BEFORE & AFTER [ ... ]- 30.11.2005, Webnesday
Actually it's done before Oscar Night. Trimmed my hair at Rejuvenate, Crown Square. Went back to the usual place where I got my hair done. It's shorter now, it's straight too coz they ironed it. Oh well.. now the effect is not longer like this ;p ehehhe... surprising my hair was quite tame that night and I love it!

Will post photos of Tropicana Night and Oscar Night photos of me and others next month.

TOASTMASTERS CONVENTION (DAY 3) [ ... ]- 26.11.2005, Saturday
This time it's Oscar Night. Everyone dressed up in evening gowns and suits. We had western style dinner. 3-course dinner, starter (bun and mushroom soup), main course (grilled chicken with black pepper sauce and garden fresh vegetable), dessert (fruit platter). I was so occupied that night and forgot to take the second and third pcitures.

Before I go futher, I would like to apologized to someone that night that I hurt pretty badly. I forgotten all about that someone and being insenstitive and selfish. I don't know why this happened to me. My mind ask me to do so but my body didn't react to it. Sigh...

Ok... these are the photos:
The prizes and awards.
The table setting. Orange juice, the bun, butter and plain water.
Mushroom soup.
Our table.

The candle on the table. Right: Photo taking session.

TOASTMASTERS CONVENTION (DAY 2 - PART 2) [ ... ]- 25.11.2005, Friday
It's Tropicana Night. Dinner and dance! Hawker style buffet dinner that served all Malaysian food and traditional costumes. I don't have ;p so just wear a blouse with chinese button ehhehe... expecting to see my pic? I haven't edit it yet. Will post it next month.
The ballroom.

The ballroom and the stage before the dinner starts.
The table. The bigger glass is for orange juice, The smaller glass is for "tuak" a traditonal Iban wine, rice wine. I didn't drink though... no guts to even sipped a little of it, I just smelt it.

The four years old boy perform the cultural dance, the Iban warrior dance. So cute. The right is laksa :) I didn't eat it. Don't know how does it taste like in this hotel. Too many ppl queued for it, so skipped it.
Satay. Very tough. LOL... coz it's not hot. I like the beef stay. Their chicken satay wass tasteless.
The game. Men being dressed into women and were dress by 5 women. Everyone laughed their head out on this.
The last part, DANCE!!! Too many ppl went up the stage and the hotel management had to asked some ppl to go down to avoid the stage from collapsing. The end of the second night of the convention.

TOASTMASTERS CONVENTION (DAY 2 - PART 1) [ ... ]- 25.11.2005, Friday
Here the photos tat I promised. It'll be just photo blog. This post will really bring a toll to those with dialup sorry... pictures speak a thousand words and I have not much time to talk about it one by one. All times are just estimated.
7.30am, before the opening ceremony.
7.30am, before the opening ceremony.
8.45am onwards, before the opening ceremony. We're listening to talk from one of the Toastmasters.
Around 10am the opening ceremony starts.
Opening ceremony.
Opening ceremony.
Lunch around 12pm.
Lunch around 12pm.
Lunch around 12pm.
Lunch around 12pm.
The swimming pool of the Crowne Riverside Hotel.
Lunch around 12pm.

MISSING? [ ... ]- 24.11.2005, Thursday
Yes... been M.I.A for a while, or to be exact 10 days+. Busy... very busy with work these day, after 27th should be a bit free. This is because I'm doing some multimedia presentations for a convention that will be held in Kuching starting from today until Sunday and I will be there for like almost every night/day. Will be taking some photos of the convention :) and post it here. The BBQ photos are not ready yet, no time to edit them. Almost 200+ of them.

Here are some photos of the preparation of the stage, sound system, projector and so on...
The sound systems.
The stage, the ballroom the projector, the lighting, the chairs etc.
Tea break, but nothing there LOL...

By the way... here are some food photos, had these a Point One, Bank Hock Road:

Left: Bluberry blended. Right: Wheat grass with condensed milk
Chicken slices... -_-" not worth, RM5 for this small plate of stuff. I didn't know what was it all about, then when it's served... *faint* RM5 for such a thing? Daylight robbery!

See u later!

MYSTICAL MORROCCON PIZZA [ ... ]- 13.11.2005, Sunday
Went to new Pizza Hut at Jalan Song for lunch. Ordered the newly introduced pizza deal meal, it's square! However something missing in the topping, the dried apricots were missing! We told them and no action taken, we thought that they might give one us one free to replace this one but no action. Ah well.. Kuching, what do u expect?
The salad bar. (Missed this out)
The interior. Two storeys, we sat downstair, very narrow. The service is damn slow! Upstair is wider and can accomodate more ppl.
The pizza.
Upclose...Topped with roasted onions, olives, and chicken or beef marinated with exotic herbs.
Long time no see... garlic bread but not nice it's too hard, crumbs falling all over the place. It's not bread anymore.
Salad that came with the set. It contained pasta, corns, mushroom, red bean placed in tortilla. I don't like it, just not my taste. ;p

NEXT MUSIC STATION [ ... ]- 10.11.2005, Thursday
Had lunch here with Jimmy, found this place accidentally when we're trying to look for the taiwanese eatery at Petanak. I don't know how to describe the location, it's at one of the rows of new shops at Petanak. Sitting there, look to the back of the shop, Zen at Travilion is just at the back but I don't think you can get there via Travilion. Don't know how to decribe, or I should say if you know Petanak Market, you can see the shops from the parking lot. Anyway, here's the photos:
The menu for lunch, I think they'll have another menu for dinner too.
Lemon Chicken Rice Lunch Set, RM5.80 including iced green or red tea.
Black Pepper Lamb Lunch Set, RM5.80 including iced green or red tea.
Left, red tea. Right, green tea.
The interior, at night there will be local composers or musicians performed there. This cafe promotes local talents and local self-funded composer or musician. You can buy their CDs there too.
Part of the interior.

Left, you can read it for urself, no need to explain further. Right, The ceiling.

Some complaints here, too many stray dogs roaming around and when I'm having my lunch, it kept staring at me hoping that I would give them some food. It's a pity but it's annoying too. The cafe owner would feed those dogs leftover of the patrons, however they are all still so skinny and malnourished LOL, strays at my area are fatter and well fed :P

I waited for one hour for my food to be delivered. That's really long. Others too and due to some ppl's lunch break were over, they had to go back to office, they cancelled the order or asked them to packed it and bring back to office to eat.

The food... nothing special, it's just like what we normally had at home.

BBQ/PIZZA/PS2(3) [ ... ]- 09.11.2005, Wednesday
These are from Ann's phone, no time to filter tru' Jee's photos yet, very very busy lately...

BBQ/PIZZA/PS2(2) [ ... ]- 07.11.2005, Monday
Here's some photos from Nick's camera, the rest will be in the online album. I'll release it after I got hold of all the photos from all the cameras.

The only two photos that are posed.

(Left) Snap! Snap! Snap! Quick... 2 paparazzies with their camera phones (Right) Hotdogs!
Well done!

(Left) Say cheese! (Right) Everyone is seeing Lee with his skill of doing the pizza
To toss the salad u need Kung Fu!!
Press it... press it...

BBQ/PIZZA/PS2(1) [ ... ]- 04.11.2005, Thursday
Went for BBQ at Ann's house starting from 3pm to 10.30pm. We did pizza too. We also had short session of PS2. The whole story will be in the photos that I will upload from my camera and also Nick's, Ann's and Jee's phone camera too. Here are some photos from my camera, don't expect to see me in there, I'm not there, I'm behind the camera.
Let's start pizza making! Lee Ling demo how to do the dough, Ann is busy jotting down everything, the rest are kaypo-ing ehehhe...

Learn how to cut the pineapples and mushrooms guys.... Hmmm... the girls that are supposed to be doing these :P
Preparing the cheeses, gratting them into the bowls
While waiting, let's eat chocolates.
Now stir fry the minced meat
The dough is set, let's start to shape the base and not to forget tomota puree
The toppings...

While waiting for the pizza, let's do the salad, it's heavy.... we need the husband to carry it LOL
It's done! Looked nice
Second pizza base, Lee is learning
Second pizza out from the oven

(Left)Yes yes... guys u're doing it right! (Right)See... lim peh show u the right way!
Time for PS2! Get the PS2 connected.
More photos coming soon, stay tuned...

By the way, something worth to mention here, it's our tradition that the guys will be doing almost 100% of the cooking and cleaning up everytime we have gathering like this and oh... outings too :P we are so lucky, they are so sweet!

SHABU SHABU AGAIN... [ ... ]- 04.11.2005, Thursday
1st day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and should be going to Malay friends' house for curry, rendang, ketupat, lemang etc. but no one invites me this year, we seemed to be lost touch already. My family went to Bau so left me alone at home coz I'll be going BBQ in the afternoon at Ann's house. Thought of having instant noodle for lunch and Jimmy said he's going out for lunch with his net friends and asked me want to join or not, I accepted rather than cooking instant noodle LOL... at first we were supposed to be going to have Taiwan cuisine at Petanak, then it's colsed so we went to shabu shabu again...
The F.O.C. chinese tea. They don't do it free flow anymore, u have to request for it and they'll give u one mug of it and that's it.
Ordered the same set again but less meat types. I know why I felt like vomiting last month after the session, soft drink was the culprit!
Here's the previous posts:
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THYME'S CONTINENTAL [ ... ]- 01.11.2005, Tuesday
Gathering with ex-collegemates at Thyme's, it's situated in Chong Ling Commercial Center, next to Luconia. Frankly... nothing special. The food tasted hmmm... so so... not sure about other dishes, this post only refer to those food that we've tasted. The environment is nice and a good place for catching up with friends.
The cashier area.
The menu.
Thyme's Pizza, the exact name I couldn't remember but it's Thyme's specialty.
Lasagna, in the menu it didn't mention it's beef, chicken or seafood. And it turned out that it's beef and Khoon Haw and Lee Ling couldn't eat beef, poor them. They should have stated it in the menu.
French Fries, need to say more? The chilli sauce become purple :P my camera flash was too strong.
Ceaser salad. So so... just not my taste.
Hot milo.
From left to right: Iced Cappuccino, Iced Mocha, Ribena Sprite (it's actually Ribena 7-Up, you know how I knew? Coz Audrey ordered soft drink and the girl accidentally said Sprite and she corrected it and said it's 7-Up, they don't have Sprite), Orange Juice.