MYHOUSE STEAMBOAT [ ... ]- 31.12.2005, Saturday
We had steamboat at Myhouse Steamboat for dinner. It was packed. Lucky we're early else no more place to sit. We tried to call to reserve but lost the phone number. Here's the phone number: 082-338520. It's usually packed in weekends and public holiday's eve or holiday. They use charcoal for the fire instead of gas cylinder. Here are the photos. Although went there many times, no proper photos of the food selections and surrounding taken. Oh.. it's located at Peace Road, approximately opposite the Shell at Sg. Apong.

I'm using Jimmy's camera, IXUS I5. I only noticed that this camera is really good for shaky hands like mine and photos turned out better than mine hehehe... I didn't use flash for most of it and if using mine, it will sure be so blur and can't see much, with this it's still steady even with shaky hand ahaha... So... IXUS I Zoom it's good enough for me at least cheaper than Casio ehhhe... also more functions too. Just that the optical zoom is less and fatter but slimmer and shorter than my sick IXUS I;-p.
The interior.
The exterior.
The dry vegetables section. It was placed in one of those below last time.
The balls section. Balls? Eeheheh...

Vermicelli, noodles, tomatoes...
Seafood, fungus & egg section.
Seafood & Meat section.

Ready to eat food, fried noodles, crabs, curry, vegetables... On the right, it's my Chinese Tea.
Oh worth to mention, they are popular for their chicken wing and kebabs. No photos for these coz I had taken them last time.
Let's the steamboat seesion begins!
Some stuffs that we've taken.
No countdown... not going anywhere to count down, I hate the crowd, I never attended any countdown, not my cup of tea, I would rather sleep at home. After dinner went home and online and tried to complete my new layout ahhaha... Will release it most probably on 2nd January 2006. Happy New Year!

Oh ya... I thought I will have no problem this time because I didn't drink softdrinks. Stupid me, I took some ice cream and 2 hours later I felt like vomitting! Grrr... I think to avoid this to happen again, no more cold food/drinks/softdrinks during steamboat or shabu shabu.

PHOTOS PHOTOS FINALLY!!! [ ... ]- 30.12.2005, Friday
My camera is still sick! Can't stand blogging without photos. So I grab some photos from my friend's phone that we took sometimes ago. These photos were taken with Samsung E350.

Saw these signs in ppl's car when driving around Kuching and I was wondering where they got these? I found it at 20 Cents Departmental Store at 3rd Mile.
"Never break wind inside" = "Don't fart inside the car."
"First drive not anear please" = "New driver on the road, don't tailgate"

Here's some of my photos taken with the phone.

ANOTHER RANDOMNESS [ ... ]- 29.12.2005, Thursday
Grrr... I hate to blog without photos. It's easier to blog with photos coz pictures tell a thousand words.

1. The camera again. Went to Copal, I couldn't find the said banner anymore but the 999 one still there. There were actually 2 banners there that time, now left one. I think my sis misunderstood me and told me the 999 one instead of another one LOL... the 999 poster shows the camera big big in the middle, and the design of the camera looked awful... yuck.. don't like.

2. My camera... I ask them to inspect and about the price to repair. At least RM300-400. Exclude postage to KL!!! Postage is about RM50 not yet count sending back again! Another RM50? Wow... I would rather buy a new camera. The duration to give me the report of the problem is about 3 weeks!!! Then repair will take one months or so, can even drag till 3 months!!! Inital inspection is that the CCD spoilt. So I decided to ask Alvin how fast he can give me the feedback, he said 1-2 weeks!! Just print out the photo and pass the camera to him will do. He will help me pass to Canon salesman. So I ended up took a pic at Hock Lee and then asked them to print it for 60 cents. Will pass it to Alvin tomorrow. 3 weeks are long... sigh... I need the camera!!! :-( else I have to blog like this.

3. My father also said better buy a new one if that's the price to repair. We looked at a few, Sony, Casio and Canon. All the compact cameras. Thickness wise, Sony is no. 1, Casio no. 2, Canon no.3. Baterry life, they told me no difference, it depends on how you used them. Price wise, Sony RM1499 (didn't ask for discount), Casio RM1599 (didn't ask for discount), Canon RM1499, the lowest that can go is RM1450. I was pretty disappointed with Canon IXUS I Zoom because I can't use back the old battery pack! The new battery pack is so slim almost the same slimness as Casio's battery. Sigh.. my battery is still good, what a waste... Sony is totally out of consideration because it's selfish!!! Only use Memory Stick. I hate Sony! So... let's wait and see... sigh... no camera for new year... for new hair, even KL trip too... CNY maybe too... Arggggg.... I want to cry!!! Coz if really want to buy a new one, don't think can get it that soon :( the fastest might be after CNY... sigh...

4. Watch King Kong last night. Long movie, approximately 3 hours 30 minutes. Well... it's the remake, nothing much. The CGI is great, sound is good. Storyline is the same as the original King Kong. I couldn't remember how the storyline was, it's been a long long time already. I can only remember King Kong climbed up the building and struggling with the aeroplanes. The rest I couldn't recall and everything came back to me after this movie. The cinema was packed!! Even the first row was accupied. Parents bringing their children and children brought their parents, some even brought the grandparents. It's a family movie :-) there are many children in there but good thing they behaved themselves though sometimes they asked their parents questions but only a few times, not during the entire movie screening. There are yucky scenes yet I don't hear much squirms from the children, instead it's all from the adults LOL... I did too... so damn yucky... There are laughters, tears, actions, adventures etc. all in this movie, frankly I cried a few times LOL... very touching scenes, many cried too. When there're laughters, everyone laughed... When yucky parts, everyone squirmed in unison... wow... haven't been experiencing this kind of responses from the audiences in a movie for ages. Recommended, go watch it :-) Oh ya... King Kong actions are just like guys that are deeply in love.

5. The person in charge of the said salon called me and asked me to make appointment with him. I told him I have to wait till next year. This year cannot. I told him I will call him back. Yes.. I will and will highlight my hair before KL trip.

CORRECTIONS ABOUT THE CAMERA [ ... ]- 28.12.2005, Wednesday
LOL... talking about comparing cameras and ahaha I'm comparing the wrong cameras. Didn't do what I had preached ;p Forgive me for that errors in the last two posts. Let me walk you back to the memory lane on why this mistake happened... hehehe... FYI, I didn't do much research on cameras these days so kinda blur especially before these errors.

I went to Hock Lee Center last week and walked passed Copal, there's the banner of Casio EXILIM there. First glanced, I saw these words, "Casio EXILIM", then the model number that was so damn long that I'm actually having problem with remembering long numbers in a short time frame ahahah... then a girl, very slim in red dress, very red dress (this part, vaguely recalled, is it a slim girl in red dress or a girl dancing in peach colour drees?). Frankly even you asked me the model number of the said Casio EXILIM EX-S500, I can't recall, all these while I'm just copying and pasting without given any attention to the number, it's really very long!!! LOL... it just couldn't register into my head. Since with the subject in the middle, first thing hit me, oh... this must be the one Ann bought. Coz as far as I could recall, this Casio comes in colours and the subject in the middle was in colours ;p hahaah... Then, I didn't even bothered to look at the camera down below. Oh by the way, it's a vertical banner. Is the camera in the middle or down there? If it's down there then yeah... I'm not even bother to look at it. If it's the middle then... it failed stand out something behind it or surrounding it had drowned the whole thing.

Geee... so vague. All I know is the wording catch my attention but not the model and then the picture in the middle. Hmm... Basically the picture in the middle and the long model number killed off the rest of the stuff on the banner. The camera is no longer in attention.

So... I gestured to my sis to look at the price as I had passed the banner and not bother to walk back, she told me it's RM999!!! I was like, "Are you sure? 999? Not 1999? That cheap? Wow... 999 is really great for value!". So there goes! I was expecting the camera to be btw 1K-2K, then with this answer, I was so so so excited. So that's how these mix ups started Ahahaah... Since that's the case... then I think will go back to IXUS I ZOOM summore if my old one is beyond repair, I can use the old parts like the SD card and battery back ahhaha... the camera will perform better if you're using the SD card from the same brand. Also it's much affordable compare to Casio ahhaah... have to find a way to ask my dad to buy it ;p

With this... I think Casio should improve their banner design/advertisments. It misleads the potential consumer like me. What the F*** with the girl in red or in peach? Or is there a girl there? Just refer as the subject in the middle then... LOL... Also long model number, gave me a hard time to register into my head. From what I had observed, most brands use short and easy to remember model name/numbers for their cameras and Casio has the longest model numbers. Ahahaha... Talking about advertising... this is way too ineffective. Aren't you supposed to get your point straight to ur potential customer without much mind processings from them but you actually end up misleading them ahahah... Geee... hmm... I think some angry souls will not be very happy with this last paragraph and said that I'm the one that didn't look at it properly. Ahahah... I'm sorry though I'm not in advertising field but at least I know that an advertisement should grab and send the right message in just a glanced or right from that moment. If you need your potential customers to stare at it long enough to get your point, you'll fail terribly in promoting your product.

LET'S TALK ABOUT... [ ... ]- 27.12.2005, Tuesday
Yes... let's talk about comparison or should I say MONEY? Well.. it's a blend of comparing things with the price/value. BE WARNED! This is not the average post of mine and I don't refer to anyone in particular. It's just my thought, stupid thought, childish thought, narrow thought, whatever thought, you name it. I'm in very foul mood now so anything will come out though it should not be an excuse but then hey... this is my blog! I didn't put u or u or u down or will I? But please bear in mind that I'M NOT REFERRING TO ANYONE IN PARTICULAR! So how can I put u or u or u down?

If you would like to leave or comment please be smart as leaving wrong comments will tell the whole world that you are one of those ppl that I'm describing. You are the one that expose yourself, not me.

Ok... here goes... actually I'm inspired by my camera ^_* First let's talk about camera and money. You are considering on which camera to buy and you are spoilt of choices. Here's the tips, these tips were given by the pro to me.
1. Determine your budget.
2. Find all the cameras that suit your budget. Compare them.
3. Don't EVER EVER EVER compare cameras from different price range. That's not the right way. For example, if your budget is RM1000 below, then you only compare all those cameras worth RM1000 and below. If your budget is RM1000-2000, then keep in this range, don't go out of it. This is because the price range determines the complexity of the camera, they serve your needs differently. It's like you cannot compare a RM40K car with a RM100K car though the size are the same and with 4 wheels, bumpers, windscreens etc. though they serve you as a way of transportation but quality and performance are different aahhaha... Get what I trying to tell you? Rule of thumb for the price range: <RM1K; RM1K-2K; RM2K-3K so on and so forth.

So for me... If really my camera is beyond repair, I can only afford those below RM1K. So it's not fair for me to compare a camera below RM1K with a camera above RM1K. You want to get the best of each range not the best of all the cameras. So to conclude, if I can afford more than RM1K, IXUS I Zoom will be it. Otherwise, Casio EXILIM EX-S500 will be it. Sigh... then again... Where do I get that RM999? Hahahahah...

Now... from the theory above... I got this idea. Again.. I have to say this, anything below do not refer to all the rich/poor guys, there are those to be excluded, it's up to you, yes, you! The smart ppl to judge it for yourself. Please bear in mind I'm not referring to sex with rich /poor guys but the feeling on being truthfully and seriously in love.
1. You don't compare a rich guy and a poor guy. It's not fair. They have different standards and expectations. They show their love to u in different ways. You cannot compare the rich and the poor the same way.
---> The rich guy usually will be very confident in themselves. They believe they have the assets to get the girl they want. If a girl tells them that she likes their money, usually they will be very open in accepting this fact and they will be relieved that you tell them rather then being pretentious that you like them not for their money and making him much more insecure that you will run away with his money. If they think you are worth it, they don't mind to spend their money on you and compromise with you and hope that you will return them with a true heart of loving them. They are human too ok? They need love too. Not all rich guy are perverts.
----> The poor guy, will freak out when you tell them you like money a lot. They usually are very insecure, they are afraid that their girl might run away with rich guys. They work very hard to earn money to fulfill whatever the girl want. Even if they have to borrow money, they don't mind as long that their girl is happy. But when the girl mentions something about rich guy, be it her friend's bf or someone, the poor guys will feel insulted, they will not be very happy to hear that. Usual phrase you hear from them is, "All rich guys are pervert!" LOL... And poor guys also need love too. There are poor guys that are perverts too.

2. For the rich guy range, you cannot compare a rich guy that make his own money and a rich guy that inherit the money from his father.They are different in presenting themselves and handling the money.
----> Rich guy that make his own money, will be quite humble, very independent and capable of making judgement. He knows how hard is it to earn money, he has been working hard to be on this spot. He counts and evaluates all the risk and the opportunities very carefully. Usually he will not flash too much or be arrogant with his richness. He does mind on how you spend his money. He will count every single cent that you spent whether it's worth it or not but he will not tell or show you. He just want you to be happy. Deep down in there, they keep account of everything. If you do break up with him, he'll be very straight with you by asking you to give all his things back, be it the credit card, the car, the condo etc. because they are not stupid to let the girl that not worth loving spend his money anymore. He will consider it as an investment loss.
----> Rich guys that are from rich family, many but not all, spend like they don't care a damn thing about it. They doesn't count every single cent with you. As long that you are happy they are happy. All the money spent are not theirs, it's their father's. They are not as independent as the former. At the end of the day, they have to obey their parents. They will used their family wealth to impress you. You tell them you like their money they doesn't mind but if their parents got to know about it, they will be so damn freak out and ask him to cut the tie with you a.s.a.p LOL... no matter how in love they are with you, they will not cut it unless they stop "sponsoring" him but this will only be short term because it's painful to see their dear sons suffer Ahahah... Once you are married to them if you are that lucky, you will have no freedom at all and you will be monitored from head to toe by their parents and relatives. Try to do something wrong, you are doomed!

3. For the poor guy range, you cannot compare a poor guy that work hard to earn money with the poor guy that has no initiative on earning money. They have different principal in life.
---->Work hard, he works so hard so that he can give u a good life and make sure you will not suffer and have enough but when reality sometimes hits so hard that the money he earned will not be enough and need to work extra hard. He always assure you that he will be able give u a decent life. He's sincere but deep down inside he's very insecure with all those rich guys around you. He has his prides and principals to hold on to. He believes that all rich guys are perverts but he never think that one day if he gets rich, then he's a pervert too LOL. There are chances that this guy can get rich when luck is on his side. If you happen to be at his side when he gets rich, he might dumped you or he might not. It will depends on how well he hold on to his principals. But I think most probably he will not because u've been all these while supporting him wihtout fail and he has finally fulfill his promises to you.
---->Poor but don't work hard, tell you straight away, you don't need to compare anything with this guy, he doesn't worth the comparison at all. Just dump him into the rubbish bin, no point to be with this kind of guy. You will suffer as long that u are with him. You will be the one that will earn money to let him spend.

Ok... that's all for now, I'm out of idea ahahhah... the conclusion is that, you must not compare anything that doesn't measure up with each other. It's unfair. Also, guys will do anything for love and so do us. Isn't love powerful? Oh ya... whatever I said above, don't seem to make much sense at all huh? Who cares? Too random and not concentrated also it's not proven scientifically or validated by any source ;p even mess up with singular and plural, and all those language rules ahhahha... just to release my steam, don't care. Feeling a bit better now but still not so good.

EXZA [ ... ]- 26.12.2005, Monday
Went out for a drink with Jimmy at night. Nothing much to do, not in the mood of anything also don't know what to do. Didn't know where to go, so simply drop by Exza Food Depot at Padungan, the location, same side of Old Shop and Memories, you'll see this sign:

Left, Ice Blended Chocolate, RM5. Right, Orange Juice, RM4. The interior. Worth a mention, I think the food portion is big judging from the plate :P, pretty pricey. Taste good or not? I don't know.

Left, the table decor.

Right, the bill and they gave each of us a sweet as a token of appreciation. By the way, they served western food.

DARN!!! I think my camera is going to retire and die soon... it hits the mark of 2 years old one week ago. Suddenly the photos that I had taken after this one (the right photo) all turned out with lots of horizontal lines if u can see clearly in this one (I had editted it a bit, if not it's more obvious). I don't know what's wrong. I thought it's the LCD screen but then it's not. After transferred it into the computer, it's still the same. Hmmm... I think the processor problem, maybe? If that's the case, then really have to retire. :( Sigh... I don't know what happen to it?. Maybe it's time to change a new camera. Casio EXILIM EX-S500 looked great and I saw it at Copal for RM999 only!!!! Going back to IXUS can be considered but pretty expensive, so the second best can be Casio since my dad will not sponsor the second camera anymore :P. Can consider it a good investment for a small and compact camera like this, and the LCD is big!!! My sister's friend has one too... I manage to try it, pretty cool. My client has one too. Many people have it too LOL... I'm seeing it almost everywhere.

So... sigh... no money. If the camera is really condemn, I guess I can't really blog anymore. I cover a lot of food related posts and posts with photos, without a camera, I'm so handicap. Sigh.. why every year end always have so much problems and mostly need money to solve? Really no money no talk! I tell you, MONEY is really EVERYTHING! Making me so damn bad mood and with that tragedy last year again. More bad mood! Grrrrrrrrrrrr...Lesson to learn here is GET A RICH HUSBAND! :P But... but... don't simply spend his money, only spend on what you need and the rest... let the money grow money.

... [ ... ]- 26.12.2005, Monday
Nothing much to post. It's been one year now. Whoever affected by it will not feel happy... I guess... me too.

Anyway, I'm posting for the sake of this--->Technorati Profile

Don't know how to use just testing it out.

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CHRISTMAS MORNING [ ... ]- 25.12.2005, Sunday
Some photos to share from this morning service, we had it at the new church building of Ching Kwong Methodist Church (next to Rajah Court Hotel) that can fit up to 2000 people in one time. The first service in the new building.
The main hall. I forgot to bring my camera so the pictures were taken with my sis' phone. We sat in second floor that can fit 500-1000 ppl. Downstair can sit up to 1000 people.
Some performance form the youths.
Singing of praise.
The choir.
Another performamce.

Sigh... once woke up till now..l all you heard, seen and read are about the tragedy last year. :( Tears still filled my eyes...-_- have to block my ears, close my eye from hearing and seeing all these stuff. Really can't stand it! Everything come back to me! Last year today, I got his last e-mail from Frankfurt. The first Christmas present and the last...:-x

CHRISTMAS EVE IN KUCHING [ ... ]- 24.12.2005, Saturday
Tomorrow will be Christmas. Will go to church first thing in the morning.

Went out for dinner with my family at "Fang Yuan" I couldn't recall the english name. Fong Garden? Hmmm... it's behind Hock Lee Building. This is where many people claimed that the chicken rice is so good but to me... nothing special... except the rice is very salty and the portion is big. I was so full. 5 persons, RM25 consist of one whole chicken, 5 bowls of salted veggie chicken soup. Here's the photos:
Half chicken. Another half in another plate.
It comes with soy sauce, belacan (prawn paste) with dried chili, and the normal chicken rice chili.

After dinner, went around the city. Traffic jam everywhere.

Christmas decor in Tun Jugah. The first picture was a very shaky one ahhaha... my shay hand, that's why.
While waiting for the traffic light to turn red for the vehicles and green for us to walk to the opposite to Sarawak Plaza. It's a wet Christmas eve, but now... it's 11.55pm... the rain had stop. Merry X'mas everyone!!!

BUSY BUSY... [ ... ]- 23.12.2005, Friday
Ok... Christmas is coming soon... and I don't know how I will feel on the 25th and 26th of this year... It will be a year after the tragedy. How are others that had been affected by it will feel? My mood is swinging up and down sigh... so emotionally unstable. Very busy too... at least drown myself with works, keep myself busy so that I will not think about other stuff. Must get most of the things done before KL trip next year.

Some randomness from me:
1. Still hunting for sandals.

2. Should i get my hair highlight? Been talking about it for ages. Called up a few salons today and yesterday since many are having promotion now. I wanted to get it done with Loreal product, I really like the newest hair dye from Loreal, Platinum Care-Light, especially the highlight that Amber Chia had in the ad of Loreal. Called up another salon that is not using Loreal and the deal was quite good. Maybe... go for that... the stylist told me they don't use Loreal or Sw... (don't know how to spell and pronounce) because it's very drying, he offers me the products from US or Italy and claimed that one of the products is only availalble in his salon, he's the only one using it, you can't get it anywhere in Kuching and it's very popular in S'pore. He told me that he'll do two colour highlights for me without dying my whole hair, LOL... all on the phone. I called several salons and none ask for my contacts, he's the only one and said he'll call me up to follow up. Hmm.. customer service? After the conversation with him, I'm pretty much ready to give him a try ;P though it's not using the product I wanted. Which salon is that? Not going to tell you first ehhehe... will reveal it after I got it done. Also another plus factor is his promotion lasts till CNY next year, most of them I called were all until the end of this month only.

3. I'm broke, I'm broke, I'm broke, broke, broke... that's is why I can't get my hair done this month LOL... and the offer until CNY next year is very tempting heheeh... affordable too. Too much of eating out this month, that's why I'm so broke. Need to buy sandals, reload card, all these need at least RM100 and *blush* I only have less than RM60 only. Where on earth got money to do my hair!!?!? The hair will cost at least between RM100-RM200. Who is kind enough to donate or sponsor me? Eheheh... jk...

4. I haven't do anything on my blog for next year, I mean the content... many are still blank. Operation halt. Too busy with work no time for that and no idea too.

5. I want to get minicure, padicure too!!! HEhehhe...those nail arts looked really fun ^_^ again no money!!!!

6. I want to get a new phone but couldn't decide on which to buy and again no money :P

7. Crap... where's my rich boy boy? Sigh... jk... coz I'm broke now... how I wish I have a rich bf ehhehe... *dreaming dreaming* *slap* *back to reality*

8. Must put on weight... too skinny heheeh... everyone wanted to lose weight, I'm the opposite. Maybe try to buy Appeton Weight Gain to drink Eheheh...

Time flies... it will be new year in the next few days!!!! What had I done this year? I haven't do much yet and it will end soon... can you wait for me? Can you go slow? Sigh...

SANDALS HUNTING [ ... ]- 19.12.2005, Monday
Hunting for sandals to use for KL trip next year. Oh! I didn't mention huh? ehehhe... booked the ticket already will be going with Ann. Sweet Surrender will start her world tour in 2006 onwards!!! YAY!!! First stop KL, next year 17th to 21st January. Frankly I don't know what I'm going to do there, my main aim is to just look around and to release stress eheheh... nothing else. Shopping? Go as the flow. Also... I want to play at the theme park(s) LOL... ehheeheh... hmmm... morning swim at the hotel everyday if there is swimming pool. Sunway Lagoon? Don't know want to go or not. Geee... if want to go then will buy entrance tickets online, cheaper ;p Or spend the 5 days shopping only? I don't know... Can't expect me to wear my heels to walk.

I went to Saberkas yesterday, Ngiu Kee's and Bata, I found the sandals I want but strange... the front were so big... the size was small but the front makes no difference, it's the same as those big sizes flat sandals. Never buy flat sandals, always buy heels, so this is the first time I encountered this problem, I don't understand... Went to Tun Jugah and Sarawak Plaza today, same thing happened!!! Crap... what is this all about?!?!?! I wanted sandals with strap at the back so that it will not flew off in case I'm on theme park rides or walking or running or going to the swimming pool LOL... I don't like sport shoes coz it needs socks, I hate socks. I don't like shoes/bellerina pumps... my feet can't breath! Ewwww... yuck... also the back of my feet might get blisters. I don't want that! LOL... I'm so fussy huh? Still hunting... hunting...

After KL trip, next stop... Perth, Australia? Don't know yet... S'pore? Don't know also... ;p My plan is to go to Perth next year. Alvin asked me whether want to follow him or not in March, since he'll be there for 10 days for a wedding photo shoots, he can be my guide after the wedding. Quite a good idea, can learn photography from him too but in March!!! Already spend in KL, need time to save money for Perth trip, don't think will go in March, most probably September or October or delay again... I really don't know... we'll see...

HONG KONG NOODLE HOUSE [ ... ]- 18.12.2005, Sunday
Food again! A lot huh?

Had lunch with my family at Hong Kong Noodle House at Saberkas. I don't have the price ;p ehhehe..
This is shrimp wanton, RM4.50...not much shirmp in there, each wonton contained minced meat and shrimps but mostly meat.
Roasted duck rice.
Sizzling noodle but it' snot as sizzling as we expected.
Hmmm... couldn't recall this mean but it sounded something like Hong Kong Noodle House Noodle. :P
Clockwise: Toothpicks, soy sauce, pepper, salt, chillies in vinegar, dried chilli oil (I love this eheheh...i can even eat it on its own).

ALL U CAN EAT SHABU SHABU [ ... ]- 16.12.2005, Friday
LOL... this one again... I tried the buffet with Jimmy and his friends, the All U Can Eat buffet used to be every Friday but now, they have it everyday. Adult-RM18, children-RM12. Tinned drinks cost RM2 each. Chinese tea, FOC. It's not the kind that u go get your own food, u need to order them, order as much as you can hehehe... all you can eat. First round, they will serve to u automatically, if you want to add again then tell them and they'll bring whatever u want. Basically the first round is to show you what they have and u order based on that. Here's ours:
Meats of the day, beef, chicken and deer. I don't know we had how many plate of these.
Fishballs, hotdogs, crab sticks etc.
Prawns, fish meats, crab, sea cucumber, cuttlefish. This too, lost count.
Veggies. This also.
Noodle, Kueh Tiaw, vermicelli.
Our table.
Papaya for dessert. They had pineapples and watermelons too.
Just cooked meats in the bowl.
Bird eggs, it's too hot, to cool it faster, Jimmy placed it in the cup with ice cubes. Nice huh?

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LAM'S PLACE [ ... ]- 15.12.2005, Thursday
Lunched outside again ehehhe... so damn lazy to cook. Now at Lam's Place situated at Chong Ling Comm. Center, opposite Thyme's. Luckily didn't go yesterday, they off every Wednesday. Open from 8am to 10pm. They specialised in beef dishes. Also have chicken rice too, you can opt for indoor or outdoor.

This rice comes with the beef dish that you ordered. If you don't like rice, u can opt for "Kueh Tiau", noodle and... can't remember.
Raw beef+Beef balls, RM5.50. Don't know what is that raw beef all about LOL... maybe it's tougher than stewed beef ehhehe...
Stewed beef, RM4.50
Left is herbal tea and right is peppermint tea. Both RM1.20 each.
The interior.
Two types of chilies for you to choose.
Overall... quite nice. I couldn't finish my portion, so full ehehhe... the beef was so soft. The broth hmmm... not bad, it's different from the normal broth u get when order beef noodle in coffeeshop.

NEW ALBUM [ ... ]- 15.12.2005, Thursday
Uploaded new photos in MISC 2005
BBQ in November that I had promised, so many photos... 03.11.2005 BBQ

THIAN COURT [ ... ]- 14.12.2005, Wednesday
Been busy with the new layout... the contents are not ready, a lot need to be done.

Since my parents will not be home for 2 days, I was planning to cook for lunch but lazy so ended up had lunch at Crown Square. The bill? RM50.20 for 3, including 2 drinks.
Soup of the day, Creamy Corn Soup (I invented this name), comes with each dish u ordered. If you don't order other stuffs but only want the soup, it'll cost u RM3.90 per bowl. The soup was nice, very creamy and corny LOL... consider it a plus when it comes with the dish u ordered. Quite worth it. Last time no deal like this.
Soft Shell Crab Sphegetti.
Sirloin Steak, sad to say, no improvement, it's too cooked. Pretty tough but now it comes with a "cake", don't know how to say, the round thing there, it's sweet and has some cheese in between, sort of like the "Doraemon Cake" that's sold at many shopping complexes.
Pacific "Ying Yang". Two types of fish, Salmon and don't know what (one red one white) ahhaha... this dish tasted sour with the pickles placed on top the two fish. According to my sis,it didn't taste nice, I tried some, I didn't like it too.
Ok.. this pic, it's not about food. It's the spraying of chemical (don't know the name) to combat Aedes, it's sprayed last Wednesday and sprayed again today.

There were quite a number of ppl downed with dengue fever in my area, serious I should say, my 2 uncles got it, my friend's mother, bro and her bro-in-law got it, many of my neighbours got it too... scary... all admitted to hospital. If it's detected earlier, it can be cured and when u started to have appetitie to eat without vomiting, u'll be discharged. So once u are down with fever, quickly go to polyclinic around your area or the government hospital to get your blood tested if u're from affected areas or suspect that you might be down with it, the result will be known in half an hour time. My uncle went to private clinic and they told him that the report will only be available one week later... WTF!!! Then he couldn't wait anymore, his white blood cells got too low, his whole body swollened, the whole body turned red, my cousins immediately sent him to the ER and there it was, in half an hour, the result of the blood test was out! If wait until the report come out from the private clinic, dare not to think what will happen. Then now my another uncle got it and immediately got his blood tested at the polyclinic and confirmed it's dengue fever.

My father friend's daughter was downed with high fever and almost fainted, he quickly sent her to the private hospital in PJ but was told that no doctor available to attend to her in the ER and they asked him to send her to the private hospital at Third Mile, then was given the same answer and he had to send her to government hospital and finally got treated, they suspected it's dengue since she's from my area too, so they quickly ran a blood test on her and lucky her, it's not, it's just normal fever and asked her to go to the polyclinic 3 days later to get her blood tested again. So after 3 days, she went there and the doctor there told her that if next time require any blood test, just go straight to the government clinic and most of the results can be out on the same day as they have the equipments there summore pay only RM1 for it! If go to private clinic you need to wait for the result and pay a fortune, not worth it.

And I can tell u it's true :) coz my family all go to government clinic and hospital affordable and reliable, no need to wait too long if you found the suitable time, usually around 11am. Even my mom got her laser skin treatment to remove pigmentation for a very affordable price (definitely is a more than 100% lower than private specialist) hahaah... also for my bro's skin discolouration. I'm going to have my moles removed too with laser, ehhee... but have to go to polyclinic first and they will refer u to the skin specialist in government hospital by appointment, however don't know when yet, no time to go yet. Besides, if you need any cream for your skin problem (of course those recommended by the specialist) once you got the appointment, they give it to u FOC or with small charges and in big quantity by just telling them it's not convenient for u to always go there ahahah... as compare to those private ones, expensive and small amount and u have to always go back to stock up.

So... that's all. Long entry again....

YOUR BLOG SHOULD BE... [ ... ]- 10.12.2005, Saturday
Took this quiz... try it! I've been trying to get the new layout for next year out and it's not yellow in colour ;p LOL... It'll be a surprise! Don't puke by that time, it's very very... don't know how to say, when I looked at it it seemed very don't know how to say, heehhe... will release it on 1.1.06 if everything goes well. Cross my fingers.
Your Blog Should Be Yellow
You're a cheerful, upbeat blogger who tends to make everyone laugh.
You are a great storyteller, and the first to post the latest funny link.
You're also friendly and welcoming to everyone who comments on your blog.

PRE-NUPTIAL DINNER @ KUCHING PARK HOTEL [ ... ]- 07.12.2005, Wednesday
(editted 08.12.05)

Invited to Jimmy's sister's pre-nuptial dinner at Kuching Park Hotel. It's a simple and small affair, dinner and toast. That's all, good thing no karaoke session. The actual event will be in Sibu on 10th Dec. LOL... see the second picture, the cake was fake, the real one was on the topmost.
Interesting... the cake cutting is only for show. They put a slice of butter cake there just in case the bride and groom were required to feed the cake to each other, this butter cake (2nd pic)would be it.
Talking about wedding, it's the season to tie the knot especially for the Chinese. When it comes to this, it will create so much problems even if it's just a simple affair like this. It can really make ur blood boils especially when there are lots of different opinions. It's so hard to satisfied everybody. Why so nosy? It's the couple thing, the parents thing, not u or u or u! Unless they ask for ur opinions. But then, even between the couple and the parents, problems arise too. One party wants simple affair, another party wants a big affair so on and so forth.

Sigh... That's why I hate wedding! LOL... especially when it invloves different opinions of so many ppl worst with those that have nothing to do with them. Must do this, must do that, cannot do this, cannot do that blah blah blah ^*@!%#&*!%#!

Let me share my dream wedding with you ehehhe... but it's pretty impossible to have it in Kuching. Don't think there's anyone can do this LOL... well... it just a dream and it will never come true, no harm fantasizing about it. If I can't get this kind of wedding, I will make it as simple as possible, sign-and-go, that's it! Don't expect anything like tea ceremony (I hate this!), banquet(can compromise) etc. from me. NO! I don't settle for something in the middle or substitute or anything.

It's a yacht wedding for me! I have this dream since my teenage years. On the yacht named after me eehehhe... We'll exchange vow on it and the guests will be on the entourage yachts, the whole thing will be in the middle of the sea and back to land before darkness. We'll have simple buffet dinner and dance at the club house/outdoor facing all the yachts that docked there with only the dearest guests. It's as simple as this but very pricey ;p

No tea ceremony, scrap that! I hate it, you want to give me jewellery, ang paos or whatever just pass it to me like u give presents to ppl, I don't like the idea of serving tea to you even though it's only a simple cup of tea. NO! I feel insulted. I'm sorry but many ppl will not agree with me about this, then again... u have ur way, I have my way.

Wedding banquet that will be attended by ppl like parents' friends, business associates etc. I can compromise with this but I will not spend a single cent on it. The one that wants it, that one should pay for it including my attire, makeup etc but it must be of my choice.

All the customs/believes such as selecting the best date, the best time etc. scrap this too. I don't believe in this kind of thing. Over my dead body for that! Pay respect to the ancestors? I can compromise as long that I don't need to kneel and also hold the joysticks. The most I will do is bow to them and present flowers that's all. Take away the joysticks, I don't want to sneeze the whole day. Better still, scrap this part too.

If anything that I don't like but ppl insist on having it then will just opt for sign-and-go. Save up lots of cost and troubles though there might be grumblings here and there, I don't care! It's as simple as this, if u want it you pay for it; if u want it, u arrange for it, I will not lift a finger to do anything and I will only show up to give u face. Case close! ~_~ If my dream wedding can be done, then fine... u go ahead with ur plan and u'll pay for it. After that I'll have my own affair.

Good thing my parents don't like all these things too. Also my idea of yacht wedding LOL... my parents always said, "Why make it so hard? Sign and that's it." But if I want it, they can't object as it's my choice and I'm not aksing them to pay a single cent for it. If I can afford to have this kind of wedding, I don't need them to pay for me, all the expenditures such as transportations and accomodations for all the invited guests' are on me or rather should I say on my husband ;p...*dreaming... dreaming... 0_o* When I met my late bf, all these were so close and was so happy that my dream will come true since he liked yachting but now it's too far, very far. Maybe if I meet the one again, it might be a different dream wedding. Who knows...

Good thing, my relatives don't mind these also. They will not say anything about it, well... behind the back maybe but at least will not be in front of me. My eldest cousin got married and guess what, it's just sign-and-go. Except that the bride's side really go full fledge over the whole thing. For our side here, my parents, uncles, and aunts just bought them jewellery and pass it to my uncle and aunt. That's it. As simple as that, no one said anything.

Yada.. yada.. yada... all about wedding. U like it? Don't like it? All these are not important, most importantly is to be married legally, by the law. No matter how big or how small ur wedding is, you don't go to sign, u're not even married!
MARRIED != WEDDING ("!=" means "not equal to")
That's all for now :) Here.. enjoy the photos of the food of the night, I don't really know what the dishes called, I invented the names myself ;p
Cold dishes. So cold LOL...
Shark fin soup.
Clockwise: Yam basket, vegetarian rolls, steamed fish.
Roasted duck with veggies.
Butter and Nestum prawn.
Lemon chicken.

CRIB CAFE [ ... ]- 06.12.2005, Tuesday
Was supposed to meet up with my friends at Mumbo King but it's closed, so we ended up in Crib Cafe. Price.... pretty pricey, LOL.. but that's what Travilion offers. All the eateries are pretty pricey. I'm almost broke this month already summore after some estimation for this year eating out expenditure, it's almost RM1000. Aiksss.. didn't realised it! So must cut down on expenses for food next year. Heeheh...

The sign board and the interior. Christmas mood.
The entrance.
The counter.
The table's decor.
Fish and chips. (RM14.50)
Butter fish. (RM16.50)
Sirloin steak. (RM25.50)
Fries. (RM5.00)
Seafood Spaghetti. (RM14)
Ice blended mocha (RM7.90), Ribena Sprite (RM5.00) and ice blended chocolate (RM7.90).

Coke (so expensive!!! RM4.50!)and hot chocolate (RM5.50).
Group photo. 3 couples here, guess which is the actual couple? It turned out that we're all wearing black and blue.
Left-right: Me, Lee, Audrey, Khoon How, Jee, Ann.

Last but not least, our expenditure for that night for 6 ppl, RM110.80.

SEOUL GARDEN - BULGOGI [ ... ]- 03.12.2005, Saturday
Actually wanted to order things that we could grill but didn't know which were the correct set meal for that, thought that all of them will need to be girl led on our own. Ended up ordering Bulgogi Set Meal for 2. It's silly that there were pictures there but still ended up with this. However, it's nice :)
Bulgogi, u have the choice of having chicken or beef. The veggies are for u to wrap the meat.
All the dishes come with the set.
Plain rice was ordered separately. The rice was very nice, every grain is a full grain, they were not broken and quite transparent.

Clockwise: Don't know what is that, it's for you to wrap with the bulgogi, tasteless maybe a bit spicy for some ppl, it's laced with red pepper sauce. "Ikan bilis" in Malay or "Kian hu po" in Hokkien (don't know what it's called in english, seen it before but the word was quite "big" to me), it's sweet and salty. Kimchi. This is the mini cabbage I think... a bit spicy.

Clockwise: Don't have any idea, jelly-like, a bit spicy. The sauce for bulgogi. Barley Tea (local) and Su Jung Kua (cinnamon+ginger), I order the Koren barley tea but they gave me the local barley, I didn't know how it looked like, only knew when I drank it, nvm about that, if it's Korean version, it tasted like chinese tea that's what the waitress told me, also served without sugar but you can request for it. Mashed potato sprinkled with don't know what and there are veggies underneath it such as cucumbers and carrots.
The menu. All in all, RM57.90 for two. I had posted about it previously here's the link [scroll down], the address and contact details are there.

TROPICANA & OSCAR NIGHT [ ... ]- 01.12.2005, Thursday
Don't expect much photos :p I'll just show the photos and will not say a word about them. Go ahead with ur imagination.
Tropicana Night.
Tropicana Night.
Tropicana Night.
Tropicana Night.
Oscar Night.
Oscar Night.
Oscar Night.
Oscar Night.
Oscar Night.
Oscar Night.

THE ART OF SARCASM [ ... ]- 01.12.2005, Thursday
Hmmm... I've inspired by things that happened lately or been few months in the Internet and I found that it's pretty interesting and really fun to do so especially when you are playing with ppl that like to play with this "art". This involves the co-operation of two parties. One-way-street isn't fun. Someone must start it too.

Why I refer it as an art? It's really an art, you need to be creative and you need to be open enough and practice a lot to get hold of the skill. If u are the sensitive and not so open type, this is not for you. If you don't practice it enough, you will never improve and would always come out with responses that are way too predictable and make you sounded cheap. So skills are very important so that you can do it with style!

Also another kind of ppl are those that like to practice this art but don't appreciate the beauty and key essences of this art. These are the kind that couldn't stand ppl that are better then him/her in this art. At the end of the day, they will sounded very cheap and not sporting enough especially when you manage to "topple" them, it's a satisfaction to you then they will brush it off or removing any evident about it. This is so not impressive. Com' on... do it with style if you like it. Usually these are the ppl that started the whole thing.

Oh ya... sense of humour is really important in mastering this art too.

How to be good in sarcasm? Well... I don't have the answer to that. It takes a lot of practice in life to be able to handle it and never ever be the one started it.

Rule of thumb: You will be good when you are not the one started it and be cool and open to accept whatever statement that they will be making.

Usually you don't use this art when ppl don't use it on you. It only started when there are ppl that wanted to embrarrass you or not satisfied with whatever thing you had said and/or done or they felt threaten by ur status.

So indirectly, you will play along with them, it takes two to tango don't we? It's hard to end it when it started especially both are very "kiasu". The only way is to let it banish when you are tired coz I'm sure whoever are in it will not move his/her feet from the dancefloor until he/she wins. It's pretty childish but it's really fun. When you do it the right way and when you are the one being challenged to do it and u are creative enough.

Don't worry, I will not use it on you unless you use it on me :P I had never started any sarcasm on ppl so far, it's all started by some ppl then I'll dance along. If i'm not satisfied with what ones said and done, I'll tell them directly without being sarcastic or going around the bushes. Being sarcastic can sometimes be going around the bushes too.

As for me, how do I end it? I'll just go with the flow, if he/she stops, I'll stop provided it's ended with style! If not stopping I'll continue with it. Usually when things are peace and quiet again, the "dance partner" will dig out anything that he/she not satisfied in and start the "dance" again when in the previous "dance" he/she was the loser. However, I'm never upset about it, I'm so happy when someone actaully initiate the "dance", as I have my strategy set and I'm well prepared! Most importantly I'm not the one started it! I'm just protecting myself!

Well... some might said why not just shut up that it will be the end of it. It will depends on what the matter is all about. So there are times for it and there are time which is best to just shut up and let that person make a fool of themselves.

This post sounded sacarstic huh? Anyway... Cheers!