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Indelible Ink for GE-13

May 5th, 2013 · 2 Surrendered

So I had voted. Didn’t go there early in the morning, took my time as my voting place is just across the road. Many people voted in the morning, I went there after lunch with my family. Fast and easy, in and out in couple of minutes, no queue at all. Everything was peaceful at my place.

Left: As we all know, this time indelible ink is used. So I got my finger inked. I did not wipe it off after getting ink, I just let it be. Some friend said that they were provided with tissue paper to ensure the ink won’t stain their ballot paper or any other places. I don’t remember how many layer they applied. Anyway it did not dry even after I got home. The period of time the ink stayed on my finger in its original form for roughly 15 minutes or less.

Right: My mom took some water for us to wash the excess off once we got home. You can see the difference. The water turned blue too.

As for dad, he did wiped his finger right after getting out of the polling station. When reached home, he started off with thinner but it didn’t budge. No effect. Then he took out Soft99 luster wax hahaha… He managed to get the ink off, rubbed quite hard too. Then washed with water. This is the final result. Not that clean especially in between the edges but still can proof that you had voted.

Left: As for me, after using the water, I tried the wax too. Much cleaner now. Can be cleaner but I decided I shouldn’t overdo it because it will do no good to my cuticle. Rather painful want to clean it thoroughly. I just want to get the excess off so that I won’t stain any of my thing.

Right: Next, I washed it with soap. The foam was blue, I kept washing until no more blue foam formed. This is the final result.

So? My verdict.

It’s indelible for my case. Some friends are complaining that they could clean it without any effort. In actual fact, there will still be residue which you might not be able to see with naked eyes unless using magnifying glass (according to the department) which was also provided to the officers to check your finger to ensure you did not vote twice. Also, if you did wipe it off immediately after inking, it can be cleaned much easily but still there will still be traces leaving behind. How long it stays on your finger will also determine whether how much you can get it off. For my case, I have no way to get rid of it anymore, as it had already seep inside my skin at the time of composing this post.

I don’t know… Maybe we had put expectations which are too high to it and ended up it did not live up to our expectations, therefore there’s so much complains. Fade, it will surely fade, just a matter of how much fading. Clean, yes you can but how clean can it be? Maybe those who managed to get it spotlessly removed should double check with the magnifying glass.

One more thing, looking at the rate of how it fades, it won’t last 7 days but maybe can last 1-2 days.

Anyway, we’ve voted. Let’s see how it will turn out. At the end of the day, life still goes on.

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  • 1 Alex // May 5, 2013 at 5:02 pm

    My dad wiped his when he reached the car. And apparently he was able to get rid of it easily. Mine was i just let it out to try, and didn’t wash it till I got home. And it’s still there. So I think for my case they did the harlem shake well.

  • 2 sweet surrender // May 5, 2013 at 10:35 pm

    Alex, hehehe… Guess it depends on how long you let it stays on your finger. Mine wasn’t even dry when I reached home.

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