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Santos Tour Down Under 2013 – Prospect to Lobethal (22/1/2013)

January 23rd, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Santos Tour Down Under is one of the biggest cycling events in the world. So lucky to be part of it. Normally, I would never thought of going to such event. I didn’t make it to the race last year because I was in Busan. This year, I decided to join the tour with other UniSA’s students to cheer the uni’s team. I figured that I must go this year as this is my first and my last since I missed it last year even though I had registered for it.

First stop was at Prospect. Didn’t really get to see the starting of the race as we had to rush to Checkers Hill. We left just before the race started.

One of the bicycles of one of the cyclists.

UniSA’s boy was interviewed before the race at the starting line.

Here I am, Checkers Hill. We waited for them to come up the hill. Very steep! Luckily our bus dropped us right on top of the hill. Really got no energy at all to go all the way up by foot! It was hot! Not only the weather but the men were hot too! 😛

Left: Enthusiasts’ bicycles parked at the hill.
Right: Some of the cars with various mascots on it.

Here they are at Lobethal racing towards the finishing line!!

Left: The whole race took more than 3 1/2 hour which covered a distant of 135KM.
Right: One of the winners.

More winners of different titles. The one in the first and last photo is the student of UniSA. So proud of him! Not only putting the uni in the news but Queensland and also Australia.

Here’s the video taken at Checkers Hill where the King of the Mountain title was taken by none other than UniSA’s student, Jordan Kerby, but the video only showing those cyclists after him, and followed by the footage of the race in Lobethal.

Didn’t get to take photos of winners reaching the finishing line. Bad timing and didn’t get any good spot for it.

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