NAME Irene L.
AGE 23
D.O.B 040982
HEIGHT 152cm
WEIGHT 45kg and below?
SATISTICS heheehehe.... what do u think? See how good u can guess...
HOBBIES swim, sing, dance, read, web surfing, web design, listening to music... too many...
CITY Kuching
STATE Sarawak
COUNTRY Malaysia
OCCUPATION Web Developer
STATUS Single but I don't want to be in any relationship for the time being.

HOME ADDRESS as if I will give u
PHONE NUMBER no... cannot give it to you, try to convince me, u'll never know...
ICQ #24828680
URL http://sweetsurrender.99.com.my

Likes(not in particular order)
1. I love chocolate, cheese, sarawak laksa! I love food. Anything... as long that I can eat. (No matter how I eat, I hardly gain weight, how nice... will I be this lucky my whole life????)

2. Being hugged, pampered, cuddled with my honey...

3. Relaxing in a peace and quiet place, at home(though it's never quiet at home, that's why people said "home sweet home"), listening to nice soothing music, scented candles, dim lighting, whatever slow and romatic stuff u can think of.

4. Cars... 4 wheel drive (cute & aggressive) and luxury cars (sexy and expensive)... I won't want to miss any of them but too bad, no money to buy them and no chance to drive them or even touch them. *sigh*

5. Window shopping and trying on nice clothings, shoes... (any gal stuffs) without buying them. ;p

6.I'm still ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Dislikes(not in particular order)
1. Second-hand smoke and cigarette smell, this thing is really suckssssssss... it's making me sneeze, gives me itchy and watery nose & eyes, sore throat for one whole day even worst 2 days or so... Dustmite, sawdust, and fur too...

2. Snakes, worms... anything that don't have legs and move like snakes... ewwwww... YUCK... I'm scared of snake, even those in TV or book and even cartoons or fake ones.

3. People that like to show off, think that they're so smart, cruel, no manners... those negative stuffs you can think of.

4. Clubbing. For many people, it's a way to relax but it gives me headache and more stress with those loud music and also those expensive entrance fee and drinks. It's a waste of money for me. I would rather use those money to spend on something more useful rather than for a headache and increasing stress.

5. Promoters in the supermarket or salesgirls or salesmen following around wherever u walk to.