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2007 Memories

January 1st, 2008 · 9 Surrendered

Got back from IVOQ launch. So many photos to process and so many information to share with you.

Sharon tagged me with this. I’m ignoring the rules. I’m not going to tag anybody. I was thinking of doing this later as an auto-publish post when I’m in KL but the content is more suitable for today, 1.1.2008. So I’ll post it today to share with you my 2007 memories while I’m trying to get the photos and report of the launching of IVOQ out.

1. After 6 years of blogging using the dinasour way(HTML), I’m starting version 8 of this blog using WordPress. Also officially participate in paid post programs.

1. Participate in Padungan Chinese New Year Bazaar.
2. Kuching Bloggers’ Meet 2007
3. Got the 1st Bomb of 2007.

1. Be part of Lilian’s wedding entourage.
2. Went to Borneo Highlands.
3. Invited to The Banquet opening.

1. Permed my hair.

1. Did my first Advertlets cash out, also first ever blog advertising network that let me cash out.
2. Got myself a new phone with my own money.

1. Got backstage pass for DiGi Fu-Yoh! Street Blast.
2. Got my first Advertlets cheque! My first time getting money from local blog advertising network.
3. My first karaoke session.
4. I’m giving out money to those that write about my RM50 blogger package.

1. Make changes to irenelaw.com.
2. Kuching Bloggers’ Meet 21.07.07
3. Private gathering at Sue’s house and we had American Food, Chocolates, Vomits, Soaps, Grass, Earthworms….
4. Finally manage to take photo with Alvin Leong and Kid Chan.

1. Interviewed by reporter of Sin Chiew Daily News on What I think about Kuching.
2. Catscity.net was chosen as the finalist for AllMalaysian Bloggers Project contest. We didn’t win the grand prize but at least got chosen as 1 of the 20 finalists from so many blogs in Malaysia.
3. Went on Sarawak River Cruise.
4. Got my first debit card.

1. Won Advertlets sticker contest and RM50 richer 😛
2. Organised a bloggers’ meet, Catscity Clique, sponsored by Advertlets and Starbucks.
3. Setup irenelaw.com again using WordPress.

1. Changed my eye colour to blue hahaha… My first time trying out colour contact lense.
2. My first time to Miri and my first time travel with my own money.

1. Started a new category to share my love story. The first post started on 07.11.07(WAH! Now I just realised it’s such a nice date :P) I know I still owe you my stories -.-” I can’t find time to write about it for the time being. Not in the mood also. It will resume soon once I’ve settled all my works.
2. Was sponsored to cover EK Fashion Extravaganza 2007 by Sheer Unique.
3. I won two contests in a row! I don’t have to pay for my 3 days 2 night stay in KL anymore! Hehehe… I’m going to Genting on 9th-11th January, then KL on 11th-14th January. If you would like to meet up with me, please let me know about it as I need to arrange my timetable, I’m trying to get those in KL to organise a bloggers’ meet on 12th January in the evening, will let you know the outcome. Basically, 12th January is the day I’m reserving to meet the bloggers 🙂 See you by then! I’ll be going to AMBP Gathering: Coffee Therapy for Bloggers also but will only stay there until noon or might leave earlier, depends…
4. Went to Kuching Entertainers’ Gathering 2007.
5. Finally got a bomb from Alysha.
6. Attempted to put on weight with Zentel.
7. Finally got Sweet Surrender’s 9th layout out but I haven’t upgrade my WordPress till now -.-‘

1. Changed my hairstyle.
2. Was sponsored to Rock Party at FE.VER(08.12.07), my first time go to a nightspot in Kuching also.
3. Meet Alex Wong in person in a bloggers’ meet at Tao.
4. Went to sing karaoke with bloggers. My first time going to two nightspots in Kuching in one night.
5. Invited to the Opening Of Lounge2
6. Went to Blessed Church Chirstmas Night 2007 after Lounge2.
7. Camwhored at Boulevard on its opening(I didn’t have much photos as it’s all in other bloggers’ cameras)
8. Caught the first ever Christmas Parade in Kuching.
9. Lots of Christmas presents this year.
10. Breakfast at Madam Tang’s with Josh and Kuching bloggers.
11. Got invited to cover the launching of IVOQ at Tun Jugah yesterday.

So… these are enough to summarise my 2007.

Happy New Year!! May you have a great year ahead!

Oh… Remember to vote for Sarawakian.net 😛

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  • 1 SilverIsle // Jan 1, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Super sweet memories! I actually envy those who are able to list down what they’ve done as I can’t. Haha. I should blog more often this year. =P

  • 2 annna // Jan 2, 2008 at 1:17 am

    wahh… such a nice year for u!

    I can barely remember anything happening last year (unless i go thru own blog). Hahaha.. Such a forgetful person i am. can only remember things one mth ago.

    May this year be more fruitful (kaching kaching) & all the best in everything u do! Enjoy ur holidays in KL!!

  • 3 sweet surrender // Jan 2, 2008 at 1:30 am

    SilverIsle, hehehe… I refer to my blog and list them out 😛

    annna, hehehe… Same also 😛 I went tru’ the archive and list them out 😛 if ask me to remember I also cannot. Yealo… Must have more kaching kaching this year hahaha…

  • 4 rambochai // Jan 2, 2008 at 2:33 am

    wow…. so many activities…

  • 5 sweet surrender // Jan 2, 2008 at 10:11 am

    rambo, yeap… especially in November and December hehehe…

  • 6 peipei // Jan 2, 2008 at 10:02 pm

    i wil be goin kl on 14th jan=( den u comin bac on tat day,,,,,too bad!

  • 7 sweet surrender // Jan 3, 2008 at 10:32 am

    peipei, wah… u also go KL, I back you go 😛

  • 8 jam // Jan 3, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    Happy New Year! Wish you having a pleasant trip!

  • 9 sweet surrender // Jan 3, 2008 at 5:32 pm

    jam, 🙂 Happy new year! Thanks!

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