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Dessert Story in Adelaide

November 28th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

Dessert Story is one of the dessert chains/franchise serving various hot and cold Hong Kong and Taiwan desserts. Heard quite a fair bit about it and finally I managed to go there back in October! Yes! Another October post. So far, went there twice.

Left: Taro ball tofu pudding (AUD6.20), you can have it hot or cold.
Right: Green tea and vanilla ice cream served with strawberry slice and grass jelly in coconut milk (AUD8.50).

Left: Herbal ice + taro ball + cream (AUD6.80), I really like it. Very filling too! You can have it hot or cold. This is cold version with crushed ice. Hot one will have red bean soup base. I tried the hot version and it’s too sweet! Cold is still the best.
Right: Milk snow ice with crystal jelly and mango juice with popping pearl (AUD10.90). HUGE! Have to share this but it’s delicious.

Overall, the dessert here is quite big in portion. I could just have it as a meal! So filling! Seriously! It’s not bad, I would go back. With the portion and the price, I’m ok with it.

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