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Christchurch and Queenstown Trip (25/12/12-2/1/13) – Part 2

January 7th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Early in the morning, we prepared to check-out to go on the bus tour to Queenstown. We almost got left behind but luckily the driver came into the lobby to ask while we were checking out. We were supposed to wait outside early before the bus arrived but because of one hairdryer, my friend had to go back up to get it and the bus came that time and I was still at the counter waiting for her. When I saw the bus I thought it should be another one, shouldn’t be this. He was slightly early too. I didn’t realized it’s not Grayline’s bus, instead it’s another bus company, Great Sights, which was the partner of Grayline in Christchurch. -.-”

That’s the problem when you didn’t check your ticket properly and assume. Bad… It was a good thing too that we went down early or else we will be left behind because I booked the tour and my friend booked the accommodation, the driver won’t be able to locate anyone by then and drove off. This was our first heart attack for the trip. One lesson learnt!

Finally got on the bus safely. The journey starts…

We had our first stop at the visitor centre for toilet and tea break. It was about 45 minutes if not mistaken.

Amazing views along the way!

Never in my dream I will get to see such views with my own eyes. It’s always in photos or TV.

My friend was looking forward to go to Lake Tekapo as she was told that it’s a beautiful place. Didn’t even know what it’s all about ;p I went on this trip without doing much research, just book ticket, accommodation, and tour. Didn’t do any research on what to see or do here.

We’re here but it’s a very short stop. Only 15 minutes! We rushed through everything.

If not mistaken, there were two people who were left behind as they didn’t get back to the bus on time. The driver had warned us many many times to come back on time or being left behind. Good luck to those who got left behind and not having their luggage or things with them. They would also have to book another transport to their intended drop off location.

Left: The famous stone chapel at Lake Tekapo. It’s a polular place for weddings. Maybe one day when I found a loaded husband, I’ll have my wedding here too hahaha… I can only dream…

Right: Off we left the lake and was greeted with this view at the roadside. Amazing!

The journey will continue in the next post…

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