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Robe (26/1/2013-28/1/2013) – Part 1

February 22nd, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Back in 26/1/2013, I went to Robe with my friends. There were all together 10 of us.

It was about 4 hour plus drive if not mistaken.

The second stop we made, the giant lobster!

Finally, after a long drive, we reached Robe. We went to get fish and chips for our late lunch.

Huge portion! Love the chips. Don’t remember how much they cost but I only know that ours (share by the 3 of us) wasn’t a set instead of we ordered the items a la carte, portion was huge compare to the set and almost similar price.

After that, we hunt for our accommodation. It’s a cottage. Very cozy cottage at Elizabeth Street.

Fully furnished and can fit more than 10 people.

The beds were shaky though hahaha…

It’s quite a nice place.

Cost us about AUD800+ for 2 nights.

There’s only one toilet and bathroom and both of them were located outside -.-” I don’t like this bit. It’s so cold in Robe at night even though it’s summer. Can’t imagine autumn and winter staying here. Need to go out to the cold at night to take a shower or to the toilet hahaha…

We immediately filled the space with our food! These are just part of our food.

To be continued…

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