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PKNU Cultural Exchange – 14.1.2012 (Part 2)

March 26th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

After our lunch, we went for a drive around the coastal area.

See the red arrow? These are the well-knwon Korean diving women (Hae-nyao). Finally got to see them in action with my own eyes instead of from the TV.

After that, we went to Lotte Aqua Mall.

This is the world tallest indoor musical fountain found in Aqua Mall. It was amazing!

Then we went to the street at Nampo-dong to do some shopping, skincare products! Lots of them, helping friends to buy and buy some for myself.

Left: A group of Korean teens took part in free hugs campaign.
Right: Then we went for afternoon tea at PM2:45 Coffee.

Very cosy cafe. There’s so many unique cafes around throughout the city, very competitive.

Don’t quite remember what we ordered, I think it was cafe latte, chocolate latte, blueberry late, and chocolate chip cookie.

My host and my homestay partner from US.

Then, we walked to the nearby market.

Old fashion street with many small business seller clothes, hardware, food, and more. This is also where you can find many street food and eating by sitting down at the stall.

Left: Another section of the market. We headed back to the city centre for karaoke. The last destination of the day was my host’s home. We were surprised to found that the subway was actually 9 floors underground! Or rather 9 levels inside the mountain. We had to take a lift up instead of using the staircase *LOL*

Right: Our very first home-cook Korean dinner by my host’s mum 😉

We stayed a night there, was so hot in the room! Sweat bucket! This is because the sheet was heated and on high setting! I woke up in the morning with very nice skin though. WIth this, I scrapped my plan to go to the jimjibang *LOL*

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