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Goodbye Adelaide

March 4th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

2/3/2013, marked the end of my journey of my life in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. Boarded the 6.10pm flight to Singapore for transit.

I packed and unpacked until the last minute before my friend came to pick me up. Ended up I left a lot of rubbish for my housemate to clear -.-” I thought I would have time to throw it out but no… I wasted a lot of time readjusting my luggage’s (two check-in luggage, a hand luggage, a handbag, and a laptop bag) weight. Only have 30kg and I had to throw out more and created more rubbish. It’s sad that I had to let go of a bowl a friend gave to me.

Was pretty busy the past week with final shopping, packing and farewell dinners every single night! On the last night, I had 4 to attend and also shopped for a very light luggage which had saved me a lot of stress even though there’s still stress as I had gone overweight actually. Even before heading to the airport, I had one final lunch with another group of friends. Not many friends were back to Adelaide so I didn’t get to meet the rest. It’s a good thing too because I won’t have much time to slot all of them in as I only have a week left.

I didn’t let anyone send me off. Only one person sent me to the airport and didn’t stay until I board but only help me with my check-in luggage and then waste no time in leaving. At least, this is the person whom I hope would send me off and I did not shed a tear. Tears kept flowing throughout the flight from Adelaide to Singapore. Can’t help it. Going home for good.

It’s been a fruitful stay for almost 2 years here. It’s time to say goodbye.

3/3/2013, after about 18 hours in Singapore for transit, I’m finally on the way back to Kuching. Finally I’m back in one piece.

It was a very stressful journey for me. Was so emotionally, mentally, intellectually, and physically tiring! Not because of leaving but because of my luggage especially the carry-on. Before boarding on the flight to go back to Kuching, I was required to check-in one hand carry last minute as the size was too big. Luckily, it was free of charge. However, that’s not the end of it, I was worry the bag might be damaged as that bag was not designed to be check-in and it’s not mine! I need to return it to my friend. It’s her favourite bag some more!

Only could relax after I got through the custom in Kuching as I’m afraid I might be stopped for bringing in too many alcohol. 3 bottles (big, medium, and small) all together (2 wine, 1 spirit).

Finally I’m home now. So what’s next? I don’t see a new life here (at least for now), it’s more like going back to my comfort zone, going back to where I was almost 2 years ago.

It’s such a mixture of emotions. Good and bad for both. It’s not that good for me to stay in Adelaide in terms of certain aspects but at the same time going back to Kuching isn’t do me much good too (at least for now).

The good things that I’m looking forward to is to come back to my family and to end the “hanging” issue I experienced in Adelaide. While the good things for staying in Adelaide are that I could enjoy lots of freedom, safety, and clean air.

Anyway, I’m back. I’m gonna haunt Kuching again. In what way? I don’t know yet. Still very blur…

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