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Final Month of 2011

December 1st, 2011 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s the final month of 2011, that’s so fast! Last year this time I was busy with my final semester exam for my Early Childhood Education Diploma and also busy with the procedures of coming here. Now… One year later, I’m here, half way through my programme.

Oh, I had submitted the application to continue to study master here, means I’ll only go back to Malaysia this time next year. About one year to go before my time here is up. Still waiting for the approval. Hopefully will get the reply within this month or before I come back to Adelaide. Had my study plan all planned, if the approval is delayed I will have a bit of problem by then. I sucks in accounting and I need to take accouting to complete the master degree, so I had planned to concentrate on this one subject on the final study period coz I don’t want to fail it or do badly in it. Can only do so if the application is approved before I come back.

Been sleeping late lately -.-” Bad habit. Must try to sleep early after exam.

Will be back updating normally next week hehehe…

Enjoy the final month of December! Scary actually…

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