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Melbourne (13/2/13-16/2/13) – Part 3

April 12th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

Left: Flinders Train Station.
Right: After the bus ride, we headed to Chinatown for lunch.

The arc of Chinatown, how can you miss it?

After a walk down the street, we ended up at The Crane Restaurant. My first time ordering food using iPad ;p In fact it’s nothing new just that I never patron such restaurants *LOL*

Left: Fish fillet in hot and sour soup (AUD8), very big, have to share this.
Right: Don’t remember what’s this. It’s eggplant and green beans with rice.

Left: Mixed mushroom rice in soup in stone clay pot (AUD10.80). Have to share this too.

Overall, the food portion was rather big and price was reasonable. Food tasted not so bad too. Many choices to choose from that gave us headache on what to order.

Left: The state library, very nice architecture.

Right: After lunch, we took the free tram to Harbour Town.

Harbour Town, thought of buying some clothes there but nothing to buy -.-” Couldn’t find what I want.

This was our final destination of the day. Day 3 coming up…

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