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Christchurch and Queenstown Trip (25/12/12-2/1/13) – Part 6

January 19th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

The next day, we didn’t want to risk it anymore and check-out extremely early to wait for our transport to Milford Sound tour. We actually started to wait for the taxi half hour in advance.

Here we go…

The bus was amazing! Comfortable seat and allowed great views from inside the bus. Blessing in disguise. If we were on the tour yesterday, then the view won’t be this great. Some more we found out, we were sent on a more expensive tour package than what we paid initially. How nice? Things really happened for a reason.

First stop, Te Anau for first stop.

The most expensive toilet trip ever! NZD1/entry -.-” Didn’t know there’s other toilet, so ended up here. Everyone rushed in this toilet after alighted from the bus. I didn’t fully utilize the facilities though hahaha… My friend did.

Took some photos while waiting for the bus to continue with the journey.

We stopped at Mirror Lakes. Nice!

Another toilet stop as this is the only fully functional toilet. There won’t be any along the way except the long drop toilet *LOL* Everyone rushed in for it as afraid that there won’t be any proper toilet anymore.

Indeed, there’s no stop for any toilet.

Left: Magnificent view!

Right: We went on a very short jungle trekking, the rainforest in NZ.

It’s similar to what we have back home.

Milford Sound, here we are…

On the cruise with our picnic lunch. Rather expensive for just these. NZD17 for it but luckily ours were already included in the booking with the other company. The one we were with did not include it in their package and it’s more expensive than what we booked.

Very strong wind and it was raining that day.

The highlights of the cruise. The seals and the waterfall. The whole trip was 12 hours+

So tired… We were so lucky to have the taxi sent us to our new accommodation, Hippo Lodge. Another blessing in disguise. If we went on the trip the day before, it would mean we would be lugging our luggage all the way up the staircase and hill! Instead, now we had taxi sent us straight to the door step.

I booked the room with ensuite. We were surprised with how good the whole thing was. It was NZD88/night. Too bad we only stayed here for a night. What’s more, it’s less than 12 hour! It’s so near to the town centre. Highly recommended.

The next morning, we had to go to the bus stop to go back to Christchurch. It was not easy with our belongings but at least better than the staircase. We decided to go along the road travelled by car instead of the staircase. I don’t think I will be able to get all my things down the tiny and steep staircase in one piece.

We almost missed our bus again despite going to the bus stop 45 minutes before the departure time as we didn’t know it was sub-contracted to another company instead of the one we booked with. -.-” Gosh… Again… We didn’t check the ticket properly.

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