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Melbourne (13/2/13-16/2/13) – Part 5

April 18th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

After lunch, we headed to the Twelve Apostles.

Before that, we stopped at Maits Rest where you can find rainforest trail. Don’t even bother to go on a hike our very own Malaysian rainforest yet ended up in a rainforest in Australia. Anyway, it was a very short walk.

On the way to Twelve Apostles.

The highlight of the whole trip.

Here we are!

It’s so hard to get a proper photo. Too many people! What to do? It’s a tourist spot. If you don’t come here, the trip to Melbourne will not be considered complete.

There’s only 8 left if not mistaken as the others had collapsed.

Next, we went to somewhere nearby. I don’t remember the name of the place but the view was awesome too. This is where the London Arch also known as London Bridge is.

Left: Island Archway.

Right: The London Arch. Apparently, it fell and there’s interesting story about the incident too. Was told that when it collapsed, it left a couple stranded on the wrong side. A channel 7 helicopter was despatched because no other rescue helicopter was available that time to rescue them but they both ducked avoiding the camera, they were not excited to be rescued and did not wnat to be interviewed. Why? They cheated in their relationship! They went on a supposed to be secret vacation but ended up became the news of the day. That’s what you called KARMA! Well, the story isn’t verified but it’s an urban myth. Not matter what, don’t ever try to cheat. One day, the cover will be blown.

Left: The other side of the view of the London Arc.
Right: The famous eagle statue in Melbourne.

That’s the end of Day 3 of your Melbourne trip.

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