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Big Wang BBQ

May 28th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

If not mistaken, this is my final Adelaide food post. After this post, there won’t be anything about Adelaide anymore. That’s the end of my almost 2 years adventure. Maybe, this also means I should let go of all the past, live in the present and starting to plot my future seriously after almost 3 months coming back. I’m still quite blur and wondering on where to go next. Anyway, let’s talk about the food.

Big Wang BBQ (305 Morphett St, Adelaide, SA 5000) was quite new when I went there with my Chinese friends for my farewell dinner. It’s so seclude and not obvious at all.

Left: The interior is very simple, not much of decorations. However, please be prepared to smell like BBQ infused with cumin spice after dining here.
Right: Beansprout (AUD5.80), it tasted as it should. Nothing to rave about it. Portion wise was average.

These are just part of what we ordered, chicken, lamb, mushroom, and some internal organs of chicken and pig, and so on. All tasted the same as it’s using the same spice. My friends were very happy with it. It wasn’t bad. We’re stuffed to the brim as we ordered too much for only 5 of us. As for the price, it’s reasonable. All in all I think we spent almost AUD100 for this meal includive of drinks. You need to drink plenty of water eating this.

It was okay for our experience. Will go back if there’s chance but it seemed like there’s many negative feedbacks on it these days. Hmm…

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