... so damn sweet!!! It didn't taste the same as it supposed to be.
1st round, popcorn eating contest. This was done before the first movie started, Star War 3. Pity them... how to eat? So sweet... have to be the 1st to finish it to win.
Second round, popcorn eating competition after the first movie. The prize was RM30 reload coupon.
Some booths set up at the cineplex for Digi promotion.
LOL... count the logo! Join the contest, one lucky winner would win a Samsung mobile phone. Fill in the form and answered a few questions and put it into the box there. All the posters were scribbled by ppl because everyone was trying to count the number of the logo. Some even wrote down numbers and the answered revealed automatically. 69 of them!!! Here's the answer. Anyone of u going next week, here's the answer. I'll be going next week again!!! Coz I have extra 2 passes ;p and join the contest again coz we noticed that we filled in the wrong answer for the questions.
The Q&A session. Win prizes for giving the correct answer. I thought all the prizes were RM30 reload cards! I joined one of it because I saw no one went up to answer in hoping of getting the reload card, then guess what... I got this!!!
LOL... my friends were laughing at me!! So funny... RM30 reload card became a pen that not even worth RM1. So paiseh lar!!!
The snack corner. Claimed the popcorns and drinks at the leftmost counter. We were told we'll be having free flow of soft drinks and popcorns but it ended that the popcorns were free flow but the drinks could only be claimed once!
The Legend of the Red Curse! Premiering 6th October! 1st Sarawakian horror movie!!! Can't wait to watch it!! Trying to get free tickets from someone. EHEHEH...
One of the cineplexes used. This is Cineplex 3.
Cineplex 3. The biggest room and the best sound system is here.

So that's all for now :) next week... more to come!! I've forgotten what are the movies for next week, I only remember Charlie and the Chocolate Facctory.... awwwwwwwwwww... that adorable and yummy movie!!! Must join the Q&A to get the reload card!!! Hopefully it's not a pen anymore -.-"

I think this month's entry will be as much as last month. Will go for a few rounds of dinners/lunches with friends and also few rounds of movies. It'll be almost every week!! Summore with the 4 complimentary tickets and The Legend's free premier tickets if we manage to got hold of that guy LOL.

LIFE KOPITIAM [ ... ]- 01.10.2005, Saturday
===Before I proceed, some of you might thought that I'll be having an evil entry for this month and is looking forward to it but sorry to say... NO! I don't. Too many interesting things happened and no time to be evil unless I'm too free, nothing to do like last month.===

To kill our time before the Digi Movie Marathon, we went to the eatery opposite Star Cineplex to have our lunch. Jimmy. Yap and I went there. Many 016 users were there to claim the free passes to 3 movies shown today, Star War 3 (1.30pm), Madagascar(4pm) and Batman(6.30pm). Free flow of popcorn and a cup of soft drink. One person is entitled to 2 passes. Before talking further about this, let's talk about food.
This is beef... again... I couldn't remember the name, it's too fancy and too long.
Chilies. Small chilies very spicy.
Claypot mushroom rice. (I think this is the name ;p)
Again... lamb... the name is too fancy and too long to remember.