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Paris and England Trip (20/6/2013-2/7/2013) – Part 6

August 4th, 2013 · Nobody Surrendered

24/6/2013, we managed to head out very early as we had an early night the night before.

Off to Musée du Louvre.

Goodness! LONG QUEUE! In fact, all the tourist spots in Paris are like that. Even though it’s long, it didn’t really require one to wait for too long to get in.

The entrance fee was don’t-remember-how-much. It’s more than EUR10/adult. If not mistaken we bought the EUR16 ticket.

Left: I think this is the highlight of the museum. The crowd was crazy! I’m sure those who were there will 100% look for this first before anything. We didn’t. Managed to squeezed myself to the front to take a snap of it. Gosh! No one can properly enjoy this portrait, everyone just wanted to take a photo of it. Even if you want to have a proper look at it, I doubt you will have the chance to do so. It’s also quite far away and the size was so much smaller than I had imagined ;p. No flash photography allowed but too many stupid people *shake head*

Right: It’s the heaven for art lovers. A must-go.

We spent half day there. Will just let the photos do the talking…

Finally, completed the tour, found most of the key artworks as stated in the brochure.

Right: The Inverted Pyramid.

Left:Time for lunch! There’s a food court there, definitely doing very good business. It’s so hard to find a table even at 2pm. Luckily we found one.

No idea what to eat so just bought few sets of McD. Also bought McDonald’s macaron. I have no idea how much as I wasn’t the one who bought everything. Tried looking for the price on the Internet, it’s EUR4,50 for a box of six. No idea of the flavours too but I I could only recall pistachio, chocolate, and strawberry. *LOL* I like pistachio the most. At least it’s so much better the one I had previously. Still, based on what I read before about good characteristics of macaron, this failed in some aspects (don’t remember what they were ;p).

All right! That’s it for the museum visit. After Musée du Louvre, we went to another place which will be covered in the coming post.

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