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8 Months+ Here…

December 10th, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

How time flies, I’m here for almost 9 months! WOW! Can’t believe how time flies.

Left: When it was autumn… Nice colour of the leaves but too bad I didn’t bother to take photo of the trees when it bore white tiny flowers and the fragrance filled the air during the trasition from winter to spring.. Now, no more flowers but lush green leaves.

Right: Spring transition to summer… It’s so bright even though it’s almost 8pm.

Both photos taken outside of the computer pool.

Since August, I’ve been spending almost everyday, almost 7 days a week at the computer pool during the day time. This can be considered as my second home. It’s only accessible by those in the postgrad programmes and also spacious in between the computers unlike the other computer pools in the uni. A place exclusively for us to study and relax. At times, you can see students sleeping on one of the sofa lounge. I even heard that those going there late at night would even bring their own blanket and pillow there! It’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week except Christmas and new year holiday (I think…).

This is also a place where I got to know many new friends aside from being a place for me to stream TV series and do my research. Always see familiar faces. Observing many old and new students come and go. It’s a very happening place with all sort of human behaviours but the photos don’t justify it because it’s taken when people are having exams and going on year end holiday break.

I dread staying at home so will go to the computer pool daily even on weekends. It’s spacious and less lonely. Even when I’m the only one here, I feel quite comfortable unlike in my room, so small and looking at four walls even though I do have a view outside the window.

I had my lunches and tea breaks here in front of the computer while doing research and stream TV series ;p

This is going to be the place I miss the most when I go home. This is supposed to be my final second study period, would complete in April next year but now I extended my study and this will be my second home for at least another 10 months. I’m halfway tru’ my study, these are all the study materials I had for the past 8 months, 6 subjects. These are what I kept (presentation slides, study guide, course information, and journal articles), now under my table but I guess it will go into the recycle bin once I’m done with my study here, can’t possibly bring them back to Malaysia.

If I’m not continuing to master, this is really going to be my almost-goodbye-post to my second home. I have 5 more subjects to go instead of 1. Wish it won’t end so soon. Really enjoy my stay here, can I not go home?

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