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Happy 2013!

January 3rd, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

I know I’m late. I just got back this morning. So tired~

Took more than 1500+ photos for the my New Zealand trip.

We welcomed the new year in Christchurch. It was such a cold night and we were so tired and sleepy from the eventful Queenstown trip. So many things happened and made us realized that God does look after us and things happened for reasons.

I brought NZD600 to spend for food, accommodation, and shopping. At the end, I left NZD5.90 *LOL* Supposed to have at least NZD20+ but I did a final splurge in the departure hall’s duty free shop hahaha…

Basically the following is the summary of my trip:

25th Dec 2012:
Fly from Adelaide to Melbourne and waiting for late night flight to Christchurch.

26th Dec 2012:
Arrive Christchurch early in the morning. After checking in, we went out for Boxing Day shopping! Didn’t shop much but managed to spend on things that I won’t regret. visited two shopping places but got all we need at the first one.

27th Dec 2012:
Tour the route from Christchurch to Queenstown via Mt. Cook. Breathtaking views! Never in my dream that I would see them with my own eyes. I finally did! No regret.

28th Dec 2012:
Supposed to join the tour to Milford Sound but was left behind by the bus even though we weren’t late!! Rather long story, will tell you more when I post about it. We ended up just walk around discover the town.

29th Dec 2012:
Milford Sound tour, another type of scenery. Also something I never thought I would see in my entire life.

30th Dec 2012:
Back to Chrustchurch, 8 hours bus ride. Reached there late, everywhere was closed and we ended up having the most expensive dinner and not-so-satisfying dinner at the casino (at least cheaper than all the other places which were opened after 5pm).

31st Dec 2012:
Went to Sumner beach in the afternoon. Then join the countdown at night at Hagley Park near our YMCA Christchurch. The crowd was well-behaved, amazing!

1st Jan 2013:
Went to 2 shopping malls, rather disappointed because we went to the biggest one on Boxing Day yet we didn’t even buy anything from there. Along the way, we also stop by Univeristy of Cantebury. Our last destination was Lyttelton Harbour.

2nd Jan 2013:
Check out from our accommodation and went to have a look at the botanical garden. Didn’t fully explore it. After that, we headed to the airport for our flight to Melbourne.

3rd Jan 2013:
Spent the whole night at Melbourne Airport waiting for my super early morning flight. Finally I’m back to Adelaide, home sweet home. So much relief.

The whole trip was rather eventful and almost wrecked us intellectually, physically, emotionally, and psychologically but it’s all good. Learnt a lot from it.

Will bombard you with this trip post this month. Hopefully can get it all done before February as there’s another trip in February and in March I’m going home for good.

So, what’s your new year’s resolutions? I don’t have all these while until last year. Thought I had achieved it but it was taken away from me in such short period of time. This year, it’s still the same one ;p.

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