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Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop

June 20th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop, our final destination for our Barossa Valley trip. We had to drive through very bad road to reach here because my friend’s GPS told him to use this way hahaha… So funny.

They came here for the ice cream! *LOL*

Two big pumpkins at the entrance. You can even sample the products.

From fruits to wines to sauces to cookies and more!

This is the said ice-cream. There’s many floavours but my friend recommended us this. Very nice indeed. Not cheap too, small container costs about almost AUD4.

Left: The sun was setting, very nice view behind the shop.
Rigth: On the way home.

That’s the end of the autumn trip. It’s winter now! Brrrr… Getting cold. Actually, it’s already cold ;p

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