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Crabbing at Thompson Beach

December 16th, 2012 · Nobody Surrendered

Went crabbing yesterday with friends from church at Thompson Beach.

In fact, I wasn’t interested, I just want to watch and also to go somewhere I’ve never been to. I walked towards the sea with them but I turned back half way because it’s too far away. I wasn’t dressed for it too ;p Took me almost 45 minutes to walk and and forth.

There’s quite a number of signs along the way, wonder it’s for the boats? At least something I’ve never seen before.

Crab on the way I walked back and one of the bucket of crabs they caught.

At night, we had crab feast! The one on the left was cooked with beer and the one on the right was cooked with creamy butter. Now I know how to cook creamy butter crab or prawn! I’ve been wondering how, finally I know how. Had curry crab at another friend’s house before this. Feasting on crabs the whole night at two houses! Forgot to take the photo of the first crab dish.

Many suffered from sunburn after that. Including me but mine is rather mild, only the back of my leg as I didn’t properly applied the sunblock there. Luckily I wore a hat and wrapped my body with scarf. I didn’t get burnt but is now rather tanned. Australia’s sun is HARSH!

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