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Brisbane 23/7/2012 – Part 3

August 28th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

After we had enough of the rides, we went over to Whitewater World to see what’s it’s all about since we bought the annual pass, then shouldn’t be wasting it. At least must go in to have a look.

It was rather disappointing though. Was expecting it to be grander than this. Couldn’t play at all, it’s winter, it’s fricking cold!

Left: Huge slippers!
Right: The Wedgie.


Wiggle Bay for children to have fun and parents to relax, nothing extreme.

So many different type of slides.

After having a look at Whitewater World, we went back to Dreamworld.

Left: Finally saw the white tiger.
Right: In fact, there were many places that we didn’t venture in Dreamworld. While waiting for our friends to play with the rides, we walked around to explore more of Dreamworld. If not it would be a waste of the entrance fee. Blardy expensive you know. So must fully utilize it.

Left: If not mistaken, the shearing of sheep fur was done here.
Right: Kangaroos.

My first time seeing real koala after one year 3 months ;p


Left: Central Rail Station of Dreamworld. Didn’t go on this ride though.
Right: Firefighters Water Challenger for children.

Finally we called it a day, we left at about 5pm back to Brisbane to meet my friends in the CBD.

Went back to Beach House at Myer. Was lucky it was Monday Steak Night.

Left: Medium well steak. Hmmm… Should have ordered it medium rare. The slice was so thin. Pretty tough. Oh well, less than AUD10, what do you expect?
Right: If not mistaken, this is garlic bread. It was ordered by a friend of mine, we shared this. Not bad, tasted quite nice, the bread was chewy.

That’s how the night went. Headed back to sleep. Was so tired and need to wake up early the next day to tour Gold Coast.

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