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PKNU Cultural Exchange – 15.1.2012

April 4th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

After we got back from our homestay, we went to play Wii.

This is one amazing place! TGE Space, near our uni. Not only you can play Wii here but also sing karaoke. We didn’t sing, instead we played Wii. My first time playing it, not bad, beginner’s luck 😉 They provide free flow snacks too! After that, we were all so tired and decided to just go back to the hostel to rest.

Nothing much to do so I took all my purchases out to take photos ;p I bought these over the weeks. These are just some, I still have more. The masks are all mine. Then the other products, 5 are mine, the other 5, I helped my friends to buy. It’s so cheap! Way cheaper than buying in Malaysia or Australia but these brands can’t be found in Australia.

That’s all for the day. I don’t remember where we went for dinner LOL and what we did that night, no photos taken that’s why.

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