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Result is Out, What’s Next?

May 7th, 2013 · 7 Surrendered

So, the result is out and so many people are angry with it. As for me, expected it from the beginning, didn’t even bother to wait for the final one. All I know I’ve done my part. Problem now is the angry people. Again, I’m not siding any side for this, it’s just my observation on how most people reacted to it. At the same, I’m very disappointed with how some people had reacted to the result. I’m not disappointed at all with the result, if you had observed the strategies used in campaigning and consider the geographical and socioeconomic situation of the state, it’s not a surprise at all to get this result.

Before I go on with the negatives, I will talk about the positive points which obviously not many people bother to look at because they are too sad or angry to think straight.

1. The turnout is extraordinary! KUDOS! It proves that you all care about the country’s well-being and you are making history for creating a high turnout. This is enough to shake their confidence. They were so afraid of all of you hence all those dramas unfold. Even though they are still governing but you had made an impact and they will definitely be extremely careful with what they are doing. From the outside, they seemed arrogant, in fact, in the inside, I can guarantee you that they are already so afraid and shitting in their pants because they are human. Even animal will be afraid too if it encounters such issue. Who wants to show their ugly/weak sides to you right? Yes! You had made an impact. Keep it up!

2. Opposition had won more seats compared to the previous election. Also, look at the number of votes, the margin between the competitors, it’s HUGE! This is something you should be happy about. It’s getting there, just hang in there. Rome was not built in a day. Remember that! There’s no such thing as instant win even though it seemed promising however at the end it didn’t turn out as you wished. I’m sure the opposition leaders will fight with all their might, so do you even have the rights to give up now?

3. The world is watching now. So you think those people are not afraid? They are so afraid that they had to resort to all sort of strategies to prove their innocence or secure the seats but why worry? The world is watching. You are not alone. Whatever you’ve been fighting for wasn’t wasted. In fact, this is just a start. It’s not easy, it’s never easy. Keep it up!

Now the negatives:

1. Again… Photoshop! Goodness you people!! For eg. Sharing photo of Obama holding Bersih t-shirt. It’s not true! The actual photo was taken in 2009 in MIT, that’s MIT’s blue t-shirt not Bersih yellow t-shirt. Another random photos in the Internet which people edited. I don’t know who did this but I’m sure it’s not the work of the official, just some immature supporter’s work. Still, by doing so, you can cause the cause that you are supporting to be targeted by people who really want to destroy you and also potential supporters will not want to support it as it doesn’t seem as clean as it claimed to be.

2. Getting all emotional, changing profile photo to black, encouraging people to wear black and taping their mouth when they go out, change the country’s flag into black and white or hold it upside down and so on just to name a few. You know… By doing so won’t do you any good. You will only cause more troubles and provide easy avenue for you-know-who to launch attack on you and also your beloved party. You are not helping but making things worst! They can say that you have plans to disrupt harmony and peace of the country and so on. Yes, you want to show your dissatisfaction but this is not the right way to do it. Instead, you must stay calm, go on with your life as usual, show them how strong and rationale you are, you are not easily defeated otherwise people will take advantage of your weaknesses and turn the sword against you. The opposition leaders know what to do with it. If you respect them, then do them a favour by not giving up and refrain from immature acts.

3. Calling Sarawakians names simply because BN is leading here. If you have not been to Sarawak before especially the rural areas, then shut your mouth up. Do you know how big Sarawak is? Some people need to be taught Geography, Sarawak land size can fit in many states from peninsular Malaysia ok?!?! The map you see mostly are not actual size, that’s why you are misled. Also, Kuching is not in Sabah, thank you very much.

You don’t know the the real situation here. Frankly, even I myself have never been deep into the rural area and I have no reason too. I don’t want to also because I don’t think I can stand living in such places. Do you know, just to go into most of the rural areas, those extremely interior ones will requires hours of driving with four-wheel drive, next need to take hours of boat ride, then hours of walking just to reach the village, and with very little development, no electricity or even proper piping or sanitary system? We have a lot here as our land is too big and the jungle is dense. Along the way, you might get attack by leeches, mosquitoes, and so on. These are the places that made up BN winning seats.

These people do not get the chance to be exposed to the outside world much and they are afraid of strangers. You know how lucky you are or not? All they know is who is the one that is helping them no matter how small. RM100 is HUGE in their eyes, they have no choice at all. How do you expect them to change when no one is there to guide them? Did PR go deep into the jungle to campaign? No! None! Nil! Zero! Kosong! They only did it in the urban areas simply because they don’t have the resources in terms of skills, manpower, money and so on. Even if they managed to go in, they will have problem convincing them because they are afraid of outsiders unless someone they trusted bring them in. Again, PR doesn’t have such resource. What’s more for only showing up near election. As for the BN, the representatives of those areas will visit them from time to time the whole year through, that’s why they trusted him/her. At the end of the day, they will vote for BN for sure. It’s not an easy task for PR to do that, maintenance is very important and it takes ages!

Narrow minded people started to call us names but they did not see the big picture at all. Do you know that PR had won more seats in Sarawak this time around especially in the urban areas than it was. It’s an improvement already. Those other areas, they still need time. Furthermore, me and you, we are Malaysians, why do the condemning among ourselves? Did we Sarawakians call you names when some of the states in West Malaysia had fallen into another party’s hand? If you are oh-so-smart, then why don’t you go into the interior to educate and help them? Remember, not just staying there for short term but long term as you need to gain their trust. How many of you dare to do so? You would rather sleep in your air-con room, drive your car, have your Starbucks, play with your iPhone/iPad and so on than going into the jungle. Just talking or hiding behind your computer making degrading statements will not improve anything.

4. Boycotting. YO! Malaysians sure like to boycott but after awhile they forgot what/why they boycotted something for and life is back to how it used to. Might as well resign from the companies belong to you-know-who and their cronies to show your dissatisfaction. Don’t do it halfheartedly or quarterheartedly (I know… No such word), might as well do it wholeheartedly. Oh! Can you sense my sarcasm?

5. Playing up the racial sentiment, blaming certain race for their losses and so on. *shake head* not relevant anymore! Out of date already. You are just going to dig your own grave with that.

6. Calling the candidates names or cursing them. Talking about democracy and freedom? They are also human, they do no deserved to be condemned like that. Even though you don’t like the party they represented, you have to know that they too are like you and I, have father and mother, and make mistakes too. Don’t tell me you never make any mistake. Don’t talk like as if you’re a saint. What’s more, it’s an election, of course there are more than one parties to vie for the spot. Else, why is there an election in the first place?

Too many, too many silly things to share but I better stop here.

Remember, you had made your voice heard, don’t be so naive to think that with just one election you can vote the governing party out. It will take decades! You have no rights to give up when the leaders are not giving up whether it’s the governing one or otherwise. Also, we are all Malaysians, we had showed them that we are able to stand united as one, we must respect each other no matter what. Don’t simply mess with us especially we are now connected to the world. This is just the beginning, not the end. If you really want to help the country then stop being so naive and narrow minded as you will only be the laughing stock of the world because the whole world is watching.

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  • 1 Lee // May 8, 2013 at 5:54 am

    Hi Irene, wow! I read with great interest your this very eloquent posting. Outstanding.
    Its a pity after all the years Malaysia still has that race issue popping up its ugly head.

    I blame these on the various leaders…as well the controlled press and media.
    Once press and media owned and controlled by ruling government, there is no longer democracy as we know it in the west.

    Irene, hey, that pic of you in sidebar looks different…from before. You look really gorgeous!
    If I am where you are, you can expect a bouquet of red roses, ha ha.
    Have a nice day.

  • 2 sweet surrender // May 8, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Uncle Lee, thanks 🙂 thanks to photoshop that makes me looked different ;p

  • 3 Willie a.k.a Reptoz // May 8, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    True Irene. People just can’t shut their mouth but still glad they do. At least, BN will work harder after this.

  • 4 sweet surrender // May 8, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    Willie, hopefully. Life still goes on, as long that we do our part.

  • 5 CR // May 9, 2013 at 12:44 am

    Well, most people in Malaysia do not understand free press; especially those in rural area. They
    do not know their TV3 RTM Strait Times, Borneo Post are manipulated and controlled by BN. They think, whatever the government does is good and they should just respect/fear “THE GOVERNMENT just like God
    and jungle spirits.
    Yes, Sarawakians still live on tree, figuratively. It will take another
    30 or 40 years for Sarawakians to come down from trees.

  • 6 CR // May 9, 2013 at 12:48 am

    Irene, people in Sarawak who can think critically should just boycott all those cronies RH, Kingswood Hotels and all those Niiam housing projects.

  • 7 sweet surrender // May 9, 2013 at 10:53 am

    CR, thanks for your input 🙂

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