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4th Day of CNY 2011

February 6th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s the 4th day already! It’s going back to work day tomorrow for some. Including me… Oh well… Have work appointment so what to do?

Strangely I don’t blog much about CNY this year. Simple, It’s not as happening as it used to. This post is enough to summarize these 5 days…

CNY’s eve, painted my toenails red and added some nail stickers on it. First time painted my toenails red ;p All thanks to my sis who is back for CNY this year, it’s been 5 years I think… Lost track. She has red nail polish so I used it. I found myself liking this red toenails more and more hahaha… I didn’t shop for shoes this year. The shoes I’m wearing was bought in 2009. As for clothes, my sister did the shopping for me ;p Whatever she bought, those she couldn’t wear, it would be mine. I only bought two sleeveless t-shirts and a clincher online.

Fireworks war(illegal but who cares?) around the neighbourhood welcoming the rabbit year but it was short lived because of the rain. However, once the rain stopped, they started again. Then again, it’s pretty quiet this year at least for my area. It’s not as crazy as it used to be. Even these few nights were not that noisy, just random ones.

Left: Rabbit cookies we ordered for my sis hahaha… She’s born in the year of rabbit.

Right: Cake form my cousin, used to have Secret Recipe’s but not this year.

Day 1: Woke up at around 10am. It was a gloomy and wet day. Went over to my friend’s house in the afternoon as usual… That’s what I did on the first day all these years LOL. Only one house and that’s it. No one came over, the usual ones are no longer in Kuching. Quiet day…

Day 2: I’m sick! I felt so weak, nose was runny. Stayed home whole day, watched series online and watched TV. Nothing much, no one came. Went to bed earlier than usual.

Day 3: Woke up at 10am+, felt slightly better. My friend said that he’s coming over at around 11am! =.= I only got out of the shower at 11am hahaha… When he came, my hair was still wet, no makeup on. So… He waited for me while helping himself with the newspapers on the table. After that, we headed out to visit our friends. Everyone wasn’t home. Only went to one house and went back to his place to wait for the others to come since they’re out and about instead of us visiting them. We didn’t have any plan this year for group visiting. It was all impromptu. Whatever, I was pretty sluggish because of the flu. It’s not me driving anyway. Met quite a number of friends from college but not as many as it used to.

In fact, I had some plans to visit some friends but I was sick and I still am. So I scraped the idea. I don’t want my virus to spread to the babies -.-” Talking about babies, damn… Our topic yesterday at the second house we went was all about hitting 30! Also, shooting each other with “when is your turn??” even though we all know it’s still very far fetch ;p Gosh! 30 and achieving nothing much when many of our friends are already few levels ahead of us(singles/not married and struggling to find our path in lives, only us got the time to meet up during CNY, the so called not-settling-down-group ;p). The already-settled-down-group were just too busy with their own lives and it’s hard to hang out like we used to. Life…

Day 4: Here I am… Sitting at home doing nothing hahaha… Thought of tomorrow, I dread it… So lazy ;p Luckily I’m my own boss.

That’s all about my CNY this year. There’s still one week plus to go, will there be any surprise by then. I don’t know… Not putting any hope at all. Some stuffs just didn’t go as I had planned and hoped. I don’t know what to expect, time will tell. Life still goes on even though kind of dreading the reality but what to do? It’s just parts and parcels of our lives. We can just hope and do our best.

All I know is that I need to get some matters settle before I embark on the next adventure. Some might know about it, some don’t. Whatever it is, I’m likely won’t be celebrating my CNY here next year. We’ll see how by then. Just goes as the flow.

Wishing all of your a happy and smooth sailing year ahead!

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