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Aroma Japanese Cuisine

April 21st, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

It’s been a long long time not posting food related post. I don’t always dine out here, too expensive. Even if I did, I would be going back to the places that I’ve been to already. On Good Friday, I joined my friends after church service for Japanese food at Aroma Japanese Cuisine. It’s all you can eat! It was AUD14.80/person because it was public holiday. Normally it’s AUD13.80/person for lunch.

They charged us AUD1 for tap water. We were surprised and tried to clarify with them because who knows they might think that we want bottled water.

We were all starving after the long church service and I totally forgot about taking photos of the food -.-” Hence what you see here are the last few things we had and look very unappetising because it’s already eaten ;p. Even forgot to take photos of the place hehehe…

What to expect with such price? The salmon was so thinly sliced and presentation was very not appetising. We ordered salmon salad and there’s only pathetically 2-3 small pieces of salmon. So if you want to make sure you eat enough to cover the cost you are paying, order more *LOL* Even the takoyaki was mainly flour.

All you can eat, so you can eat as much as you want but don’t put any high expectation on this place. I don’t think I’ll go back unless have to. However if you really want something cheap and not fussy about the quality, then why not? There is no way you can get such cheap Japanese food in Adelaide.

Remember, no wastage allow, don’t over-order. The food was not on the kaiten, you have to order them and then they will make it. Also, you only have 1 hour to eat!

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