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PKNU Cultural Exchange – 21.1.2012

April 29th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

Early in the morning, we had to check-in to our hotel. Luckily it’s inside the uni, the uni owns the hotel, Vistas Guest House. We rented a suite, it was quite expensive but one of us managed to get a cheaper rate (half the rate if not mistaken) with the help of his homestay host. Phew… At the end, for the rent, we paid KRW30,000+/person for 2 days 1 night, can’t remember the exact price. There were 5 of us, you can imagine how expensive. They were all from the same uni except me. I’m also the only Asian.

We were delighted with the size of the suite and the bathroom! Finally! After 3-week of agony with small bathroom, not getting the chance to enjoy a nice shower, what do you expect. We had the best shower ever! Everything in the suite was great!

Forgot to share the photo of the living room, It’s quite huge! What do you expect? It’s a suite!

The view was great. Just one down side, not Internet included. The uni’s wireless can only be detected outside the suite.

We went for lunch at Lotteria, the McD of Korea. Saw it everywhere but never got the chance. Must have it before going back, else the trip won’t be considered complete.

I ordered the lunch set meal, I think it’s the Giant Double Burger Set,less than KRW6000! So cheap! Since mine had 2 patties, they need to used the cardboard to maintain the shape of the burger. It’s not really that giant though ;p It’s rather small, smalle than Big Mac. Very interesting. The taste wasn’t bad. Compare with McD, hmm… I would go for this.

At night, I went with another roommate to meet up with two of the buddies. We had Korean BBQ. Lovely!

Food was great. The companies were great too! I don’t remember the overall total of the dinner but if I’m not mistaken, I paid about KRW7000-8000. Food here is just great! Big in portion, cheap in price! Of course, I refer to if you are spending AUD or USD ;p

After dinner, we went for coffee. Final night in Busan. Went to this cafe near the uni. Very unique. With Music Box where you can request for songs.
Our coffee, not sure why only 3 hahaha… Should be 4. Anyway, also ordered a basket of snacks.

We wrote a message and pasted it on the window. One day, if I have the chance to go back, I’ll see whether this note will still be there. The notes there actually dated years back! Interesing!

I have no idea what’s the name of the places and the exact locations. It’s all near the uni. What to do? Most things are in Korean, it’s so hard to remember the name of the places and didn’t even bother to find out the names *LOL* Mentally too tired already.

That’s how I spend my final night in Busan.

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