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Happy Gawai 2012

June 2nd, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

Selamt Hari Gawai to those who are celebrating it and happy long weekend for those not celebrating. However, I guess everyone is Sarawak is celebrating no matter it’s directly or indirectly. Should post this yesterday but was busy.

So… How I spent my Gawai here. I thought it will be the same old day for me but a SMS yesterday evening just made the day more interesting. At least I’m not spending it alone. Had nice dinner. Really like the fish but didn’t take photo of what I had last night as I’ve been there quite a number of times. Our bill came up to AUD66.60 which made my friend went “OH NO! It’s devil’s number! Not good! First day of June and triple 6, so many six, not good!” *LOL*

Anyway, today is the second day of Gawai, gonna join the farewell party tonight. Sigh… One friend is leaving today, another on Monday. Gonna miss those fun days with these friends in the computer pool. 🙁 Worst, the one leaving on Monday is the friend who we share our ups and downs and skeleton in the closet with each other. There were 3 of us, one left last year, then there’s 2 of us, now… I’m alone. Bad…

Have fun people! Drink moderately, better don’t drive after drinking. Play safe!

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