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My New Laptop is Here!

July 27th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

My new laptop is here! Ok... Windows 8, it will take me a bit... on TwitpicFinally got my new laptop to replace the dead XPS.

I never want an Acer but I now ended with one after avoiding it for more than 10 years! Well… Well… Well… First choice was ASUS but it’s way over my budget. Only Acer has the specifications I want in my budget. Used to own laptops cost at least RM4K and above. Now, I’m downgrading to below RM2K.

This new one comes with Windows 8, oh dear… I feel very dumb now. Don’t know how to use *LOL* Will need to take a bit of time getting used to it.

That’s all for now. Normal updates should resume once I’m fully on the new laptop.

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