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Brisbane 23/7/2012 – Part 2

August 15th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

To Wiggles World.

Cute and colourful. We changed our day pass to annual pass in one of these buildings.

The Tower of Terror II! It’s rather scary too but The Claw was worst. I would rate this second after Claw. I almost chickened out while waiting especially when we had to wait because of maintenance. At the end, I went on it. I didn’t open my eyes at all and screamed with all my might! I didn’t even know where it went ;p all I know was it went reverse up, up, up, and face down, down, down. Years back, it used to be the other way round. Didn’t even know it actually went out of the tunnel hahaha… It was over in seconds! After that, I was like “huh that’s it?!?”. The car blasted backwards out of the 206m tunnel at rapid speed hitting up to 161 km/h in seven seconds flat then dangling for 100m into the atmosphere for several seconds at its peak before plummeting back down into the tunnel.

After the ride, we headed to look for food. We went through Shrek’s Faire Faire Away. Didn’t play any roller coaster at all. That’s just so weird right? Go to theme park not playing any roller coaster.

Left: Shrek was taking a bath! ;p
Right: Madagascar Madness. Took a photo with the penguins but forgot to add this photo in.

Left: It actually sprayed water randomly.
Right: The farewell arch but it’s not the end of our journey because…

We went to get our lunch! So hungry after all the rides. Nothing special about the food. It’s all same thing throughout the place. I ordered the pizza set meal. Rather huge portion for most people but I managed to finish them with no issue except the drink.

After lunch we went for one last ride. Going into this old mining town.

Left: The jail.
Right: This is the tunnel for Tower of Terror II. It’s insane!

Left: Went on for the Rocky Hollow Log Ride. Luckily I have a windbreaker else I’ll be so wet!
Right: The place for Thunder River Rapid Ride but I think it was closed for maintenance. Too bad. Or else I would go on this too.

After this, we headed to Whitewater World to have a look since we bought the annual pass, then must at least pay there a visit, it’s just next door.

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